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Good grief. I hate the damn spell check. Have to love having these two in the fold. Dormant? LOL I hope that's not a bad omen
Have to leave be having these two in the gold. Wish the last squad played better so dormant could have gotten some meaningful snaps. Lots of potential but there will be growing pains.
Vols O line could be best in league. The only part of our team, well besides special teams, with a lot of experience and highly regarded players. Think it's pretty close. Too close to award the honor to anyone right now.
The thing is, if stoops and Ky have a big year or twowill they be able to hold on to him.
Have to disagree. I think sumlin is a better coach than sarge but there is something else going on there with the QB defections... at this point I think sumlin would just as soon move on and that is what's coming out in recent comments where he loses his cool. He doesn't care. Think he will be happy with the golden parachute later this season and will land another good job right away.
Doofus Dooley should not be allowed to coach a bad pee wee team. What a loser. The only worse loser was our AD that hired him.
A sad day for ole miss fans and the sec, but especially for the rest of the freeze family. He betrayed so many but his family will also pay a price. I know a lot of the rivals on here will revel in any opponents problems but no fan base deserves to be duped by the coach of their team. This that say this nothing to do with the NCAA investigation are wrong. It has everything to do with it. If it wasn't for that investigation freeze would still be living a double life. But that kind of life will catch up to you more often than not eventually.
i think you meant to post this in a different article.
I think SC and Mizzou are pretty even so will give the nod to the home team. Don't recall who that is.
Any game played when Doofus Dooley was coach should have a great big asterisk by it. He and his coaching staff will go down as the worst in vols history in my book and that lump Sunseri will go down as the worst D.C. In college football history. Savin is probably still laughing at that hire. He probably would have paid us to take him. I Also would never claim a music city bowl win as great.
Anything can happen in the east. The red ocean fungus may have a lock on the west and the sec in general but they will lose a game and maybe it will be in the sec championship game. Not likely but you just never know. As tempting as it may be let's not give them the crown just yet.
Jones cliches, jones hot seat, vols 2016 failure to win the east, A&M's collapse in November the last 3 years and sumlins hot seat all have had numerous articles and do get old. The only way to stop it is to eliminate the subject. That ain't happenin until a few games are played at the very earliest. Suggest you try reading other articles or throw some arguments why sumlin/A&M will do more...
We probably recruit NC harder but I like the VaTech pick or the Louisville pick too.
I would take the over on Ky and SC both. Vols have so many questions it's hard to say. They lost a lot but still have a lot. If pressed I would probably do the homer pick and take the over. Which would also completely cool off jones hot seat. I think he is safe for another year with 7 wins and maybe even 6 but that seat will be scorching next season.
Not overly tough but most teams schedule a cupcake in the first three and I don't consider any of those to be cupcakes. NC state has received a lot of hype, mainly because of that D-line. Kentucky is good, better than their press I think. Missoura is a question but if you have lock at QB you have a chance. Odom is a respected defensive guy and is taking over the D this season. They could surprise a couple teams. For a young team it will be challenging.
Finebaum has now recanted, well sort of. Never heard him do that before.
Why would anyone even take a 2020 commitment seriously anyway. They shouldn't even let them commit to anyone.
Think it would be great if they could find a way to play. One of the most bitter rivalries there is. Play it at jerrys world. Big payback from tv too.
Minus means you have to bet that much to win $100 Plus means you win that much for a $100 bet I think
Great players establishing their draft stock and then mailing it in is a troubling trend. But with all the money at stake it is hard to blame them that much.
Insults aside he is correct. It's all about money and A&M is a much bigger attraction even in the dallas-fort worth metro area.
Great player. Still a head scratcher how UT had no interest. Just another in a long line of coaching mistakes made by one of the worst UT staffs ever. Congrats to Cobb.
You're funny When all u can do is beat your chest for a coach you've had for 2 years because your school hasn't been very good it's telling. Whatever billy. UT owns SC. End of discussion.