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Hes the biggest dumba$$ posting on SDS and thats really saying something. pay him no mind. He cannot say anything smart so he just rants idiotic posts. Now he is so clueless he has to post the same thing over and over. Poor Corch it must be awful to be such a loser. I will pitch in to the go fund me for corch he needs help. I find it laughable that Hooker is now writing glowing articles on UT. Last years articles would make you swear he was corches cousin or something, hating on UT every article.
what happened saturday to confirm it? You, corch and a few other morons calling him an idiot is more telling about you that it is him. And that idiot has a head coaching NC ring on his finger which is more than all the current coaches in the SEC East and half the west, so he may know a little about football. maybe he is an idiot about the cost of gator meat in gainesville. yeah that must be what you meant. Dumba$$
agree. we have some really good young talent but they are not there yet. Sham should be an instant upgrade.
gwhite yes I think you are getting ahead of yourself. TN isnt alabama. if we dont come ready to play our A game anything can happen. having said that I expect a bigger margin of victory and expect to see at least one backup qb play. I think that is shrout. With the gauntlet coming up after mizzou it would be in our best interest to get our backup a few live snaps. I cant wait for Bailey to take the reins but I question if he is ready yet. I will say this. I expect G to fix a lot of those missed throws, but if he doesnt we may be seeing shrout or Bailey a lot sooner than I think. I dont know the extent of the injury Maurer has so not commenting on his potential to play.
I was all in for the Leach hire when I found out about it. I like Pruitt so far and am fine with that hire right now but I was always intrigued by the crazy pirate. They beat an LSU team decimated by graduation and leaving early for the pros. Im not sure if it will hold up in the long run but it is what it is today, a great win over the defending national champs. They are fun to watch too. Corch I saw you in a TN video in an earlier article, dancing in UT Garb in the stands in Columbia. How did you get in that game.
we needed both of those guys. We better figure out how to cover the slant or every team we play will make a living there.
Im afraid this game has blowout written all over it. Sorry SC fans. If florida can defend the slant, which TN apparently forgot how, their QB will not miss all the throws Guarantano did. Pitts will eat their lunch too. If SC gets that CB back then that will help a lot but he wont be enough. This florida team looked scary good on offense. Maybe some or even a lot of that was ole miss looking inept on defense but also maybe florida made them look more inept.
Hooker you were “those that called for fulmer to take over” very few others did but you poured fuel on that fire daily. You sir are a joke of a reporter/columnist... whatever you call yourself.
UGA isn’t going to just roll over and that D is plenty scary. There is a lot of talent there. We will learn vs auburn just how far away they are. I’m just hoping they don’t start finding their offense until after we play them.
Some weird games but it was good to have sec football back and even better to start off with a win. A lot of vol fans criticizing almost everything and everyone in our game. Sure it was sloppy. G still has problems throwing, the O line didn’t dominate, And the D gave up a lot of big plays. Other than that we were great! Seriously though how many teams were well oiled machines today? Two with auburn pretty close to that. Bama and Florida, though Florida’s D had as bad or worse a day as UT did. With this seasons challenges I will take a W and wait and see if the coaches can fix some things and improve. Bama still looks to be the class of the league, Florida looks miles ahead of the rest of the East including Georgia. Will be interesting to see if JT gets a shot at their qb spot. The UGA D saved the day after a shaky start. Auburn had the best tackling of any game I watched. Pkay after play they made a ton of one on one tackles. They will be a very tough out. Ky is still a few more higher quality players away, like us. SC may snowball out of control I’m afraid. ATM looks to be in trouble. I don’t buy the vandy is that good hype.... yet. The crazy pirate has a scary passing game but LSU should never have been ranked anywhere near that high with all they lost. Can’t wait for next week. May get even crazier.
But if an over reaction oskie. Lighten up. We won. Remember how much practice was missed.
A win is a win. Two pretty even teams. Feel for the guy the ball hit at the end. What a way to lose. From our standpoint G is still erratic but just seemed more confident and made no bonehead plays. Too many high throws but he was better. WR looks pretty good. O line could have used mays buT SC must have used a dozen D linemen so we couldn’t wear them out. Overall I thought we did pretty good considering all the missed practices.
Man LSU lost sooo much. This isn’t a huge surprise. Gotta love the crazy pirate though!
Not an unexpected start. Too many new pieces. The finish was pretty predictable as UGA just out athleted them. Not sure you have determined who your qb is yet. Next weeks game will tell a lot. Good game though.
Nice job by Florida. Good win. Offense looked sharp. D missed those starters.
Auburn has a couple of really nice skill players. Williams is really good. Wilson with two huge mistakes or this could be a very different game.
Yeah win or lose you want both teams at full syrength
Maybe but you guys don’t seem to think all those missed practices won’t impact us. I sure hope you r right but I’m not as confident.
Yeah mac seems like the exact type of qb saban wants leading the team while getting young some snaps here and there to start prepping him. With najee and that o line there will be no need to consider changing qb’s. Young will take over next year for another title run. Although I guess Mac could cone back too. I think kiffin a group will make it interesting for a little while but that’s it. Auburn v ky is the most intriguing game to me other than my own team. I am very concerned with the numbers of players who missed practices. 44 one time, 57 another and something like 34 for more than 2weeks. That spells trouble to me. Hope they are ready.
you can find a computer somewhere that will tell you whatever you want to hear.
jesse Jackson is not calling for parents not to send their children to these ohio schools. Oh the hypocrisy!
i wish the ga fans would stop crying about mays. Sure we understand the rule and so do the coaches what is so hard for you two to understand that rules have exceptions and waivers. It happens all the time. If mays was tryi9ng to get eligible for georgia all their crying would be the opposite of what it is today. Coaches are doign what they can to improve their programs. Its a no brainer. Dont be so dumb. Most UT fans have not posted crying articles like the ga fans have. We just would like to see sankey make a decision.
I hadnt considered special teams. You may be right. I dont know anything about SC special teams.
you georgia fans have been crying about mays waaaayyy more than anyone else. why dont you give it a rest. isnt pollack one of you guys? why dont you complain to him. maybe he will care.
we agree oh toothless one. It is great news.... for us!
SC has the edge in their secondary vs our receivers. We have the edge in our O-line and RB's vs their D line and LB's. Chaney likes to run 2 TE sets and that may prove to be difficult if not impossible with the loss of our starting TE for the season. However he has known about that loss and had time to game plan around it. Both QB's are ? marks in my opinion. This just shapes up to be a close game where I would expect turnovers may be the key to the win for either team.
Guess its ok to make a bold and fearless prediction or two. How about UT has two 100 yard rushers on the day and vols win 31-10.