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Where do u come up with this stuff? Are you a troller in vols clothing.
Never should have come down to that anyway. Cats give away two huge plays by forgetting to cover the WR TWICE! Very butch jones like and that will get u beat every time. Also IMO that was clearly a hold, closer to a tackle.
Catching the vols this year at all seems like the perfect time. We stink. I just hope your team bus gets lost and ends up in Starkville. That's the only way we pull out a W. great game too by the way. I agree with George. Don't see Kirby giving the reins to Eason now. Fromm seems to be everything he was touted to be. How lucky can one team not named Alabama be to have two QB's if that caliber. One of em is leaving. Wonder where Eason will land.
Reminds me of UT's season last year. Finding ways to win at the end. Will be interesting to see if Florida crashes like UT did or continues. How in the world do you leave the WR completely uncovered like that once let alone twice and second time with the game on the line. To me it looked like Florida wouldn't have been stopped on the final drive anyway but good lord that is some atrocious coaching. Similar to letting the WR get behind you on the final play of the game for a desperation heave into the end zone. Those calling for stoops job are total morons. He's the best they have had maybe ever. I would gladly trade sarge for him.......any takers?
Well at least we know better than to poke the bear LOL u getting smoked after talking a little too much smack.
Well the smelled pretty bad. Jawja will run this team out of neyland if they don't do a LOT of improvement. Too many poor areas to get started.
He's a gifted runner no doubt but his passing vs temple looked pretty bad. He has had some big passing games I guess but you sure couldn't tell it Thursday. He also looked like he wanted to be anywhere but at that game.
Flopping is stupid regardless of whose team it is including mine. To me, not because it's cheating, because it is dumb, stupid, classless. I guess it's cheating too though. They should penalize the floppers. That would cut it way back.
Don't jump man! Show some resolve. If not this year then when. You got this.
And stupid and classless. Especially by the QB, the leader of the team and the coach. Responding to little billy belichick is like arguing with a 6 year old. What a punk.
If we can find a way to prevent sarge and shoop from making it to the game we have a chance.
Paul has an excellent grasp of the extremely obvious. Very astute. Paul's photo reminds me of Kermit the frog.
Uh I think u just ripped on UGA nation. Get ready for the backlash.
I have no idea how my uninvited picks worked out last week but one more week: 5star hearts 34 sixty second dudes 13 Screamin mud bugs 30 bawk bawks 28 LS whodats 24 fightin pumpkins 6 Gettin off the schnides 38 Gus's doom 34 Fightin commodes 21 red ocean elephant fish 20!!! 1st loser 27 second loser 25 Fightin stoops brother from another mothers 31 hurricane dodgers 15 Fightin cow tippers 29 uggghhu's pups 27
Is that a chucky doll in his lap? What is he doing with a doll. Was he any good? I recall the recruiting gurus having him rated as a monster. Just another over rated 5*?
Yeah have to disagree with the article. Think they need this game to get their heads right and try to be ready for UGA but I just don't think we have much of a chance vs UGA with this coaching staff. I have been predicting 6-7 wins and jones being safe for 1 more year but am not so sure about that now with as well as my and vandy are playing. I am anxious to see those 2 teams this week.
Why? We pass so well. Why would we use the best back in the sec for running on running downs. We probably won't practice field goals either.
Wow the worst team in the sec taking shots. There is so much ammo to take shots at you guys I don't know where to start. Think I will just chalk it up to ignoramus!71 and army are the two biggest vol bashers of the UGA posters. Rarely critique, just hurl crap so no need to even respond to them. They are convinced UGA is the best team in every game and in the sec and the country and the NFL...
Yeah have to agree with you guys. If it was a one time, heck even 2-3 time situation it might not be that hard to take but it's a never ending string of bad decisions and bad calls. No more reasoning please. Just figure it out for petes sake.
This was a question? I know ky hasn't been in this place in a long time but I would have been shocked to hear anything else.
LOL yup that's right. Agree with both you guys. Sit him and give the others sone reps.
You are wrong. Recruiting has rarely been a problem for UT. Stop making excuses for the man and let him defend himself on the field.
This sucks for Florida and the sec. I have no love for Florida but don't wish this kind of thing on any team, and those who think their team is not vulnerable are mistaken. Young kids do stupid things.
Prove em right or prove em wrong. Beat ga, sc, LSU, ky, vandy... and all the bashing stops. The heckling of cliches won't but we can live with that. Continue the dumb coaching decisions, lose to those we shouldn't and it just gets worse. That's what happens when you have expectations.
Oh heck no. Nobody from the east or west will beat bama. The west is better at the top and the east is better everywhere else, IMO. As far as respect goes ky and vandy just have to earn it more because of their history. I think most people respect them right now. I believe cats break the streak vs floridud and really gets into position to battle for the east. I'm afraid bama brings vandy back to reality but will be pulling for the dores and would not surprise me to see them giving other east teams all they want.
I thought Eason would be the premier QB in the sec this year. I don't think there is enough on either QB right now but that state game will be huge in deciding, assuming Eason can play after that one. State is good, jawja is good. This will be a great game I think.