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I thought ash struggled quite a bit. To me she hasn’t looked the same since the injury. She was really good at times but had me pounding the arm of the chair a lot. The D last nite was awesome. It’s going to be an uphill climb but stranger things have happened.
Hahaha that’s funny LSUMC It was a great game regardless of who won though of course iim glad to see the Vols take it. Good luck to LSU and the rest of the sec.
Even ole st nick won’t stop tge 9 game model as soon as ESPN ponies up and they will. I do hope the sec doesn’t bend over for him and give him the easier schedule he wants.
Skenes is about as close to an auto W as you get. Great weapon. I will be glad to see him move on to the bugs. Now you need another one to step up. Congrats on the W.
dont know what all the fuss is about. Sankey forgot to include adding the 9th game in his negotiations. the Univ presidents didnt and they are smart enough not to give that away for nothing. I fully expect espn to come back to the table to haggle for that 9th game and the sec will get a little bonus money for it and then make the change. Maybe playing 8 in 2024 prevents an sec team from getting to the playoff and maybe not. It depends on what they and all those other teams do. One thing is for certain half of those other teams will have one more P5 loss...
Hmm didn’t notice that. Hope it does mean something…
That’s true sone years and not in others but it doesn’t matter. I dont care what other conferences and talking heads think. It’s probably only one year.
none taken. I agree with you and would have to do some research to hazard a couple guesses of who they might go after. Musselman and Oats come to mind... Can you imagine what beard could do with typical ky talent. Too bad hes a wife beater...
hard to win anytime without your best starting pitcher, let alone in the wcws. Neither of our pitchers had their best stuff today. Hopefully that changes for saturdays game. They will need every good pitch they have to beat that okie team.
maybe so. he was ready to go to UCLA a few years ago. said that was the only job he would consider. hes a little long in the tooth now so I doubt ky would go after him. Nah they will go after some younger gun. Younger but very proven. cal should do the right thing and retire or just offer ky a better buyout to just go away altogether if this year unfolds like other recent years.
Pretty crazy how ky has struggles in recent years. Wonder how much NIL has to do with not getting the players he wants, assuming he didnt. Does the lifetime contract have a buyout clause at all? Seems like he is on his way out one way or another, pretty soon, barring a substantial turnaround. Ky can have just about any coach they want. As a Vol fan its hard not to enjoy the struggles but the SEC is better with a strong ky team.
thats it? No argument. please tell me why. You surely must be an expert.
Glad to see JJJ returning. e were pretty loaded last season and finished ok with a trip to the sweet 16 but barnes is running out of time to make it beyond that and have a legit shot at a natty. I wish he would open up the offense just a bit and not put everything into D. he wont. Its to ingrained in his soul but I WISH HE WOULD. JJJ needs to stay healthy and make plays more conistently. if he does he can make an nba squad.
Speeding is not a culture problem. If you’ve ever driven tge interstate system around Atlanta you were either speeding or getting run over and causing accidents. However school employees/representatives and players racing while drunk is different. There likely is/was a culture of that at ga and it became public when 2 people died. that is what must be addressed and I would be surprised if it hasn’t and isnt. Coach smart could have made a better statement but surely he and others there are aware and addressing it. Nothing wrong with owning it and talking about what they are doing to address it.
Who thought, when the Supreme Court ruled, that anything was going to be the same? Of course he’s right but that ship sailed long ago. The question now is what does it look like when the ship docks. No way they don’t make the players employee ms with a union and collective bargaining and ruin a lot.
Then it will be time for the older fans like me to go fishin I guess. If it turns into a mini nfl I won’t care for it.
afan this was written by a pac 12 guy not a vol fan. Some of you GU and bama fans are so insecure.... Did you read one vol fan comment about how UT was the best overall athletic dept in the sec this season? We cant help it that we have such a large fan following across the country. Maybe you will one day...
sounds like it could be a good move but I would move him around a lot. I didnt see much of mizzou last season. Does the qb have what it takes to hit him often enough and he just needs more touches or is he not good on the long throws... whatever the reason get him more touches.
P, I agree with you on McConkey. he may not have had quite the yardage but he was clutch all season in the biggest moments. I dont know much about lovett and would like them to have listed all those receivers numbers, but he sounds out of place at #1. I expect Bru MCCoy to have some stout numbers this season too. As long as heupel is coaching at UT we should always have receivers up there in the rankings. Just goes with the territory.
Ole lightnin is firing the heat! Good to see him doin it in the bigs.
I had a wish sandwich followed by a ricochet biscuit, a cool water sandwich and a Sunday go to meetin bun, bow, bow, bow
I don’t really care which way it goes. I look forward to playing texas and ok. It wouldn’t bother me to drop bama and pick up one of those but doubt that happens. After the dominant run bama and saban had for so long I think it’s a bad look for him to be whining about playing one of the tougher schedules. The older he gets the more he complains. Seems he is always complaining about something.
Congratulations to both teams. Nobody expected atm to get there and Vandy wasn’t that highly regarded. Well done.
I was pulling for clemPson a bit because ok seems so darn hard to beat but have to admit I was fine with iptay biting tge dust.
Lots of discussion on what game is most important for teams. But they are all equally big for the most part. The exception I give is ga for ut. They are the hurdle to clear to get to the cfp until next season. For SC and every team in the east I would say the same thing.