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This should be a really good staff. Can't wait to see how it translates to the games, especially the games after s tough loss or two.
Calling a clown butch jones like is an insult to clowns everywhere. Calling a football coach that is a lot worse.
Easy come easy go. Rather lose him than others. Good luck to him.
Looks like we finally landed s good baseball coach. I've been impressed with a lot of what he says. The in-field results are strong too. Hope we can win that first game. Besting Vandy might prove slightly more difficult than in football LOL
Can't imagine Kirby leaving UGA anytime soon. Maybe never if he stays successful and does not encounter some unusual life changing event. But then I know him about as well as I know Saban so who knows. UGA fans appear to be set for the next 20 years or so.
He's gone and rightfully so. He cemented a decent selection at the combine. Millions await so he has to go. Good luck Josh and thanks for the memories. Same to all four of them. What a fantastic bunch of young men. Nothing but class. We will miss you but maybe now I can stand to watch some NBA. Stay humble and classy guys. The NBA has a lot of turds in it.
UGA without a 5* on this list? Corch must be napping. Otherwise he would be having a fit.
Sounds like she is going to be fine. Thank god. That was s brutal hit. Class act by colo state saying a prayer too.
He's a banning offer him a scholly now LOL! He has a lot of growing to do.
Big get, literally. Sorely needed too. Welcome to Big Orange Country Plavvy!
UT has a very strong WR group. I can't honestly say they should be ahead of these guys or if others on other teams are more worthy. I will say if our WR group plays to expectations there will be more than one on this list by seasons end.
And where are those Vols fans corch. You must have contacted them yourself since there are no such comments on here or maybe you just made up more BS like you always do. It must suck to be you.
No surprise there. Good decision. Good luck Grant and thanks for sone great memories.
6-2 and 200 w1-2 more growing years maybe he gets to 6-3 but 6-2 isn't bad. Has some wheels too. Looks to throw first though. Will be interesting to see what his numbers look like this season and as a senior. Good looking prospect.
Vandergriff yes. I need to see some tape on that release. #4 is pretty good. Plenty of time to grow a little more too.
Some of the radio talking heads today were saying one of the reasons Kirby didn't recruit Harrison bailey very hard is there is a kid, now I can't remember his name, in Georgia I think, who is being compared to the Clemson QB but with a much faster release. A 5* of course. Some commenters were saying he had the fastest release they have ever seen on any QB, college or pro. He's a 2021 signee. You guys know of him in sure. Davenport maybe...
Sounds like he loves roller coasters. Stay tuned.
I renamed the toilet downstairs after Derek doofus Dooley.
All of those are great games but I think I look forward to LSU vs TX most.
I don't think many believe we will contend for the east but I believe most believ we are better than ky and SC. Many teams benefited from our horrendous coaches over the last decade. They are gone and Pruitt and co. Are building UT back to an sec power. Not there yet but it's comIng. However we are going to right the ship vs those teams this year and hopefully some others. We did best that historically good ky team last year.
Big man has some skills. He would be a beast in the post.
Ok man If you say so. You must be smarter than every other sports analyst who has made a prediction thus far. You should join ESPN.
Every team has injuries. SC fans were quick to tell me that was no excuse in very recent years. So you don't get to use it as an excuse for last year or this year. One of the main reasons you need depth is due to injuries. If you don't have depth you won't be very good. You have no idea how UT would fare vs that schedule and neither do I. But we don't have it and I am glad of it. We will likely finally get off the schnide vs you in neyland this year.
So youre saying SC is the second best team in the east? I respectfully disagree. Im telling you with that schedule you guys are going to be lucky to make a bowl.
Good luck son. Not sure the tools are there but sure looks the part.
Yeah that Caesar fellow.. likes to wear robes and drink wine... Not a bad idea actually. I do expect to beat Vandy this year. But I also expected to beat them the last three years and every year before that. We will see. Should be time to turn the corner on them and SC.
HMM maybe a little harsh on fromm. He doesn't have the arm strength or velocity Franks has but as others have stated he has enough to get the job done and done very well so far. he is more of a game manager in my opinion, like Murray and others. But Georgia is similar to bama in that all that talent surrounding him allows a game manager and the team to be very successful. Why do anything different if you are not forced to. It may be a little different come SECCG, which I believe they will be in, but the rest of the games not so much. I cant predict any upset of UGA by vols, or any other east team for that matter. Guarantano has been handicapped every year it seems. O-line or lack thereof mostly, but I was not impressed with our OC play calling last year either. G has lots of talent but he also has a lot of room for improvement. I expect Chaney will be a much better OC and G will benefit from that. To what extent is hard to predict. I think we will be better, just not sure how much.