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you knew the posts about this were going to be great reading! there would have been no punishment that is enough for most of these folks. One guy even suggests the death penalty. heres something to consider. you have a fan base that has endured a lot over the last decade including a lot of banter(to put it nicely) from the media and opposing fan bases like on here, you finally look like you could be turning a corner and start getting excited. then you have an ex UT HC who left the school high and dry in the middle of the night and caused a riot coming in for the first nite game and first sellout since 2017 and that ex HC has been trolling the fans all week leading up to the game with his immature, snide remarks. The you combine that with alcohol sales in stadium. You give all those college students all day to party and the fuel to carry it on in the stadium. Then for the cherry on top you get egregious calls (at least one) that could cost the game and ole miss players falling like timber in a lumberyard every time a little UT mo gets going. Matt blowing kisses to the fans, other players trying to stir them up too. Watch the replays and cue in on the players who are on the sidelines egging the fans on. what could go wrong? Not excusing it. It was wrong. but I understand how and why it happened and there are others than UT fans with skin in that part of the game.
good grief tidefan2x4 you are such a sensationalizing and irrational idiot. Saban got a bruise when he hit a girl whaaaa. yeah had we won all 102,000 fans would have stormed the field and hung kiffin from the goal post. No really it could happen, really, I mean it. i aint kiddin neither....
tidefan is you are the definition of class then we will take being classless.
neither team owns the other. uga has a small lead in the overall and has 6 of the last 10. uga owned florida in the 80's and florida owned uga in the 90's and up to about 2010. uga owns most everyone today because they have superior talent. The coaching seems to be coming along and they are expected by almost everyone to win the elusive natty this season. if they do kirby will have arrived. if not well if you cant win with this team especially considering the state of the competition then when will you.
sounds like a fish story to me. starts out golf ball sized then goes to baseball sized. by the end of the week he will have narrowly missed an amputation. he probably bruised it with the forearm to the little girl.
i am not so sure of that volzdeep22. I think all teams do it, including UT and bama. its part of the game now. Until theres a rule against it that is enforceable teams are almost stupid not to.
bamalicksme what is it bama owes us? just curious.
ahh thig come on man. we like yall so much.
I understand you losing your breath happens frequently down there in deliverance land you ignorant little troll. Admit it you had to get out your big thick dictionary to figure out how to spell intelligent.
so many ignorant trolls its hard to have an intelligent conversation.
I dont think he is. We had more starters out and hurt than ole miss did and we are playing without a large number of transfer starters. So if both teams were at full strength the result may have been slightly different but not a lot and we may have won. All ifs, ands and buts but I think what the writer is saying is we are a lot further along than most expected and are on track to being good again. Its early in the season and the toughest part is just starting so we may not win any of the next 3 but this team is obviously better than last years with all those great players and that speaks to one thing, coaching.
Ahh Thig, does this mean we cant be friends. I know lets have a spelling contest...
LOL tidefan you are so over the top its ridiculous. Get a grip.
oops fickell played for the saints. Thats pretty close to the south LOL.
Premier job depends on the criteria. I tend to agree with mountain dog for the most part. Resources, facilities, recruiting attractiveness, fan base, admin. I put LSU on the top shelf with uga, bama, OSU, USC, Flo, FSU, ClemPson, TU, Mich and maybe a couple others im not thinking of off the cuff right now. Fickell seems like the best coach available but he is a northern guy through and through. never played or coached anywhere else. That may not mean as much as it used to but it may too. Think he would be at the top of the list if the OSU job ever opened up and also think he would bolt from LSU or anywhere else to take the OSU job when it opens and it will sometime. if you could land kiffin he would be a great fit there.
Heupel usually won’t talk about injuries until Thursday late or Friday if at all. Our lack of depth is catching up to us. The guys we have are real fighters. Just not enough of em. Just have to see how things go. Ky appears to be our best shot to win a 7th but they also look like a very good team. If we are healthy we may have a chance but that’s a big if. I still think bama isn’t unbeatable but after all the injuries vs ole miss it’s hard to see us being very healthy for that one and a slim chance even if we were healthy. UGA just looks like that D will impose their will on our o line. That one may get real, real ugly.
A really disappointing way to Vent frustrations and end the game. Not vol fans best moment. As far as the game itself I said earlier the biggest key was containing corral. That proved to be the case as he just ran roughshod over us. The call looked a lot closer than where the ref spotted it but not sure why that ref from 20 yds away was able to overrule the one at the line. The fumble that wasn’t was a very strange pkay too. Hooker was more hot and cold than usual I thought. Ole miss D and our hurting O line probably had a lot to do with that but he sure did do a lot of standing around in the pocket. Not sure why Milton didn’t grave it into the end xo e twice either. Well nothing can be done now except to get ready for bama. Hope we get some sleep Mayer’s back.
That UGA D is brutal. Ky Has done a lot of good things but levis is getting pressured every play. That D should carry UGA to their first natty in a long time. Ky is a very good team too. We better beat ole miss tonite cuz we will not beat UGA and beating ky looks very challenging.
Well they still can’t stop the run. I think there will be more than One opening on the D staff after this season. But the O isn’t doing much either. drink may be at a crossroads.
Another nice win by some tigahs. Bo knew today! The upward trajectory for Sam and the hogs just took a nosedive.
Fair analysis foots. We failed vs the two good teams we played. Now we see what we really are.
Well unfortunately I would have to disagree on bama and agree on UGA. I honestly think bama could lose Saturday and again, maybe to us. UGA just looks unbeatable with at D. That monster, Rogers, looks like he could be the entire D line if needed. I will be pulling big time for BBN but don’t see it. Nobody else really matters, except I think LSU loses big and seals O’s fate, if it wasn’t already.
I heard this morning that Evans is likely out for the game. Thats a big blow. Small is likely to be available but not 100%. If small is healthy he is pretty darn good but not as fast as evans. we will likely be depending on 3rd and 4th string RB's a lot and while they are decent they are just not the same. Hopefully Ole miss waits one more week to find their D. This is a tough one to call. I predicted a 55-45 win earlier but with evans out I have to go with a 48-45 UT win. LOL that and $5 will get you a starbucks coffee. Should be a fun game though regardless of who wins.
I had no idea O was paid that much. How much of a raise did he get for winning the NC. he certainly could have been hired for at least half that and probably a lot less than that. I mean who wanted him as HC when LSU hired him... Kiffin, heupel and Pittman, especially Pittman, are likely all looking at a nice raise after the season ends. Is the reason SC hired beamer because they didnt want to or couldnt pay anymore than that. Im not sure what beamer will do. maybe he will be great but I dont think you give yourself much chance to get to the upper tier if you arent willing to spend to get there. Lord knows UT has spent more than most ... and still dont know if we will get there or not but if all we had to offer was $2.75M I would have no faith whatsoever.
The sellout is not because of kiffin and yes if matt luke were the HC and ole miss was doing what they are now, ranked where they are now, then yes it would still be a sellout. Its a sellout because this team has the fans fired up again and they want to see how they fare against a good team after blowing out some pretty bad teams and losing to the only good teams they played to date. Kiffin is still just old news. Could he have won a NC sure but he also may have gone 15-15 in 3 years and got canned. ifs, buts, candy and nuts... When will the media get tired of trying to make something out of nothing with kiffin.
ok but I dont think comparing how we played vs florida to how we played vs the mizzou and Sc is a fair comparison. I also predicted a 10 point vol win, 55-45 but think it hinges on not letting corral run free and not letting him roll out and hit receivers over and over. I dont think they try to run as much as they will try to move corral around and pass on us. EJ gave them the blueprint.