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Say whatever you want but unless he is cleaning, prepping, moving and flying that plane himself he is putting others at risk. It is surprisingly Hollywood elitist-esque to me. Dabo sounding more like dumbo to me.
not in that game. Many Vol fans know what Im talking about.
the only two standouts that come to mind for me are ARK - Clint Stoerner Florida - The wide right kicker, was it Collins...? "N0-Sir-Ree"!
Im in favor of 8 teams. Conference champs plus 3 at large makes sense. I would not caveat the G5 teams. if they get selected as an at large great but if they don't too bad. I still believe most don't play a schedule worthy of consideration for an at large berth in that set up. Any increase in teams will likely result in occasional unworthy conference champions getting in but I still like it better. A team like ClemPson would now have to play more than 1-2 good teams.
If I was in the dolphins shoes I would wait and see who is available at the 5 spot and if Herbert is there take him. I think in the long run Herbert will have a longer career and probably be better as a pro. Tua is going to get beat up too much. If Herbert is gone then grab the next best QB on the board. That very well could be Tua, he just scares me from an injury standpoint.
florida or uga... in the east... and bama in the west...ok so that has been talked to death already with the lack of any other sports to discuss... So lets look at potential spoilers and darkhorses. In the west I will go with Auburn or ATM. Auburn should have another good D and a decent O. If they can find a way to win the iron bowl they could be it. ATM has a lot of pieces but not sure they can put them all together. Mond has to take another step and im not sure he can but if he does and they can find some consistency with the new pieces they could surprise. In the east potential sleepers are ky, SC and UT. Ky returns an exciting QB but how does the long layoff and injury affect him. They have some nice other pieces and with Stoops at the helm you better come ready to play them every week. Vols have some nice pieces too and perhaps the top OL in the SEC. Even if Mays isn't cleared to play this season that liner is really good. This is something Guarantano hasn't had since he got here, along with 2 years in a row in the same offensive system. Can he take a huge step or does one of the young guns step up. WR is a glaring hole but there is some talent there. The D came on strong after they settled in and should be strong again. gators come to Knoxville this year and though that hasn't mattered in a very long time I think we get the monkey off our backs this year. We have a shot in the east though it is long. SC still has talent and what should be a much improved QB. Muschamps much maligned future will follow the team and could factor into the mind games of young men, especially early on. They should be 3-0 going into the ky game and that game will likely take the loser out of contention.
I would hate to see the sec expand again. Still think adding mizzou and ATM was a mistake (not accounting for the TV markets). No offense to the schools, just liked it the way it was better. From a strictly selfish view point I would want more teams from the west. We recruit NC and Va. pretty good and I wouldn't want to hurt that. Maybe a florida team like Miami. But if I had a vote it would be to reduce, not expand.
I have no doubt there was zero intent of offending anyone. But in today's crazy world where posting a cinder block would offend so many left snowflakes, as a football coach or any person in a position of public scrutiny, you have to be so careful. If the guy is that easily offended maybe he should play on one of the girls teams.
A texas bowl appearance by vols will be a sizeable disappointment. I would disagree on a number of the other bowl projections here too but the best bet may be no bowls at all...
Nice to have a HOF Vol Qb to step in and provide words of wisdom and advice. if any of our QB's are as football studious as he was we will be in good hands.
I believe the only thing pearl did before the infamous cookout was turn in aniother coach for cheating when he was at Milwaukee. So a lot of other coaches hate him for that. I dont think, could be wrong, but don't think he was accused of any shadiness though there is a lot of shadiness that goes on and he is no saint. Still Wade has cleared a new level of cheating while getting caught. people can say everyone is doing it but I really don't think everyone is and everyone isn't heard on a recording saying the most daming things I have ever heard. I really think this is a bad look for LSU, regardless of the legal situation, a lack of a NOI or anything else. There is no way that guy should be representing LSU in any way, shape or form.
Every day the possibility of no football in 2020 seems closer. More and more talk centered around the re-emergence in the fall. If that is a likely occurrence then Im afraid I have to agree with herbie and say I cant see any states lifting large group gatherings and other restrictions to play games when so many lives will be on the line. sure hope im wrong.
Give me the over for ky, tn, sc, and Vandy. And the under for UGA, lsu, msu, Mizzou and ATM
Sounds like a fun event. Good idea. Looking forward to it. Maybe Peyton can finally beat Brady at something, LOL.
most of these assessments are obvious and true. I haven't heard many, even the florida fans, saying florida is an overwhelming favorite in the east. Most of the rational people on here have said they should be favored and I for one still agree with that. But that UGA D is going to help them win some games and could give the O the time it needs to gel. I think the lack of spring football and off season workouts has to work against UGA and that could also be a reason why they don't start clicking enough to win more. Agree on the vols comment too. For me our QB play will dictate whether or not we can compete for an east title. We have a Senior QB who was very highly touted out of high school who has been the epitome of dr. Jekyll and mr. hyde. He has battled a lot of things that did not help him much. This will be the first time he had the same OC in 2 seasons. He finally has a very good O line and a solid run game. His big challenges have been decision making (see bama last year, yikes!) and reads with inexplicable throws to nowhere. If he settles in and makes strides we may surprise some. If not we may see the young gun take over and that could be what puts us over the top or what keeps us down. Just no telling with a young'un. I don't see the aggies making a big push in the west. Don't see Mond getting them there. cant wait to see Leaches games and hear his interviews.
it is indeed a slim year in state. UT coaches always have to recruit on a national level. That is the case every year. Nothing new really, just a few more out of state needed this year. I still expect this class to change quite a bit this fall when recruiting picks back up and games are being played, assuming they are being played.
Guys got a lot of speed, good instinct and runs through a lot of tackles. Maybe his star ranking will go up but I trust in pruitts evluation. 2021 rankings mean next to nothing right now. I expect our class to change quite a bit as the season progresses, assuming we have one.
Of all these games the uga v bama game is the one most everyone would miss a lot. The rest, IMO, are more fanbase specific. I obviously am looking forward to the sooners game and administering what I hope is some much needed payback. The other games mentioned here would be good watches but not games I will miss the most, as I would guess is the case for most fans. Its whats on their schedule that matters most. I earlier suggested a mid to late may flat line on these corona cases, leading into potential relief of the mass gathering dictates by maybe late June. If that is the case I don't see fall practices starting any later than normal and the season could still play out as it is currently scheduled. Some teams would definitely be at a disadvantage but moving the season out by a couple weeks wont make that much difference. Losing the spring practice and off season workouts... are pretty much not replaceable. This Chinese virus is brutal and who knows when it will really begin the decline. Shoot maybe old Herbie was right and there is no football season in 2020... Only time will tell. I pray this thing ends sooner than later for a lot of reasons other than football but this is a sports site and I have found very little to comment on so my .02 worth. Stay safe everyone.
Well said Nashville gator This is definitely not just the flu. It's amazing how so many don't understand that. Everyone hopes there is a college football season but that means nothing when there is a real unemployment issue snowballing right now, as well as the overall economic crisis. Most who have lived through a recession know how bad it can be but very few alive today have lived through a depression and I just hope we can avoid that and get the economy kick started soon. Then sports will take care of itself.
has some skills. Glad to have him. Still have to wonder how much of that will transfer to the SEC. Slightly different quality of opponents. He has some beef to him but still wish he had a couple more inches. Welcome home big guy. Tell your sis we all say hi.
I would have to guess that if it gets so bad we lose the football season there will be a lot of other catastrophes which may make the loss of football pale in comparison.
Too bad. he is a good player but wasn't going to crack the lineup with the talent level coming in at his position next season and with what we have coming back. This move was no surprise. May see one more but am hoping the others stick around as the talent level coming in next season may very well be 2 one and doners. James could move on too if he stays healthy and shows what he can do. he is a lot better than what we saw most of the year.
Never a fan of old crab legs but not sure Brady is the answer they need either. There are a number of good QB's in this draft. If one is available they better jump. GOAT or not, at 43 he is vulnerable, to a lot things. Injury, digress in play...
I don't buy Auburn losing all three of those games. They likely win at least one, maybe 2. I give vols a pretty good chance in Norman. Better O-line, Good D-line, Good LB's with one great one, secondary is questionable but against a freshman should hold their own. G comes to play and that big O-line allows a very good RB group to take flight. Sooners frosh Qb aint no Tua and aint no Trevor. Think it will be close but our D will step up and make some big plays late to pull it out.
I don't know where you are seeing, hearing, finding all these rabid Bailey fans saying what you claim they are saying. I listen to the radio shows every day and listen to chats and other feeds and I hear very little of that. In fact I have never heard a single person make the claims you say are being made. Granted vol fans are excited to see what he can do and have high expectations but that is a far cry from what you claim on here. In fact most vol fans on the call-in shows are hoping G steps up his game and bailey and others get mop up duty and some other special plays to get them ready to battle it out for next season. You haven't joined the fake news outlets have you...
Wolfie hindsight is 20-20. I too would like to see how you would have handled things.
Good News! Glad he is staying. Looking forward to being in contention again next season.
I see this as a celebration and remembrance of a very unusual game, one for the ages that a lot of fans want to remember and have a souvenir of much more than a lsu troll gig. not sure why it bothers the lsu crowd or coach O so much. a little bit petty.
maybe if trump wasn't so busy every day fending off the relentless attacks of the left wing looneys he might have had time to actually work on a plan for something as unprecedented as this. But it probably would not have mattered because those same left wing loonies would have done everything possible to prevent anything he does or says from happening, regardless of if it may be good for the country or not. Wanna know what Bernie would do? just look at Italy. They are just old coots, let em die.