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So did Pruitt beat you up in grade school or take your girlfriend or refer you as vomit by accident or what. Oh wait you are corch's cousin aren't you. I should have known.
Speaking of potato heads which team do you attach yourself to vomit.
Nah we aren't interested in a moral victory....... I hope. I know I'm not.
So Gatorfan you stated earlier you were exaggerating when you stated we had zero chance. Now you say that we are kidding ourselves to say we have a chance. Which is it or can you just not help yourself and exaggerate everything. I will help you out. I predict Vols win 24-20. Now, since I have posted more than any other UT fan on the subject you are right. You are welcome.
ok gatorfan I will disagree. zero chance is just silly. I will say 30% chance.
darth you are missing the fact that G missed multiple throws and reads that should have led to a lead that was not reachable regardless of the last play. That was a bonehead lapse but it never should have gotten to a point where it mattered.
Hooker - one decent article and 10 stupid ones. So we have a QB controversy because for the first time in 3 games the two backups got some playing time against an FCS school. Get a grip man. G will start and continue to start unless he goes further into the tank, which is possible but certainly not to a level right now that there is any Qb controversy. Also how did the coaches create a QB controversy. You quoted Pruitt saying everything but his job was in jeopardy. I click on hookers articles now just to see what stupid stuff he is saying each time. I need to stop as well as others so he doesn't get credit for having lots of readers.
Assuming Florida plays similar to their previous games AND Guarantano plays really well there is a chance. Obviously we cant play like we did against ga. st or byu. If we do its over regardless of anything else. I expect every aspect of our team to be much better except Guarantano and the D line. As for G I think he has the ability to play better and did so against Chattanooga but not counting Chattanooga much. The D line im not so sure they have that ability right now. But the florida O line isn't as good as many of their lines we have faced in the past so there is a chance there. Our O line has improved each week I and think they are capable of holding their own against the florida D line. It will be the blitzes and other wrinkles that may give the young and inexperienced guys trouble. We really do have some very good skill players so I do think we have a chance but we have a lot to improve on for it to happen. Then there is always the new florida QB's. We have a recent history of making average QB's look like Tom Brady. I think Trask is better than average so he may light us up in the swamp. If Thompson plays that may not be as easy.
Some of the announcers make very uninformed comments. If he doesn't know something for sure then don't just lie and say something for the sake of talking.
Refs blow calls every game. The targeting calls were good calls. It sux but that is the rule, has been the rule and will be the rule. The game was lost by ky due to a combination of smith being a different QB in the 4th qtr, ky going into a shell too early and a not real good secondary getting exposed. I know they lostguys from the secondary and that is why depth is so important. Nobody knows better than vol fans about that. Ky has a bright outlook though. That O line and smith are pretty good I think.
What a strange game. Prayers to Felipe. Congrats to trask for leading his team. It seemed like ky was the team affected by franks injury. They never looked the same.
It looked really close. I doubt it would get reversed unless there was some view the officials had that what I saw on tv didnt. Still it was absolutely close enough to take a second look. SC playing pretty good. Hilinski missed some big throws but he is playing pretty darn good for a frosh facing bama in his second start. Jaycee Horn, man he is good, I am still sick he chose SC. Bama has a ton of weapons, duh newsflash. That first fake was a great call. The second one eh not so much. Credit to muschamp for showing a lot of guts and having his team ready.
What happened to Stevens? That other QB looks like he will be good. Tough kid too. He just needs seasoning. Tough way to get it. That last 39 seconds was a bit puzzling but may just be the inexperience of the QB.
A much needed positive outcome. Hooked with a refreshing pretty fair assessment. I thought they should have left G in through the first half if they have no intention of replacing him if/when he struggles again but also glad the other QB's got some reps. Not enough of a sampling to grade G from an improvement standpoint. Good win but........ it's Chattanooga. Florida will be just a shade better.
Speaking of hating UT I wonder how hooker will spin today's game as something bad!in his next article.
Bernie got his feeling hurt by the ut fans after the schiano debacle and looks to bash the fans every chance he gets now. I have lived around knoxville a long time and know tons of fans and have not heard a single fan say they expect anything other than 6-9 wins. But hey herbie just keep saying lies.
Oh man I just realized that was probably corch. Like I said knucklehead.
Yeah I was wondering the same thing. Also the title of the article is "disgraced Tennessee fan" but then the article said it was unknown if he was a to fan or an UGA fan trolling tn. He is a knucklehead either way.
Austin can be s very fun place but it can also be very strange. They promote bumper stickers and other things that say "keep Austin weird". But I enjoyed some time spent on lake Travis back in the 70's. It was a great party lake back then. I don't know if I read the tweet correctly but it looks like she hash tagged herself as "beaner". I don't tweet so not sure I understand what I saw. But if so I have never understood why different races are sonoffended by words they use themselves. Makes no sense to me.
if you ask me they all stink. Ive threatened to just quit tv altogether more than once. Did it for a few weeks not to long ago and it didn't bother me much, but I knew I wanted to watch football games and see the news. had I known UT would be so bad I may have stayed off it. Would have been a lot less painful.
appreciate the remarks here. It's about the only positive thing we have right now.
Deep you are confusing him with real facts. Talk about people in glass houses.
Cynicism is alive and well when you have to write an Article declaring you are not cynical about something.
police a rock. yeah that's brilliant. Ever hear of masks... just paint over it and be done with it. Advertising and sensationalizing it only makes it worse. Is SDS owned by CNN.
trolling a team/fans for doing something like this is pretty low class.
yeah contrary to what we see so much of on this site most fans who "HATE" other teams are on board with feel good stories like this. We see it every year at various schools doing something for the downtrodden. My only regret is this kid probably endured a lot more bullying than he would have had the season not gone the way its gone so far. Imagine those florida kids were pretty hard on him being a TN fan and with all the ammunition we supplied so far this season. The adults or supposed adults on this site are bad enough but kids can be a lot worse.
you folks do realize the only one spouting this nonsense is the dumba$$ who wrote the article. he got so many clicks on the first one he doubled down with a second. His only way to stay relevant as a Journalist, and I use that term very loosely, is to write pieces that stir everybody up.
That is sad for you misssec but the first step is to admit you have s problem.