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That's the first non-Insult I have ever seen from you. Thanks..... I think.
Vols may very well be #1 today but if they don't start finishing games like they were doing it won't last long. Petty was unconscious Saturday. Vols have played back to back uninspired second halves and #1 teams don't stay there long playing like that. LSU playing really well right now.Ole Miss and the fighting Kermits may be the team you want to play least in the sec right now. Ky rounding into form. Should be an interesting February.
A missed call like that would deem checking into the refs bank accounts. If they are that bad they should never call another game.
We were a different team the second half. By the time they got somewhat composed Petty 3'd them into the lead. That was a horrible play by Williams. The travel was s tough call but was legit. Good thing too. As the others said too, if bama hits sone FT's they win.
I have no argument with UVA being #1 if they beat Duke. Two of their ranked wins were vs 24 and 23 or so. Yeah that's a little better I guess and you can't argue they are deserving but if they lose to the dukies and we beat bama there is no way they jump us. Honestly it really doesn't matter right now but when I see a hater post something stupid I usually respond.
Your logic is pretty flawed. You say there are about 10 teams that could be #1 yet UT isn't good enough to be #1. You should ask for a refund of your tuition.
Today is the first time I have seen Michigan play. Based solely on that game their starting 5 are pretty good but they have little depth. They have a big guy, maybe 7' who is good and can dominate andcthey have a really good guard, but I don't know about them being #1. Oh and Wisconsin is up by 6 right now.
Too bad. Hate to lose him but he has been in high demand. When you have a good staff others will come knocking. Bama and UGA know that as well as any. What comes ARO no goesxaroubd. If that is what he wants I wish him limited success.
Well I guess what I noticed about the pillsbury throwboy was right. Too bad. I am happy to have Teeback but would rather have Reggie Whiteif he was still alive.
Would love to se lorenzen on your sideline. He bleeds blue and white and never seemed to get the full support of the fan base. I could be wrong about that but from the outside looking in.
I would normally hate to hear so much praise this early in the season but these guys seem so grounded I think they just may be able to handle it. GBO!
Saban doing all the recruiting with all the coaching defections. He is all about efficient baby! I like his style. UT needs to get Pruitt a choppa!
Morris's doing a fantastic job recruiting. We already know he can coach. Will be interesting to see how arkansas fares in a year or two down the road.
this is a little puzzling but we will take all the 4 *'s we can get.
Iva's Legends is a dumb troll stealing others screen names and team letters and then attacks by other schools. Major loser.
That may be legends instead of bama time. Legends is the insecure little boy who changes his green name around to different schools to troll. He can't help himself. He and ugarmy got into the spray paint and have never been the same.
Nailed the troll, ugarmy, marine. He is a fan of whatever UGA sport is doing well. If his football team stunk and bball was good he wouldn't care about football. He and legends are two of the worst trolls on SDS.
It's still way early. Hard to deny this TN team is special and very very good. Are they great, worthy of a #1 ranking. Maybe. Probably but they just need to focus on the next game, not the rankings, which so far is what they have done. A very mature team. TN, meechigan, Va... will all lose a game or two so in all likelihood the #1 ranking will get passed around some for the rest of the season.
hes a high quality coach and UT may not be able to hold on to hiM long as a position coach. Hope so but the coaching carousel is in full swing.
LMFAO! Oh wait that is legends/Clemson time/beat Vanderbilt/ in the biggest joke on SDS's only tag line. He doesn't know what the letters mean but liked the way they on his etch-a-sketch. What a huge pathetic L-O-S-E-R.