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What is his height and weight? That is as slow a 40 as I remember by a RB. He never looked like a speedster but he looked faster than that. That o-line helps a lot too. There have been some great RB's that weren't fast. Not sure how many were that slow. Bruisers don't usually last as long at RB spot. The guys you have to run thru and over are all big and bad. Will be interesting to to see who takes him and how he fares. I wouldn't bet against him.
Good move by ole miss. Kermit is a heck of a coach. I have wonder d for a long time how he would do at a P5 school. That question isn't totally answered but it sure as heck is a great start.
I agree those others are probably worthy but the vast majority of us posters are not even aware of all the other players on all the teams so I don't see a way to make an argument one way or the other. Ky should probably have hero and maybe one more player on the list.
In today's world where everything and anything can and usually will be taken as an insult to someone, some race, some gender, some religion..... you have to pretty dumb to use that phrase anytime with anyone. He should be fired for being to dumb. Little Adolf should go back to Germany too .
The year end totals would be nice and are certainly possible but I just think we need another good class before we hit most of those. We need some speed at WR and some highly regarded D linemen. I was a little surprised we didn't recruit any better at the D line positions. If we finish with 7-8 wins I think we improve on that #12 class and start challenging for the east.
I think he's right. It happens lots of times. A team gets up for a big game and just can't get the same energy back for the next game. If you watched TN this season then it was easy to see the difference. that beatdown could impact future play with sone teams. I think we have enough time and maturity to get past it but I envision a tough second round game before the mojo is fully restored.
Orange would look real good on ya Paris. Sign up for the doon to be best o line. Rock star in k-town vs just another o lineman in Athens. OSU on the downward slide with Meyer departing. We are clearly on the upswing.
I would say anybody playing in the sweet 16 will have a worthy opponent. I wouldn't argue much about these predictions though. I'm just concerned that spanking we got yesterday lingers. Hope the maturity and experience of this team overrides that letdown. That was a lifeless team yesterday for the most part.
Demolished is pretty accurate. Vols were flat. Was that the worst game Jordan bone has had this season? I think so. I wondered how much yesterday's game would take out of them. Congrats to Auburn though, they not only bested us from the three, but their inside game, especially defensively, was a difference. Well we need to spit this bad taste out and get ready for the big dance.
Demolished is pretty accurate. Vols were flat. I wondered how much yesterday's game would take out of them. Congrats to Auburn though, they not only best us from the three live but their inside game, especially defensively, was a difference. Well we need to spit this bad taste out and get ready for the big dance.
Great game. Congrats to Vols for not panicking when they went down 8 with about 3 minutes left. Some of those young ky players thought it was over at that point. Experience and big hearts won the day. Congrats to ky on a great game too. Wish them limited success in the dance. Hey 70 from one toothless hillbilly to another "whose your daddy boy" bwhagaha
The first foul was before the shot but there were two more afterctgat and they were while shooting. I'm for letting them play but that was way to obvious. Sorry refs just sorry.
Hmm well if they cheated at football they aren't very good at it.
Flo and msu are possible wins with msu a borderline probable. I don't think we lose to sc, vandy or ky this year and 6 will be a disappointment, 7 is realistic and anything more is a mild surprise. We are still a couple years away. If the trenches can hold their own against most of the schedule we should be ok.
Exactly. Wade does not deserve the love he's getting from so many fans. When all the dust settles and the season is vacated they will feel differently.
Totally agree biggie. All the Kidd in this class represent at a very high standard as players but more importantly as men.
So you think "discussing a deal with an athlete that didn't go through " is just fine and not worthy of a suspension at the absolute very least? Maybe he didn't really intend to pay the player to play for LSU. He was just discussing a hypothetical. Think you may be the one who lives under a rock. Wade is gone. No way around it. Smart should be and itxwouldnt surprise most If payouts to1-2 others are discovered.
I will take flo minus the pts Mizzou plus the pts Ole miss minus pts A&M plus pts
Raises coming for howland and Kermit. Maybe Pearl and F. Martin too.
Congrats to Kermit and ole miss. Hiring him was a questionable decision by many at first. Not so questionable now. This award is well deserved.
former you have nothing to be jealous of. that is my point. You pull out a couple of useless facts from that idiots post and ignore the rest of the BS. I didn't include you and several others who may poke the occasional fan jabs but these other jerks are obviously obsessed with everything UT and post a stupid and/or insulting comment on every UT article. It gets old.
this team is to mature to let the final regular season games impact how they play in the tourneys. We may not win either but there are no teams I look at and say we will probably get beat.
Congrats to Grant. Well deserved. Also to Bone and Admiral. Bone also should have been first team in my unbiased (wink wink) opinion.
You have to put the fields situation squarely on fields. What was he thinking when he committed. Probably listened to all thexrecruiting rankings and people in his ear telling him how great he was and thought he could beat out anybody at any school. I don't know what Kirby told him or didn't tell him but if a coach of a major program, especially one loaded with highly ranked talent, promises you the moon then the old saying "if it sounds to good to be true it probably is " should come to mind.
another stupid UGA opinion. You guys are so jealous of UT. You, ugarmy, legends… never say anything with any merit or thought. You guys are like a bunch of children calling someone names. Grow up little girl.
you just said results matter but are willing to ignore the 27-4 regular season "result" because they haven't played in the tourney yet. Then you talk about what if they get beat by a 14, 15, 16 seed. There is little logic in your statements. I say he recruited better than the ranking because he saw the greatness in the recruits he got that others didn't. Its not always about the class ranking. Maybe so if you are ky... always signing the one and dones… but basketball recruiting rankings are also affected by class size among other things. I say barnes was a very shrewd recruiter because he recruited to fit his program. Where are the other classes that ranked ahead of him. So lets say UF had a better class. I don't know but they probably did. That class didn't pan o9ut so who had the better class today based on the players. Compare them player for player today and rerank them. You don't upset me dots. I am just responding to your p[ost. That's what this site is all about. My opinion differs from yours.
The next couple of months? Seriously? I would say last season and this season are proof enough for most unbiased observers. Elite recruiting? No if the standard is ky, Duke, Kansas... and it probably never will be. It never has before. Please name me the elite recruiters in the sec other than calipari or I should say ky which recruits well regardless of the coach .... I'm waiting..... right there are none.
wade and smart have made a mockery of LSU basketball. suspending wade was appropriate though slow in coming. By suspending smart you are saying there is something to his pay for play scandal and if that is the case then he should be suspended from everything and kicked out of school. I am not proclaiming him guilty as I haven't heard him on tape asking for money or more money, though I have little doubt he is at the very least guilty of soliciting money to play. However LSU has proclaimed that guilt by suspension. TN and ky should be hanging championship banners not the tigers.