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Yeah that's a good point JTF. If they play at all, when will they play and will that impact who plays with at least some and possibly many players missing a spring season to prepare for the draft.
If trey stays healthy he will move up the draft boards. Even the ones that are rumored to have eliminated him. Wishing him the best of luck. A great kid and a great player. Smart and talented with an NFL body and an on/off switch that O line coaches love. Like Reggie White used to do, he will plow you into the ground or out of the stadium and then smile and help you up and say good try but im going to hit you worse next play....
Personnel may have better potential ( maybe) but to start off the column saying they will be better the writer lost some credibility right off the bat. My view is the same as it was. So many new parts and pieces and so much practice time lost makes it hard to see this as a great year for UGA. But sometimes the less lofty expectations and/or a lot of questioning can play in your favor. I also think Luke is a pretty good O line coach and may have been the best hire of the group.
Thanks gatorgrad. It was a legit question. So though the o line has 3 starting seniors?, it's the two young guys and red shirts you feel will make the difference. This years seniors played pretty good last year but the o line suffered overall due to some of the inexperienced linemen. That's fair. We had similar issues and are expecting a very improved o line, especially if Mays is cleared, but even if he isn't.
Ricker I think you need to pump the brakes on what you think TN fans took away from last November. Sure we are pleased that the team and coaching staff pulled out of the early nosedive and salvaged a decent record but we have not been predicting championships in 2020. We are and should be optimistic but we are the last fan base to get over-hyped after all we have been through. My question to Florida is what year are the O line starters? If they are mostly sophomores and juniors then a significant improvement could very well be in the cards. But if they are more jrs and seniors then One could make the argument if they aren't good by now they may not be. I have been in the Florida corner for the east this season but admittedly haven't done much research into your teams comings and goings. The hit to the WR room is substantial and to me it sounds like that o line needs to really step up to make it to Atlanta. As previous articles have stated "if not now when?"
He's seems a perfect type for a boxer... or a wrestler, I wish I could like him more. But what he did at UT still impacting my opinion of him. He is probably the best fit of any HC and school in history,well recent history anyway.
I can't wait to see how he fares. Moreso in 2-3 years than this year but I have wanted to see him in the sec for a long time to see if he can put up the numbers while at least learning to spell defense. Should be fun if we play...
Negan you are wining more than napa valley. Get a grip man. King Fuzzy
Corch based on your claim kollie is a blue chip recruit you don't seem to even know what one is. You are worse than almost everyone with your daily claims.
The offense may or may not change much but Mac is not Tua and those moments when tua dies something uncanny won't come as easy for Mac. The good thing for Mac is with all the talent he probably won't have to be Tua like and he is pretty darn good in his own right. I am interested to see the young gun too.
As long as the numbers keep going up the likelihood of playing football goes down. At some point/date those lines intersect and the season is gone. Maybe they delay it but I don't see a couple weeks making much difference. Many schools are trying to get kids out of school by thanksgiving to end the semester. So many people just don't care about the virus and so many simply wont tolerate being hemmed indoors again for a long period of time, I don't see how they get the numbers down. regardless of whether you think of the virus as just like the flu or a cold or if you think its much much worse it behooves everyone to be vigilant in mask wearing and distancing... to get the numbers down and get back to as normal as is possible.
I wish you would quit contradicting yourself. Why is he blue chip player? he is a 3* on rivals and a mid 4* on 247. he is the #20 OLB on 247 and we already have the #1 and #10 OLB, per 247, committed. hes a good solid player but wouldn't consider him blue chip and you wouldn't either if UT had taken him. I still wish we could take him but Pruitt is building a team to win the sec and this year we just need to spend that scholly somewhere else. I know you have a hard time with rational thought but come on.
According to people who actually know something about football recruiting unlike diahrrea mouth corch, Pruitt wasn't ready to accept his commit as we are pretty set LB and have too many other high value needs. The staff also wanted to see him in camps which of course couldn't happen. By all accounts he is a pretty good player and being from the state I wish they would have taken him. But I trust Pruitt to know what his priorities are and which players fit his system... I wish him good luck.
whats unfair is he will indeed be surrounded by a bunch of other great players. A great QB surrounded by a great offense and a great D as well spells trouble as usual for the rest of the sec. Jones is pretty darn good but I bet he does have trouble keeping Love off the field. Kind of like the Kelly vs Trevor situation at clemPson. Though I think Jones is better than Bryant was.
Good for Juan. A pretty good fit for him too. I rarely watch the no fun league but if I see the niners on I may pause for a little bit to see him snag one or two.
Will be nice to have elite speed back at UT. Cant wait to see how Chaney uses him.
I guess this may happen to most teams. UT hasn't had a single positive test yet but have a feeling it's just a matter of when, not if. So I get they expected positive testing but did they really expect this many this soon and is there a point at which the season starts to become in jeopardy.
Too bad but if all our higher ranked recruits he was probably the most iffy with all the past back and forth. No problem I wish him success except one game a year. It's a long time until December. Probably a lot more shuffling to come. Prefer its upgrading though. We also still need to get down to 85 overall for 2020. That's 3 current members that have to go after Jordan was kicked off.
In commenting here on the one Miss flag issue. I was only going to comment that after the other things that went down today im surprised it took this long for someone or group to demand a change. I also think it's ridiculous for sds to put these articles up and not let people comment.
Saban will still be coaching I bet. He wont even be 80 will he. 80 is the new 70! Day will be coaching the packers or some pro team. Urbie might come back to the bucks by then after a short stint at USC, texas and notre dame.
our band will no longer play rocky top because it is offensive to rocks.
Too bad. He was a contributor last season. No NFL future but could have gotten his degree and started a career. another knucklehead wasting his life.
well anywhere is possible right now. Its easiest to see him at Georgia or LSu since his brothers have their legacy at ole miss and UT. I don't see Duke really having a legit shot but the mannings love Coach Cut. We all hope he chooses our school! Come on Arch. Peyton left some unfinished business for you to clean up.
This kid may be a millionaire before mid terms his freshman year with the NIL stuff. What a great talent. Whoever signs him will be an instant contender if they aren't already.
Playing time no doubt. Good get for Memphis state!
Before everyone starts telling us for the umpteenth time we are well aware our ranking is largely due to the numbers. We are well aware there will be some decommits. We still like being here and along with decommits will come new commits. Yes UGA you will likely finish ahead of us. Yes corch our average is below 90 and UGA's is in the 94 range. We know and are NOT predicting a recruiting championship, just a nice solid highly rankled class. I know this wont stop your moronic comments so go ahead.
Sure that is the problem but what is the answer and why aren't the countries leaders pouring their hearts and souls into it.
Every time I think the stupidity will end something else happens. On both sides. And yes there are clearly sides. First I see two white cops chase down two black teens or very young men, manhandle, cuff and arrest them for.... murder-no, grand larceny- no, theft-no, shoplifting-no... JAYWALKING! are you kidding me. I totally support the police and think the defund police movement is idiotic but there definitely needs to be some training, or re-training done. With all the sh!t hitting the fan these 2 cops have to be dumber than sticks to think that was a good idea. Now hubbard is offended by anything conservative. Hope Gundy lets him walk. Already saw Brees turn into jello when criticized for his position on kneeling that I supported and still do. To so many of the left wing loony tunes anything conservative/republican is racist. That is total BS. Racism isn't just a white thing. For gods sake people get a grip and lets work together to fix things on both sides.
there you are. knew it wouldn't take long for your usual drivel. So you trash our 3 stars then build up the one who transferred to your team because he couldn't get any playing time. typical corch logic. TDOW I troll the trolls only. You were a big one for a long time. Apparently I jumped the gun on your change. Another stupid post. I don't know what youre talking about with florida but you don't either so guess that doesn't matter.