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LOL dinner table talk... pass the mashed potatoes and F*** the green beans!!! Yeah they all do it. No big deal. It was a heck of a game against the GOAT and Goliath of the sport. Who can blame him for getting fired up and letting loose.
There have been a lot of fans pulling for G to live up to expectations. I think he would be the first to tell you he hasn't. But I and I hope all of vol nation are behind him right now. We want him to do well. There were "a lot of people who did believe in you" Jarrett but it just wasn't happening. He is playing better and we are glad and happy you are the QB again. Keep it up G!
I vote for leach too!!! He would be very entertaining. But if I was an SC fan I would want him there. As a UT fan I don't want him in the east.
Exactly. Maybe I should have said bama wins outright since if he can fivtgat on a gimpy leg and with a ghost fumble imagine what he could do at 100%. But we will be we know.
That bame v lsu game was a fantastic watch. if Tua had been healthy and not his first game back it could have easily been one of those 3-4 OT games. Both teams are loaded and I fully expect both to be in the Playoffs. But as much as I will root for the sec in that situation I cant help but also hope both Baylor and Minnesota run their respective tables. IMO it would be great to see baylor, Minnesota, LSU in the playoof. clemPson probably gets the 4th spot and wouldn't it be great to see the Golden Gophers take down dabo. I think Arkansas will have to go with an up and coming coordinator and be prepared to give him at least 3 years, preferably 5 to show progress. Even then its hard to think Arkansas, ole miss, MSU will ever compete for the west, sec championships. LSU, bama, A&M, Auburn... you can see one or two of those struggling for a given year or two but all four struggling enough to allow one of the other three to jump up and take control just isn't very likely. Good luck on the search though.
Now let's see this team closeout a season with 2 very winnable games left. Either way it's gratifying to see the team today compared to the first game.
A good win that was sorely needed. Glad to see G play well. Want to see him start vs Mizzou. Maurer has some talent but G is providing the best chance to win right now. Some bad play calls by ky in some instances really helped us. Bowden and ky really need a true QB. It's hard to win when you are that one dimensional but ky has done as well as about anyone could under the circumstances. Good luck the rest of the season. Hope we both go bowling.
man that was a fun watch. Congrats toLSU. A really dominating first half and then extremely good play when bama mounted their comeback. Hats off to two great RB's too. The only thing that would have made it better is if Tua was 100%. He played like a champ in the second half. Burrow was extremely impressive..... again.
From the outside looking in, he has done an outstanding job at ky. Kentucky is a beautiful state and Lexington a nice little city. It would be a great place to retire. Assuming stoops doesn't care that much about more money or winning championships he may not go somewhere else. The money thing probably doesn't matter as much but the latter, that may. Ky has made great strides but it will be a much better path to a championship at another school. I don't see FSU but who knows. I could see him at Michigan when harbough leaves. Someone will come calling with a pkg of some sort that is to tempting to pass on.
Justafan don't bother trying to have a conversation with Acorn (aka gatorboy). he is just another no class troll. All he ever does is troll. never has a meaningful thought in his pathetic life.
One game at a time and one step at a time. Pruitt and the team may or may not have turned a corner. Win out or at least win 2 of 3 and it looks promising. win one or less and we are still light years away, it will seem. Need to close strong on the recruiting trail too. Winning these last 3 and finishing strong on the recruiting trail go hand in hand to an extent. SC was a huge game for us, so was UAB. Now Ky is huge, then Mizzou will be and then vandy will be. Its just the state of the program today.
Good for him. Hope he sees some minutes soon. Scary condition.
yeah its a toss up. I expect to get kys best and hope the team does too. A WR at qb scares me but could we really get beat twice by the same team with that situation. Who knows but I sure hope not. If its close I hope it does come down to a kicking contest. We have a really good one.
Don't know what fans and media you listen to but I haven't heard the first fan or media member declaring this to be an easy win. Any fan who says that has been under a rock all season and just came out after the SC game. I think the team and coaches are pretty sure this won't be a cakewalk. If not all they have to do is watch a replay of the last game we played vs a WR at QB which just happened to be ky as well. It will absolutely be a war and IMO the two defenses will control the game with the winner being 13-10 or something like that.
Stoops is not a good fit for the snobs of FSU. His no nonsense, no flair approach would not endear him to the high society fans. They would be idiots but .... if the shoe fits. I wonder if he might go to Michigan when coach khaki goes back to the NFL or gets run off.
Oh and I thought G played pretty good except for that int of course. A couple missed throws but he is clearly the right choice over shrout over the course of a game. He really needs a complete game with no bad decisions and no int's. I think he is capable but that noggin is so full of stuff now who knows. Maurer may be back for the ky game but he has lots of bad decisions too. I know many/most want Maurer but IMO G gives us the best opportunity to win right now. TN will be better if G can settle in and remain settled next season while Bailey gets his first year in. That's an unpopular take I know but what I prefer to see.
A nice defensive win tonight. Hope we are at full strength on the O line next week. Morris had a rough night as did others. Thompson has so much talent I sure hope Pruitt can keep a tight leash on him.
I would say the MVP was that O line. Fromm had a lot of time. Best I saw your o line play this year.
He has been on bama staff for 2 seasons. Can't you use the bama A instead of the T. I hope he gets the job. He will always be one the butt pimples on the UT coaching body but the further he gets from Knoxville the better.
Yup Not much difference in temp in Lexington, Columbia or Nashville and Knoxville. I think UAB is fools gold and Vols win by at least 3 scores including at least 2 TD's but can't overlook anyone. Think they know that now.
If getting recruits to sign becomes based on how many $5k photo sessions you can guarantee the kid then it's over and that's my fear.
Have to agree with stobyjoe at least to an extent. I'm afraid the introduction of paying for autographs, photos, commercials... will turn out to be difficult to control. Turn the college game into minor league pro and I am probably out too. That is a 2 headed coin but I still like it.
Maybe Rupert but right now he is doing just fine. Wasn't trying to troll but the irony here is thick.
Isn't Meyer a Mormon. No way the Catholics will hire a Mormon to run the show.
You suck acorn. Always gavecand always will.
Actually your post says all u need to know about what you know about Chaney and G. You think Mullen would not have started G? So would Saban or any other coach.