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Sports hate is different from personal hate. It's just an adjective. Pick your own preference and insert.
Twodeuces did you even watch the play. Tuttle was running away from your OL and he ran at and dove into the back of his knees. I know you think your team are all saints and your coaches would pull one of their best OL for such hits but the video doesn't lie. Try coming back to reality.
I will be the first to say the act is classless. But your claim about dirty hit on Chubb is absolutely wrong. Chubb would be the first one to tell you there was no dirty hit on him. You are just lying because your guy really did intentionally hurt ours.
I hope no sec team ever schedules these clowns.
ATM destroying UNC. Who knew. Great job by aggies! Wish my vols could have represented better. Ok auburn you're next up. Give em hell.
It does seem kind of whiny for him to complain about the youth on his team. He's done pretty well with all that youth year in and year out and it is his plan.
Prove em right or prove em wrong. Time for predictions is over. I picked the bacon in most of my brackets so how bout proving me right.
Nice start to the tourney. Barnes will keep em grounded and not overlook Loyola. One game at a time.
It's still very early. Lots of recruiting shifts will happen everywhere.
Haven't googled him. Is he a northern guy? SC needs to do whatever it can to keep him if possible. Uconn has a lot of bball history so it is a step up and SC may not be abke to keep him regardless of what they do.
Congratulations you have become the biggest idiot Georgia fan on here. Way to represent. Just can't get over the fact saban kicked your a$$. Deal with the facts you stupid moronic dumba$$. This will lead u to post 41-0. Ok now you only need one more win to tie us in the series. Maybe you will get that win soon. Maybe not little brother. Try posting something original and intelligent sometime.
You're a dumba$$ Does that sink in enough for ya moron!
Good for him. He is a darn good RB coach. Hated to lose him. UNC is lucky to get him.
One of my brackets look very similar to yours. Hard to to not put the dukes, NC's, nova's .... going a long way.
Most fans favorite tradition is whatever their teams is. This vote means little. I always thought the bonfire at A&M was one of the coolest. Such a shame with the accident and having to end it. As a vol fan luv the Vol navy and the band in front of the stadium just before entering. Have never seen toners corner. Probably a great time. Have always heard the army navy game is a must see. A couple of different great traditions there that don't require you to be a fan of anything but the good ole USA!
That would be an interesting hire. The guy is a good coach but he's been at mtsu for so long it just seems strange. Mark packer will be upset lol! He won't get you in trouble either.
Would love to see holly show me some coaching but her team is going in the wrong direction. Pulling for her to show she can get this team back to where it should be but just not optimistic. May be time for a change and I have no idea about women's coaches.
Geez Great guard play and not so great bigs vs the opposite.
Have to agree with you. They say you can't win the tourney without great guard play which I don't dispute much but there are a lot of good teams this year relying on big men. Your guards are good enough to beat anybody if your bigs just give decent production. The sweet 16 should showcase some matchups with great guard play and not so great guards can the opposite
I think ky vs az will be a great game to watch. If ky can continue to have the frosh play the way they have been then the depth should win out in that game. I went back and forth with auburn and chas, thinking upset but then settled on tigers. I have also settled on tigers for tge next round just not sure which tigers. If auburn can find their rhythm again they may torch Clemson but that rhythm seems lost right now. Vols should make it to cinci and then who knows but I like our chances in that one. I only have ky, tn and flo in the sweet 16 right now.
Yeah that was a tough game after the initial ky run. Both teams playing well down the stretch. Ky today looks a lot different than a few weeks ago.