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I will be interested to hear the response from Corch on that one. Corch just keeps stepping in the big pile he deposits in all his posts.
I want to know who gave UT a vote for SEC champions. That guy may have been getting into the free drinks a little early. hey Im glad someone thinks we can win it. Seriously I was a little surprised by the disparity between Georgia and bama for champions. Guess the ole mantra of seeing it to believe it is ringing true.
LOL BT ! Wolfman the conspiracy theorist. You probably think the moon landings were a Hollywood stunt too.
Hooker... shhfshh! What a maroon. Bentley is a class act and a darn good QB. He had too many int's and will definitely need to clean that up but this season will not define his stay in Columbia unless it just comes completely off the rails. The more I hear about SC the more I think I may not have given them as much of a chance as I should have. I still don't see 8 wins but its certainly possible. The one thing hook said that I agree with is SC could finish at .500 and Bentley still have a good season.
I listened to an interview the Knoxville radio heads had with Mason yesterday. He sounds like a pretty cool guy. Someone I would enjoy sharing a beer and some tall tales with. Very underrated as a HC too IMO.
tit for tat I guess. Georgia playing tougher than ClemPson is more believable but both are probably wrong.
Congrats to Aggies. We have our guy so this loss doesn't hurt that much. We are excited about Harrison Bailey and have other quality QB's too.
the top teams in both divisions are fairly close. the mid to bottom teams are mostly a coin toss. Last year the east won but who knows for this year. If I had to bet I think the east may be a little better again overall.
I seriously doubt bama has played numerous games against a team as good as last years clemPson squad. I don't disagree with a lot of your statement and I hate clemPson but that team was one of and maybe the best NC team in the last 25 years or more. Bama itself may have been as good in a previous year but that's about it and you couldn't play yourself. Just sayin.
Ole miss will be one of the more intriguing teams this year with their new hires. I don't know what their talent level is at the skill positions but I expect RRod to utilize them to their fullest extent. They could surprise some folks this season.
Fromm is all class. I don't know who gets drafted first but whoever drafts first and second will get a great QB regardless.
Everyone who cares what corch has to say raise your hand then go back to the basement. Corch you simply post non-sense all drivel showing everyone what low class in Georgia really is. It's too bad for the few UGA posters on here who have a sense of humility and class. Enjoy being the least respected poster on n SDS you putz.
its still a rivalry to me and many other UT fans but so is bama. its not to many florida and bama fans because it has been so lopsided. hard to argue with it either. hoping we can start flipping it soon.
So all in all it sounds like a pretty boring day. I was hoping for more pot stirring from Mullen. Oh well.
Red and black and gatorsh!t are not smart enough to get that. If they don't troll they can't post.
I watched some of his film last night. I admit I never heard of him before we signed him and signing a 2* isn't exciting but I figured hey we must need one and he's rated a pretty good one. But after watching his film he looks like a really good player. He plays defense with a passion and likes to hit. I bet we see him on D and/or special teams some. It's going to be fun to go watch some these local commits play this year.
To me a"greatest sec moment" should be something impactful for the season that it happened or for the decade, like a record of some kind (like the UT VaTech game) or something more memorable than than the Hail Marys at UGA, at Florida... they ended up being meaningless really. If UGA had put a 41-0 beat down on bama that would certainly be on the list but beating UT not so much.
That was one of UGA's greatest moments of this decade if you say so redblack but certainly not one of the sec's greatest moments. Try again.
Yeah I'm still puzzled by that. Lowers my opinion of coach K which matters absolutely none but why would a coach of his stature want to be known as that enabler of dirty players. I always thought highly of Laettner but he is similar. I wonder what others played that I don't recall.
MORON you know little to nothing about offense and probably football altogether. Are you an UGA fan? How cute.
Yeah man! You would look good in Big Orange and playing along some other LB studs, making our starters one of the top groups in the sec and country. Come on pull the trigger.
A lot of good players no doubt. I hope to see To'to'o and or crouch impact this list.
What does that have to do with anything. Are you beating your chest over that. Congratulations (eye roll).
I think its irresponsible for journalists to make a statement like that prior to the first game being played but these days in the world of journalism it sure seems like shock and awe are what journalists think they have to do to remain relevant and little is off limits. They may be right. Its all over journalism too, not just sports writers. Auburn has perhaps the best D line in the country and a number of high caliber players. Im not a fan of auburn but they could easily throw the big ole chips thrown at them, up on to their shoulders and prove em all wrong. Its a wonder to me he has recruited so well to date with so many calling for his job at last seasons end and even now. he at least deserves some credit for that.
agree Colorado gator. if the director of recruiting, on campus or not, doesn't know the rules then why have him on staff. Something tells me these two were already on the hot seat for something though. These ticky tack rules seem like a giant waste of everyones time. I guess they have to bridge a very large coverage area to try to thwart all the loophole finders out there. But it sure sounds ridiculous sometimes.
When I saw the headline I did indeed think of the senior. Really sorry for this kid but florida has to be thankful its not the other Reese.
so he isn't a good coach because he is fat. You are a moron.