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yup but I got the rest right:) im usually about 90% on a good day.
wouldnt it be better just to not comment than bring all the negative stuff. we get enough of that from uga fans.
come on diesel. this should at least warrant a positive statement. Welcome to Big Orange Country big man!
Cant wait for this one. I dont think Vandy should have fallen to #6 and I love the way this UT team finds ways to win. they do a lot of the little things that good teams do to win. They find out this weekend just how good they are. I dont expect rocker and leiter to struggle so our pitching has to be top notch.
I care about the star ratings in the sense that the majority of championship teams are loaded with high star rating players. that is just a fact. Coaching being equal, even though it isnt, the teams with the best players usually win. Sure you can look back at your occasional clemPsons... but those are exceptions not the rule. On the flip side of that is the fact we just changed coaching staffs and have an investigation and potential sanctions looming. Expecting a top 10 class would be pretty unrealistic. My hope is we can land a top 20 class and develop the 3 stars to maximize their potential so that when the sanctions end and we can put all this behind us we will still be relatively strong and it wont take a decade to rebuild. I expect we will end up with quite a lot more 3 stars than normal but we will still get a few higher rated players. A lot of how all that shakes out depends on how the team plays this fall. This will likely be the opposite of last season when we were getting commits from all over and near the top of the rankings in early summer. We will rise slowly and if the staff shows quality coaching and gets some wins the class will improve. Go 4-8 and it may get worse.
i know these gangs, cartels... are everywhere but it does sound strange talking about a shootout with a mexican drug cartel in alabama. The spread of these gangs and cartels will just get worse with the revolving doors at the border now. It is mind boggling to me how anyone on either side of the aisle can think what president biden has done at the border is a good idea.
we have a lot of time to get back there before uga did. Though it is a huge hill right now.
no coco you are wrong on that. been to the sweet 16 8 times. I agree we could do a lot worse than barnes. Diesel must be a youngster. There was a time we lost patience with a good coach and hired the newest gun slinger and it didnt work out so good. That good coach was fulmer and that gun slinger was kiffin, then dooley, then jones, then pruitt... Moral of the story is be careful what you wish for.
good get and good to see a signee. hope its the start of a few more pretty soon.
that 3* football commit just posted. enjoy! good pickup for barnes and co. Turning into a nice class. While I dont agree with lambasting coach barnes on here like diesel, I agree he needs to prove something more in the big dance.
they said "some" and was not just referring to the sec schools. So they were correct. I dont disagree with your take on UT and others but your comment really doesnt make sense overall.
The twitter on back of the uni's is interesting. other than that Y-A-W-Nnnn. Much rather be killing it on the field in the fall than in an April article. Gus may do well and may not but who really cares much?
A dumb reply to a dumb post by mrtruth (cousin to corch and negan I guess). Couldnt help myself.
got that right afan. the D is razor blade thin and very inexperienced, especially in the LB group. i know what Heupels fortay is but have to wonder if he wont run it more and play ball control more this season to try to give the D a chance. Not sure it will matter to be honest so maybe you just throw em to the wolves and let the chips fall. Not sure which would be worse.
Huge weekend series with Vandy coming up. Vols will need to get the bats going better than vs florida. I expect Rocker and Leiter to be sharp so we need to be focused and mistake free but really think we have to do what georgia did and hit the ball. This Vol bball team seems to have a little destiny going for it. Its fun being good in something for a change. lets keep it going.
Well I have lived in the north for a spell and been to new joisey and sorry but it’s a toilet. A small amount of beach is ok but you stray off the main drag and dodge the garbage and filth. The AT is cool though.
He’s still not wig. You think because he landed a good player we missed out on something. What an igmo.
The football field is now a no law, autonomous zone. Homeless, antifa and blm are moving in and taking over. USC has agreed to practice under a bridge downtown and play all games at the landifll until further notice. they are also changing their name to the southern california football team due to the racist ties to the roman empire.
Good. Like martin. Think he is better than his record shows but he will have to start showing it at some point, like this season or he is likely gone. Sometimes its just better to move on and start fresh. that may be best for both parties.
unfortunately there have been predictions of this in the last week or so.
good looking prospect. Not sure about the quality of the teams he is playing against but he clearly has an arm, some moves and speed. May earn his 4th star this fall.
Rumors I heard are he doesnt like to put in the work. Barnes is pretty big and only doling out playing time to those who earn it in practice. May not be accurate but what I heard from more than one source. Its too bad he was supposed to be really good.
I was a little surprised by barnes taking him in the first place. he doesnt have much of an offensive game and was supposedly brought in to be a force under the basket. At 6-6 I think thats hard. Sure others have done it but I think as the season progressed he proved the bigs of our opponents were a huge mismatch for him, for the most part. A lot different being a force under the basket in the small schools vs P5. he has likely realized that and going back to small school ball and hopefully concentrate on his education where his career will be. Good luck to him.
oh great now we have our very own negan. Derelict do us all a favor and grow up. You sound like a total immature moron.
Great idea. wonder which recruits will be in town on unofficial visits.
he failed to show for a speeding ticket and this is an SDS article. You guys are really struggling for something to write about. If that is the worst thing Drink has to worry about he is one lucky coach.
Corch doesnt bother me too much anymore. hes kind of like this article and a butt pimple. he says the same old tired stuff, yawn. hes like a butt pimple because occasionally hes a pain in the a$$ but hes still just a butt pimple. Unseen, unimportant and unrespected (yes I know its bad grammar).
congrats to drew. I wish him well. he has some skills and just needs a chance and the playing time to develop. I think barnes could have developed him had the roster not gone the way it did.
Captain Obvious much? Look almost all of this is old news. Beasley and the kitten is not just bizarre, its sick. No love lost if he never returns. A few, mostly frosh players got caught with some weed. if you think that doesnt happen in a lot of places you have your head in the sand. Not ideal but not unheard of either. The pulled scholly has some behind the scenes logic from what I heard. It wasnt a good public look but doesnt mean it was wrong. How can a coach who has been at a school for 2 months "bounce back"? Bounce back from what? The debacle that pruitt left? They had to pay out bigger bucks than normal for the DC because of the situation Pruitt left behind. An investigation and potential sanctions looming... Thats pretty simple to understand. Not new either. Heupel is not many vol fans first choice and likely wasnt danny whites first choice either regardless of what he announced. But we are where we are. Until the investigation and sanctions are done we are not attracting a big time coach. Everyone with a slight understanding of college ball knows that. The exodus of players was not unexpected and most of it has been done for months and talked about at length. Why rehash the same old tired things over and over. I wish Heupel well. I hope he is at UT for 20 years. I will pull for he and the vols in september. But the reality is we likely wont be in the hunt for a championship anytime soon. its at least 5 years to see the turnaround start to happen whether thats under heupel or a new coach. Probably 7-8 years to be able to compete for a championship of some kind, division, sec... but it could easily be in another lifetime if we continue to get the wrong coaches in. is heupel the right or wrong guy... Only time will tell.