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As a UT fan am glad to have him back. He was not cancer in the locker room because he wasn't in the locker room after he got hurt. I think most of the other players liked him when he was in the locker room. Pretty crazy an UGA fan is excited to see him back on the team after burning you the way he did. Maybe he can give you another birthday present next season.
Thanks for your efforts and good luck wherever you end up. Think you have a lot more talent than sarge knew how to extract. Same goes for G but he gets the benefit of, hopefully, some much better coaching.
Seems like bama is losing a lot of assistants this year. Is it more than most years? I realize they are a target but just seems like every week I read where so and so is leaving for another job.
Going from defensive league to no defense league. Sounds like fun....I guess.
Very little doubt. Thank you for being a vol Trey.
Agree with most everything except I say jawja wins the east even without those players and it's still not close. I also say the decision to start Tua in the 2nd half was not that ballsy and to me and probably a lot of others was the only decision.
Lattimore always a class act. Good for him and good for SC.
One of the truly great ones. "Whoa Nelly"!!! and RIP Keith.
Think this is a good pick up. Now let's ink some of the visitors this weekend and get to work.
Yeah haslam was calling plays and had a direct line to Doofus on the sideline. Riiight.
True but it sure does help. Hey MC whatever happened to perriloux he had a ton of talent.
LOL spurrier would have been playing them both routinely all season.
Have to agree with korny. Really puzzling they haven't landed one in such a long time. Tons of talent to surround one with. They would be scary with a Tua, Fromm...
Recruiting won't be the problem if there is one. Coaching and wins are required for great recruiting classes. Should be fun next year! Reel em in coach!
now misery fans are mostly Pavlovian in their trashing of UT and other schools. You are the one painting that picture not us. Get your licks in while you can we will own you soon enough.
Don't think there is anything Pavlovian about it. We aren't conditioned to respond negatively to everything and don't. Responding with facts here. Doofus is the worst HC in UT history. That is just a fact, not a conditioned response. He hurt the program and hurt it badly. He may turn out to be the best OC in the game but he will get no respect from the vol faithful for the most part and rightfully so. The part about vols fans being pissed is even further away from the truth. Think most will be elated to welcome him back to neyland next year. I wish more opponents would hire garbage coaches. Jones is still available and he was a lot better than doofus!
Most sec teams would kill for that controversy. Except it isn't one or certainly shouldn't be. Tua is the QB. Hurts is a good player and good leader and a good game manager, which on most recent bama teams is enough to win it all. But others are now catching up and just having a game manager isn't enough. Hurts must know he isn't going to the NFL as a QB so it would be more surprising for him to want to continue trying to be the QB. He needs to find a position that gets him to the NFL....... if there is one.
Wasn't that you arrested for molesting horses yesterday. Think you have a lot more to worry about than we do.
Why in the world would you think it pisses us off. And what makes us self-entitled? Two pretty moronic statements.
A ballsy move. Really. Hurts was struggling worse than he has all year. The offense was dead. The move was as obvious as any coaching move I've seen. Tua had a couple freshman plays but he had a hell of a lot more seasoned vet plays. I hate bama but will give credit where credits due and Tua deserves everything he's getting right now.
Najee is #1 by a long shot IMO. This list makes little sense. Ty Chandler will be the #1 option on day 1 for UT. Snell may be a solid #2 but others could be rearranged a lot.
Chaney is a pretty darn good OC. I would love to have him back at UT right now. But he has always had those games, halves, qtrs... that make you say huh, what is he doing why UFC he change from what was working.By the way does anyone else think that late face mask on #14 could be the game changer of the nite. I think bama was staring at a long 3rd or 4th down before that. A stop there would have been huge. Haven't read all the articles today but haven't seen that anywhere yet.
Yeah I thought the same thing. Ridley just a made a play and a great one at that.
Good lord making one of the most obvious subs does not make saban a genius. The 6 titles do LOL, but come on the only ones not making that change were wearing Georgia red.