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Recent Comments
Why even let 2020 recruits commit this early. Many change their minds. A commit is better to have than not I guess but it really doesn't matter this far in advance. Neither does a decommit.
I doubt Gus gets fired anytime soon but I don't expect Pruitt to stay at UT if his dream job comes along. I don't believe his dream job is UT but I am not sure auburn is either. Maybe. If he goes then he goes. No coach stays put forever. What will UGA do if Kirby continues the richt tradition of good teams year in and year out without winning by the big one.
The last part of your statement made everything else irrelevant. Recruits won't want to go to UCF for that kind of exposure. the system isn't perfect. I bet most would prefer an 8 team playoff. I know I would. But then there will be another team complaint by they are the team that shouldn't be left out. So go to 16 and then another team makes their claim... so this system isn't that bad and the fact your team can't get teams to play them does not nullifyvthe argument that they play a weaker schedule. Too weak to warrant inclusion in the playoff.
Pullleeease don't try convincing most of the UGA fans that they are not better than the NE Patriots. They own everyone and they will always have the best recruiting class and the only way they don't win the NC is if the refs rob them. Just ask them they will tell ya!
Another troll loser like legends and ugarmy. No intelligent posts. Just BS.
He and legends call each other to see who will troll UT first. Such losers.
Don't try to talk intelligently to legend. He couldn't carry on an intelligent conversation if his life depended on it. Think he must be about 15 years old.
Matt you obviously don't keep up with recruiting. He has the #12 class on rivals today with a number of 4 and 5 stats looking hard. Have you heard of Wanya morris, the 5 star from.....oh Georgia. Not to shabby since all you UGA fans could say was how smart locked the borders and UGA will have the #1 class in the country every year and UGA will be winning the next decade of national championships... UGA sits at #8. 4 spots better. Yeah Pruitt can't recruit.
Guess you never heard the old saying about keeping your mouth shut and thought a fool.... stop posting while you are behind. You will just get behinder.
I'm glad someone keeps track of some of the moronic statements some overpaid talking heads make. I especially like when they said "he will win a bunch of games but it's over". Uh you have to win a bunch of games to have a dynasty.
Nice! This young team is getting better and better. Will be in the hunt for the east before long.
Dooley may get sone applause but I bet the clappers won't be wearing orange. I just hope they don't start throwing things at the glass. It would really be awful for him to be the OC of the winning team. Lucky for him he has Lock.
Yeah I wanted to go to the UT v GaTech game this week but that 9pm tip talked me out of it and the lousy weather didn't help either. We don't have nearctge attendance tradition of ky but with the expectations for this years squad I expect a lot of games with 20k+ in attendance.
Actually we are not inconsistent. We started out bad and have steadily improved. Not saying we are a great team but we are nowhere near as bad as we were at the start of the season. Makes perfect sense. A terrible team that lacked coaching had to get coached up and learn how to play. They have little by little and are much better. Does that mean we win? No but it should mean a much close game than the last and a win is absolutely possible if Mizzou brings their B game. You talk like you know a lot about UT football and their fans when in reality you apparently know little of football in general let alone UT football or fans. Have been surprised to see so many Mizzou fans become as arrogant as they are these days. Guess you need to get in your digs while lock is there. Once he is gone you will be lucky to beat vandy out of the cellar. Oh and since your name refers to the powerhouse Mizzou bball program we will kill you in that sport among others too. UGA fans are still more arrogant than you guys but keep trying.
These UGA idiots can't go on a UT article without spewing stupidity. You guys are such losers. To Mizzou- we seem to have found some consistency and may make a game of it. I don't expect to get blown out but if Lock is on it will be a difficult game for our young team especially the secondary. If our trench play is anywhere near last week it's anybody's game. See u there!
No snow in k-town Saturday tiger fans. Come on over for sunny and 50's. Perfect football weather!
I will never be able to get his first plays out of my mind. that game vs Florida, his play was the absolute worst I have ever seen. He went from starter to transfer real fast. I was surprised how well he did at Pitt but was shocked he made the cut for an NFL team, let alone be a starter. Hats off to him for doing as well as he did.
I have to give coach Helton a lot of props. I was on the fence with him, well the entire staff honestly. G has done nothing but improve every week for the most part and the writer is spot on about all the hits he takes. The eveready bunny has nothing on G. Some more weapons and an improved O-line and he could be a real force. Proud of him.
Ha! Ok nick that is bound to be better advice than anything butch jones has given you!
There is nothing wrong with resting some players against a vastly inferior opponent. It might be embarrassing if the blue moon came out and the citadel Played a good game but it could be devastating if you played tua and lost him for the rest of the season. He's really the only one who isn't replaceable. Saban is s smart guy and his players will never hear him take any team lightly but if tua really is banged up I will be surprised if he plays more than a couple series and if you're only going to do that then don't play him at all.
I like chief but he has always been inconsistent. He had some really good players most of his years at UT but was still inconsistent and offenses weren't nearly as creative and explosive as they are today. May be Time to go fishin coach.
Well now look. Let's not get all giddy about a chance to go 6-6 or even 7-5, let alone a bowl game at 5-7. Any of that is just a stepping stone back to where we should be. Any of those records would have a coach on the hot seat at UT if we hadn't been through the last decade. I will be glad if we can get to 6-6 or better but only because it shows progress to where we should and hopefully will be. If we go bowling at 5-7 ..... oh boy ..... let's just get to 6-6 or better so we don't have to think about that scenario.
Florida is back. A really nice job by Mullen. I think the recruiting will be fine too but may take a little longer. Am hoping vols will be up there fighting for the east as well in another year or two. I think the normal east pecking order will be back sooner than later. Then we can fight to see who gets the chance to get their brains beat out by bama.
The only way to avoid the traffic is to park a pretty long walk away. I would have to agree that the closer you can get to the interstate the less traffic. Hope you enjoy the game.