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Strange but the way it is these days. If he did sign too bad would love to have him. If he didn't hope we can flip him.
Yeah the one thing that always lacked(being kind) on leach teams was a D. If I was a bulldog I would rather see a higher profile guy. Of course I don't know anything about this guy so he may turn out to be really good. I hope so. I always wondered how he would fare with a solid D.
Corch has made every type of insulting post there is. That's all he does on UT articles. You may be the only poster on SDS that doesn't know that. I don't know whose post you are referring to but I agree with you on whoever said that. If you draw the line there then it doesn't say much for your level of class either. UGA has the vast majority of trolls on SDS and has for a while.
Coach O had everything aligned just right this year and made the most of it. Hard to see them in the hunt next season but not sure any team other than bama in the west is all that far in front of them either. QB play will be key of course assuming the right D.C. Hire is made and I expect it will. Surely ensminger has a decent gandke in what brady was doing and will continue to incorporate it. I expect a slide this season but not for long.
yeah and these uga posters are so classy.
The sweet price of success. Coach O knows what kind of staff he needs now so I expect he will do fine.
Anytime the lowlifes like corch, the dumva$$ of wad, ugarmy... get into the ripple at noon and then get on a UT article you can bet on lots of stupid posts. They are all probably wearing the same dress too.
you are just to stupid to understand what hes saying and you are in denial you banjo pickin pig squealer
Afan not many if any vol fans on here are predicting we win the east. TN has recruited from afar forever and done well and will continue to. You really are not doing yourself any favors saying we will need a few years to get to 8 wins. Our 2019 record is 8-5. Not bragging about 8 wins but please if you are going to predict how we will do try to use something more accurate.
TDOW nuff said, just another uga troll. Joint the circle with your buddies corch, blue and gayboy
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your first somewhat intelligent post bluefrank. congratulations did you get paris to help you write that. You should join the corch, gatorboy circle jerk but don't ask to be pivot man.
corch are you predicting another preseason NC this year? Your team does less with more than anybody. Are you still touting how much better coley is than chaney… Oh wait you were calling for coleys head earlier. You are such an idiot. You have no credibility whatsoever. Just another dumba$$ banjo playing pig squealing troll from jawja. I bet you and gatorboy have your own little circle jerk and take turns being the pivot man. put the crack pipe down, get out from under the bridge and get a job boy!
uga still has a lot of talent stockpiled and nobody expects them to roll over. Im just glad that the game is not a forgone conclusion anymore. We have a chance. How good depends on a lot of things that we wont know about until after the season starts and a couple games get played. The UT O line should be very good. The D line should be very good. The LB group should be good but not deep . The QB and WR group may be the biggest ? and if you have no QB you wont win much. I like our chances to make some noise but temper that with a wait and see approach.
The ever efficient NCAA finally gets it right and it only cost him half the season. Better late than never but the NCAA is an embarrassment.
booches will wade already schooled them on how to negate video/audio evidence.
Congrats tiguhs. A chess match to start, then give up a little and then figure it out and step on the gas. ClemPson nowhere near last years squad. Will be interesting to see who replaces burrow, if an NFL team comes after brady and how all that affects the Tiguhs next year. For now I expect bourbon street was rocking last nite.
Flat town and jasphil of course the rest of the sec would like to see him gone. Most of us would also like to see Saban gone and others. Kid has talent and makes it hard to beat LSU. Instead of complaining about the rest of the sec why not look at it from the perspective of its great to have coaches others want or want gone. It means you are doing something right. LSU stepped up. I bet he is the highest paid assy in the country who is not a coordinator. That's all you can do. The No Fun League has the deep pockets to buy out that contract if they want him bad enough. Same for a college who want to take a chance on him as OC or even HC. Doubtful he goes anywhere this year but if he shows consistency with a new QB next season he may be gone. Enjoy it while it lasts.
Another stupid comment coltsboy. Where in these responses did you see someone touting UT as seccg participants and where do you see jealousy. Do you not have any rational thoughts in your little pea brain you moron.
I'm thinking this guy is the veteran insurance policy. The starter job would be between Mathis and beck. Whoever loses that battle hits the portal next year. This guy may start if one of Mathis and beck don't stand out but I bet he isn't starting by mid season.
Lol well he's right. Your team is the pick. Embrace it or run from it. Go for it. What the heck!
Mike what makes you think his coach gave him that advice. I seriously doubt it. I would bet dollars to donuts it was his decision with the blessing of his dad and sister. Peyton could have left and stayed. Why ? Maybe they just love UT. Quit trying to find something bad out of a young mans decision that money isn't everything.
Careful banjo boy, glassbhouses and all that. Squeal boy squeal!
Neither of you are him. Money isn't everything to everyone. It's refreshing actually.
Theres going to be some pretty good QB's in the portal after spring practice from a number of teams, bama included. I was impressed with Jones and would think he will be difficult to beat out. Young is a special talent. I haven't seen enough of Taulia and Bryant to compare them but they must be pretty good to be there.
Agree with your take Jay. Even the NFL is gravitating to mobile QB's who basically play the prostyle but have the legs to get out of trouble, extend plays and make plays. Look at Baltimore that Qb has about 20 or 30 designed run plays but he has a nice arm too. Not many college or pro teams want the statue back there that may throw it 60-70 yards but cant get out of the way of the more elite pass rushers. Every team needs a combo QB these days. I would think your young QB's were hoping to get the opportunity to take the reins over a transfer. That could backfire after spring practice. To me it seems uga is bound to take a step back this year with all the personnel losses. Lots of young talent stockpiled so it would seem logical to spend a season getting the new guys some experience and prep for a title chase in 2021. Not saying throw in the towel on 2020 but if those young QB's are what they were ranked they need the experience now, not in 2021.