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we still own your chickens. UT will always be the real UT. Tx is TU or UTjr. and the chickens are uscjr. Its sad when a fan of a historically shi!!y team tries trolling you. As much as we lost and as bad as we are supposed to be this season scjr is predicted to be worse by almost everyone. scratch on that chick boyeee
I have been referring to texas as UTjr but TU is probably the way to go. So i view TU as a bit of a sleeping giant. They have history, facilities (though they should move that stadium away from I-35 and put more shade up), plenty of cash and a big state full of top tier talent. I think they have just lacked coaching. I wont say Sark is the guy but if he is and they put it all together they will be a force to reckon with. Having said that they will face a lot tougher competition in the sec than what they have been used to in the 12. I think the aggies are the big losers in this transition with their no longer being able to tell all those texas recruits to play in the sec they need to go to ATM to stay close to home... but they have done a really good job of upgrading the program so the battles in recruiting the same players as TU will be heated and close for the most part I think. Ok also recruits tx heavily so they get to make that sec claim now too.
why even respond to such requests. its nonsense. you cheated and got caught. pay the price. you knew the risk. talk about opening pandoras box.
seems to me things are going to blow up much bigger than just the utjr and ou moves. i think what things look like in a couple years may be unrecognizeable. no to clemPson. yes to unc, uva or maybe free shoes u and miami.
Henry T is an outstanding LB in every facet of the game except pass coverage. I personally dont think that aspect of his game was due to how bad the UT D was. he just struggled there. Not sure he is fast enough but it may have just been poor coaching. Bama should bring out the best in him so we will soon see. I agree with the writer on Nix. I think he will struggle again this season. Preseason stuff is better than having nothing to talk about so we still have a few more weeks to fill up with meaningless rankings and predictions. But im here for it.
Most Bama fans didn’t give any credence to the claim and are above that. You’re just a silly troll. Give it up
Thanks for that. I don’t see utjr having that kind of stroke in the sec. guess we will find out though.
was the caller Jesus? if not then you might want to wait a bit before jumping off the bridge.
well neither one of you answered my question.
no it wouldnt be interesting at all. he wouldnt get fired. He did what he could to sell the school he was the AED for. Nothing wr0ong with that. They got a lot of free Pub. I voiced as much disdain for their NC claim and home and home with an sec team as anyone. Does it bother me now that he is our AD. NOT ONE BIT. I suggest you get over it too. Why do you even care. it has nothing to do with bama.
Im hesitant to ask but I have never followed texas football, even though I lived there for a while, so what exactly did texas do to destroy the SWC and the big 12? Not Arguing. genuinely dont know unless you are only talking about the longhorn network. I am opposed to both teams joining or any other teams. but not because its texas or Ou only because I like conferences and want them to stay relevant.
Surely he meant something else.... Shirley? Maybe he was reading from bidens teleprompter.
I think he will commit to UT soon and then wait to see how the season and UT's D play out as well as how the rest of recruiting goes and possibly what the sanctions are though we may not that answer for a couple years. A player of his caliber can change his mind whenever he wants and still land at the school of his choice so if he doesnt like what he sees this season he can and probably will go elsewhere. Garner is the key to his recruitment and renewed interest in UT. Rightfully so.
Congrats. I hope they are not part of the National anthem protestors. I am pulling for every team that plays the US women’s soccer team. I hope they lose every match and I won’t watch them. Same goes for any team who disrespects our flag and our country while supposedly there represent them. They are a disgrace.
Why does anyone but Aggie fans care how, if, why aggies were or were not “in the loop”. Mostly trolls like corch and 9mm but Even for a troll it seems odd. Guess trolls gotta troll about something.
Easy there little brother. Too much sun will scotch the brain. There is only one UT and it ain’t the commodes and it ain’t UTjr down in weird Austin.
Esso, now there’s a blast from the past. You have to be old to remember that.
Other than being a politically correct choice I don’t know why she or any other is worth 7-8 million. You have to be pretty iconic to warrant that and even then it’s too much. Reporters like her are plentiful for a lot less. Espn is run by idiots. Like most tv I guess.
I wonder if the big 10 and acc have had any discussion about merging the two together and adding the leprechauns. Seems like that might make more sense for them. Let the pac and the remnants of the 12 merge. you have 2.5 superconferences. the more its talked about the more I dont like it but it sounds like its inevitable.
I think youre right, at least to some. They will have no choice but to go after some G5 teams. Those are as good a 4 as any I guess but it hurts their case for better tv money... I wonder if you will see some of the other teams beg to joint the other Big or the pac or even the acc. all 3 of them have to be scrambling now to try to land others before each other. Its a mad dash to 4 super conferences. SEC is in the lead with the other 3 all squashed together a few lengths back. This is just going to get crazier.
After all we have been through with Pruitts uneducated painful to listen to talk to butch jones clicheism on steroids to derek dooleys war stories, if this is the worst thing he says I will be thrilled. he obviously didnt mean he built UCF from the ground up and UT is about as close to being at ground level as they could get. Some nice parts left to work with but a lot of parts missing too. UIT is a complete rebuild job right now. There is no debating that IMO. Who cares what UCF fans say anyway. I dont. Cry me a river.
No idea if its happening or not but dont like it. that said all the talking heads in sports say its pretty much a done deal. No idea which ones if any know what they are talking about. One of our local radio guys this morning made some interesting points. College Fball is headed to super conferences and other substantial changes, NIL and portal aside. the SEC can get in front of it and with the addition of these 2 schools be the dominant conference for the long term, regardless of what others do. Dont let them in and they go to the pac 12 or big 10 and those conferences take on that role. the sec rules the roost now but not if those 2 schools go to another conference. It actually makes a lot of sense as much as I dont want to see it happen.
Always liked him. Free Shoes U didnt deserve him. bunch of arrogant snobs. I regress. he lived a long and prosperous life, both financially and personally. By all accounts a good man. I would be very pleased to live to 90 with the quality of life I think he had for most of it. God bless coach.
I vote no to adding more teams and yes to 1 more sec game and one less cupcake game.
many were in the portal before he was hired. Sure we should care about that but do you honestly think it would not have happened with another coach. maybe a few wouldnt have but then some others would. nature of the beats when the entire staff gets canned like that. Lots of opposing fans convinced heupel will fail before he has coached a game. time will tell but he will certainly be handicapped for a few years and that should mean something.
He wasn’t the HC at Mizzou. I believe his offenses were very good. Not sure why you think the Mizzou record is a reflection of his HC ability. He may or may not do well but Mizzou record isn’t an indicator.