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well Peyton "endorsed" every HC since he left UT. Do you expect him to come out after a HC was hired and say he is the wrong man for the job? really? I read he did indeed recommend Gase for the jets job which sounds like a favor to me. Right or wrong. who cares. gase wont get the chance at UT. In any case I agree with oz somewhat. Peyton might just be the guy that can get the boosters to come to an agreement on their own top 3, 5 whatever for the new AD and be the guy that can bring commonality between the boosters and the ASD/search committee. Boosters have a lot of pull at most programs. Thats just a fact and I think boosters are necessary and can be a necessary evil depending on the savvy of the person/people trying to manage them and their input. Probably a lot like herding cats but others have done it. I dont know who peyton may or may not have suggested/recommended for a HC when kiffin, dooley, jones and pruitt were hired but simply coming out and saying they are the right man for the job, after they were hired, is just him not causing controversy most likely. Wouldnt read too much into it. I started to comment on some of the other articles but they were already blown up with comments so I will say a couple things here. First Matt Hayes is an idiot. His article said "sorry Tennessee will never be elite again" ok well then we should just eliminate the football team then. All schools which are struggling should just shut down their football program and that way only 20-25 schools should play football any longer. His article is so stupid I cant even comment further, except to say TN fans know all to well we are not even close to elite. yes we are a dumpster fire burning brightly. But we also know we will overcome that. In regard to jeremy pruitts lawyer statement. So many posters saying things like, "wow if he is right TN will be paying out big time for the buyout + attorneys fees"... "this is just a way UT developed to get out of paying pruitt"... Is Pruitts lawyers statement really a surprise to anyone. it certainly isnt to me. Everyone and my dog knew Pruitt would not just say "oh ok, well thanks. See ya around". Of course he will fight for a settlement. i expect he will get one. Thats how things work in the legal world. In a lawsuit the only ones who make money, generally, are the lawyers. Who/what is right or wrong has little to do with anything. I expect he will get a settlement of some kind. No way in he!! he gets the buyout or even close to that if what we are told is true. 9 people other than Pruitt were fired! 9! 2 higher up assistants, quality control staff and other recruiting staff. I dont know if Pruitt actually knew anything about what was going on or not. I am inclined to say no he did not but either yes he did or no he did not is an indictment of him as the HC. He hired all these people. Jeremy Pruitt did. They were screwing him and backstabbing him if he wasnt aware or he was complicit if he was aware. Either way the buck stops with him. What they do is his responsibility and his accountability. Most people say if the team just finished with a nice season this would have been hidden and Pruitt would be in good shape. Maybe our school is that unethical but I choose to believe there is no way he isnt canned for it. possibly 30 Level 1 and level 2 violations with 9 staff members involved! not many would survive that anywhere. Everything reported lacks details that will eventually emerge. Until then many opposing fans of the rest of the sec and others will continue to crucify us. Its just the way many fans react to an opponents misfortune. We need to concentrate on a new, highly competent and highly experienced AD and then a coach that we can be proud of for the next decade. UT will be back and in a big way. Count on it.
bcreek you are right about one thing. After beating the chickens and mizzou most vol fans thought we were going to do well. if you admitted it you probably thought the same thing. Who wouldnt. Freeze aint coming because he wont get offered. I will still offer up a bet we win an sec or natty before SC ever does.
I dont know anymore than the next guy. I am not and do not know an insider. i dont think he knew about anything. I also dont know anyone in admin but they did sound genuine. I dont think they knew either. Anythings possible and this could be a huge cover-up using pruitt as a scapegoat but that sounds ridiculous to me. You cant stop idiots like corch from spewing ignorance.
Well Connor I think you are wrong. based on the news conference that just ended the firing had nothing to do with his record or performance. It really sounds like it is all about the out of control recruiting. I think that will be evident when the actual details of incidents and violations are made public. Until then everything is just conjecture.
Wow they fired dang near everyone that has anything to do with quality control and recruiting. Pruitt, neidermeyer and felton are the big names but sounds like maybe 4-5 more behind the scenes admin people. I know its a political correct announcement but they said they were genuinely shocked by the quantity of violations and numbers of people involved at UT. I was thinking earlier they would probably settle with pruitt eventually but that may not happen and based on what I know (which admittedly isnt enough) I hope they dont settle with him. If this was what they say it is then he does not deserve a penny. It sounds extremely serious and in-depth. Obviously they dont go into the details of the violations... but we will learn more in the coming months after the NCAA does their investigation and punishment comes down. The punishment could be pretty devastating if its as bad as they make it sound. May have to keep steele as an interim for a couple years to get off probation, sanctions... Hope they made it sound worse than it is.
Look folks, Pruitt is represented by sexton. Sexton represents the vast majoprity of coaches out there. It is doubtful Pruitt walks away empty handed. He will likely sue and they will work out a settlement. In the meantime it is doubtful a new coach is even interviewed until a new AD is hired. That could take months. Who knows. Unfortunately it is likely steele is the interim HC at the start of next season. Then a new HC will be hired at the end of the season. This will kill recruiting but is probably unavoidable. I challenge any bama, georgia, florida, LSU, Auburn, ATM fan out there to say they would not want the exact same thing happen to their coach should they provide you with the same performance after 3 years, including whatever the for cause reasons are. Im not talking about whether he gest paid or not but the vast majority of those fans would be calling for a coaching change. I should have probably left bama off the lost saban couldnt do that bad on purpose. Multiple level 1 violations gets you fired almost anywhere and for cause. He is the HC and has to be accountable for that. Freeze is out. Fuhget about it.
I dont know why he thinks TN thinks they are better than they are. The opposite may be true. I agree with the programs he lists that we are way behind and I dont know many fans who think othwerwise. But that is just reinforci9ng the reason to fire pruitt, not contradict it. Pretty dumb assessment by this guy.
Get your popcorn, pnuts and beer together. Stretch out in the Lazy boy and enjoy the show folks. A UT coaching search is fun for everyone!
More good news. I don’t know what is going to happen with Pruitt but Signuficant good things are happening in the program. Still lost some big pieces but somebody threw a bucket of water on the fire and at least slowed it down some. Things should clear up with Pruitt and the staff this week.
Most clemPson fans are still ecstatic with dabo and the boyz. They went a very long time “clempsoning” and those days are still fairly fresh. It will take a lot more than not winning the natty to bring them down from their high.
All the kids saying “respect my decision “ just sound dumb. As for wanya I wish him limited success as in hope he does well unless he plays us. No hard feelings here. He wasn’t the first and likely won’t be the last to depart the in Knoxville. He’s a good player but only trey smith played up to his billing on theO line. I lean towards coaching or lack thereof as the reason but will see when he gets in another program. If I’m an auburn fan I’m very concerned about friend coaching the O line. Maybe it’s something in the water at UT now that makes coaches forget how to coach but I think he was just another bad choice.
hmm first time I think I have heard an aggie fan actually be ok with it. Most hate the horns so bad they want nothing to do with them. Pretty lopsided record. Maybe its time to start bulding the A&M side up some. You should have the edge right now.
Anytime the DC for a former high caliber DC is talked about as how great they are I always wonder how much of the credit they really deserve. Same goes for an OC who is the OC for a former high caliber OC. Not saying this guy isnt great I dont know much about him but I never heard any sportscasters.... talk about the uga D being anybodys D other than Kirbys.. When I watch UT play I see Pruitt calling plays and moving people around more than Ansley... Not saying Ansley has been described as great but same logic applies.
Man the Rona is really trying to destroy the season. I hope the folks in charge of vaccines can get their thumbs out of their rear ends and get some volume going. Big fan of Frank Martin and hope he gets well soon as well as all who have it.
yeah UT has always had to recruit a lot of out of state players. The state is producing more high caliber talent but nowhere near what georgia, florida... produce and kirby and dabo, even mack brown have made recruiting more difficult than it has been historically. . We had a top 10 class going before the wheels fell off again. I firmly believe had pruitt won 6-7 games and shown he could beat or at least compete with the big 3 on our schedule we wouldnt be having these discussions and the 2021 class would be firmly in the top 10. You can compete for a natty with consistent top 10 classes. but you are correct it takes the right coach.
true Guinny. I give phil a pass on pruitt because currie offered the job to everyone but me. there were not many options left. However that extension and raise last year was a rookie AD bonehead mistake. Didnt look like it at the time but it wasnt necessary and now looks dumb. Phil has done some good things for UT but not sure if he is the right guy for not. Think I need to see how all this shakes out to make that determination.
well sicem I sent them a strongly worded letter threatening to stop my massive donations but they have not responded. Guess $500 dont get ya as much attention as I thought it would.
guess you never made a mistake before. good for you but give the guy a break. sabans assts will get poached every year as everyone is hoping to catch some of his majic. hasnt hurt bama much so far.
yup just like pruitt did. speaking of , it is looking more and more like he will be available for a second stint at coach sabans school for wayward ex-coaches.
LOL Aub, thanks for feeling our pain. Hopefully things settle down soon. One school cannot screw up every coaching hire forever can they? The odds are with us to get one right by now...arent they? justafan is pretty much right though I put deandre and pope in with Morris. Two guys who werent great but we will likely miss. Im more concerned with additional departures than the current.
900 dawg what sickness and culture problem are you referring to exactly. There hasnt been one word of a culture problem. It seems quite obvious it has been lack of good decisions. On both AD's and coaches. Thats not a culture unless you want to call it a culture of bad decisions. I will give you that. latest word I hear is pruitt has his first meeting with the UT admin and AD today. There will likely be a settlement offer made for him to go away now rather than next season sometime. What happens after that I dont think anyone other than a very select handful of people know. Is steele promoted to interim for the 2021 season or do they try to hire a new coach now. Frankly either of those choices could be really bad unless they hire a homerun coach now and the only one I think that fits the bill that would actually take the job is freeze and IMO napier. I cant imagine they offer freeze with all his baggage if the investigation uncovers anything substantial. But this is UT. They could accidentally do something right. I personally think Napier is a homerun hire but no idea what he would say. Put steele in as interim and recruiting, as damaged as it already is, would take an even bigger hit since nobody is going to commit to a interim, well except hendon hooker... god bless him. One thing putting a coach in place now does is allow him to build relationships with some recruits through the year. Start in November or december and you are a full year behind. Its a real sh!tshow in knoxville right now. No debate about it. maybe we are nearing the end. Maybe it will get a lot worse or a little bit better. Who knows. I rarely agree with this writer on much but this entire fiasco has set the program back when most thought it couldnt get any worse than when jones left. stay tuned on "As Rocky Top turns" or burns may be more fitting right now.
Wow thats a little bit surprising with the injury he suffered previously. UGA is set up nicely for 2021. This is another year where, right now, it appears the elusive natty is within reach and you will be one of the favorites.
This wasnt really unexpected. he said he was returning back during the season. Still with all the unknowns on Rocky Top right now its good to hear him come out at this time and announce it. Maybe Steele can get more out of him. Lots a size and speed but not nearly as effective as he needs to be and should be at his size. Yeah I know steele is supposed to be LB coach but Im leaning towards ansley departing and steele taking over as DC. Maybe even taking it over regardless.
Man hate to see him go. Good player, who with some development will be a great one. Good luck to him but I hope he goes to a west team or an ooc team. Not sure that friend is that big of a draw for him. he didnt do that much with him or the rest of the O-line at UT. If I was him I would skip on over a couple states and join Pittman at Arky.
Good. Glad he stays... if he does. He hasnt been great but was starting to be able to contrbute. I think we will be very glad for any experienced DB help we can get next season.
you wont have guarantano to prop up your int numbers next season LOL