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Thank you Wanya. Hope you can convince Darnell to join you. It starts and ends in the trenches in the sec and we need you guys.
A dose of "your team really is as big a pile of garbage as you trolls have said" will have you disinterested in arguing who will win. Nothing to argue with you about leads to fewer posts.
That was a stunningly bizarre series of gaffes and poor play. Some of the play calling was brilliant. No surprise to start by trying to establish the run game. The OL is just horrendous except for Trey and yet we didn't run to his side as often as I though we should and would. Even the onside kick was in a great spot for recovery but you have to hand it to perine. Any coach that didn't lose his cool in that game doesn't have a pulse. Read this morning where a LB refused to go in the game. Pruitt made him leave the game. I expect he won't be on the team after that. Can't have the players dictating when they play. More jones carry over? Congrats to gators they played very good D and took advantage of every opportunity. Franks made some nice throws and had some tough runs but still has a long way to go. Vols may very well go 0-8 again though I feel like they will put it together sone time during the season. None the less more than 1 victory seems a huge stretch if they even get one. The next three games will be a test of character for this team and staff. Can they even be somewhat competitive and can Pruitt hold the team together while enduring what may be three demoralizing losses in a row, or more.
Wow that is the absolute most horrific half of football I have ever seen, including all the games last year. We r lucky we are not down 50 at the half. I guess the dumpster fire is not even close to out yet. Pathetic.
Nobody knows but nick and I bet he doesn't know. Anything can happen to change plans. Health, family issues, the no fun league. Heck he may just decide to ride around the lake on his boat... I would not bet against him being there 5 more years at least.
Hooker should really stop talking for vols fans. I don't even know anyone who thought we had a chance vs WVA. Look it's two bad teams trying to rebuild. It's a rivalry and hopefully will be great again. For now the game probably means more to TN than Florida just from a recruiting standpoint. Sure we always want to beat Florida and they always want to beat us but there is no championship riding on it. Even if we win getting to 6 wins is a big challenge with the way ky and vandy are playing. Both teams fans would love to see these teams become more than they are but reality is we are still a couple years away and Florida probably is too. Forget all these bold predictions and let's just try to enjoy the game.
Totally agree except the last part. Think the vols win this round.
Great pickup! Welcome to Rocky Top Josiah! So glad to have you in Orange next season.
My vote goes to LSU. Coach O turned the fire hose loose on his slightly warm seat. Am looking forward to that LSU v UGA game.
Interesting how you have become the big promoter of the greatness that is U.K. .......after they beat you. Which team has the most talent is not laughable. TN has a lot more as did Florida. But ky has everything else going for them in terms of cohesiveness, long term coaches and game plans in place as well as sone intangibles. Ky may very well stomp a mud hole in us. They are arguably better than last year. But to think that is a forgone conclusion is pretty ignorant. How about Saturday game. Since you think so little of vols I assume you are predicting a Florida rout?
Who are you and what have you done with the real gatorboy
I would set the over/under for snells rushing yards at 100 and take the over . As far as who wins I wouldn't bet either way but probably give the nod to state by a td or less. Should be a good game though.
I think he is a good QB and I think he has a chance to be very good. I would not bet against his further development into a very good WB.
Trash talk. Ok well leave it to the writers to try to insert a story where none exists.
This could be a really good game if....... Mizzou can find some defense. Lock is going to get his throws in and Mizzou will score. Probably more points scored on UGA than any other sec team. But they won't score every time they get the ball and UGA might if Mizzou doesn't find that D somewhere. No way to stop UGA from scoring but if you can find a way to get some key stops you have a chance. Win the turnover battle and win on special teams. I think it takes all those things. Not 2 of 3 but all 3 to have a shot.
You talk like we did something dirty. Lots of players played on that field and it wasn't in very good shape. If all you can come up with to troll us is a crappy field a few years ago then you havent been paying much attention to anything over the last 18 months.
Well I can't see any score and neither can ugarmy or anyone else. Two floundering teams looking for a toe hold. They say Florida has more talent but if so it's not by much. The biggest difference is the defenses. Franks is no will Grier but vs our inexperienced DB's may not have to be. The only thing I might predict is a good, close game but honestly who knows with these teams. Absolutely anything could happen. I agree it is s huge game.... for the two schools.
Not converting a lot of those yards into points is the lackluster part. It doesn't really matter. It was a convincing win even though not dominant like etsu but it's a win and thats all that matters. Just ask Scott frost and the huskers or Arkansas. It's Florida week and any negativity from a lackluster win is eliminated with a win vs the gators. Time to get to work.
Good night Irene. What a beatdown. I can hardly wait for our turn! Thank you sir may I have another.
I was feeling pretty good about our chances for a win vs the gators and maybe scratching out a 6 win season. A week ago. But after our performance vs the worst team in the country and watching ky play Florida and vandy play the domers and Florida bouncing back, well to some extent anyway, we could go winless in the sec again and 6 wins seems like a huge long shot. We did ok but a far cry from competing against anyone other than Arkansas, maybe Florida. Well I wasn't able to watch the UT game. I hope it was more a result of just a very vanilla, try to run it down their throats, type of game and Helton and Pruitt have something more in the tank for gators.
Well a pretty underwhelming performance. Hard to gage the good parts since it's against one of or possibly even the worst team in the country. Good to see Ty back healthy. Time to prepare for gators now.
Vandy ownnfans need to care before the rest of the country takes notice. Why don't you represent the way UGA did up there and then see who notices. Good luck too by the way. I will be pulling for you.