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Will be really interesting to see if he can back up the talk. I think I like his style and I wouldn't bet against him but the real proof won't for a few years when everything's his. Not many wouldn't like to see a fresh team take the west.
Yeah that transition can be tough and we don't really have the bodies that fit that D but if that is what he wants to run then put it in now and deal with the growing pains which happen regardless. You know these days your base defense is mostly run on 1-2 plays out of 4. Everything is hybrid these days. Ps: it's good to hear real questions and conversations with an UGA poster. So many have become nothing more than arrogant insulters. I allowed myself to get into the mud with them last season but am trying to rise above this yearLOL . No guarantees there but so far so good.
I don't know who those guys are but I still don't care. That's what I got.
Finebaum on point. Twice in one day! Which internet french model provided all this dirt on Pruitt anyway. How in the world did a coach that did all those things from matts history manage to obtain some of the most high profile jobs in college football after all those issues. Oh and by the way Matt could you share done of your proof.
A lot of animosity between UGA fans and Pruitt. Good. You guys are funny. Hope he hears lots of insults from the competition.
Sure we do. It was appropriate at the time and who could have envisioned the calamity of HC hires to follow. Sure looking back would we rather have kept Phil than what followed. It's always easy to correct mistakes in hindsight captain obvious. What you don't seem to know is how to differentiate between HC and AD. He was not run off as AD.
LOL well does anyone disagree (other than the usual and you know who you are).
you don't know me and have no clue what I will or won't do. Define "starts losing". He hasn't coached a single game and taking over the worst team in UT history. So if he loses a few games this season we will be calling for his head? Really. Pretty dumb comment. I have seen no authority issues and if he has any I won't know first hand. I will say if he starts losing like jones in year 3 then yes I will be vocal as will many others and as will you if Mullen does the same thing. Heck you will probably be vocal this year if he "starts losing".
Who cares what pollock and Murray think. A couple of dogs. Guess UGA fans do but I don't and I hope vol fans don't.
#1 - that would be a stupid question to even ask and I would love to hear him answer it that way. #2 - hard to imagine he didn't know the roster situation for the most part. Easy to see there were more problems with team chemistry, coaching and S&C than potential. #3 - see #1 but from a fans perspective 6 wins would be a good start. 5 isn't devastating. Less than 5 would be troubling. #4 - Fulmer knows how to work with the HC. He's not going to question what Pruitt does in year 1 and probably not year 2. #5 - every HC or potential HC probably has a small list of what his destination jobs are. For many it may be one job. I don't see UT as pruitts destination job but other than the obvious one to me, bama, I wouldn't know what schools Top his list. Maybe he has auburn, FSU or USC or Norte Dame in that list. I would be surprised if he had a west coast or northern school but a couple of those have such rich history they could be appealing. I would be surprised if he would leave UT for any other sec schools.
He sure torched us at Florida so it stands to reason he could again. First game, first HC, first D.C. Definitely could get ugly but ......there's always a but, we won't just fold up and we won't be the keystone cops of last year either. Anything can happen.
A player we would like to have and sounds like has a lot of potential to develop but does the #21 player in TN rate a "big time" description.
I have had enough coach speak, dumb cliches and anecdotes to last a lifetime. Give me dull and brutal truth now.
good for him. Hopefully by the time he is competing for the starting job he will have some high caliber guys to compete with
Only $2.3M How will he ever pay the bills. How bout you just be thankful for what you have.
The fall guy is and was jones. I never heard anyone blame Hurd for the lousy finish. It was a team disaster and jones has the "fall". All of it.
Yes all of our competitors will miss him
I hear john Currie is available Seriously that is not a bad record in the west. But LSU almost always has top shelf talent and can never get over the hump. From this outsiders perspective it's mainly been the QB play or lack thereof. That may be a captain obvious comment but how in the world do you recruit at such a high level except at QB. Unless you're playing us with a one legged Rohan Dave who we make look like tom Brady LOL GOOD LUCK this season. I would love to see y'all take down bama and the fighting Gus's. Oh and UGA too!
You better be on upset alert when the fightin possums of Austin pee come calling!
Whatever. Wear pinstripes and pajamas. Who cares. Just win......and don't mess with the checkerboards on the field.
Hmm what I was about to say about your post. A lot of hot sir with no substance.
Pretty funny. Even a 9 year old knew about ole sarge! I will buy her a Shetland pony if we can beat them this year!
Ha! Heck yeah! A win vs bama or your dogs might elate me with 6 wins total!
I have become a jake Bentley fan, except vs UT, and think he will do very well but SC is still in the throws of recruiting higher level talent on a regular basis to build the depth it takes to replace the kind of guys who departed and created the jokes discussed in this article. Not sure if they will have the horses to stop jawja but if they are going to anytime soon then this is the year. I also think the new OC will stand a better chance with less film for the dogs D to see. I think with coordinators many do better before opposing teams get some film and start to see what the schemes and tendencies are. It's what both makes me feel a little better about vols chances vs Florida and west va and worries me about the later games vs the big boys.