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Oregon state would be a good landing spot. No expectations is just what he needs.
Every team has players do dumb things. I think we had a couple games with the same stuff. Mayfield let the fans get to him too. Happens but you still don't like it. Good game for tigers. Did exactly what they should have done. Take advantage of UT bad news bears mistakes and run, run, run and run it some more.
Well Doofus is FAU an sec school. I'm commenting on this article.
Hmm that new remote control moving goal post is working well. We should be able to affect a few of their FG attempts.
Well bunghole buster as a matter of fact yes. The scoreboard, keeping msu from running away with it.... now that it's over I still say the played a good game considering the mess that is Arkansas right now. But by all means please keep making your arguments like they were getting blown out. Knucklehead.
Pig fans missing their team playing inspired. May not last but they are playing well. If u hurry u can still see the second half.
Care a lot more what he say than what comes out of your pie hole.
Who said anything about the sec. lame is as narcissistic and vane as they come. He will never be satisfied anywhere but the big stage.
Hate to agree with tebow but I also think that loss could serve them well. This is where smart shows his coaching prowess or the lack thereof. Can he help the team shake off a big defeat, Regroup, refocus and be ready to take on the sec CG. Fromm is probably the key and though he has done well for the most part, he has yet to deal with a loss like that. With a frosh you just never know. That door for #2 is cracked slightly and if Fromm isn't able to refocus you could see a change.
Lame will jump. He is good as gone. An attractive P5 opening will be his destination soon. The rest is exactly what he said it wasn't.....coach speak.
Think he's a good coach and obviously he can recruit but think I prefer 4-5 others first. I never heard that patterson had interviewed for the UT job before they gave it to lame kiffin. I would back up the brinks truck and see what he says before dismissing it. I know he has received a lot of interest and spurned it and appears to be happy to retire in ft worth but shoot at least take a shot. I think he is one of the great ones who would do really well at a place like UT.
I can't stand him and he did us wrong so no. That could be the equivalent of cutting off your nose to spite your face. He's gonna land somewhere and do really well.
Yeah losing to the bottom feeders is worse than any turndown we could get.
Yeah well we are a mess so it is at best a toss up game.
For most it IS NOT gruden or bust. For most it is someone good or bust. That list is lengthy today so get your sh!t together and land us a good one. Gruden, Kelly, Mullen, frost, morris, and others. Let's go! Need an announcement as soon as that coaches last regular season game is over or sooner if it's gruden or Kelly. Ok I admit it has been fun with all the grumors. As lame kiffin says any press is good press as long as it isn't arrests...
Would really like to see some inspired play tomorrow. You never know in neyland. It would be a tall task.
Could happen but until they sign on the dotted line we still have a shot to win them back. Obviously they will be two of the first contacts made by the new coach. Still if we lose a few we will gain a few. Getting the hire right is priority 1..... for me anyway.
Gotta have defense in sec. leach would be great at the podium but can't spell defense.
Wasn't vandy good in the 1800's I think they drew more then too. Nashville is our other stadium.
But how did the guy in a cardboard box under the bridge rank them? His ranking is the one that matters.
Easy now brau it's going to be ok. It took Clemson more than 30 years to get back to the mountain top. So at 63 you still have a shot!
I was kind of agreeing with you until the end. I think we can sign one a hair sooner than that. Norvelle us s good coach though.