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The red ocean fungus needs a few less mouthy fans. Especially the closet vol fans like RTR. What a putz!
Well he needs to do whatever he thinks will win games. its hard to attract high caliber assistants when youre in his position. if it doesnt work he gets fired and walks away after doing it "his way". he wont listen to very much chatter about it because all the chatter will be about who the next HC will be. if it works then he proves he was right all along....maybe.
its a spring game. its never as bad or as good as it looks. I would think it would be pretty surprising to see the D operating as a well oiled machine with all the changes. Unfortuntely for LSU, it will likely take a few real games, at least, to see the D unit playing cohesively... Dont recall how the schedule lines up but I would bet by game 4-5 they are playing a lot differently, in a good way. Maybe sooner but seems like a stretch. The good thing is the O very well may be able to do the heavy lifting until then. Time will tell. Only 4.5 months to find out...:)
88 the LB's are pretty good in IMO. I dont see that group as a negative or a rebuild in any way. I think we improved by losing most of the secondary we lost. I think they may take a few games to settle in but there is still experience back there that has been successful at a level.
VFL everyone has a hard time stopping big time pkay makers, wouldn’t you say. It’s stopping the others and the other plays that can win or lose a game. That’s a pretty negative outlook. Maybe they will be absolutely terrible as you seem to think but I doubt it.
what we dont need is advice from loudmouth trolls like you and tdub. RTR you are truly a special kind of dumb azz. And so consumed with everything TN. I bet you dream in orange and white colors only. I bet your boyfriend puts on a smoky costume before you go to bed. You probably bark more than 80,000 georgia fans while role playing with him in your coonskin hat. youre sick. get help. Tdubs an idiot but youre sick. Big difference...
you two numb nuts need to learn how to read and comprehend. By the way billy boy welcome back. your trolling has gone unnoticed... much like your SC sports teams. there is nothing wrong with stating the truth about a kid. had the article been about him not leaving the same issues would be discussed. The fact is he was a good player, not great. he will be missed but more from a depth standpoint. he replaced the starting middle linebacker when he got hurt so he would have to be a statue to not be at least near the top of tacklers. The fact is he did get beat on a bunch of toss sweeps, he was slow to react. that is just a fact. Not slamming him because he left just giving context to why he left and its because he wasnt cracking the starting lineup. he could probably be a starter somewhere like SC or bama :) I know facts dont matter to trolls like you two but thought I would give it a try...again.
im more bullish on our secondary than most but would like to see some depth added. I think OL and TE depth is needed as well. We are finally starting to build depth but not quite there yet.
yup they have a lot of inexperienced talent, especially pitching. I will be surprised if you guys are not right back up there next season. meanwhile that UK v UT series this weekend looms very large. cant wait.
try harder RTR youre still lagging way behind trolls like tdub
RTR trying so hard to get in the club with tdub but as you can see he doesnt have enough brainpower to even be a troll. Get back under that bridge RTR and dont come out until you can write a full paragraph of trolling insults you ignorant wretch.
So how many comments on here are reposts from other previous articles? My post about halfway down through all the posts was one I posted on a column weeks, maybe months ago. I didnt repost it today. Matt are you reposting my stuff? Thats copyright infringement. You owe me $20!
he was a good player but got burned over and over on those short little tosses to the RB's. Hate to lose him but volfanincandyland is right he got buried in the depth chart. When you lose a good player like that because he wasnt going to get the playing time, it is a good sign of the quality of the LB room. The overall D will likely be better this season and they were not bad last season. Tdub acts like GU wasnt lost in the abyss for 40 years before kirby came along. we still havent gotten anywhere close to as long without a natty as GU did. Poor GU fans they were without one for so long they forgot how to act.
Not sure I understand how these offenses “shape the playoff” but I guess it’s possible. I don’t know enough about the other offenses but UT has several “ifs” that if they happen could give us a real shot at the playoff. Nico doesn’t have too many inexperienced moments, RB’s other than Sampson show up big, O line stays healthy, TE’s stay healthy. WR is the strength of the O and the best receiver of the bunch, who wasn’t mentioned, may turn out to be freshman Mike Mathews. It is going to be hard to keep him on the sidelines.
BBN can be pretty impressive when it comes to basketball. Dont think I have ever seen or heard of a sellout just to introduce a coach. Expecting big crowds for the UT v Ky baseball series this week. Should be some great games.
U wouldn’t know a fact if it arrived with video instructions
lol @ RTR vols own more space in your tiny brain than than the govt in Yellowstone. When did you turn full troll anyway. I mean there are a lot of bama trolls to keep up with but I don’t recall you being all that until recently. Did smoky hump your boyfriend or something .
Reading much into any spring game is just a mistake. Can afford a starving audience a few plays but doesn’t portray the season in any meaningful way usually. Have some fun and don’t get anybody hurt. Looking forward to the next free for all portal classes and the close of the portal so we all know who’s coming and going…
Can’t take much away from most spring games. Good workout, nobody got hurt. Success!
As they say in nascar at the end of the race "ya got what ya got". Im sure BBN will get behind Pope and give him a fair shot. he deserves that too. I expect he will do more, with less, initially, than Calipari and who knows, he may restore ky as a fixture in the late stages of the big dance. I wish him limited success:)
Never thought so many good coaches would turn down the cats. Donovan seems like a longshot but if he hasnt come out and publicly stated "I will not be the next coach at Alabama"... I mean Ky... then you never know. he would be a great hire I think. other than him, maybe Pearl. I would make Mark few turn me down too. then you might have to start looking at Will wade and beard, maybe sampson...
I may be going out on a limb here a bit, but the UT D may be the better of the two units this season. The heart of any D should be the line and we are absolutely stacked there, including possibly the best edge in the country. The LB group is in good shape and the secondary, IMO, will be much better than last year. I think we got better by losing many of those we lost. We brought in some good players and have some really good young guys back there now. Thats not to say the Offense will be lacking much but I do think Nico will have his ups and downs as the new starting QB and Im worried about the depth of the O line. The RB room is a little limited right now but hopefully will be healthy and full come august. Still that room will be relying on some inexperienced but talented newcomers to back up Sampson. The WR room is loaded and the TE group, while small, is very talented. if the offense can stay healthy and the O line can protect Nico and open some holes for the RB's this team could do some special things. Those are sizeable "ifs". I dont care much about the spring game. Get the first units a couple series each, then get the backups some experience and above all else dont get anyone hurt. Ole Miss is the most interesting team this year, to me. If they can mesh all those D transfers well they can win the west.
Spring games, like so many other things, just aren’t the same anymore. But limiting the attendance, Absolutely necessary for the generals facelift, makes it kind of meh… We have some really exciting new players but we won’t see that much. Just don’t get anyone hurt and move on to recruiting m.
that same "biased judge" ruled against TN in his first ruling. He may or may not be biased. he does live in TN. he may or may not be a UT football fan. But you really have no idea if he is biased or not. You just assume it. There are likely plenty of biased judges around the country but there are also likely plenty of unbiased judges who rule on cases involving where they live and who also have ethics and morals. Which is this judge? I dont know. And neither do you. You also dont know if the rules were broken or not. Again you are assuming it because the ncaa came after them. If the law rules the ncaa rule is illegal then can it still be a rule? You can try to turn this into something its not. What UT did was coming. if not from them then from someone one else. The toothpaste was not only out of the tube but all over the floor, sink and everywhere else. Nobody was going to put that back in the tube once this thing started snow-balling.
and the responses of "just like TN in football" coming in 1, 2, 3...
Yup P is right. Staley is a great coach. Too bad that byu thing still lingers.