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Yeah I agree but I don't know why. It's not like he was the first..... or even the second... the "then you don't like winning" comment is lame. Even though one might think we don't like winning the way our program has been led the last decade LOLLots of people hate lots of teams.
another good pick up. Welcome to Rocky Top! Keep it up coach.
Hard to believe a big guy like that is not signed somewhere already. Hope he is ready to bring it sooner than later with our OL depth issues.
How old will saban be for that mitre dame series. He might be coaching from a wheelchair and that wouldn't surprise me one bit
Nice pick up by Pruitt and company. Keep it going coach. Welcome to Rocky Top Ramel.
Guess it depends on your definition of under appreciated. The only ines on this list are Tee and Compton, IMO.
He's got TN shorts on! Done deal! Welcome to Rocky top!!!
This will be a lot bigger than casinos and could put casino sports books out of business. That real estate in the casino is worth a lot and people won't pay the juice to casinos when they can do it much cheaper from a kiosk in the 7-11 or something.
I hope there is an over/under line on that when all the states start allowing sports betting. I would take the over. Barring any life changing event I expect he will coach beyond that.
Not sure I would agree with that. I think he ends up as an asst somewhere first. Regardless of the school you still have to recruit and I think the school will be seen as selling its soul right now and the mamas and papas might not want little Johnny to play for him. If he keeps his nose clean as an asst a couple years then maybe a HC somewhere. Kiffin has plenty of baggage but of a completely different kind.
Seems kind of odd to erect a statue of the player and not the coach. She is and was a great player. Without her they wouldn't have won the BC so guess it's fair to do, just different.
Mountain and mole hill. I say just do away with it but really who cares, other than those players which is understandable to a degree.
The time has never been better for SC to make a move. With both Florida and UT down the UGA game is a must win if you want that accomplishment. Both Florida and UT will be back soon. Then things will tighten back up again.
Who would be the sec candidate schools with so much coachingvturnover recently. If vandy was available would he even consider that. I don't think so. LSU? Are they that close to canning O if he has s bad year? Maybe. Kiffin would take that job in a minute too. Mizzou maybe. That might be an interesting choice. That's about it for the sec isn't it. How about taking khaki pants place in meechigan. He will be moving soon that's for sure.
Agree with all of you. A great kid by all accounts. A great leader. A great runner. But without the passing skills he needs the bama talent to succeed.
Fair assessment. The thing is TN has never been a state with the volume of in state talent states like Georgia have. So UT has always recruited nation wide. That's really no problem and the least of our concerns. Nashville is exploding and building depth in the state so that helps some. If we have our coach we will be fine and help build the east back. Georgia will probably be carrying the flag for a while though.
So $22M is what about $12-$15M take home. The witch stole a mil so that leaves more than $10M and you blew all that on what. Come on man step up and take care of your family. Got no use for dead beat dads of any income level. VFL or not.
It's just one Alabama QB opinion. Kirby walked into a great situation and made the most of it. He has all the momentum. Vols fell to historic low depths last season and will take a few years to recover IF Pruitt is the guy. He hasn't coached a single game as a HC. So we just have to see. He and his staff get a lot of respect and rave reviews but they have not proven anything and it will be especially challenging the first couple years. All anyone can do today is utter an opinion. Anything is possible. I am a lot more optimistic now than I was when jones was hired.
That wouldn't be surprising with all that OL lineage and the fact jones made multiple bad decisions putting players in the wrong positions.
My bad I meant to say 2 more over the last 5 years. My point is the same though. You can call it arrogance if you want. I just call it taking up for my team. You might sit quietly if the shoe were on the other foot but I doubt it.......or maybe you would. By the way if you go back and check that A-holes posts he is a regular UT basher. If u check mine, by and large I mostly let the other guy throw the first lick.
That's rich coming from you. You may want to check your facts before running your pie hole too. I wasn't touring the vols accomplishments over the last 10 years. I was simply replying to a guy from a school that has done next to nothing ever for bashing TN. Yes it is even close checkvthe records dimwit. Over the last 10 years SC has won 2 more games than TN. Over the last 4 seasons we won more than SC. I'm not bragging about our record over those years but not going to listen to him or you spout off BS. I would expect nothing less than for you to want us to lose. We want you to lose too. It's called opposing fans. Now go play with your toilet paper stick.
As I said before belichick, SC has been relevant 6 times in 100 years so until you accomplish something maybe you should not run down a team who has owned you historically and has a heck of a lot more accomplishments. You have a nice little run going but until it's more than a nice little run you aren't much.
The last two seem the most appropriate. We are really stretching for something to talk about theses days. Will be interesting to see what late may brings.
Too much logic in one paragraph will confuse darvisthar. No team has ever stayed on an indefinite run like bama is on now forever. Otherwise Yale, texas, Norte dame, southern cal... might have 50 NC's right now. Bama was down before and at some point will be again. Other teams have to be ready to jump in whenever that happens because it probably won't last long. Georgia appears ready for a pretty long run. There's several teams that can step in soon. TN is certainly one. Also no historically good teams stay down forever. TN will be back. It appears Pruitt has what it takes but we are still a few years away in all likelihood. Mullen can't recruit? I think he did a heck of a job recruiting and coaching at msu. He has already done a decent job recruiting at Florida in his first season. It would seem like a very difficult decision for Dabo if it happens. I wouldn't bet either way unless I had to and then I would probably say he takes the job. But there are a lot of things that factor in.
Yeah hard to believe the Oregon state coaches would stoop that low AND be that stupid. Love the "sloppy beavers" reference LOL
Yeah money usually rules things these days. We play in Nashville occasionally, not just vs vandy, to give the mid state fans more chances to see vols. Come to think of it vols vs ark in Memphis would be a good setting. Good recruiting territory for both schools too.
What do either of your posts mean? Do you ever have anything intelligent to say? Yes you have cade mays signed up. Congratulations. He is a good get. Geez.