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And there's that "seldom heard" discouraging word you can count on a Bama fan to comment on ANY Auburn article.
And if he hasn't ever "seen, or heard, of a head coach being flagged", he doesn't watch much football. That isn't even Coach Saban's first flag. I thought THIS one was out of bounds, and I'm far from being a Saban fan. But, my Dad is a retired ref. Call it right, or don't call it at all. REGARDLESS.
Losing Coynis Miller to Jackson State isn't what I consider a loss. Being ordered off the practice field was hardly his first run-in with bad attitude.
Allow me to introduce you to a guy named Nick Saban. He was head coach at Michigan State with records of 6-5-1, 6-6, and 7-5 when this little SEC school called LSU came calling in 2000. Remember him? I believe they think he's a football "God" NOW.
Not that I necessarily disagree with you, but "getting up there" I do find amusing. He's 62. Seven years older than Gus. When you get my age, that ain't death's door. LOL
Except, we played in AUBURN. AT JORDAN-HARE. You'd think as a journalist, you'd have picked up on that before you wrote an entire article about it. Now, you've lost credibility from the first line. I'm a retired broadcast journalist. You are an embarrassment to the profession. Know your facts. Proofreading is A MUST. NO SHORTCUTS. WAR EAGLE!
I just got one question. How did they pick just those 3 to eject? Cause they sure as heck weren't the only three involved! Hell, they weren't the only three throwing punches!! Does the SEC think all the viewers are blind? Or is that wishful thinking cause of the UF vs UGA matchup happening Saturday? I guess suspending/fining a HC and that many players would be bad before a big game, but, this was a little more serious than retweeting a comment. Just asking...
My prayers are with him, his family, and his team. I truly hope he bounces back from this. Truly talented runner no matter where you put him. Godspeed, Jaylen. WDE
Call it wishful thinking, wishful drinking, day drinking..... Whatever...I don't care. I do not believe an OM player would have beat Shaun Shivers to the ball in the end zone. He only does his pursuit when the referee blew his whistle and signaled a touchback. You are trying to make predictions about an outcome that is impossible to gauge, or predict. There's no conspiracy theory, just horrible officiating. This isn't the first season, and I sincerely doubt it'll be the last. Any true fan hates to win on a controversial call. Bad calls happen. They just do. As the daughter of a ref, they suck for refs, too. Especially those that really try to get it right.
Jimmy is my neighbor, and I can assure you he's not gonna do any such thing. There's no doubt he has it, but, highly unlikely. If the ghost hold call against Smoke hasn't been botched on the second half kick off, odds are, that second call wouldn't have mattered at all. Even so, Kiffin got the ball back with over a minute left in the game. Plenty of time to tie it up. But, that was some of the worst clock management I've EVER witnessed. My Dad was a ref. I grew up in film rooms. I'm retired from broadcasting. I've called hundreds of games. We watched that clip all day. Just not enough just cause to overturn it. It is what it is. Better get ready for Coach O and let this one go. War Eagle
Hey, I get the disappointment, and I understand your anger. What I don't understand is throwing shade and ridicule at Auburn. There's no doubt we were the recipient of a bad call. There isn't a team out there that hasn't been on both sides of that coin. But, what would you have us do? Bleed a vein?? There are no guarantees in football. I don't care how many fits your fan base, head coach, or AD throws, you cannot change the outcome of that call. But, Auburn University didn't make that call. Auburn players didn't make that call. Auburn fans didn't make that call. For whatever reason, reviews aren't even handled my referees on site. Therefore, the final decision for that call WASN'T EVEN MADE IN AUBURN, ALABAMA. Can we please MOVE ON??
The only thing I really disagree with is the headline. That's stretching it too far into the unknown. There is just no way to know. Change any snap of the ball from kickoff, it changes the entire outcome. Horribly called game. My Dad was a referee, and I learned it from birth.... Nothing they said made any sense. I've never enjoyed winning on controversial calls. But, I'll take it. War Eagle!
Lee Corso, do the world a favor and shut the hell up. I wouldn't let you put on my dog's cap, much less anything else. It's a tradition. It's ours, we made the rules, we aren't changing them for you. We don't care if you ever pick Auburn again. We truly don't. You don't ever have to come back to Auburn. That's perfectly ok with us. If we could just figure out a way to insult Herbstreit and Danielson and keep their Bama heavy, over-opinionated rhetoric out of Auburn games..... War Eagle!
SERIOUSLY? You'd think he was on Bama's payroll. LOL Kinda the same way Herbstreit sounds like he's on whoever is playing Auburn.
So, if you get ticked off cause you aren't getting the attention and playing time you think you deserve, you all think it should be perfectly ok to blow off your current SEC school, along with the time, money, and everything they invested to recruit your ungrateful tail, to search for greener pastures elsewhere, WITHOUT a penalty of ANY kind??? No. You want to play immediately? Either you, or the school that wants you and your ego, I mean, talent, so badly should reimburse the SEC school for the loss. No different really than a coach's buyout.
Home cooking? Auburn should revoke your press access, and use your pathetic carcass as a practice lure for Aurea. I bet you hear folks humming "If I Only Had A Brain" every time you walk by. Reviews are done by Birmingham, oh, Wise One. Loosen your mask, you're inhaling too much carbon dioxide.
I'd love to know how many coaches it took to convince the rest of the players to allow Miller to leave the field without any of their assistance. Disrespecting Coach G like that wouldn't have gone over well. Good riddance.
I just have a couple of questions for all of you who are obviously so much smarter than me. Why is there not all this anal twisting over whether kids can play high school football? They seemed to have tee'd that up and kicked that off without all this hullabaloo. And, can anyone explain the strategy behind the high school teams in Texas that played four quarters of FULL contact, tackle football Friday night, but for "safety's sake", in lieu of shaking hands, lined up across from each other and WAVED at end other at the end of the game???
Let. It. Go. Some gotta win. Some gotta lose. "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. John Lydgate Besides, that second didn't beat Bama. Your 12th man did. So, for once, claims of "Bama beat Bama" is accurate. LMAO WDE!
And, we should believe all these words from Josh Moon, and others, because they were so RIGHT last week when they put out the rumor of AU Boosters going after Stoops. Then, Malzahn's renegotiating a reduced buyout to stay at Auburn....with tied hands.......God, the BS train never stops! HOW can any of this help AU Athletics in the long term??? Good coach, bad coach....he's not an idiot. Neither are those who LOVE Auburn and want only a successful future. I'm sick of FAKE NEWS, RUMOR, AND INNUENDO! Until you have FACTS in place, kindly SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE HELL UP!!