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I think it would be tough to fire him in only his third year, which is also during a pandemic with an all SEC schedule. If anything, Fulmer giving him the extension is the big issue. Got a good quarterback coming in next year who could make them better right away.
The defense has gotten better for sure and I thought Saturday was there best game. They struggled to get off the field early, but the offense was worse than the defense at the beginning and the turnover led to the touchdown. Hoping the defense plays well this weekend and peaks in the Alabama game. Go Gators!
I disagree, obviously good QB play can mask some of that, but even when the quarterback makes a play, seems to be a lot of drops. The biggest one coming from the Tight End on the right hash. I think Georgia has had some really good players the last few years, I just dont see many who stand out on this team, except for LeCounte and Monty Rice.
I understand all the attention to UGA"s QB situation, but they are much more than a quarterback away from competing for a championship this year. The running backs are good, but definitely not what they have had in the past. The wide receivers and tight ends are average at best and the greatest defense in the history of football gives up 40+ when they play an offense with a pulse. Kirby and the dogs continue to trend downward...
Style points definitely matter, maybe even more so this year due to the shortened schedules for some conferences. However, they do not matter for the Gators. If Florida wins out, they are in the playoff no matter the scores of the games. Win and in...Go Gators!
Great win, need to keep building. If the defense can stop giving up the big play touchdowns, this team can make a run at the whole thing. Need Pitts to get healthy and everyone else to just keep working. Go Gators!
You don't, but you need the stats to be in the conversation. You win the Heisman in games like last week against Georgia. It all ties together...Go Gators!
The Gators can make a big statement if they win this game convincingly. It would be easy to come out lazy after last week and Pitts being out. The great teams come out to prove a point. Excited for this one.
Just cry, you will feel better. We were just better than Georgia this year. Nothing else to say, go Gators!
Alleva got everything he deserved in the Florida game after the way her acted. I hope he continues to get it in the future. Go Gators! 16-10.
Kirby Smart is Will Muschamp 2.0. No matter the excuses, from a talent standpoint alone, Georgia should never lose to Vandy. 10-2 under Mark Richt looks really good from 4-4. I never thought I would say this, but watch out for Kentucky.
Butch Freeze, or Bielema? Do you know what this award is for?
Very nervous about this game. Georgia is most likely out of the SEC race and this is an opportunity to save their season. I also hate playing SEC teams coming off of a loss. If Jarrad Davis does not play, UGA should be able to run the ball effectively. Florida has proven to be prone to turnovers and penalties in critical situations. Not feeling good about it, but if both teams play their best game, Florida wins by 2+ scores. We will see soon enough.
If you would have written this last week, I would understand. But you just lost to Vandy...At Home...On Homecoming. Their is not reason above that should validate that due to the difference in talent alone. Kirby Smart has proven he does not know how to manage a game as a head coach, and does not know how to motivate his team. Should have hired Tom Herman. Smart is not the guy.
You are an idiot. Kirby Smart is Will Muschamp 2.0. Awful hire. Jacob Eason "the gift from god" just put up the worst performance in 30 years for a UGA QB.
Haha are you serious. Look at the Last 30 years. UGA can never talk trash to Florida. Treon Harris is even 2-0 against Georgia. Were you alive in the 20's in 30's when y'all beat us? What is your record since you have been a fan?
Your AD is the coward in all of this. May be the worst AD in the conference. Go Gators!
What a bunch of damn babies. The truth has finally come out. The Gators are not scared to play anyone, anywhere. LSU is a joke!
All your trash talk toward the Gators and the truth comes out. LSU was scared, and copped out of the game in Gainesville. We give up two home games, to play you. No way you can say we are scared. What a bunch of babies. Hope we beat the hell out of LSU!
Bama by 14+ points. Tennessee does not have the horses to play with Alabama.
Regardless of which story is true, it would have had negative carryover had he stayed it Florida. If he stays and is successful, the entire country would still be saying that Florida cheated, or that Coach Mac condones steroid use. It was a lose/lose if he stayed at Florida. It was best for all parties to move on. I liked him as the QB at Florida, but it is what it is at this point. Not even sure why this is a story. It has been a year. Florida has moved on. Grier should do the same.
He is talking about the defense Eugene, so I am unsure what you are mean in reference to Vandy. SeymourFan: I am not sure how it would make you last years national champions. If you changed one half of football, you would still have had 3 losses. I am assuming you meant to say one half....in four different games.
Larry the geography buff. Take a look at a map just once, before you make ignorant comments. Go to google.com and type in "Map of Florida." Then see if you can figure out why it is possible. Think really hard. You can do it!
The game did not happen last weekend. Nothing anyone can do now. Their are multiple options available and Florida is willing to play on any of them. LSU is the coward. Buncha damn babies.
It makes sense to everyone but LSU. Their schedule would be too tough....poor babies.
LSU will lose to Alabama, Ole Miss, Texas A&M. They will lose to Florida if they ever decide to play, and they may even lose to Arkansas. LSU has zero chance of making it to Atlanta.
Haha LSUSMC may be the dumbest person on any of these blogs. Florida will play LSU on any day they choose going forward. Unfortunately, the game could not be played last week in Gainesville. If LSU ever quits crying long enough to pick a date, the Gators will be there. Your AD was so adamant about playing last week, because he knew it was impossible. Now he is acting like a baby and refusing to make it up. He is scared. The postponing of this game does not negatively affect LSU. They will end up with at least 4 conference losses anyways. The game needs to be played if it affects who represents the East in the SECCG. Alabama will represent the West.