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Not sure how involved you were in the sport in the 90's. Bama had a couple of decent years, and more than a few forgettable ones. Florida and FSU may have only won one national championship each, but neither of them left the top 5 for almost an entire decade. I'd qualify that as a decent foundation for a tradition. Further, the Gators happen to be the only team in the SEC that is even remotely close to Bama regarding wins in the SEC Championship, or appearances. If you want to reference something as historically influenced as tradition, acknowledge the pieces that will most likely undermine your point. Otherwise, you risk seeming ignorant. Bama has tradition like few do, but FSU is more relevant than PSU, and at least equally as relevant as USC. I'm a Gator, and I can even acknowledge as much.
If you want to argue this kid has the pedigree of Mike and Maurkice, you'd have to acknowledge he's a runt. He's literally half their size.
As a side note, Florida has ended up very close on some very big recruits. Close doesn't get them on campus though. That doesn't mean recruits have had a negative vibe about Florida. That means they've chosen to go to schools that are better positioned right now.
I'd say most recruits don't seem to have a negative vibe about the staff. My personal biggest criticism about the Gator recruiting is that they've tried to compete directly with Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, etc. for recruits when UF just doesn't have the pieces in place yet to compete with them. Florida is improving their facilities, and the town has exploded around campus. There's definitely been a growing sense of positivity in Gainesville. With a couple good hires at the open positions, Florida will be in a better place to compete. Right now, I wish they'd been a bit more focused on the "diamonds in the rough". McElwain has certainly shown he can develop three-stars. As to this Pouncey, it was just last summer there were articles about how he was mad he hadn't received his offer from Florida yet. So, his comments regarding Florida kinda make sense. Of course, other fan-bases seem to jump all over it as a reason to hope Florida doesn't have the horses to win a third straight conference title. I'd be hoping for the downfall of a team that was in the way of my team's success too.
Steve Spurrier should have run for president this year. He's been one of the best personalities to come through the SEC. I'm probably a little more than a little biased, but I'm glad he's still around the sport! Also really like seeing all the love he is getting from other teams in the conference. A much better reflection of the SEC than some of the ugliness surrounding the cancellation due to Matthew. It's a game. That was a natural disaster. A lot of people have lost everything on the coast of Florida. Thanks SEC!
Anybody making the argument that a team Ian scared to play a game in context to a natural disaster should be ashamed of themselves. Even if you have no shame, at least be classy, and take the high road. I've seen no calls for compassion. Only calls of dismissiveness. It's pretty disgusting. Is this what we should expect from the LSU faithful? It hurts to know that this is a reflection of the people we share a conference with.
No Florida through the 90's? Or Florida 06-09?
Treon is a pretty good kid. It isn't all his fault. He wasn't the right fit for the offense, but I think we've seen enough QBs transfer and flourish to know that it isn't solely their fault. A QB and their offense have to fit together. While the two may be great in their own right, they will be terrible without cohesion.
Way to be spiteful. Do on to others right? I guess you're just so used to losing that's kinda what you expect from everyone now?
LSU barely beat us in Death Valley... at night! Oh, and it was the first game for Treon Harris since game 2. Oh, and Leonard Fournette fumbled the football first drive and LSU got a convenient no call. Oh, and Arkansas.
lol. I don't make me think such thoughts!
Hurd didn't get many yards. Most of the rushing yards for UT came from Dobbs scrambling on busted plays. Fournette does not have the advantage of being a throwing threat either. Dobbs was UT's leading rusher. He avoided the spy and would bust out for a big run. Fournette won't have that kind of opportunity. If the Gators keep Fournette to 1 TD and under 200 yards, LSU may be in trouble.
A lot of those yards were broken plays with Dobbs scrambling into open field. Fournette will not be scrambling and hoping to avoid a single spy. Fournette is going to have a very large target on him all game, and it's not like the Gators have to worry about him throwing the ball like they did Dobbs.
Kentucky hung in there with the Gators. People don't need to sleep on their talent. When Patrick Towles is dangerous when he has time, there are some playmakers around him, and you guys have some talent on the D-line. As a Gator fan, y'all got my respect this year.
As a Gator, Kentucky played a really tough game against us. If Towles has time, he's dangerous. Thank God we were able to pressure him. You guys have a really tough defense too. Nobody is giving you guys much credit for that. Kentucky is going to be surprising people this year just like the Gators have. I mean, the Gators are their only loss, it was a very close game, and the Gators have skyrocketed in the ranks. If it weren't for Kentucky having some ugly games against teams like Eastern Kentucky, they'd probably be a mirror of Michigan (they lost to Utah and have been undefeated since, just like Kentucky against Florida).
I have to disagree with this. The unit as a whole has been playing better, and I'd say it has been particularly evident at the tight end position. That has been the biggest improvement of the year. Beyond that, there is downfield blocking that is creating big plays for the wide receivers. With the O-line coming together in a very significant way, I don't see there being much of a drop-off on offense. Watch for more zone reads and options, but otherwise, everyone else on the field is going to be going about their business like they have all year. McElwain has finally created some purpose for the Gator offense, and it will show on Saturday. The Gators will show up and compete. Whether they win, or not, they're going to be out there and fired up.
Gators have definitely been showing a lot of respect to this Mizzou team. I hope it translates on the field, and the Gators show up ready.
Way to take an attempted compliment and shove it in someone's face. That's classy.
LSU and Florida seem to always have insane games. Mad Hatter is the Mad Hatter because of a LSU/Florida game. That being said, I hope Mizzou takes it as a compliment. Upstanding athletes tend to represent a finely coached program.
Gators4Lyfe, Alcompto, vehemon have combined to win the internet today. Just wanted to put that out there.
I'm sure most of the rest of the SEC wouldn't mind watching him sit out 2016. That man is beast! Go Gators anyway!
Considering the 3-1 Tar Heels lost to a struggling, bottom-of-the-pack Gamecocks team, I don't think this year is the year for the ACC to be talking. The Big 12, the Big 10, the SEC, and the Pac-12 are all looking stronger than the ACC right now.
We'd love to have you in Gainesville! Looking to rebuild a dynasty!