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Before i heard Nick Saban say this, after the last week of the season, i said that Bama was the 4th best team (and i'm a Georgia alum & fan). I still think so. I also think an LSU/Bama rematch would have made a fun semi-final. I feel certain it would have been more competitive (though that's not saying much, i know).
Pretty fair assessment. Add a receiver slowing down on a route (that i think was thrown just right to be a long TD). And i thought i heard that this year we were going to get the Tight Ends more involved (maybe that meant more involved in BLOCKING). I'm confident Jake will bounce back. I'm hopeful he will get more help from the rest of his associates. I'm still very proud to be a Bulldog!
Reason #6: Unlike 2017 when i drove to The Plains (and last year, when i went to Baton Rouge), i'll stay away this year in hopes of not jinxing my Dawgs.
Almost all (sadly) accurate, but (#4) wouldn't it be ironic if Georgia won by a made field goal OR Florida lost by a missed field goal...? Respect the specs!
Good article! And beyond winning our remaining 2019 games, there may be ANOTHER GOOD REASON to air out the ball a bit more--to keep receivers away from the Transfer Portal. I won't be Picken & choosin' which of them might be tempted to take their talents elsewhere, but...
Accurate analysis, Gatorgrad12; although i might replace "Ridiculous" with "questionable" or "debatable." Even as a UGa alum and huge fan, our performance at Vandy was not real impressive. My impression from past experience is that Coach Smart plays conservative in low-risk games, and tries to not embarrass friends, such as Coach Mason. (This, of course, will not apply to your GAtors and Coach Mullen. No love lost there...either way!! We better play better than that in Jacksonville.)
As a Georgia fan, i'd like to see Washington, as well as Ohio State, and my Dawgs get into the playoff, for Eason & Fields & Fromm match-ups. Fun!
gary420: Looking for Coach Mullen to "grab Jalen Hurts" may be "'barking' up the wrong tree." i can think of another SEC QB, not starting, who fits Mullen even better...
Just wondering how this scene might change should one Justin Fields decided to play on Steve Spurrier field. Seems like Fields & Mullen might be a good fit, and could give our Dawgs some fits going forward. Certainly hoping he stays between the hedges, but...
MUCH to my SURPRISE, Coach Taggart's "DREAM JOB" has turned into a serious NIGHTMARE!
"Does Kirby Smart trust his kicker to throw the ball more than he trusts his back-up quarterback?" Now, that IS a FUNNY LINE! Though i had left for the warmth of my car just before that play, it may be that the decision to try to add 7 instead of 3 had something to do with a disGUSting comment from another cold November day...something about kicking some serious Bulldog butt...or something to that effect. Just a thought.
I too agree that the Pass Interference call was really off, really offensive PI! Oh well, hopefully it will all be academic after next Saturday...!
If, as the author predicts, "this will be a heavyweight fight," let's hit those swamp lizards with our best shot: Real Deal Holyfield in a KO!
Just one more reason to like Isaac Nauta. I'd really like to see him have more passes thrown his way. Been saying that for many moons.
Very sound statements, especially about my UGa Dawgs! Certainly, even against poor competition during the season's first few weeks, we looked anemic on offense, which is to be expected when Michel, Chubb, and Winn are replaced by young, inexperienced, and injured. Personally, i think we Georgia fans should be realistic (when Coach Smart came, i predicted that 2020 would be our year to think National Championship) and look at last year as a bonus, this year as building. Besides, isn't it nice that now we take a single loss so hard; Smart has already raise our expectations very high. (PS: Though it's VERY far-fetched to think this history could repeat itself, just last year we felt terrible after losing a road-game to a lower-rated SEC West foe, then came back to beat them for the SEC Championship. That COULD happen again. Then again, i would be surprised if LSU beat Bama and won the SEC West, and almost equally surprised if UGa won out, including a rematch with LSU.) We Dawg fans really need to be reasonable and PATIENT...! As for G8trn8ion (the 't' was unnecessary), i agree with half of your comment, and sure hope you're mistaken about the other half.
Likewise, looking forward to being in Baton Rouge, but we better make a bunch of noise for our Bulldogs. I'll be the one in the Gurley jersey ;) ...with the binoculars (only kidding about the latter). We gotta get this game...though i still have 2020 Vision for the Dawgs being National Champs (my prediction when Kirby Smart was hired). I'm not overly confident regarding this weekend, but not nearly as nervous as i felt at Jordan Hare last year.
Interesting take, but THIS YEAR (if i'm not mistaken) ONE LOSS (if it happened to be to those nasty swamp lizards) could have our Dawgs watching said SECCG on TV.
Can't wait til "Georgia is the new Bama...!" maybe in 2020...
Wow, great analysis (at THIS POINT, anyway): " Kentucky is the new Florida, Florida is the new South Carolina, and South Carolina is the new Kentucky!" Funny, too!!
Okay, i know we didn't face Bama in LAST YEAR'S Conference Championship. So, we can save this for the National Championship.
Wouldn't it be "WEIRD" if Uga & Bama both made it back to the SEC Championship, and the Dawgs' offense was stalling in the first half, then Kirby inserts our second-string QB who leads to a victory!?! (Or, for real irony, this same scenario could be saved for the National Championship!!)
Good, balanced analysis. When UGA hired Coach Smart, i had 20/20 vision for a National Championship in 2020...and i still feel that way, though i may be inclined to believe YOUR 2019. Last year surprised me, but i expect a small step back this year (though i like the fact that Bama has new Coordinators on both sides of the ball). I'm mostly liking the Smart idea of focusing on big, great interior linemen...finally! Looking for Nauta to get some more receptions this year (last year down to 9 from the previous season's 29). Let the games begin...! Hunker down!! Sic' em, Dawgs: woof, woof, woof!!!