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There will never be another Mick but Sean Kelley did an awesome job. Just the right amount of enthusiasm in all the right places. Thank you sir and welcome to Gator Nation.
I'm not sure what he has been smoking but Tennessee at #5 and FSU at #12 has to be an inside joke with someone. Not to mention, I hate Georgia more than any other team on the planet and I wouldn't even put them that low.
WOW! After 41 years the bulldogs finally come back to the big show and now you can't shut them up. Thanks for being the exception CovingtonDawn. Stop worrying about what and how Billy is doing TDOWTheGreat and attempt to route your team into showing up again (BEFORE another 40+ years)
Good luck in all your future endeavors #11. Proud that you chose to wear a Gator jersey. Go Gators!
After that asinine comment you want to call Mullen a "tool" and "clown"? Mad cause you can't even make the cut as water-boy?