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The article was never about how Leach was going to win a championship at Miss. St. It was an article about someone’s opinion on the most impactful transfer. Bush simply stated he thought the Costello-Leach combination was going to have the most impact. Geez dawg, you don’t have to get defensive on every article that doesn’t start with “Hail Kirby”.
Yes, we wouldn’t hardly notice. It’s what coaches say trying to pump up the team and fans. Only thin skinned Georgia fans (not all) don’t get this.
If Fake Punt Smart does an interview saying he expects UGA to have another 2 loss season, I’m sure Georgia fans will be fine with that and say he’s being honest. Not!
He doesn’t need to try at all, it seems second nature.
When any coach talks, he knows he’s not just talking to the interviewer. He’s talking to his team, the fans, and the alum donors.
Exactly, Fromm had just taken them to the NC game and earned the respect to be deemed the starter. People would have been questioning Smart if he had sat Fromm.
You sound like a broken record who also speaks from a keyboard. Don’t tell me, Uh let’s see, America’s?, Albany?
Well maybe you missed the part where the story was about his “daddy”. Apparently he’s not big enough to speak for himself.
Kind of funny. Daddy seems to have forgotten his son didn’t embrace his commitment to Oklahoma.