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How in the world are A&M 4th!!! They should be 5th, right in front of UF and right behind Clemson. Like, c'mon now.
Yeah, I know this makes me look all dumb, idiotic, and stupid and all that, but what are playoff rankings?
Yeah... everything looks good but three things. 1. The way Arkansas is playing compared to LSU, Arkansas will destroy them. Like, LSU lost to MISSOURI! 2. Isn't obvious that Florida will be Vanderbilt more the just 35 points! (5 touchdowns). 3. Kentucky is trash. I'd give Bama a 47-0 win!
Yeah, I'm sure, nobody (well except the people that wanna see Florida crush Vanderbilt (including me and almost everyone else)) will watch that game. Plus, you already know that the game vs. Vanderbilt last year was a complete 56-0 blowout, yet it was exciting to watch. Also, stop being so sour UsmcDawg, we already bet you, so of course you hate the Gators anyways. lol
No, ALL BLUE won't look good AT ALL! At least that is my opinion. I think that Orange, White, and Blue are perfect together. GO GATORS!!!
I think so too. White looks really nice, and so does that on the side. Honestly though, I think I like the "Gators" on the side over the white better. And, if they think that uniform combo will help them destroy Vanderbilt again, the I'm all for it!
True. Also, just saying, Alabama is undefeated and clearly the best team in the country, but people hardly pay attention to them. You guys deserve more credit. Especially knowing the fact that people are treating Florida like they can beat Bama. Like c'mon now, isn't it obvious that Alabama will win? (Not saying that I hope Alabama wins). Anyways, GO GATORS!!!
Or here, if I count the win to Auburn (which Arkansas lost due to a bad call), then y'all are 4-3. But I mean, 5-1 is still better.
I know we did, and that is because A&M did better than the Gators. The deserved to win. But, just because they lost doesn't mean they are bad. And plus, at least 5-1 rather than 3-4, like someone's team here...
Also, Arkansas played better than I thought they would yesterday. I was expecting it to be something like 42-10. Although you could've done better on defense... because I mean, good defenses don't let their opponents score 63 points on them.
True, but just so you know, I didn't really look at what they said (although I did click "reply to this comment"), but anyways, I was questioning the article. How come Florida is ahead of aTm? Didn't A&M beat Florida?
I'm just saying, that win to Arkansas was nothing.
Cmon now, I get Florida won by 28 points and all, but 1: Texas A&M beat them in the head-to-head, and 2: People are saying Arkansas are better than they really are. Just because they can win doesn't mean they are good. Every team can win!
chasegal88 makes a good point other than the fact that Florida beat them by 16 points. But that is mainly because UF has Trask.
Sadly though, now because of you guys, (Georgia Bulldogs) we lose one of our star players. Good job Georgia, good job...
Arkansas is a good team and all, but I mean, I think Florida ha got this one won. GO GATORS!!!
I couldn't be so sure that Florida will win that bad, but I can be sure they will win. Anyways, GO GATORS!!!