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His 4th season at UF was when all those McElwain recruits were gone. That 4th season was the season he was fired. It's pretty hard to coach when talent is lacking.
Why we need an OC. When Billy takes the job of the offense seriously, he can't put it as much as an effort towards the defense. Why the offense is improving but the defense is getting worse. If we can get an OC, Billy can just be basically the CEO and everything will run more smoothly. Of course that's just my take, I could easily be wrong.
I don't care what anyone says, calling that 3rd and 9 pass incomplete (which it CLEARLY wasn't, and even if it was there definitely was not enough information to overturn that) was for sure the difference in that game. In a game where it's an offensive shootout, and neither defenses can really get a stop, conversions on 3rd down are obviously important. Imagine what would happen if that doesn't get overturned. UF likely goes down and scores, and then we still have momentum for both sides, whoever gets the last score wins. But instead, LSU gets the ball with great field position... Touchdown, Game Over.
Oh yeah he's the next NBA GOAT yall dont know about him!
Why is no one talking about the 2031 recruiting class? I heard we have like six 5-star recruits and the #1 class in the nation.
Shoulda gone with Graham Mertz... Or more commonly known as Heismertz, The Mertzinator, Mertziless, etc.
I wouldn't be so sure. All your losses has come against currently ranked teams except 1, but that team is currently 1 spot outside the top 25. We'll see how you do down the stretch vs not-as-good teams.
Florida: Winning on the bye week
Lol how do you have such close relations to recruits to know such info. Btw that 390 guy is gonna recommit to UF. You'll see.
Name one Gator fan that is claiming that we are going to win the East. Just one. Go ahead, I'll wait.
Did this actually happen or are you making it up? If it actually happened then I truly do not like Napier's confidence; you never for sure have a recruit, even when they're committed. If what you're saying is true... could you tell me what podcast/interview/press conference this info came from? I don't usually watch stuff like that but I'm interested in seeing what actually happened.
From 13 (only being ahead of the Vandy QB, which speaks for itself) to 7. Not bad.
Nothing about my comment had anything to do with UF having a good season. But, that being said, I doubt we have one next year either. Have you seen the schedule? I have 1 guaranteed win that season and that's about it. Billy really needs to pull this team together and fast. Can't wait to face yall!
So Graham Mertz went from the "Worst QB in the SEC" to an "SEC Star". Im dying right now lol
Why is there an entire section about Graham Mertz if this article is supposed to be about the cocks?
They'll be fine. They're just tired and beat up. That Super Bowl vs. Florida was just too much for them.
That tipped pass wasn't even fully luck; half of it was just good awareness by Tre. Please SDS, give credit where credit is due.
I got Beamer going first. Stoops actually has the ability to beat Florida (sure, they play UF like it's their super bowl, but they still beat us.) Also, That makes Kentucky 5-2, their wins coming against #1 UGA and 6-1 Missouri. It's not all that bad.
Called it. SDS was constantly saying how Billy Napier needs to get a road win in order for people to trust in him, or how South Carolina was going to beat UF (also that SCAR was gonna be 2nd in the east lol). We win... Gator Fans are happy about the win (as we should be)... and then SDS comes back saying "Tallahassee help you".
Thanks to Missouri we're now 2nd in the east... Beat UGA (I get it, it's highly unlikely... but never say never) and we'll be first, and only have to get thru mizzou and LSwho in order to play in atlanta. personally i think its gonna be another 6-6 season, but you never know
Y'all won't need to anyways lol. UF isn't beating UGA, probably will get blown out. I'm ready for it.
Great Win!!! Exciting Game Too! I'm officially in love with Tre Wilson btw. Caught that tipped pass without even slowing down.
Closer than I wished this game would be at the half. Based on the defensive showing so far, SCar is likely to score again coming out of the half. I did love the fire on that first offensive drive though. Go Gators!