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I agree with all that (yes that also means the Bama loss) except for the Florida one. UF might win but they won't cover, and they might actually lose. I hope I'm wrong and Florida does win and cover, but we'll see. Also the only way I can see Kentucky winning is if UGA gets overly confident OR they are looking ahead at Florida, but again; we'll see.
@Cats Fan in the Ville "They won't overlook the Cats" I sure hope not, because I'm pretty sure that's why Florida lost to them. Didn't expect them to play so well. And that pretty much put an end to their season. What a wasted one at that...
We lost to Kentucky, probably because of a "look ahead". Wait; didn't we have Vanderbilt the week after? What would we be looking ahead at? Georgia? But wasn't that game 5 weeks away? Mullen, what were you "looking ahead" at? LSU? Well, if Florida pulls off the upset in Jacksonville, it's because he was "looking ahead" at Georgia, for 5 straight weeks.
I just hope Mullen either gets the team right or leaves.
Yeah. Sure, there's still about 19% chance we beat UGA (according to ESPN). Sure, Mullen is a clown with a lot of tricks up his sleeves (good and bad ones). But; even if we won, how would that help us? To get to Atlanta UGA would have to lose again, and Kentucky would have to lose TWO MORE TIMES. And then Atlanta would be our only shot at the playoff. But we aren't gonna get there, just face it. Even with a win over Georgia.
have you forgotten about Ole Miss-Arkansas?
@Double 0 I wouldn't be surprised if they did.
Firedanmullen.com seems like a good website. I think I'm gonna go visit it to fire Dan Mullen, cuz if we don't see him leave, then we will see AR leave.
My list: 1. Use Anthony Richardson as QB 2. Don't get 115 yards worth of penalties 3. DON'T LOSE TO A TEAM THAT SUCKS 4. Dan, leave Gainesville and don't return.
And he's a clown. We have a good team this year, including a very-likely Heisman winner named Anthony Richardson. I almost forgot we had AR though, cuz I never see him play. Why? Well ask Mullen.
yeah... I think that we might also be upset by Vandy. I mean, if they play the way they played on Saturday, it's very likely.
True. It's not guaranteed you'll make the XP after each TD. In fact, that's the reason Florida lost to Alabama, because of a missed XP.
Exactly. If you have the better player; USE HIM! But no, it's too late now, our season is already pretty much over. And to see Dan Mullen SMILE after the loss shows me he doesn't care very much.
No, I don't think anything will save us from losing. Not if the play the way they were playing in Lexington at least
The interlocking "UF" logo kinda looks like the Kentucky logo. Whatever, it's their choice...
We have an actual decent team this year. We also have Anthony Richardson; but unless you watched certain minutes of the 1st two games, you probably wouldn't know. Again, we have a decent team... If only we had an actual GOOD coach.
I got lost right around the part when you said "and we scored 13 - 6 against their #1's!"
Ikr And overrated with that (so is Florida)
Not surprised. Always thought that the Aggies were overrated
Honestly... Especially considering the fact that Tennessee scored 62 on them but could only score 14 on Florida; and Florida's defense isn't even that good.