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Look vols. We get it. Butch Jones = Ron Zook = Will Muschamp = Kirby Smart We've been there. Twice. And yes, you guys beat us this year. Of course even Ron Zook and Will Mushcamp had winning records against both UT and UGA. But they are all the same guy.
Me thinks these two are similar in more ways than one. I'm guessing Kirby will be like Muscrat and will win a game or two he's not expected to win and lose some he should win. And 3-4 years into his tenure, the Poods will be saying what the Gators said. "What have we done?"
We've been there. First we were "Zookered" and then we were "Muschamped". Butch is the same deal.
We feel for you vols. We went through this with both Zook and Muschamp. Both could recruit. Neither were good game day coaches.
Gamecocks, we pulled for you guys when HBC was in charge. Still wish you well. However if you look up Peter Principle in wikipedia, Champ's pic will be there. He says he's learned, but he's a "block head" type.
Phoenix, it will not take 4-5 years. Once you watch a couple years of Muscrat hand cuffing his offensive coordinator into playing not to lose and Champ losing it on the sidelines with SEC officials, you will know ole Ray is trying to put lipstick on his coaching hire. You guys would have been so much better off with a young offensive minded coach committed to building something special. Muscrat is on a quest to vindicate himself for what happened at Florida. He won't.
That's what we thought. And then reality sunk in followed by empty parking lots and an offense one could not watch.
Bcreek, most of us hope it does work out for you guys. SC is my 2nd favorite team in the east due to the HBC. We had the same hope you guys do. Just watch. History repeats itself. I too think your AD was at the bar...it was 1:30 AM, bar was closing at 2:00, he had been turned down by 8 others, and there was a chubby prospect at the bar with a hopeful look who would not say no. That is what you guys got.
Some people learn from their mistakes. Others don't. I'm afraid Muschamp is the kind who won't. His "pride point" is and always will be his defense. He protects his defense through shackling his offensive coordinator. Did it at Florida, will do it at USCe. He's a block head type, that can't seem to see what others see. I believe they call that a "scatoma". He's got one. Finally, the man has a horrible reputation with SEC officials. The way he loses his cool, berates these guys....they remember. His teams will get no slack from officials. And they do not get breaks. His teams are unlucky. Same way with Ron Zook. Finally, for whatever reason, his teams play tight...perhaps because he himself is tightly wound and does not know how to get them loose. We saw talented Florida teams who struggled and lost to teams with far less talent, ocassionally getting blown out. We saw parking lots usually filled with Big Boosters, empty or emptying by halftime (Missouri homecoming). Hope it works out for the chickens...but I'm guessing you guys will be paying Champ for at least two years after you've kicked him to the curb. Welcome to our world.
Similar to Jeremy Foley's hire of Ron Zook. Stoops said no. Shanahan said no. Foley was not returning to Gainesville without a head coach under contract and it was Ron Zook. In hindsight, the Zooker was waaaay better than Muschamp. When Tanner struck out with his first 8 targets, as an old baseball man, he wasn't about to go O for 9, so he offered someone who would not say no. Your media boys are in for a tough 3 years until you run him off.
Malzahn handled this in a classy manner and more than anything...is relieved. The 'dark cloud' over the Plains is moving east.
Desperate move by USC. They should basically start their search over or give Sean Elliott and staff one year contracts and give themselves some time. Muschamp will be an extremely unpopular hire with Gamecock fans and should be. He stands in the corner at booster club meetings, his press conferences are horrible with the media boys and his idea of offensive football is to not put his defense in bad position. He is at best a coordinator. If USC is going to hire a coordinator, why not Clemson's DC who has turned around their D?
Which is why you guys ran off Richt right? He was so hospitable to the Gators, going 5-10 in his career. You guys are missing Erk Russel and Herschel.
You are correct. Avoid that guy like a bad habit. Toxic.
Weagle, hope he does better for you guys than he did for us. He's a block head type that refuses to change until someone hits him with a ball peen hammer between the eyes. The sideline display against UA, tells me he may not have learned his lesson. I can tell you that SEC officials can't stand the guy do to his treatment and language addressed to them.
A dark cloud follows that boy (Muschamp). Don't know why...perhaps it is just him. At Gator Booster meetings he would not socialize with the attendees but would get with an ex player and spend all his time with him. We were accustomed to both Spurrier and Urban working the room. That is why boosters soured on Champ quickly. He did not endear himself to those paying the bills or for that matter, filling the stands...which we did not because the product was so awful to watch. I'd be very careful if I were USC. They need talent. A young, eager, aggressive up and comer coach is what is needed, preferably offensive minded to entertain the folks while the roster is reloaded.