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Given, every team wants to make the CFP, but after being predicted to finish 6-6 ill take being in the reliaquest bowl (outback) as long as we don't have to play iowa. Some new faces would be nice. Minnesota or Purdue would be nice to see.
Gator article, and as of 1:57pm cst 3/4 comments were from Georgia fans. Obsessed much
Eliminate stupid penalties?? We're first in least amount of penalties in the sec
So what you're saying is every team Florida has lost to is a top 25 caliber team. I'll take it
Who does our fifth loss come to. Even if we lose to A&M which I don't think we will that only makes four losses with us losing to Georgia. So who is the fifth loss?
Can't automatically chalk this up to a win. We always struggle with Mizzou. Hence the reason we're losing in the series
To their defense, they had a quality opponent scheduled. But then it had to be cancelled. They had to schedule who they could. Don't see the problem
No matter how this game ends I hope it's a fun one. We've had the Vols number for a while now. But this is the first time in a long time where I felt legit worried bout them. They've got a scary offense and with the way ours has played I just don't see us walking out of Tennessee with a w
Honestly at this point I'd have them as the third best team in the SEC. Georgia, bama, Kentucky, and then Arkansas. As for the east I'd say Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida. Kentucky probably won't be at the beast that is Georgia. But I'd favor them in every other sec game
Ok I was wrong. That was when they won the 'Champ. Just didn't seem that long ago.
Maybe I misread what the writer wrote. But hasn't Alabama and Texas played each other since 2010?. Or was that the year they beat em for the national championship? It just didn't seem that long ago
I've read a few articles now, and no one seems to be talking about the fact that Utah was gifted a timeout on that final drive at the 36 second mark.
Out of all the SEC that played this weekend, A&M looked the worse. That's saying something when you have vandy in our conference. I really don't think King is y'all's answer
I'm making a bold prediction. A&M caps out at 7-6. That's with a bowl win
N.D., Clemson, A&M, and Michigan would be my picks. As for Georgia, they could be lining up a whole new squad on every position and they'd still be deserving of being ranked. They're the defending national champions. How do you not have them in the top 5.i can maybe see not having them number 1. But top 5 worthy? Most definitely. And this is coming from a Gator fan
Literally every article I've read on sds or any other site, has Florida losing to Utah. So how is your prediction bold? Maybe having Florida shut Utah out or vice versa would be a lil more bold. These writers man. How do y'all stay employed
They played sat night eh? Funny. I thought today was Saturday
Not necessarily true. We've had a few teams that were pretty good. I guess we forgot about trask and his wonderful year so quickly
Ok, first off I need to get up to Tennessee and get some of the ganja that the vol fan below me is smoking. Now for the reason I'm here. Georgia faced some darn good teams last year. And they were very dominant on defense. Do I think they can be as dominant as last year this year? No. But I do feel like they can be in the ball park. To me it all depends on Bennet. I'm not quite sold on him. Now before I get attacked let me explain. Bennet had a big advantage with the way the dawgs defense played last year. Wasn't required to do as much. I'll be honest I only watched Georgia play in four games last year, (Cocktail Party, SEC champ game, and the playoffs.) And other then the game vs Michigan I didn't see anything other then an average qb. Michigan runs a very run heavy offense. (Watched plenty of UM games last year. Wife is a wolverine fan.) There was no way Michigan was gana be able to do anything against Georgia's D. Honestly I don't think there O would've been successful against any SEC team. I just don't like there scheme they were running. Anyway my point is in that game defense was getting alotta stops and Bennet had alotta chances to make his stats shine. In the cocktail party Gators D was doing there job against Bennet until Georgia's D put there foot on AR's throat. Wasn't it like 3-0 with bout 2:30 left to go in the first half? Both games vs Bama in the Sec champ and Nat'l champ games Bennet never truly was a factor. All I'm getting at is I just don't believe Bennet could put a game on his shoulders and win it. But with the way that Kirby has built his team and with the way he coaches it doesn't matter. In my opinion is Georgia has two chances to lose in the regular season. Tennessee and Florida. And honestly I think Tennessee has a better chance of upsetting them. Unless Georgia just kills themselves in the cocktail party. I think Georgia has a repeat year except for two things. They beat bama in the SEC champ game. Then loses to them in the national championship.
Didn't Florida play Oklahoma last year and didn't we lose? I swear why are these journalists even employed
Maybe put A&M in the tournament and maybe put Tennessee as a number two seed where they belonged and we'd possibly would be having a different conversation. Or maybe we wouldn't. We will never know. As for the beating up on each other comment, I don't find that necessarily true. I'm pretty sure I've heard that said a few times by coaches who had a poor showing for the year in football. Now given it was possibly said by the teams that are consistently inconsistent. But still. All I'm saying is are we really gana sit here and say that Auburn was terrible cause they lost to last place Georgia and looked like they were outta gas the last third of the season and then the conference tournament? It's a long season. Then you got the conference tournament. Then 6 straight games in the MM tournament. With the games being back to back each weekend. Why do you think Florida is the only team with consecutive titles since, what, UCLA? One good thing about college basketball is literally any team can win it all. You would never see a Navy, or a UMASS winning six straight games against good teams in football to win the title.
How do you have "several" opportunities with only a "few" games left. SDS at it's finest
That push to the final four a few years ago probably. But we're right there with you. I hope we miss the tournament so white gets fired
Jeez. Not looking forward to the days we have to bring him down. He wouldn't happen to be related to bama's rb Robinson is he?
Florida is about to get handed their ticket to stay home during the tournament. I wouldn't bet on my gators in any game. Not even against Ga. Not with white roaming the sidelines
Exactly. I was hoping he grew up when he took over Jax but I should've known better. Guess he thought he could just walk in and everything would fall into place.
Maybe if he spent more time with his team instead of at the bar with a chick he would have had more reps with his quarterback