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You can use that stat however. I mean in the last twelve years the record is tied 6-6 last 15 Florida holds 8-7 advantage. I mean it can go either way.
Ok so let me get this straight. Ga has widened the gap with all their 5* talent? And Florida has no talent? Explain to me then why with the ball at the 1 yard line and 6 tries that a bunch of 5 stars couldn't punch the ball in against a team with no talent
Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm agreeing with a dawg fan
Well wrong on lsu but it did go down to final bucket. I think all 5 make it to sweet 16
Only one I disagree with is lsu. I can see them making sweet 16. Maybe ole Miss second round. Florida gets past Nevada and ( maybe biased) but possibly get past Michigan there stats aren't much better then ufs. Their just getting love because of the 17-0 run to start the season. Uf falls in sweet 16. Uk falls to Seton Hall. Auburn has a chance against UNC if they both make it that far. Ms St might make second round and as for Tenn I have on bracket saying elite 8 and one winning it all. Just my thoughts
Everybody was high on this guy two years ago when he came to Auburn and I never understood why. Last year defenses were weary of the run because Auburn always has a good back hence the decent numbers by stidham. This year Auburn had no running back and there for stidham had a bad year. This has nothing to do with the tigers I just never liked the guy. Given he's better then my qb but still. I think his ceiling in the NFL is a backup
The problem with Florida is we go cold offensively at the most inopportune times. If we didn't we could be having a much better season. Defense is on point tho
Your perspective on Florida is way off. You said we had two respectable wins this week. We beat a winless conference team in vandy and beat a mediocre bama team. We're trash this year
Seattle offered him last year and baltimore the year b4 but he wanted more money then both offered
I think Pruitt or miss st coach would make a good BB coach but i have no info to back the statement up. None of us do cause they never coached a BB team. Its all a guessing game.
Actually Mullen in my opinion would not make a great BB coach. Im just saying that he didn't do a whole lot of work to choose saban. Basically his reasoning was because aaban is a winner. Which I do agree with. But does that mean he could go coach Soccer? Or hell saban was a bust in the NFL. Just being a winner doesnt mean he'd excell as a coach in a different sport
Using saban as your coach for basketball was the easy answer. Guess you didn't feel like doing any kind of work first thing this morning
Not to argue but our run d was atrocious. Our passing d was what was good. Given I do love grantham
Florida isn't going dancing this year. We will be fortunate to make NIT
Florida and Kentucky. The only sec east bowl winners this year. All that work we did to try to even the balance between the two divisions this year down the drain. But at least florida won
If Georgia doesnt turn this around it looks like Kentucky and florida are the only teams that won their bowl games from the east. Wow.
Your right they wouldn't but I don't see georgia losing against Texas. Unless they just don't care cause they dont wana be there
We should. But we did go down 21-3 against vandy during regular season
Only problem with that is even if we win it does nothing for us. Other then giving us ten wins. I mean with Milton out it doesn't do much. Cause itd be like playing troy or something. We would be expected to win. I guess what I'm getting at is its either going to look bad if we lose or everyone is gana be like its a ucf team without their starting QB u did what was expected if we win. Their wouldn't really be any momentum from the bowl heading into the off-season
Tennessee and/or auburn could pull off a Kentucky like run could very well have both or either teams in final four if they stay healthy. Florida will be lucky to make nit. Georgia lsu are most likely locks for tournament if they play to their level vandy will prolly have to pull off a cpl upsets to get a bid and arky is confusing right now. They could very well make a run and have a great season or could just be showing out in non conference schedule and get atomped in sec play. But I do agree were not as deep as last year but ita good to see other sec teams taking the reigns other then just Kentucky or florida. (Mostly Kentucky)
There is no benefit to playing ucf. If we win everyone will say "oh they didnt have their star QB." But if we lose then we will look like trash. The texas game has some interest from me tho
Well seeing as he broke his collarbone I think it is pretty clear that he won't be back for a bowl game. Takes longer then a month to heal
And Georgia will get exposed again in two weeks
When did Kentucky destroy Florida it was a 5 point game till the very last play
As ur currently only winning by 3 against Mizzou
Def agree I called it before the game just like I called miss St over the tigers
Yet two years ago when muschamp found Bentley and he won a few games, the media including this site made muschamp out to be as smart as belicheck.