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Not understanding why every article I've read has said that florida's defense has allowed over 100 points so far. We haven't even hit 100 yet. So how could we be over 100. Yes our defense is terrible but quit putting stats out there if they aren't correct
Ummm clemson didn't win the N.C. last year
When I clicked on this I assumed they were gana put UT or even worse, Mizzou. But I completely agree with Kentucky. They are built for the SEC. Especially there front lines on both sides of the ball. If they had a better qb I'd be extremely worried
So glad they didn't do Florida. Gator fan true and true but I think we'd be screwed with Grantham running the show. At least offensively. Mullen calls majority of the plays so our o.c. I don't think would be much help
Just hopefully he won't have to hit any clutch shots. Saw what happened when it comes to that against south Carolina
You couldn't read until you were four? Well that explains alot of your crappy articles
Well if we as people would start realizing that people that die from say a heart attack or getting hit by a car or whatever if they have the C-19 in their system then they get listed as part of the statistics for deaths caused by C-19. Even if it's not what killed them. Don't believe me? Do your own research
What was the point of this article. Their is literally nothing here
Florida is going to need some of the power five teams that are considered weak, to actually have a pretty good season. Ole Miss, Tennessee, Kentucky and/or South Carolina. Obviously we need to beat Georgia. Many are happy with this schedule and are saying it should help navigate to the playoffs. I'm not so sure. If we beat Georgia and LSU but slip up somewhere else it could really hurt us with that weak schedule
Nah that Florida game wasn't as close as the score indicates. It was a 19 point game with 7 minutes left. We got stomped. Only time we had a lead was with 7 minutes remaining in first half
Not understanding your point on this comment. What does bowl eligibility have to do with what I said.
You've lost you're last two bowl games
Maybe focus on winning a bowl game first before running your mouth
Title says one record every team could break. Yet for us you said all we could do is tie a record. Lousy writing at it's best
As a gator fan it's been a wild ride with LSU. One score wins and losses for both teams. They picked the right man to run their ship. I was a lil skeptical of him but he showed out. even against our boys last year he played a good game. I think y'all's off coordinator was what was holding him back. He deservedly won this trophy. And here's to him bringing the 'ship back to baton rouge
Pitts is a tight end not a receiver. Yea he was thrown to alot because he could make the catches but that doesn't make him a wide receiver
Being a gator fan I obviously hate Georgia. But what I'm not understanding is why it's not acceptable to be pretty on defense and not offense as long as you're winning. I mean Georgias offense looks like Florida's from coach muschamps days. But that defense has played lights out. Why are style points only earned on offense
Every year we've had a bowl game In the last ten years has been either Michigan or Iowa
Knew that dude with his arms crossed was gana make this page. Lol
Florida's is about on point. Just not the same expletive I used last night at the final bell. Congrats Georgia you almost had me in a good mood last night. After beating Mizzou. But in all seriousness good job that defense is pretty legit. But we will see the ultimate test and how legit in a few weeks. At least y'all will be battle tested if you make the playoffs
Cincinnati is ok I guess. Honestly at this point anyone besides Michigan and Iowa would be interesting to watch.
The first two are not aging well. At least not so far
Nearly lost to Tennessee?????? We torched them 31-0. And we went only two quarters with three points against ga. And most of that was coaching and defense. Stick to your unaffiliated Colorado teams
And Florida got so much crap for losing to a power five squad
Completely agree. Putting EJ in when Trask was hot ruined his drives. I understand needing to pick up first downs on 3rd and short but can't have him run every down that way defense doesn't know what's coming. But he did get the td pass. Albeit by luck
"On the other side of the coin, though, it rained virtually the entire game, and it would have been tough for a majority of teams to gain traction in those conditions." I mean Florida and sc played in same exact conditions and we both put up points. Kentucky was playing with a wr as qb and yet it took until 6 mins in 3rd qtr for Georgia to put up points. So don't be using the rain as an excuse. If I was a ga fan I'd be ticked