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At the end of the day, I think that's all it is. No diss on UGA...obviously, as they have the chip. More of a passing game with the Heisman winner returning.
Yeah, I think that he will def be a nice fit...a poss James Cook type role. I have always given Bama and UGA (even under Richt) credit on how they utilize backs.
To me, UGA, with ATL hoop talent in its back yards should be much more solid. I thought your coach would do a much better job.
I was about to say that...he was a GA kid that moved out there in high school...but I get his point to a degree, but no so sure that this is a pattern.
I'm all in for the fellas having fun with the game, but this got super lame in a hurry.
Granted the SEC is tough this year and we played 3 tourney teams to start to conf, but Mike White teams and players shoot progressively worse during seasons and year by year in their careers...it HAS to be something he is doing in his regiment. Poor ball movement and spacing is the norm. I am a patient cat but we tried to find another "Billy D" versus a seasoned guy moving to a big time program. We will do what we do AGAIN...be among the last 4 in Joe Lunardi and possibly get one tourney win. SIGH...
lol, I can dig it. We def have work to so, but with some of our holes, we probably could use these bodies, and supplement with some of the bigger gains and portal. These 3 star boys sure as hell got the W against Collins Hill though
Yeah...def Business decision. He was always an underrated player to me for you guys.
Did anyone watch his high school beat GA State champ Collins Hill (home of Travis Hunter)? They were surprisingly physical...
Somewhat agree. He is a REALLY good player from a winning program that could have a star added when it's said and done. Gabe Davis, starter for the Bills and UCF alum was a 3 star from the same high school that was 6'3 200 and ran like a deer...and was def inaccurately ranked. I believe the concentration is on this years class, and we will see if he fits what this staff wants moving fwd.
Man....he was nice coming out of Marietta. Best of luck young fella.
Really good player from a solid program, and perhaps Coach Napier hasn't reached out to him in terms of prioritizing 2022...so we will see.
Agree...so far, so good...from his starting point. The proof will come soon enough, granted, but we'll take the returns thus far.
Pierce should have been a focal point as we gave him 7 carries a game, not allowing anyone to get on a roll....smh.
Mad respect for this kid...and glad we don't have to tackle his ass anymore..lol.
Well stated on the young guys and nice flashback. I am an avid high school fan of both Fla and GA high school football having lived in both states. A great friend of mine moved to my town in Fla from Lawrenceville and went to Central Gwinett. He hipped me to all the powerhouses in GA, and I did the same for Fla. Hines played at Forest Park and was great at Qb on that level
Agreed Marsh...no Gator I know cared about this either. These are kids, and he grew up in Athens. Ask Gator great, Udonis Haslem to this day who his fav football team is...hint, he is from Miami.
Watched every second and categorically disagree. That said, awesome game and big time win. We were not a good match up for you, and Saban knew this. This is why "Team A" beat "Team B", so Team A should kill "Team C" is illogical.