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"All of it is wrong or at best an oversimplification. The only thing that may be right is the muschump & sharkie did not have a special dislike for UGA as Spurrier did but is that really necessary to be successful? Mullen did have that dislike and here we are." Totally agree Cojones
Legs...yeah, and I agree. I told ALL of my boys that Kirby was going to be a big problem, and used that analogy...the alum coming home. Richt took it as far as it can go, and was inches from a chip as we all know you would have beaten the brakes off Notre Dame and the fighting Te'O's :). Not so sure you can bank on such qualified alums being available whenever the need arises, but the flipping of coaches every 3 years has been problematic. See Coral Gables with that same track record as of late. Look Napier may be full of it, but so far I don't see how folks that are not directly impacted for transfers, etc. can make that assertion. We have some former Gators coaching very good programs in Fla...like Elijah Williams at Orlando Jones...Demetric Jackson of Lake City Columbia for ex are very pleased with the staff's approach...and bringing guys back to the program. I was at UF during the Hall to Spurrier transition...and I think everyone is spoiled. Name a program that did not have an average period at some point.
You know any of the players, former or on the team? I do.
Legs...you answered my question above. I think your agreement is that you just enjoy it coming from one of us though...lol. PS---tell my man lake that coaches on staff's of other schools is not seeing a unicorn
Leghump my friend...do you then agree with that assertion on Napier by lakelife?
Well...not dissing at all, but for me there is no blind loyalty and I disagree with your take. There is, however, the understanding that you cannot evaluate a coach before he even plays a season, let alone ONE game. You have made a broad stroke, and haven't considered the culture change that HAS to happen. The IMG infiltration after a few weeks on the job...that didn't happen? The last 3 commits were 4 star guys. As far as Texas & Tennessee...their coaches are in year 2, and put a product on the field that recruits got to see. Can we (well you and those in the base that are already trippin') give Napier at least that? Tell me this....will you come back and post, "I may have been premature," if the recruiting mark changes...or we play well on the field?
These kids just see Miami as a city...probably no idea of the geography...Coral Gables being South of downtown, and your stadium on the Broward-Dade line, which kills the student population.
That's only fair, and why some of these Gator goobers in cyber world are so unrealistic. We are what our record says we are...and that's on the back end of decent seasons by Mullen, who followed a horrible season by Mac the Shark. It was Mullen that didn't capitalize on a solid start....give the guy a chance.
Man...out of all the posts, this was the absolute best! Keep up the excellent analysis. Matter of fact...just repeat this one, because it's just that good!
Bamalicious....FACTS. Napier advised everyone to be patient...and to not show this before his 1st season is just mind boggling. How do we know a right way of doing things in year 1 of this current structure? Could it be those teams that have several NIL players that perhaps don't meet the hype in terms of ability or development will evolve into unintended consequences? Who knows...but anyone newly hired deserves a chance to implement their system/culture, and THEN be evaluated.
Overblown because a lot of our base our insane...but then again, most SEC bases outside of Nashville are as well.
Correct. Meyer took over a talented roster from Zook that just needed a culture fix, then followed it with big time classed
That's true. We will see if our wackos can just chill. :)
I will take that all day Phil. The addition by subtraction of Defensive staff and schemes is 2 W's alone.
JTF...yes, and Richt at his time, as Kirby in his were great UGA hires. On the fans, I don't know if that is necessarily true, vs a vocal minority...but your overall sentiment is correct. Most I know, including former players are being patient and like the direction after Mullen checked out on us.
Heard you loud and clear...and I also said what I said. When I lived in ATL, you may have been one of the uga dudes I would see at the bars saying stuff like that during those Goff years, and Ls. There was also this thing called integration...so I tend to care less about the leather helmet days. Now you can banter with Yale, Harvard, Rutgers, etc. based on research...no one gives a shyt really about those years but hang your hat on them. My times...my first Gator heroes...Cris Collinsworth, Wes Chandler, Derrick Gaffney, Wilber Marshall...to the 80s...to now, we have been one of the better programs...and with our fertile high school talent...can get back there...and you KNOW this, thus your need to go at every Gator post.
Well big dog... Yale and Harvard were the elite programs too since we wish to go back to Horse & Buggy times...but for most of mine (and I am early 50s) we have been a solid program, but yes right now we are looking up at you guys, who hit a home run with Kirby, as we did with SOS.
Can't argue...we are who our record says we are. Do we really (collectively) say we are gong to win the chip this year though Paul? I was just debating this goober online and his insistence that Gator fans (he being one) are panicking with Napier. That type of unrealistic nonsense kills me. We can't keep switching coaches every 3-4 years. That said, Paul...this type of goober is not part of any of my dialogues, which include former players. This is why we must be fair to coaches coming in. Most of liked the hire....so we need to chill.
I see that too Phil...and agree. That would be great to land those guys.
Legs....good post. Those are definitely decent spots...or a Cincy-ish spot. Cincy back Jerome Ford was at Bama, who is from my area Tampa Bay, and one the states better programs, Armwood HS...just couldn't see the field. He was incredible in HS, and seems that his decision was a smart one, as he was drafter to Cleveland.