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SIGH...that stinks. Get well brother...wishing you success at the next level.
Welp...we get it SDS...I guess we have to eat these stories until Fall.
Who said that 98? That is his wheelhouse...now Head coach is another story. But yeah, if they said that...it was just hating I'm sure.
Lakelife...just copy this above or even easier...."I hate Napier", and paste it on all articles. It will save you time bro.
St Louis...no doubt. Many of us know former players as well. I haven't met one yet that had bad things to say about Napier. They range from the 96 champ era to Muschamp years. Quite frankly....some on our roster were not good, nor did they give max effort. This is after years of CDM going, "hey, lets get a few guys in the shore up the trenches," vs. recruiting these guys. SEC is a line of scrimmage league, and we have been soft. We squandered a chip level offense with Trask, Pitts, and co. with probably the worst defense I've seen in Gville. My range of fandom starts as a kid and his heroes Wes Chandler of New Smyrna and Cris Collinsworth of Titusville (Astronaut High), to now. We have beaten this dead horse, but some act like we are coming off Urban's 2008-09 seasons. Were were a 6-7 team HOPING AR15 would be further alone. Game 2 showed us that wasn't the case.
Absolutely. No more firenorvell.com pages out there. I try to point at this for my fellow alums.
StLouis/doc...LOL...yes, and he thought I made a typo...check the response. BUT, St Louis had the soundest post...plenty of sensible guys to talk ball with here, and I will do just that.
I hear you, but check Champ at UF as well as a head coach. All accounts say he is a GREAT guy...solid recruiter, players love him etc, but he gets in his own way. He has always had a great defensive mind, so adding to the tight ship Kirby runs in terms of execution, isn't comparable
Gee thanks Derek Peterson. That was one original piece right there full of thoughts no one has heard before.
TDOW....you truly don't know how lame you are. We do.
Yes...PATIENCE....exactly what we gave "Senoir 8 to 9 seed" aka Mike White....enjoy!
Wow...2 games lost after a trip to the title game the year before, and some Bama fans are doing this. Glad to know our base isn't only one....
I agree kentuckyfan....I was betting that his weight may have been a determining factor, but as StLouis said, the position is a hard fone for freshman to be ready for especially in the SEC. At the end of the day....Napier is doing house cleaning, and we need the bodies.
Again...ignore the little boys. Let them talk to themselves. At this point, they should be embarrassed.