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Watched every second and categorically disagree. That said, awesome game and big time win. We were not a good match up for you, and Saban knew this. This is why "Team A" beat "Team B", so Team A should kill "Team C" is illogical.
Rushing 3 by Mr. Grantham probably made Sarkisan double over in laughter at the end of the half as well.
Fact are facts big dog. Saban takes no shorts, and his attention to details is next level. Hopefully, we can do an Ole Miss and just score like crazy.
Decent assessment but the entire national media has had Trask as the leader, so to take aim at only Gators is off base IMO. Trask HAS picked up blitzes well...not sure what you have been watching. He had a poor game...it happens. To me that's what it was more than anything. Cmon man...Muschamp?? The players seem to love the guy, but he cannot manage a team, particularly the offensive side and killed himself starting with Charlie Weis, who was obviously looking for his next gig...which started a carousel of OCs. His 3 qbs that depated....2 are in the NFL, and the other started at Boston College after telling the base constantly that he was not ready, nly to come in an play better than Driskel. Grantham was terrible all year...we have never played this poorly no matter who the head coach was.
LOL...a lot of these goobers were on talk radio talking about moving on from Kirby..
Yalls cajun boys tune in Saturday at the crib hoss. We'll be playing...
THE DL point is very true. We had toe depend on grad transfers to bolster the line, and you can see that in full effect. Where I disagree is only Elam. Our safeties are not good and I would have gone youth movement there. Other guys are just put in poor positions, or are out of position. Last year, Diabate was a very good pass rusher and seemed to come from the outside, but we have him at Mike and he is not big enough. Actually or middle LBs are both to small IMO. Overall, pleased with the direction under CDM, but he has to cement recruiting on that side of the ball, well the trenches in general. For now we just have to take it from the fanbases...it is what it is, and hopefully we show up and play competitive ball Saturday.
At times yes, but the vast majority of the time...they are put in horrible positions countless times. On 3rd and longs, we literally give up 1st down yardage by playing 8-10 yards off...and that's been all year. I call it before the play all year. He would do that at times last year, but we had elite ends that got there a majority of the time. Guess what, they aren't there this year. The corner blitzes with a lone safety over the top in this game REPEATEDLY really worked well, smh. A mostly veteran team that sill cannot line up week 10 is on the coach.
You think Stoops wants to be in the SEC? Not sure about that, but it would be a solid hire.
2Bits, GO GATORS and I sure as hell HOPE SO...but plenty of reasons we lost to LSU. Who says we definitely drive the ball for a score? Before that, we were a 3 and out machine....not to mention Kyle being off with 3 turnovers or 0 pts on the first drive. Not even going to speak on Grantham....I guess I have to eat major crow because I used to laugh at uga when they had him. Oh well...still glad we have him vs the last 2 coaches in Gville.
Welp, can't really argue with ya bro. 3 turnovers didn't help...prob would have won another shootout type game, glossing over the poor play that's been apparent the last 3 games (this included)
We laid an egg and LSU's young cats came to play, thus the lobbying. The things is, we gotta be Bama (which seems highly unlikely) first, so the lobbying seems premature. Not too upset at shots being fired at the Big 10 though.
I was thinking the same thing. This sounds like a new staff that's not as interested, thus a de-commitment. Seems like a receiver of his ranking would like this offense.
Yeah, JG continuing as a starter is puzzling. I don't get it... Only Muschamp can detonate a QB room better.
Sigh... I guess the kids like all of this. Oh well, Go Gators.
Freedom of speech goes both ways, hoss. It was stupid...but yes he can continue to be stupid, so you are right.
Hmmm....lotta brothers out there playing though...FOH with that bullsyt