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I am and it does suck. But thats life as a Georgia sports team fan. You embrace a lot of suck.
The only thing that matters is that they have 5 star hearts!!!
Good for Carter...but seems sketchy since it supposedly a dead period for recruiting. Hmmmm
If he has a 3.0 he should be getting the Hope scholarship. It doesn't pay for everything but it covers up 15 hours of tuition. So that would help
Looks like his right ankle is in the process of getting broke.
I think you can, if the other university offers a graduate degree that your current university does not.
I don't think so the article references this; "Earlier this year, Alabama did not put a block on Chris Black, who graduated from Alabama and transferred to Missouri, another SEC school." But who knows, maybe Saban will get the Mike Golic finger wagging "Shame on you" like Smart did ha ha.