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Misdemeanor...move along nothing to see here.
Georgia has won the conference twice and the sugar bowl twice since your days with Tee Martin...what definition of nothing are you trying to apply here???
Ridiculous comment. Richt runs one of the tightest ships in the conference. He doesn't hold on to guys that can't straighten up.
Why should I care what a bunch of half wits on Twitter post about Coach Richt? This season was screwed from the beginning. Georgia came into this year without a answer at the QB position. Throw in the season ending injury to Chubb and it was bound to be a catastrophic spiral. Don't get me wrong, there isn't any excuse as to why we had no QB heading into this year...(remember, Jacob Park was supposed to be the guy after Mason). And the unpreparedness (I know not a word) is on Richt and the coaching staff. The issue was compounded once Chubb went down. Georgia was behind the 8 ball to begin with this season, the defense is still young, we have one proven guy at WR once Justin Scott-Wesley quit due to injury, the offensive line (which was supposed to be a strength this year) has seriously under preformed! Richt has to be given at least the next 2 years to right this thing...a healthy Chubb (which we will all wait and see on that), Eason at the helm, more seasoned WR's (Godwin is going to be special), and hopefully a more experienced defense...we'll see. But if Richt doesn't get it done with the next crop of guys, I fully expect him to walk away on his own. Guys that believe this administration is going to fire the #2 guy in the schools history are just delusional.