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All these liberal Gamecocks on here, Warnock is a pos
Good game! Cinci deserved that number 9 spot, played their hearts out!
But your team gave up 543 yards and 41 points to A&M, who got mopped by Bama.........
Hard to fix a problem if no one is allowed to discuss it.
Don't be silly, we all know Gamecocks are only interested in husbands.
It's amazing the things players will say to get immediate eligibility.
When you grow up a die UGA fan, why would you not want to go there? If he is confident in his abilities, he should go where ever he wants.
Download the Brave app or Browser, it removes all ad's and is built off of Chrome. You basically get Chrome with no ad's, can't beat it.
I agree, if given the chance, I think Fromm would be a great NFL qb. I'm just afraid he may never get that chance. If he doesn't make it, I think he would make a great coach one day. He is a great role model and smart as they come for reading defenses.
My bad, you are correct, he was a brain surgeon. So yea he may want to stay away from hearts lol.
That's kind of dumb response, a guy who has open heart surgery isn't a surgeon so he wouldn't know anything about it. A guy who plays foot ball and then moves on and learns to coach and then becomes a coach is not even close. It would be like saying Ben Carson had a heart attack so now he can't perform open heart surgery.
Actually it's not, but Bama is. Georgia is a fly in state hence the busiest airport in America.
Well considering that UGA, Bama, Clemson, and Auburn all took top 20 recruits out of their state. He probably needs to worry about all of them and not just focus on UGA. I would also be concerned with FSU, that new coach is no push over.
Which school was blasted by the NCAA recently.....
I heard he was offered a full ride to Missouri or 3 months in jail, he chose jail.
Wrong, UGA doesn't pay Green Bay anything. From the AJC - Georgia doesn’t pay the Green Bay Packers, athletic department spokesman Claude Felton told Q&A on the News in an email.The Bulldogs have used the “forward-looking ‘G’ ” since 1964, when new football coach Vince Dooley added the logo to Georgia’s helmets.Even though Georgia’s oval ‘G’ was slightly different than the logo used by the NFL’s Green Bay Packers, Dooley – according to – cleared it with the Packers, who had used a similar design since 1961.
The transferring SEC QB's went to schools that were already top ten programs, the ones who transferred in from other conferences went to schools who were not good.
I guess it's good to see they won in something.
Also Walker was playing against defenses that zoned in on him, they always knew he was getting the ball and yet they still couldn't stop him. I think the record can be broke, but with the spread offenses that are being used now, it would be hard to see a rb surpass that many yards in a career.
I'm guessing Alatide doesn't understand the meaning of "decent". Decent means reasonably good; adequate: I didn't say they would be great or watch out we getting a natty. If you have the right players and coaches, you can switch and not miss a beat. It's not like they are going from the option to the spread.
He may of been a highly rated 4 star, but Burrow only had one quality school recruit him and that was Ohio state. The only other decent school was Virginia tech. Newman will be a wait and see, new offense and new Qb usually lead to a decent year. I hope he comes in a does great but only time will tell.
His mom actually posted a video on Youtube yesterday talking about him. She said he had some mental issues and claimed he was seeing signs and the world for what it really was. They were homeless and she didn't have any money to get him help. She said he didn't want to leave her or his family. She said she kept telling him to stop talking about all the weird stuff because it was scaring her. It's sad, but evidently he did have some issues. You would think he would be top of the world with the future he had, but we never know what is going on in someone's head. Prayers for his family.
The good ole days when our receivers could get separation...
I think the key will be getting Zeus and Cook in the game. Cook is so dangerous and fast, but we hardly ever see him. When he is in the game at receiver he is usually open, but Fromm always throws down field to a covered receiver. Defense will do their part, the offense needs to do theirs. Robertson has been a let down, he had so much hype around him coming out of college but he hasn't shown much at UGA.
I think Joe should sit this one out to protect his body so he can make sure he is a first round draft pick. That's just my opinion.