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Can't wait to see this game! It will be my second time seeing the Irish play in person. Didn't get to travel to South Bend in 2017, but one of my friends gave me tickets to the 2006 Tech-Notre Dame game at Bobby Dodd. I got to see Brady Quinn and company beat Tech. Didn't really care who won that one, but I'll always take free tickets to see a good match up. I think the Dawgs will handle the Irish pretty easily. Louisville put up over 200 rushing yards against their D, and they don't have the Rb's or the O line UGA has. Can't get here quick enough! Go Dawgs!!
The SEC didn't take or want West Virginia because of their poor academics.
Who was that other guy who came from a junior college? Oh yeah Cam Newton.
Correct, Charlie was runner up in the Heisman race. Glenn Davis beat him out who played for Army. I'd give Tenn the edge for second and UGA in third.
12/2/17 Auburn over Georgia 1/2/16 Penn State over Georgia 11/28/15 Georgia Tech over Georgia 10/31/15 Florida over Georgia 10/18/14 Arkansas over Georgia 9/7/13 South Carolina over Georgia 12/1/12 Alabama over Georgia 10/27/12 Florida over Georgia 12/3/11 LSU over Georgia Just to list some after a quick Google search, yea he's really bias.
Pollack picks against UGA quite often, so yeah he's far from biased.
The biggest difference is Etienne runs against ACC defenses and Swift runs against SEC defenses. Put Swift on a Clemson team as the premier RB and see what he does. Etienne is good, but it's hard to make a comparison with the difference in opposing defenses.
Lets say UGA goes undefeated and beats an undefeated Bama, Clemson and Oklahoma goes undefeated. Lets say Ohio state is 11-1 and win the Big ten, and Washington runs the table. UGA, Clemson, Sooners, and Bama will get in. If it was the other way around with UGA and Bama, I could see Washington getting in. A 1 loss Bama will always get in over a undefeated team from a weak conference.
Swamp79 Franks last 4 games CMP ATT CMP% YDS TD INT 8 15 53.3 119 2 1 Colorado State 17 38 44.7 232 2 2 Kentucky 16 24 66.7 219 5 0 against Charleston sout 13 23 56.5 173 1 0 Michigan Fromm last 4 games 25 39 64.1 301 3 0 Alabama 15 18 83.3 194 1 1 South Carolina 12 16 75 157 2 0 Georgia Tech 20 34 58.8 212 3 1 Texas Again though, nice try. Plus Fromm played 3 of those games against big boy schools, not Colorado state and Charleston southern and still had better numbers. So not on par or better than Fromm.
Arm strength is good for fast throws and across field throws left to right, but I agree with yall. Connor Shaw, Drew Brees, Aaron Murray, Fromm, and many others could rip a defense apart. I hated when Shaw was at USC. You can have a QB with great arm strength, but unless than have the brain a decision making to go with it, its useless. I would rather have a Qb who can throw 40 yards with the brain of Fromm or Shaw over a QB who can throw 70 yards with terrible decision making. Also sometimes that arm strength leads to being over confidence which leads to interceptions.
Franks CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG RTG 188 322 58.4 2,457 7.6 24 6 65 143.3 Fromm CMP ATT CMP% YDS AVG TD INT LNG RTG 206 306 67.3 2,749 9.0 30 6 75 171.2 Fromm was ranked 5th in the nation in QB efficiency, Franks was ranked 41st. Nice try though.
I was watching Kentucky whoop Florida on Youtube. Then after that I watched UGA destroy Florida and Kentucky.
Usually home team has an advantage, but at Mizzou its just another game for the visiting team.
He tries so hard to be Spurrier! You know Spurrier was always funny because he would crack a joke and he had the success to back it up. Mullen cracks a joke and has nothing to back it up. Smart has whooped him twice and about to be a third time. If you count Tech in the equation, has Mullen ever beat a team from the state of Georgia? Wins some big games first and then you start talking, or you could just do like most of the good coaches and just not run your mouth. Mullen reminds me a lot of Harbough, runs his mouth but yet has nothing to show for it.
But yet none of those QB's from Missouri are starters....Stafford played the same time in college that Daniel did and he's a starter so I don't understand your point. I guess your point is that Missouri puts bench warmers in the NFL?
Look it up! UGA pass defense was better than Floridas. UGA ranks in at 12th and gave up 180.3 yards a game at 9.78 yards a completion. Florida ranks in at 13th with 180.8 yards a game and 11.41 yards a completion. Also UGA played 14 games to Floridas 13. Facts hurt, just like that game in Jacksonville did.
Was there back in October, man I ate so much good food. Honestly the best meal I had was at breakfast, had some kind of Boudin Eggs benedict and it was awesome. If i'm on my death bed eating my last meal, I want some crawfish, gumbo, and beignets and chicory coffee for desert, then let me die.
Because there were several articles and interviews where his family said they were all fine with him redshirting and had talked about it, so it is a guarantee. He knew coming in he would be riding the bench unless he outplayed Fromm. So far he hasn't done enough to show he is ready. If he wants to play he will have to outdo Fromm. It's pretty simple, if he wants to transfer, let him. We will find another QB to take his place.
I like how he used the orange for UT. Like Spurrier said, can't spell Citrus Bowl without UT. Hope he stays home and plays for the Dawgs!
Fromm has a better QBR, more TD's this season than Lock, 600 less yards but with 117 less attempts, more yard per attempt, and he is 11-2 as a starter. Lock can pass for 6000 yards a season, but no one cares when you are losing and can't win against the good teams.
I know during their game Saturday he got seemed pretty emotional, kind of reminded me of Clay Matthews. He said he wouldn't cut his hair till they won the Big12, guess he will die with 12 foot of hair.
I think it will be a great match up, and like I heard the other day on the radio, this may be the start of a 10 year war between Bama and UGA. We're a young team, but being the underdog has it's advantages. Here's to a good game!
Totally agreee, Bama always gets special treatment! Last year if we ran the tables and lost once in a close game to a hot Florida team and say Florida won the East, you think we get in still at 11-1? Heck no because we're not Bama!
They had a special the other night on ESPN about it. They said the playoff committee would put in a 2 loss UGA over UCF, so that argument is done. They also said if Oklahoma lost, and Ohio State struggled with Northwestern but UGA played Bama close, the committee would think hard about leaving Ohio State out. They said the point of the playoff was to put the best 4 teams in, and if UGA went toe to toe with Bama, it proved they belonged. I doubt Oklahoma loses anyways, UGA just needs to take care of business Saturday. The argument about punishing Bama by putting UGA back in goes both way, so that was probably the dumbest argument i've heard so far.
LOL UGA93, I was thinking the same thing. More like the Missouri program as a whole is embarrassing.
I'm glad he is leaving. No more worries of chop blocks hurting our players before the post season. Also he beat us 3 times, Gailey never achieved that feat.