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Though I am certainly a Dawg, this is not a reasonably written article. Though Kirby is on the rise, there isn't enough consistency for him to be entitled ahead of Saban. #1 for 2021 sure but not yet overall. Humbleness is needed backed with a longer elite track record. I think 2022 will be an interesting year for UGA to defend a championship with a good team regardless of all they lost. They need to walk the walk more consistently, regardless of the media or opinionated writers. Staying focused and level headed is key for the team. Bleed out the unnecessary noise.
Fisher responding publicly the way he did was not wisdom. However, Saban encouraged it. If penalties were in play at all, both coaches made remarks in different fashions and the bi-laws should define the legal result for each clearly. I am not sure they should be treated equally. Saban's remarks were foolish in what he suspected was a closed environment and he is still surely guilty. Fisher's remarks were in a clear public setting and intentional in response, although could be viewed as instigated. The punishments, if any, should be different in my opinion.
I know it was locker room talk with the "f Bama" comment that wasn't intended release, but it is still disrespectful to Bama who put up 41 points on you and could have won ..and for young players to see that kind of role model talk. Now this current post indicates a kind of talk that publicly seals my opinion of Coach O's temperament and character. Good sportsmanship is carried by what you say because fans and opponent players will likely never know you personally and can only go based on what they hear you say and see on the field. Quality coach examples like Dabo Swinney or Mark Richt (in the past), for example, embody kind sportsmanship and quality leadership with their words. Not to say Coach O is all bad, but I believe he is putting a bad taste in the mouths of some people.
If Gus leaves, there will still likely be a year or two of adjustments for a new coach. And for that new coach, there may not be enough elite options for Auburn at this time. It would be a rolling of the dice on a Baylor/Memphis/SMU type coach. Gus has done pretty well. There are just some other teams with better players and he needs to focus on recruiting. With Paul Finebaum, I think he runs a good program. No one is perfect and he does have a mouth, but that's what makes him interesting to watch. Of course he isn't always right but people would wonder, if he was right too much.
This game won't be easy for either team. Georgia's national stats are still better than Florida's but I do indeed believe it will come down to offensive coaching. Showing up in Jacksonville even min AFTER the Georgia vs Florida game is more exciting.
Well stated lovindagame. The SEC head honcho's response is actually a clever one and sticks to business. It doesn't mean we fans are supposed to like it. I for one agree that Muschamp (and Pruitt) should be justifiably upset. I guess it boils down to the fact that the game can't be replayed by the teams until next season and bad calls can't always be reversed. I do wish there was more flexibility with the in-game challenge flag and see it thrown in these cases for another review.
I just hope there is at least 1 upset, like Bama or Ohio State. May be a long shot of course, but gotta hope. Go Dawgs!
I think it's a bit early for too much smack. Between the usual coaching changes, injuries, strengthened players, losses to the is up for grabs. The end result may be surprising. The SEC dropped a bit of faith with some viewers with the last 2 National Title winners. Time to get back to the top gentlemen! May the odds ever be in your favor. (Although, it isn't the Hunger Games, I am sure we'll put up a dawg fight.)