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Out of it against a great team like this year's LSU team is a valid point. Get over yourself. It's the beginning of the end. Accept it.
Alabama bows out its chest anytime they beat anyone no matter how banged up their oponents are but when the injury bug hits them like it hits other teams, they fall back on it and make it their excuse of why they lost. Huge double standard. That's all part of the game so having your best player out hurt is no excuse. It's a team sport, remember???
For what it's worth,I believe Oregeron is a good fit at LSU and that means a lot. He wasn't a good fit at USC and Ole Miss doesn't have the name to recruit the players that LSU can recruit. He might not have the season he had this year because who can replace Joe Burrow however I do believe he'll be a successful coach at LSU. Just my humble opinion.
Exactly my point. LSU was clearly the best team in the SEC and the country. Congratulations on a magical season!!
I watched the game and the first half was a total beat down. Alabama didn't even look average. When other teams make the mistakes Alabama made in the first half, Alabama takes credit for "causing the mistakes". Yes, your second half was better but the better team won that night just like the better team won the Iron Bowl. War Eagle!!
LSU fans have no room to talk at all. They are the worst. I know of people that have gone to Baton Rouge to a game and have felt threatened. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!
Obviously, you didn't hear Saban throw a fit and whine "that's not fair" after losing the Iron Bowl!!! LOL!! That's the epitome of whining!!