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Wasn’t me posting that but from what I’m reading on different sites it seems to me a LOT of Florida fans are starting to realize what I’ve been saying
I’ve been telling you Gator fans but you won’t believe.
They know there is one guaranteed win on this schedule. Jacksonville will probably be their easiest game.
He gets trolled on the field, in hiring assistants and in the portal as well so big deal.
For ANY Florida fan to say any other quarterback sucks with what we have is insane. We have a quarterback whose sole purpose is to pad his stats by completing passes behind the line of scrimmage. Mertz isn’t in the portal for two reasons the NFL doesn’t want him and neither does any other division one school. We’re stuck with Billy’s evaluation pick
Billy Napier has lost this team with the exception of the excuse of a quarterback. He’s going to lose this recruiting class He’s done nothing in the portal because NOBODY wants to play for a loser. He hasn’t fired those things he calls offensive line coaches. He has not replaced any defensive coaches By the time he figures out who he wants from the portal they’re gone. Billy will not survive next season he’s there to collect his millions and get fired. NEVER NEVER NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIRED
Florida fans noticing none of these receivers are even mentioning the Gators? Maybe Mertz the stars guy is the reason. They like to run routes and catch a football every now and then not just stand next to the sideline and catch a ball and get tackled immediately.
Billy doesn’t worry about people like this kid he’s got exactly what he came to Florida for a multimillion dollar contract. He’s just like the previous coaches we’ve had. Sit around doing nothing to earn it and eventually he’ll get fired and smile all the way to the bank. This defensive backs coach hire I’m reading about IF true just goes to prove it. “”NFL experience”” yeah one (1) year experience sounds just like the defensive coordinator’s limited experience. Maybe the dietitian will have some experience.
Makes you wonder how many of these coaches will say the heck with it. You pour time and teaching into guys you recruited only to have them leave after a year. I think if they’re getting paid they should be under a performance based contract. If a coach has no say so in terms of these guys changing schools then do away with scholarships and free housing and free food, make them buy insurance as well.
Give it up leghumper you can’t talk any sense into people who view Napier as a winning coach
Meanwhile Billy doesn’t even realize the portal is open in fact he can’t figure out who his new assistants are because the dietitian opening takes precedence
Florida’s players opted out after the Tennessee game
I don’t see this move being successful. Every NFL team has injured players so why draft a guy who is perpetually injured.
Billy doesn’t have time for this kind of stuff he’s still searching Waffle House for a dietician. He can’t find any coaches that want to ruin their reputations for being associated with a multiple year “rebuild”. The new defensive coach who was supposed to go on a recruiting trip with him this week flew the coop and now Billy and the Golden Child have to lay the eggs themselves.
The current in power political party in dc has shown the way.
fsu being left out is the best thing that could have ever happened to them. Serves to reward them for the crab leg guy who took liberties with women and also gives the big middle finger to danny crybaby kanell
If it were any other team I’d feel bad for them but TCFSU????? Nope !!!!! Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving team. Hopefully old punk mickey andrews enjoys it
Billy Napier coaching in the We Suck Bowl
He “played” quarterback for the florida state Semenholes
Don’t get mad at the messenger get mad at the message. Billy should NEVER have been hired and now all us Florida fans can hold on to is hope. Hope this class holds together Hope Lagway IF HE STAYS is very good because all Mertz will ever be is a stat maker Hope we find a real offensive line coach Hope we find some defensive coaches Hope our offensive linemen can learn to block Hope Etienne doesn’t leave Hope Hope Hope Billy rebuild time gets longer and longer
Just wait until Lagway decides he wants to play for a winning team, then you’re going to see mass decommitments. Just look around college football and ask yourself what other coaches are saying it’s going to take years to rebuild. Billy has no chance of ever winning this conference but at least we’ll have a dietician soon.
Napier has been a head coach at two places since 2018. His record to date is 51-26 Kalen DeBoer Washington head coach has been a head coach at two places since 2020 His record to date is 103-11 I don’t believe he’s mentioned “Process” or “Patience” at any time. I also haven’t read where he let his dietician go to try to take the heat off of his assistant coaches failures.
Billy Napier has Tweetle Dee and Tweetle Dumb, they’re so respected the offensive lineman don’t even listen to them.
Saw Billy at Cracker Barrel today talking to a guy working the fryers. The manager said he was back there looking for a dietitian.