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I don’t know why we’re all guessing here. Megan and Corch will show up eventually and tell us everything we need to know. They will also explain why kirby volunteered to lose this game in order to get 2 SEC teams into the playoffs and then explain to us how that king kirby is gonna destroy everyone in their path. They will also revive their tirad about how ugag is the next bama and everyone else is just fodder for their king. So just relax and wait for them to get their stories right and then we’ll all be enlightened.
Megan……Megan…….Megan come on out Megan Corch you there ???? Hello you two Saban’s ho’s Come on out and tell us all about king kirby
Disrespectful?????????? That coaching effort was disrespectful He should never have been retained the only reason he’s kept around apparently is to cut Mullens lawn. Errand boy.
When will he begin to wear thin? For this fan it was last year when we had the exact same defensive issues. Grantham couldn’t coach then and he refuses to recruit and yet Mullen fired two scapegoats and kept his buddy.
How can you conceivably have a Winners and Losers list and the very first name in the Loser list not be todd grantham ????? Where has he ever had stability, where has he ever led with distinction, where has he ever been that people weren’t happy he left? When you look loser up in the dictionary not only is his picture there but it’s followed up with footnotes directing you to pathetic, incompetent, irresponsible, useless and classless. Most dictionaries have multiple photos of him.
Pretty soon Florida’s defensive players might be in the same boat, not wanting to play under someone who doesn’t know his head from his rear end
He won because of the down year Georgia had. If todd is the defensive coordinator for the georgia game I’m quite sure Kirby is going to lay 60-70 points on him
I must say I agree 100% Nobody on this staff wants or has the desire to recruit
NO WE DON’T Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. That defense was given multiple chances to stop the same play over and over and over again and Grantham looked each time like that was the first time he’d seen the play
You think for one minute these players have confidence in a guy who’s been fired everywhere he’s been???
Florida will go nowhere with Mullen and Grantham so we’re in the same boat except LSU can move on Stricklin has no guts to face reality
The 3 stooges Mullen Grantham and Jones
As an ardent Florida Gator fan I must say you are as far from correct as can be. Look first at Georgia’s defense and compare it to Florida. Tell me exactly who is Florida’s back ups in the secondary when someone goes down? Who has Grantham recruited let alone coached up? Running backs we’re good there Wide receivers who has shown the propensity to get open? Quarterback? Sorry but watch Emory Jones run with the ball, he runs with NO authority or meanness, he’s erratic throwing the football and then watch when he goes to the sideline he refuses to listen to Dan Mullen. If you don’t believe it watch the LSU game and pay attention he ignores the head coach. Gator Fan?? Dang right I’m a Gator fan but when reality slaps you in the face being a homer doesn’t cut it. We have serious recruiting issues, we have assistant coaches who will not recruit or don’t know how to recruit. Lastly I openly wonder if Dan Mullen is committed to our university. Saying outright that if the nfl comes calling you’d listen doesn’t instill confidence that he’s in this for the long haul. Beat Georgia? Sorry not this year.
It’s a shame that a few Georgia fans can’t get on a forum and have a meaningful conversation, instead of derogatory comments from “corch” and “negan” who apparently have limited conversational abilities.
I’m just glad for this website on swamp gas if you make a negative comment about the coaching staff you get banned. I posted this: Do you honestly think Florida matches up against Georgia this year athletically? How can you believe that? Georgia is loaded top to bottom with 5 star recruits while my beloved Gators consistently recruit 3 star to marginally 4 star recruits. We used to be able to say Dan Mullen can coach them up over Kirby. That is no longer the case, Kirby has shown at least this year he can keep his hands off the offense and he’s also done something remarkable that Dan Mullen refuses to do which is replacing assistants who will not do their jobs. Georgia recruits and they recruit big time. I’m not in any way a Dan Mullen basher but he does not like the recruiting aspect of the job and as such he does not demand the same from his staff. We as fans must realize that and either accept it or find another way of dealing with it. Florida with this “out scheming” attitude has reached its plateau, until we start recruiting better we are and will be a middle of the pack football program. Then I got banned. Go figure If you’re not allowed to make sensible comments then why have a forum? Sounds a little like politics right now
Megan remember a 3 star guy named Trask? I believe he was able to compete against a team of 5 stars up there at ugagonkirby.
Who is Colon Cowturd ? He sounds like just another anal idiot. He opens his mouth and the air has to be sprayed because both ends of him spew the same thing.
Leghumper that’s a pretty interesting name, did you get the idea for that name after spending the night with your sister? By the way you’re pretty much obsessed with Nick’s Mercedes dealership is that because your georgia rednecks can only get vehicles down off highway 29 out of athens in that crap hole sitting beside the railroad tracks, you know the place it’s where The People of Walmart are filmed.
Megan maybe if you were a Georgia football player and had a NIL deal maybe you could quit servicing your team.
With this newfound wealth Georgia football players can get their cheerleaders girlfriends off the street corners.
Megan every time you post here you confirm one thing and that is the fact you are a blooming idiot. Do you ever read what you post? You come across like an 8th grader but then again that should surprise nobody, typical Georgia education level.
Oh No !!!! Megan still butt hurting WINNING THE SEC IN YEAR 2 AND WINNING THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BUT GETTING ROBBED!!!! Megan Megan get a life girl Change your diaper and get on with life, maybe one day you can grow up to be a big girl
Yada Yada kirby yada Yada kirby Yada Yada kirby Yada Yada Get a life Megan
Megan You need professional help, your head makes kirbys anus feel like hemorrhoids.
Megan You need professional help, your head makes kirbys anus feel like hemorrhoids.
Dale you gotta ignore “Megan” everyone knows she’s a whiny two bit……she never adds anything of value to an article. Her only comments are how georgia has already won the next few national championships. It’s her mythology mindset that has her headed for a future home in a hospital setting somewhere.
“Megan” is that you ? You trying Undertaker now that your panties are in a wad? LOL you weak ass georgia homer