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I think the masculinity issue just might be at the new UGay Pedophile University I guess your baseball team gives new meaning to “pitching and catching” Must be learned behavior from your presidents office Jeere More Head
These comments coming from the new UGay Pedophile University
If I’m Scott Stricklin my first order of business today is to protect my employer. Dan Mullen has shown he has no loyalty to this program so I have no loyalty to him. He should immediately conduct a coaching search and bring in someone who has the fortitude to accept and do his job. Mullen and the majority do not like nor want any part of recruiting, he’s to loyal to his friend choke grantham. Don’t piddle, cut your losses and move on.
Once again the SEC overlooks ugag when they quite obviously had more fans than allowed. Kirby must have an awful deep throat and super tight vocal cords. He inherited them from his daddy Dooley
Better yet give up your season tickets and buy some bingo game sheets at the old folks show
Florida President W. Kent Fuchs Sucks Sissy Pansy Whiner Democrat Loser All purpose dung hole
Florida President W. Kent Fuchs is a biden flunky. Scared to come out of his basement, why don’t people like him just move to Portland with the rest of the country’s snowflakes. I don’t see how he can stop our constitutionally granted rights to assemble. Someone needs to file a lawsuit against this democrat and allow Florida fans to support their team because other SEC teams are allowing more fans.
The only way Florida beats lsu by 10 is if Todd Can’tcoachem gets lost on the way to the stadium. He might just accomplish that because he can’t find a way to get his head out of his a$$
He’ll no Florida needs him
The difference is Alabama has not been like this 3 years running and they also won. Grantham goes to places that have good defenses and trashes them hence the reason he gets fired consistently. Like I said he is trash and I cannot wait until Mullen finally grows a pair and tells him good riddance.
When I got up this morning and the headlines did not say Todd Grantham Fired I knew right then that while Dan Mullen is a good offensive mind he is not a good head coach. If it wasn’t a sin to wish someone was dead I’d be wishing that on Grantham I absolutely despise the piece of trash. He by himself has destroyed a good football team so here’s to hoping what he did to this team happens to his family.
If you’re scared stay home this country was built by people who were not afraid of taking risks. You know....real men and women not the likes of folks who are chicken littles
You folks criticizing either Dan Mullen or the Governor are what we refer to as snowflakes. You rely on the government to keep you safe. I suppose you voted by mail as well but I’m quite sure you ran right down to the local Walmart this week or to your local grocery store. Amazing how those places are so safe for you to go to and yet you criticize others for wanting to attend a football game. Sort of smacks as hypocritical doesn’t it? If you’re so scared pretend you’re biden and hide out a while and in the meantime let’s let the productive working people of this country get out and about doing what ESSENTIAL people do. If you want to play scared stay home, stay out of the way and stay away from voting we don’t need your pansy a$$ opinion.
Tonight is not soon enough it should have been after the first two series
NatureGator sounds like a snowflake biden child. We live in a Constitutional Republic which means adults have the right and the freedom to do whatever we want as long as it’s not a violation of established laws. Therefore as adults we should have the right to make the decision as to whether we want to attend games or not. If people are concerned about contracting anything they should simply stay home, every single time you drive you run the risk of drunk drivers or being hit by someone not capable of driving correctly. You take the bus, same risk. You go to the game.....fine it’s on you but you should have that right. Same as voting if you can go to Walmart why can’t you go vote? Problem is we are now a nation of sissies and crybabies who depend on the government to wipe our rear ends because we’re not grown up enough to make decisions for ourselves and have ceded those rights to a government who cares little about what your hopes and dreams are. Ask yourself this question What person would spend millions of dollars trying to get a job that pays nowhere near what they spend? It’s about power......power to tell you that you can’t go to a football game.
I tend to agree except I actually considered going but after checking ticket prices I decided I wasn’t going to pay for 10 other people who weren’t allowed to be there because of crowd capacity restrictions.
Our defense is horrible because we don’t have a real defensive coordinator, we have the north end of a south bound mule posing as one. Third and grantham has now morphed into just grantham. He’s not completely useless he can be used as an example of what not to look for as a defensive coordinator. If you detect anger concerning him........let’s just say Mullen needs to take him to the woodshed or take his access card. Don’t care which just take him somewhere other than Florida