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Absolutely sucks! Hate to hear of anyone getting hurt.
They may as well put flags on QB's now because you can't hit em. The wussification of football is ruining it.
Volin, you just "solidified" that you're a dumb ass who doesn't know your ass from a hole in the ground.
I wasn't the one making bold assumptions about my team. Maybe you should re read my comment and maybe just a little slower this time so you can comprehend it.
Florida has 2 starters suspended and if I were you I wouldn't count my chickens before they hatch. Tennessee is nowhere near the team that Michigan is. That big bad UT defense gave up over 600 yards of offense and 530 of that was rushing yards.
Every team has fans like that. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and believe that those FSU fans weren't all innocent in this either.
Needed this commitment in the worst kinda way.
Well this sucks. Time for someone else to step up.
I don't think the NCAA will give them the "death penalty". They will most likely ban them from a bowl for another year and take away a few more scholarships but I don't think that the NCAA will be giving them the death penalty. If Vandy didn't get kicked out of the conference for all of their down years then Ole Miss ain't going anywhere.
Bunker Buster, I had no question in my statement. I t was a statement. Basically what OM is saying is that they're standing by their coach, Leo Lewis is lying, and they're also throwing an old assistant coach under the bus. But all of the other allegations are true?? Something is fishy. Almost as fishy as those top ranked recruiting classes OM had.
It seems like such a long time ago when Coach Freeze was telling people to "Bring it on!" when referring to the accusations that they were violating NCAA rules.
If Zaire beats Franks out for the starting gig then Florida is in bad shape once again at the QB position. Franks should know the playbook front to back and top to bottom. If a player comes in AFTER spring practice and beats him out then it's gonna be a long next 2 seasons.
Why can't these kids follow the rules. They have the world in their hands if they would just act like they have a little sense.
All streaks eventually come to an end, I just hope it doesn't happen this year. Or the next. Or the year after that.
Hey GL, I seem to remember DBU taking care of business in Baton Rouge this past Nov 19th. Face it... your team and fans had plenty to say before the game but that goal line stand sure did quieten y'all down... well most of y'all anyway.
What a waste of God given talent. He was probably the best TE to ever play for the Orange and Blue.
Why does he consistently have to prove that he is an idiot?!? You get beat by 34 points by a team and they ARE better than you. Just lace up and play ball Teez!
Hate the thought of 8 teams. There's always gonna be somebody griping because they didn't get in. They could put 16 teams in and 17-25 are gonna throw their sucker in the dirt. I think playoffs dilute the importance of the "regular season". Personally I liked the BCS and I think it was a better system than one we have now.
I say promote Shannon if Lupoi won't come. Those other 3 can kick rocks!
I hope so. I'm tired of getting beat down by Bammer. Lol
Wish he would've ended up in Gainesville but oh well. Good luck to him at AU unless it's against my Gators.
Was it Dooley that burned a qb's redshirt for something silly? It seems like I remember something about that.
If you'd read my ENTIRE comment then you would see why! Playoffs diminish the importance of the regular season. There are NFL teams that make the playoffs with losing records. How in the hell is that good for any kind of sport?? Oh yeah, these are the times when everyone gets a trophy.
Expand to 8?? Then there's gonna be #9 and #10 throwing their sucker in the dirt. The playoffs are gonna be the ruin of the best game on earth. They'll eventually expand to 8 and maybe more but by doing that they are diminishing the importance of the "regular season" games. It's gonna be exactly like the NFL in years to come and that sir is a travesty! #bringbacktheBCS
Florida's players, for once, wasn't running their mouths like LSU did about Florida.