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I don't mind it, but I'll be sad if they stopped wearing any helmets with the mad rooster. I don't even care about the Block C; it just makes the a$$ kicking chicken too small to see on TV.
I love that Mad Cajun Orgeron as a DL coach and maybe as a DC, but I think he's in way over his head as a HC, especially in the SEC. I'm glad he's in place as long as possible though, because LSU is freaking loaded even in any down year for experienced talent. Add even a pretty good HC in Baton Rouge, and LSU is scary. Orgeron in LSU means there's only one superpower in the conference which keeps hope alive for the little guys.
Never? You're counting him out already? Position move or back up or transfer out?
No way! Sideshow Bob hair should take precedence over passing performance. Get him out there ASAP.
Utterly moronic comment, wolfman. No one is sitting around crafting text messages for public impact years down the road. Smith's ex-wife would have zero expectation of any public airing of the texts. Nor would Meyer unless her phone and account were paid for by the university, and if Shelley Meyer had any such expectations, she obviously wouldn't have made it clear that she was aware of the abuse which her husband helped sweep under the rug. Are you suggesting Shelley Meyer is part of a conspiracy to take down Urban? Are you hoping after Urban exits OSU, he'll come take over Mizzou's dumpster fire?
In general that's true, but if you listen to the interview, he offered that bulletin board material up unsolicited. He was asked "How do you think BAMA is able to reload their front 7 the way they do?" Not that it makes much difference. All that crap goes out the door as soon as they start hitting each other, and BAMA wouldn't be killing everyone else if their players needed outside motivation to perform at a high level. Go Cocks!
Very generous and typical of the Manning family, but the donation is small compared to his gigantic forehead.