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He will not even look at it! The one that im worried about is Notre Dame. Freeman is 0-3. That is one of a handful of jobs i think he would consider. Go Big Blue!
What I wanted to say was that I think 16 teams if perfect for the SEC. I really hope the conference stands pat. The SEC doesn't need anyone else. When you have a league that 15 of its sixteen members are in the top 40 - what more can you say? The best games and the best teams will be playing games every week. Adding more teams will not increase revenue enough when you divide the pie 20 ways instead of 16! The scheduling is much better and everyteam should play every other team in the league at a minimum every other year! The 3/6 scheduling format is absolutely perfect for football and it will be great for basketball and as good as possible for the other team sports. The Big 10 will come to regret cross country 4 time zone games. That conference may be nothing more than a conference in name - and its teams may never play each other. All Hail the SEC - please stand pat and the let little fellas have at it. When the playoffs expand to 12 teams the SEC will be well represented every year - and many years may have half the field!
This year the SEC East teams may all have mediocre records, but I believe it may be the strongest it has ever been. Reading the previews and changes for most every team is very positive from the media. I believe in my Wildcats and think they have a shot if things fall right of accomplishing great things - but I also know that the difference between South Carolina, Florida and Tennessee is really small. The results in all three games last year could have easily been opposite of what happened. Missouri could be dangerous to UK because they are home - but I think the depth and talent of Kentucky will carry the day. Tennessee has the homefield advantage - but I don't think it will make that much of a difference. South Carolina is really being hyped - but Kentucky will probably be much better than last year. Kentucky's only starter on offense from last year is Will Levis - but many of the starters played a lot of quality minutes last year and the optimism coming out of the UK camp indicates Stoops feels this is his best team ever - Stoops has pretty much been honest about his teams in the past - which means everyone will know when Kentucky plays them. I love the SEC and hope everyone wins every game. I personally think 1
I think the 12 team with 8 teams playing to play the top 4 makes the most sense. It would reduce the one sided games and give every conference champion a bye. Then no one could claim they didn't get treated fairly. I disagree about the iron bowl meaning less as well as some of the other major end of season rival games - I would contend that those games mean more - because many teams would be fighting to get into the top 12 and having lost games early in the season would not knock you out of having a chance of winning the national championship! Many games at the end of the season would be huge games for many fan bases - that now have no chance of anything other than a minor bowl at stake. The more interest you have in all the games the better it is for everyone. Those huge tv contracts only get better for everyone when more teams have more eyes on them! The perfect example has been "March Madness" for basketball. The playoff money will be huge and it should be shared by the participants - which means every league will get some of the pie!
Who is this NCAA you guys speak of? Didn't it stop functioning a few years ago? I think the people who decide work at Disney (ESPN) and Fox Sports now. So, Kansas - keep your trophy. Tennessee, go ahead open up those 10's of millions you been paying before and worrying about getting caught - doesn't matter anymore! Most everything Tennessee is charged with and Kansas and Duke with its hundred thousand dollar jobs are all legal now. The only meaning full punishments now are forfeiting championship banners and not allowing schools to play in for championships and the NCAA. Tennessee didn't have to worry about those lol. But Kansas, Duke and North Carolina should have lost banners! This is the real reason why no body cares about the NCAA anymore - they were never treating everyone equally! Instead of give you a job - you can now be Adidas payroll - right Louisville? This is one that makes the least since to me. Why would support U of L football - a school that may soon not be playing in a football conference that will be in the National playoff picture? NCAA is "dead man" walking in the major sports anyway.
Agree with you Braves! I think this may be the way it finishes - but Georgia may not be invincible. Kentucky will have its best team ever - because of depth. If Tennessee can shore up its defense - the Vols could do it as well. South Carolina will improve - but don't think they have added enough pieces to their puzzle yet. Florida has the talent and tradition - so you can't count them out now that they have a stable coaching plan. SEC East may not be the best division - but it is sure will be a lot of fun from week to week!
I'm sure you know more about Georgia than I do. However, you really don't about Kentucky. UK will have it's best team since 1977 this year - I know that has been a long time - and you may not remember it - but it might be familiar to you? 33-0 ring a bell? Anyway, Georgia has the horses for sure - but if you think Kentucky is taking a step back you aren't aware of what is happening in Lexington! The individual star power MAY not be a great as the previous years - but the overall team is stronger! Baring injuries, the game in Lexington on November 19th will not be an easy one for Georgia!
Personally I think the SEC has 10 teams who should be in the top 25 this year. Several good teams have questions, but any of them could be top 5 with luck. Just look at Kentucky last year. 10-3 - but had a negative 11 in turnovers. How many people knew that fact? Kentucky changes that number to only breakeven - it could mean a 11-1 regular season. But honestly, Levis gets hurt - Kentucky goes from potential East champion to 5th very quickly. Speaking of Kentucky most people in the SEC still think of Kentucky with some stars but no depth. Stoops has been at UK for 9 years. When he arrived at Kentucky you could count the number of players on the roster rated at 5.7 or higher on your fingers - without the thumbs lol! Now, Kentucky has 50 players on its roster rated 5.7 or higher. Tennessee has always been blessed with rosters full of talented players. IT has tradition and a 100,000 seat stadium and the Haslem family doing its on NIL for 50 years plus! South Carolina wants to pound its chest - but take away the Spurrier years and just how good has that program been? South Carolina has to start beating Clemson if it wants to compete in the SEC east. The new conference alignments will probably be a help to the Cocks. The SEC East truly is becoming very close to the West in balance and talent. We can all pound our chest and say we are the best - but truth be known 5 teams in the East could finish first or second and no one would truly be surprised. It will be injuries and officiating that decides who is best in reality.
Kentucky should be improved this year - even with only 10 starters returning. The defense should be better and more talented. The offense is in reality of year 2 of a pro style attack with a QB who improved a lot during the course of the year. Kentucky played Georgia better than anyone not named Alabama last year. The key game of the year for UK will be Florida. The Florida game was a close game in Lexington, but this year UK will be better on offense while Florida will still be learning under its first year coach Napier. Normally, Florida would be the pick, but I think this is UK's year. Tennessee took advantage of UK's weak secondary last year. Kentucky should be improved and even though the game is in Knoxville I think UK will come out on top. South Carolina was a struggle last year - but both teams will be improved - everyone is talking about how improved SC was at the end of the year - they did improve - but they beat up a discouraged Florida team and this year the game is in Lexington - were Kentucky has been very dominant against teams recently not named Tennessee or Georgia. Let's face it my SEC brethen - the SEC is the King of college football now. No easy Saturdays except one for anyone in the conference now. I hope that the SEC stays at 16 teams and the Big 10 will not take Notre Dame. Hopefully the playoffs will expand and all conferences will have a chance to play for the Natty! The SEC will take care of itself - but it is better for all of college football if everyone has a chance and every game is meaningful thru the season! A true multi team playoff will give almost every SEC team a chance at making it almost every season - let the blood letting begin! Go UK and go SEC!
Will Levis had a pretty good year - started at #12 rating and ended as #6 rating. UK looks to be in pretty good shape for next year with Will. SEC always has good quarterbacks!
Tennessee had higher rated players coming out of high school than Kentucky did on the field. So, don't talk about depleted - lol! It really shows what money can buy - and with the NIL and Haslem owning all the Flying J's and Pilots all of the conference might start to worry about Tennessee in the future. As everyone says - Tennessee does have a history in a lot of things!
Kentucky is a proud founding member of the SEC. 9 years ago its fans said enough is enough. Kentucky made a long term commitment to join its SEC brothers in Football respectability. It has not been easy - we have endured as many losing poorly represented seasons as anyone in the conference ever has - but Kentucky has earned the right to be considered a competitive program - problem is most of the fans in the SEC have continued to not really look at what Kentucky has done. We have improved in all aspects of Football. Funding, Facilities, coaches, players, recruiting, fan support and quality football. Coach Stoops has put many players in the NFL since he came here - but most SEC fans haven't noticed - because we have not had a tradition. It's small to other schools - but we have been to 5 straight bowl games. UK has won the last 3 bowl games they played in. How many SEC fans realized that all three of those teams they defeated were all rated in the top 15 pre season this year! Yet Kentucky was rated around 40th! This team on paper appeared to be a top 20 team pre-season. Yes it had questions marks - but it has some really good players and depth. UK is still not where it wants to be - but it has been on a constant trajectory of getting better. UK is not better than many teams in the SEC - however, it is now a competitive program - and when you come to Lexington - you better be ready to play - we are! Go Big Blue!
This is also the best team Mullens has faced at Kentucky as well! The difference now than the past - in my opinion - lol! The Kentucky football team no longer thinks they can't beat Florida. Kentucky is playing with a roster of players that has 50 of them rated 5.7 or higher when they were recruits - its not Bama, Georgia or even Florida talent level over all - but then again all 85 on the roster don't play against you. Expecting a great game and hoping I am right about the Kentucky teams expectations. Go Big Blue!
Kentucky is a decent football program now - but it has to live down its history! As the voters vote with memory - not what is current. Here is some food for thought. Last week you were looking at Virginia Tech, NC State and Penn State all being ranked high in the top 25. Kentucky beat all three of them in the last three bowl games they played. How many of the voters even know this???? The SEC is the baddest of the bad! Go Big Blue!
These rankings might be correct - but doubt it. The first real clue as to the rankings will come after week 2 of the season. Every team will have a chance to work out it offense and most will have played at least one quality team.
Well those predictions are as valid as anyone's lol. I agree it will be a wacky season - the SEC's worst are better than most conference's best - so upsets all over the place are very predictable - but when and where - as Corso says "Not so fast my friend".
Kentucky has the tools to be really good - but the game changers for UK are unproven at Kentucky. However, you don't have to look back further than 2019 to see something very similar happened at LSU. Not saying UK and LSU are the same - but it is very, very similiar situations. Who was Joe Burrows before he left a Big 10 School and became a National Champion at LSU? Hmm.... Will Levis came from another Big 10 school and he is working under another first year NFL co-ordinator brought in to install an aggressive passing friendly offense. Plus a dynamic receiver in Wandale Robinson came back home to Kentucky. Lexington is going to be the site of several really good games this year - and maybe a divisional champion????????? No matter what - the SEC has another team that is not going to be cakewalk when you play them.
I like Coach Leach- but Mississippi State at number 22? Arkansas at 32 and Kentucky at 40? Must be looking at ratings from 12 years ago - lol!
Since when does and 8-4 SEC team play in the Birmingham Bowl?
Don't be surprised to see 8 SEC teams ranked at the end of the season. They will be beating up on each other of course. But based on writers, fans and articles I have read - SEC has 8 legit teams to be in major bowl games this year. Alabama, A & M, LSU, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Missouri and Kentucky. A couple may stand taller the other 5 or 6 - but SEC is loaded and will be a fun year for fans all across the country.
Never understood the love for Muschamp - South Carolina definitely made a better hire this time! Muschamp was terrible at Florida and why anyone thought he would do better at South Carolina, much less throw that much guaranteed money at him had to really upset the true Gamecock fans! The genes are definitely there in regards to Shane Beamer - he looks the part and says the right thing. I think South Carolina found the right guy to challenge Dabo in the state! Problem is that Dabo has the privilege in playing in the weakest of the Big 5 power conferences! Kentucky has proven the strenght of the SEC versus the ACC over the years - just check out Kentucky's record against the fantastic ACC in bowl games over the last 15 years! Florida State, Clemson, Virginia Tech and North Carolina State all lost to Kentucky in their bowl games. Something I don't think even most SEC fans realize. The SEC is truly the power of college football - so bottomline Carolina fans. Give Beamer a chance - I know you will - but it will not be easy. The SEC East may not quite be what the SEC WEST is now - but it is still far and away the second best division in college football!
I find it interesting how many Mizzou fans find that Kentucky winning 5 of the last 6 games is not because Kentucky was/is the better team or at least equal to Missouri now. Mizzou had a good year last year and beat Kentucky - dominated Kentucky - but how do you think Mizzou would have done had it found out its most beloved coach on the team was definitely passing away and maybe even during that game? A coach who had taken the weakest part of the teams depth and turned it into one of the strongest in the league and the country? Anyway, Kentucky was just plain flat and uninterested in the Missouri game last year. That will not be the case this year. I think both teams are going to have good years - just based on what the writers and fans of both schools are sharing about their teams. Its good for the SEC that both Missouri and Kentucky are on the uptick. The SEC East is quickly becoming stronger and stronger. The SEC is not going to be a place for the faint of heart when both Oklahoma and Texas join the party - and they will both find out why the SEC is THE college football league.
Football History is great - but it is just that History! When people discuss teams - it should in reality be about the last 5 years - anything, and I mean anything before that is really not relevant to the current teams and coaches as to what is happening now. Example: Stoops records the first 3 years in particular are really ancient and really don't reflect his teams in regards to talent, coaching and style of play now. So, when people want to compare Kentucky teams that were 2-10 from ten years ago - to this years teams - it simply has no validity! Arkansas can be all worked up about Sam Pittman - he may be great - but you only have one years record to look at. Same thing with Ed Drinkowitz at Missouri. Both could be great coaches - but one year isn't enough history. I use them as how did most people feel about Stoops after season one and a 2 -10 record. People in Kentucky were starting to get excited about him then - whey - because it was obvious that recruiting was changing. But if you didn't follow Kentucky - you probably didn't have a clue as to what was really happening at Kentucky. I agree with people who talk about UK, Mizzou and South Carolina. Those teams futures are unknown - but they all look pretty promising! The SEC as a whole really only has one team that will have a hard time being competitive - Vanderbilt. It doesn;t have the backing of a state - and it still hasn't committed to football. Kentucky took forever to decide it wanted to compete - not the fans- but the athletic department wasn't committed until Stoops came in - and that probably had a lot to do with Rich Brooks in reality. Brooks showed the administration that football could be competitive at Kentucky - if they committed the resources to it. Vanderbilt is going to have to go thru the same thing. It has the money and the alumni to make it happen - IF they want it to happen. With Tennessee becoming the dumpster fire it has been over the last decade - Vanderbilt had its chance - what they did and did not do reminds me a lot of what happened at Kentucky. The SEC East would become even more fun - but now that is probably going to all change with the addition of Oklahoma and Texas. I don't mean it will get worse- hardly! But it is may all look different as to re-alignment and scheduling. So, while the rest of college football is trying to look important - the SEC is doing something to be important. Make no mistake about it - a 12 team playoff helps college football as whole - and it helps those leagues who would basically never have a team in the current playoff format - the alliance is nothing more than sour grapes from the other conferences. Texas and Oklahoma looked at what was happening and realized they needed to do something pro active - if the SEC had said no to them - then the Big Ten would have said yes to them. Everyone knows that to be true - even the Pac 12 and the ACC!
UK has snatched defeat from the Jaws of victory tens of times. Most people really don't realize how close UK was to being respectable in football for a very long time. The problem was and has been perception. As I have said here - most people outside of the state of Kentucky do not realize how much improved the Kentucky program is now- and it is because of blue collared coach who actually did what Bear Bryant did when he was at Kentucky - know what that was? Check the rosters of Kentucky when Bryant was here and check the rosters of Kentucky now - it was a simple decision by the coaches - and one the famous State Legislature of Kentucky did that caused the Bear to leave his Kentucky home! A few of us older guys are still around - and I was very, very young when this happened - that remember the real story and debacle of Kentucky football. Coach Stoops went back to his roots - because he is/was a hard nosed football guy from Ohio who also knew the "rest of the story" and took advantage of it to build a new Kentucky football program!
I have family in South Carolina and it is interesting where you live as to your perspective. I was visiting and talking with them and they told me that South Carolina was going to be really good and they would beat UK soundly. I told them that Kentucky was not the same old Kentucky and South Carolina was going to see a Kentucky team that was physical and will pride itself on knocking you down until you submit to them. Since then Kentucky has won many times. Being in South Carolina and with a new coach who I agree SHOULD be better than Muschamp - I believe it will be a good game - but if it is close - Kentucky is really deep and strong on both lines - which should end up being the deciding factor. Another advantage MIGHT be we now have South Carolina's offensive line coach on our sideline. That could be the difference in the game - seriously!
Great to see all the bragging, chatting and team support for all the teams here. That is what makes the SEC the greatest football conference. The fans of each school really support their teams well and provide insight info about other schools that you don't find anywhere else. I truly believe Kentucky has a great shot at 10 plus wins - but I have been around long enough that if it happens it will still take steady play and ball control. Momentum is a big thing in the SEC. Start well and things can go really, really well. Lose early and it becomes a struggle for the loser. That is why the Kentucky/Missouri game will be tougher for both teams than the fans of each team probably realize. Both coaches and teams know the importance of this game. I will be really surprised it this game isn't close and may go down to the final possession of the game to see who wins. I will admit that Kentucky was lucky to win two of the five games they won - but I also know that last year circumstances were in Missouri's favor. It will be a fun game and hope the Missouri fans enjoy their visit to Lexington! Glad your in the SEC and I think you are glad also!
Tony you are right Mizzou won last year. But Kentucky won the PREVIOUS 5 Years! By the way those early SEC wins over Kentucky occurred when we had Joker Phillips as Coach - Kentucky was fielding teams not capable of winning in the OVC then. If you don't think Kentucky plays well at home against Missouri - go back and look at your history. Remember in the late 60's when you lost one game and won the Orange Bowl - guess who put the big "L" on Mizzou? That's right - it was little Old Kentucky!
For my SEC brethren - this is not the Kentucky you have known for the last 40 years. This team - has tremendous depth. I know for SEC teams having exceptional talent AND DEPTH has been the norm - not for Kentucky - until Coach Stoops has arrived. Kentucky has 50 players on the roster rated 5.7 or higher on rivals. Kentucky has several lower rated two star players who are now very highly thought of thru red shirting and development. Kentucky has a very strong group of Assistants and Co-Ordinators. Last years team was hurt not only by covid - but personal situations - death of a highly loved and thought of coach mid season in John Scharlman. The Missouri game last year was a fluke and happened during the worst of his passing. You will see a highly motivated and very talented team that is athletic, skilled and ready to prove itself. If, and I know it is a big if at this point, Will Levis and Coach Coen are as close to as good as expected this team will be very dangerous and will contend in the SEC East. Most people don't give this credit for winning without a quality QB and every team basically knowing what the Kentucky offense was running every play the last three years. That will not be the case this year. Kentucky has been beating and competing without having a full deck of cards on offense. Yet the team has won 3 straight bowl games against teams that were all ranked in the top 25! Bottomline - South Carolina will not beat Kentucky. I also expect Kentucky to beat either Florida or LSU - if not both of them. This team is built with quality and competitive depth - most of it is proven as well. Florida no longer holds a mystique over Kentucky and a huge talent advantage. LSU and Kentucky is usually a tough game for LSU when they come to Lexington - and this will not be any different. Kentucky could lose - but I think that when you see Kentucky come on the field - you will see a true SEC comparable team in both size and depth - something Kentucky fans have been waiting for a very, very long time!
Kentucky has been very strong in the past on these type cases. The situation was investigated by UK Student Conduct Board- very tough group historically - and everyone was cleared. Stoops held out players for 11 weeks before they were cleared. The info coming out now - may or may not be totally true. If a gun was brandished around - which was found to not be true before - then that player will be gone! But it was NOT burglary - it was a fraternity party - which was not legally sanctioned and the fraternity has been put on probation and disciplined for it. No women assaulted - at least not reported that way before. But we are reading about this from far away for something that happened 6 months ago. Kentucky will not white wash this - they haven't in the past and doubt they will now. If no gun was found - this is probably a "he said - she said" type of thing and the players have already been disciplined. If gun is found - someone will not be on the team. You can rest assured of that! The legal system is strong in Lexington and thats why the arrest occurred - if in doubt - everyone has his day in court. I'm sure the truth will come out - whether we like it or not. Go Big Blue!