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Not a big deal unless the reason Kirby wanted it quiet was because he had told Beck he was the only QB they were taking and he didn’t want this to get out. I imagine this stuff happens all the time, with social media it’s pretty hard for this to stay quiet anymore anyway.
Adam - Just an observation to your Rodgers yards comparison. It’s not an apples to apple comparison. Negative yards associated with sacks count as rushing yards for college QBs, they don’t for NFL QBs. The numbers are pretty similar if those are removed from Bentley’s rushing stats and the fact Rodgers plays 4 more games is considered.
Per the 247 composite- 2007 was 7th, 2008 was 35th, 2009 was 14th, 2010 was 34th. Never in any of those classes was our AVG higher than what it was in this past class. Bottom line is that you need the horses and need to coach and develop them. It can be done but it is an uphill battle. If you can be successful on the line of scrimmage and find a good QB it makes competing at the highest level possible. And you’re right - we have the facilities to do it. Just have to keep improving.
Agree that need the players, but you’re wrong about Spurriers classes. We might have had one top 10 class with Spurrier and most fell around the 20 range. Fact is we have never recruited from a rankings perspective higher than currently are. Our 2019 class that just finished had the highest AVG player rating we have ever had. Muschamp has improved that every year. And yes we competed back then at a very high level I think recruiting matters but also have to hit on some some rated players and coach/develop them. Our 2010 class was rated 34th by the 247 composite and included Lattimore, AJ Cann, Victor Hampton, Connor Shaw, Ace Sanders, Cory Robinson, Byron Jerideau, Kelly Quarles, and Brison Williams. Those guys all were big parts of successful teams.
Got it. I admit I was very excited for Al Harris Jr even with the concerns on his size. I think he was like 165 soaking wet in that first game in 2014 against TAMU.
Dumb comment. Jaycee Horn earned SEC All-Freshman honors. I was impressed by him on the field as a true freshman and look forward to watching him in the coming years.
It's still too early to look at the overall ranking due to variance in class sizes. Take A&M for example - very good class, but of the top 25 teams in the 247, there are 9 with a higher AVG rating by commit. As the classes fill up or get closer to 20 and the two NSD's, the order of some of these teams may change a bit. Not taking away from A&M, was just an example. It's always nice to get them early and be in the clubhouse at or near the top and make those behind you catch-up.
Bryan is a good kid and has somewhat flown under the radar but seems to be getting some recognition heading into this year. Good size at 6'3 220lbs and good hands, he will go up and grab the ball in traffic. Hoping with Deebo back and taking some attention from the defense, Bryan can have another big year. In state kid, Clemson wanted him badly as a safety and he wanted to play WR. It's turned out good for him so far.
Good for him. But - Is he really doing his golf swing celebration in that video, after a punt in a game where his team is trailing by 30+ points early in the 3rd Q? Seems absurd to me, I get that he doesn't play defense and may have had a good game in his special teams impact, but the celebration is a little ridiculous at that point in the game. I would have these same feelings whether it was my team or any other team in this exact situation.
Agree article is about Lock and Stidhim, coming into an article not about your team and then bringing them up is a Wolfman move. But, do disagree with your statement and felt a need to respond - Bentley has some pretty good targets besides Deebo, enough that I have seen a few sites debate whether they are the best WR grouping in the SEC. Bryan Edwards comes back with 64 catches, 793 yards, 5 TDs, only a junior and good size at 6'3 and 216lbs. Shi Smith had 29 catches for 409 and 3 TD, was a true fresh last year and is one of fastest players on team. PFF noted that he did not have a single drop last year. Or'Tre Smith was another true fresh, had 30 catches for 326 yards and 3 TD. Another WR with size at at 6'4 220lbs. Deebo is not "it" when you look at the USC WR. Lot's of young talent at the WR spot that produced as fresh/soph.
I don't agree with the methodology where the program receives the same amount of points (1 of 2) for a player that leaves the institution academically eligible vs. a player that remains in the program but is academically ineligible. To me, the player being ineligible is within the program's control, but in some cases players need to leave or want to go down a different path, and if they are academically eligible when they leave the program it shouldn't be penalized.
Dumb comment. There was a reason the game was moved to Sunday know...the possible hurricane that had been assaulting the East coast. I imagine the Williams Brice atmosphere will be more like the 2012 and 2014 games when you visit this September. Looking forward to it.
You implied the AD's agreed to let it go, quotes we're posted to show that it doesn't appear that was the case based on Tanner's quotes and that it wasn't finished. I imagine she went to Tanner prior to filing this but haven't seen anything from him yet.
Your second paragraph isn't entirely true. Sankey, Sterk, and Tanner did meet at recent AD meetings. It wasn't put to rest there though, as Tanner publicly said it wasn't done and he wasn't satisfied with the resolution (per John Del Bianco 2/9/18 article on The Big Spur). At our recent AD meetings the commissioner, Mr. Sterk, and myself had a private meeting to discuss what transpired during the basketball game,” Tanner said. “To be continued.” “I will not disclose any contents of the conversation and I’ll just say our commissioner was very concerned about what transpired and he called us together to have a meeting,” Tanner said. “We discussed it at length and I’m hoping in the near future there will be some sort of resolution. Let me make one thing perfectly clear. Jim Sterk and I are not at odds. We’re colleagues in this league, we work well together, we visit together like in New Orleans at our recent meeting, but my opinion is a public apology would be appropriate and I don’t think he is offended by my statement. It is my personal feelings. That was shared before and it was shared again.”
Yet for everything you point out, he was not retained by Dallas after this season. Terrance Williams did not have a single TD catch all year, Dez Bryant didn't have 100 yards receiving in a game once all year, and Cole Beasley didn't have a game with more than 4 catches all year. Beasley was even reaching out on Twitter to a footwork specialist about training, isn't that something a WR coach should be working with him on? Look, Dooley is an unknown as OC at this point at best, but let's not pretend he is a home run hire and coming to this job with a reputation as an offensive guru. It may work out, may not, time will tell.
You have to dig deeper than that - overall to me doesn't matter because it can hide the inconsistency of a QB and take into account beating up on the non-P5 or FCS. While a QB may have a great overall rating, I look for more consistency across the board and comparing against SEC only or P5 only. The QB who completes 70% of his passes and AVG 4-5TD per game against lesser competition, but then is at 50% comp. throughout the season with a closer to even TD:INT ratio does not impress me over the one who completes 60% of his passes consistently with 2 TD per game.
FBS Total QBR for Top 50 SEC QB's thus far - against P5 only - 11. Stidham 14. Etling 27. Bentley 29. Hurts 44. Patterson 45. Lock
I agree. Lots of football left to be played. But in the same manner, and I know Wolfman is a major sunshine pumper, but let’s also wait before it is proclaimed that Mizzou is already kicking the back sides of the media who picked them last until they have won a conference game. You guys have some interesting games left. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
One look at your recent post history on your profile page and it is most certainly “whiny”
Lighten up Clarence. I agree we’re both average teams. Nobody was pumping us though, we were picked for 5 wins by any and everyone prior to the season and are clearly exceeding expectations. Since he is giving his rankings as of right now, maybe he has that MSU game fresh in his mind since it is so recent. Either way, I still think it is comical that so many people complain or disagree on something as subjective as a power ranking.
Haha. You do realize that’s Mizzou has beaten 3 non P5 teams, not won a single game against a P5 team, and lost 4/5 games against P5 competition by double digits. Pump the brakes on the big wins over Idaho and UCONN.
Using your logic - should I complain about NC State being ranked in top 20 and we’re not, since we beat them? You disappeared for a week after the MSU disaster, glad to see you’re back. Apparently you can’t read. He said his rankings right now, not last month and not end of season. Now. KY beat SC, maybe he feels one team has improved since then or gotten better - not starting a debate, just saying teams and the way they are playing does change throughout the year. Everyone has an opinion, if you want people to recognize and acknowledge yours, then start a website and get a following.
The comments/responses on the tweet are hilarious. Guy has two catches this season (both against UMASS) for a total of 21 yards, it's easy to talk like this when you don't play and don't have to actually back it up. He probably did get a bunch of leadership reps last week though and is feeling good about himself going into this week.
He's been playing the "young" card for four years now. How long can you keep using that before it shouldn't be an issue anymore?
We are a big long shot and things would need to bounce out way. UGA does go to Auburn in November which is not a gimme by any means.
Good comment. The QB needs to find ways to win and keep his team in the game by limiting his own mistakes.
Never the game plan. The narrative that each QB would throw for 400 yards was never going to happen. Just like last year, we didn't want to get in a track meet, it is not our style of play. Bentley played his typical game - completion % in the 60%s, 200 yards passing, limited mistakes, can see the field, and took what the defense gave him. He missed the early wheel route to Hurst up the sideline for a TD and a few others, but I will take that all day long from him. He has proven in his limited time he takes care of the football and makes good decisions, which is what is needed for a successful QB.
While they were, and the defenses weren't special in Week 1, I think the narrative went against everything USC has done and tried to do to win football games. It placed unfair expectations on Bentley knowing that a shootout and 600 yards of total offense are not the style that we play or the game we want to get into. I'll take this type of performance all day long by Bentley, and continue to be impressed with his composure and deciton-making. If you want to call a performance a "dud" from last night, it is a fair criticism of Lock but Bentley's performance Saturday was far from it.
I assume you do this as a career, you obviously didn't do any research or prep for this game. We never planned to come out throwing and Bentley was never going to throw for 400 yards. That's not the type of game we want to get into. This was very similar to the game last year, try to keep the MO offense off the field. While he did miss a few throw early (Hurst up the sideline for what would've been a TD), this was a classic Bentley game - mid-60 completion % and no picks. Take care of the football, take what the defense gives you, and keep your team in the game.
No post office markings on the envelope. Looks like a woman's handwriting, also what man says "you suck as a coach" as a big insult. Without the PO marking, I doubt it was mailed. I'm interested to see what comes of this.