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Is the forehead part of the face? Is the face part of the head? You comment on almost every article on here. If you don't think the writers are good at their job, why do you spend so much time on this site?
That's not what the case is about. It's about whether she encouraged and atmosphere like that, not whether that stuff actually happened
He called a man a "dbag" on a public forum for doing his job. If you think that adds value to your degrees, then by all means, go for it. It doesn't though. It just affirms the stereotype that Tennessee fans are hill people with no class. Tennessee fans saying they won't show up to a homecoming game due to administrative silence is newsworthy on a site committed to SEC football. Just because it doesn't fit y'all's narrative doesn't make "dumb and douchey" "safe space boy" bad at his job. It's ok though, I know y'all are going through some stuff. It'll fine, guys. Tennessee will get back to finishing between 2nd and 4th in the east in a few years, I'm sure.
You just attacked a reporter for setting forth facts and called him a "dbag" on a public forum. How much value could your degrees have really had?