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John Crist, you suck at your job. It has nothing to do with insecurity. We are just calling you out for being so wrong in your analysis and predictions. You are a box score reporter. You read the stats and write. You don't actually watch the games. You might watch 2-3 games per weekend and call it good. And it shows.
Agreed, Crist is a complete jackass. That is all.
John Crist, you no-talent hack. You read the box score and vomit this word salad and call it journalism. How you are still employed as a 'sports journalist' is beyond me. Lets break this down to an elementary level so you can understand... "Vols resembled their pre-bye week selves and inexplicably lost to the Gamecocks." Actually Crist, its easy to explain if you did your job & followed these teams a little closer instead of buying into the pre-season hype. If you did you would see that Tennessee was a lucky team that lived on the edge of defeat and had it not been for dumb luck would have lost to App State & a much maligned UGA, and could have lost to Ohio. USC on the other hand has been steadily improving, a fact that your ignorance has blinded you to. "facing an average-at-best South Carolina defense." Heres where you really show how bad you are at your job. That is quantifiably an incorrect statement. USC is: the 2nd ranked passing defense in the SEC, 2nd in INT's, 4th in Red Zone defense (with an SEC high 5 RZ turnovers), 3rd in Turnover Margin, 5th in yards/play, and as a defense average only 21.3 points per game. Fact. "He(Dobbs) was also ineffective as a scrambler." It was this statement that proved to me that you didn't even watch this game. You got the box score and wrote your pathetic excuse for an article. Did ever occur to that tiny pee brain that the reason why Dobbs was ineffective was because Muschamp&Co gameplan revolved around keeping Dobbs in the pocket to force him to beat them with his arm. 'If' you had watched the game you would have seen that on almost every play there was a spy on Dobbs about three yards behind the line of scrimmage shadowing his every move. One thing I do know, is that Muschamp can do his job one HELL of a lot better then you can do yours. "In no way, shape or form should Bentley be outplaying Dobbs." 'SHOULD' has nothing to do with it, the fact of the matter is HE DID! The story you SHOULD have written was about Bentley's success, not Dobb's failure. Or if you are obsessed about writing about a young mans failure then focus on how well Muschamp/T-Rob's defensive scheme was and how much the USC defense has improved over the year. How you could wiff on this story, a TRUE FRESHMAN QB has his coming out party by defeating the presumptive SEC East champions helped along by a TRUE FRESHMAN RB in Rico Dowdle and a TRUE FRESHMAN WR in Bryan Edwards. That story is so easy it writes itself. "McIlwain — he was the most heralded passer recruit in town, not Bentley." This is where you highlight your complete and utter ignorance of USC football. I follow USC football, and I can tell you McIlwain was not MORE heralded then Bentley. FACT. Sure, he was heralded, but not moreso then Bentley. You are just dead wrong there. I'm not taking away anything from Brandon who I am very excited about as a true freshman and I think he will definitely contribute to our program going forward. But if you ask any Gamecock fan or journalist worth his salt, and they would have told you that there was as much and probably more buzz surrounding Jake Bentley who the biggest names in football were actively recruiting hard all the way until signing day. I don't know which was worse, the fact that you didn't know that or that you were using scuttlebutt from SEC Media Days and trying to pass it off as a reliable source. Pathetic. "Kentucky, Missouri and Vanderbilt are harmless enough on the surface." I have to echo what the other poster said earlier, if you think that Kentucky is "harmless", you should be fired yesterday. In your line of work that equates to journalistic malpractice. Have you not been following the wildcats this season? HOW could you not have been following the Wildcats this season? Its your JOB for Christs sake! There are only 14 teams in the damn conference, your job is to know only 14 teams. I could go into Kentucky's stats and quatifiably prove you wrong...again, but I've wasted enough of my life on an underwear stain such as yourself. What I will say is, your bad at your job, as evidenced by how horribly wrong you were with your crystal ball predictions. Your lazy, as evidenced by the fact that you didn't even watch the game(you read box score) and yet you open that hole in your face to spout this word vomit. And if by some tiny, fleeting chance you did watch the game, you suck, because you missed the real story which was Bentley/Dowdle/Edwards (and/or the defensive scheme/improvement), both of which highlight your ineptitude(1) and inability to comprehend film(2). And if your wondering how I KNOW you only read the box score, every one of your facts that you cite to build your article could all be gleaned from the box score. You did not cite one single play from the game to bolster your argument. Your a hack and I hope your boss is reading this and fires you. ps Kirkland Jr did play in the game you f*ckwit.