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Lot's of trolls in these sections. Man...where are the typical college football fans making educated statements? That's what I used to see on this site, seasoned with a bit of trash talk.
You can just say SC. No need for USCe or SCar. Just SC. Or feel free to spell it out.
For the love of god no. I'd be interested in some Lane Kiffin though.
Yes, thank you gator out west. Not sure when Esec signed his coaching contract......oh that's right he's just another fan. Obnoxious.
As far as Ryan goes...I think Alabama beat him up pretty bad. Hopefully he's found a girlfriend or something to give him some support and special healing. [>
I think Lane would take the job in a heartbeat. He's sitting at FAU just waiting for another chance at a big school. We've got the facilities, the fans, even a solid recruit base. This stinks cause I like Muschamp the person, recruiter, etc...losing the Mizzou is not embarrassing, losing the way we did is. Ryan didn't look like himself either...
Eh, tbh, winning the East again would be great. One thing is for sure, neither South Carolina nor Georgia did anything at their unimportant bowl games. Neither one was even close. How could Georgia let that QB run all over their D like that? With all those 4 and 5 star recruits...not hyped, sure, but at some point to a player, you're just playing football.
I was told from a source that the interview was conducted regarding the water coordinator position, which Saban rules with an iron fist like everything else.
Hey does Rhys only have four fingers? (three fingers one thumb) I mean, I know he's making the M with his fingers and all, but I can't even see another knuckle joint there. Anyone?
I think everyone is laying claim to DBU these days. Every team copycats the other's ideas if they have something resembling similarity.
Also, you have dawgs in your profile, maybe you should put "tide"? Or "elephants" or a lexicon of other names.
Slightly confusing. UGA doesn't suck, and the tide got whipped by Clemson. Not the best of years for the SEC.
That would be to*, not too. If UGA is a BS stop, what is Oklahoma? Better how? Newsflash! Recruiting players IS salesmanship. Part of every coach and coordinator's job description is to recruit. And this: "The context that is going around was taking out of proportion from..." Grammar mistakes aside, but not really, what you said wasn't taken out of proportion. Hope he gets a decent English professor at OK. Also, the coordinator can only state what is true at the time. He is working. On the clock (salary), and until he signs that new offer big man, he's going to keep doing his job.
Cause he's butt hurt for losing a four star defensive end. Can't blame him, but yeah there is no need for the name calling. I hate it when a player I'm excited about de-commits.
Charlotte native? Well young sir, you understand that the University of South Carolina is only an hour and 15mins down the interstate right? You could play along with Zacch Pickens, he at SDE, you at WDE. Our school has just opened a beautiful new facility for our football players, and is known for putting players in the league, especially defensive players. ;)
For the Bama faithful: with the offense clearly sputtering in the second half of the Natty, why didn't Saban give Hurts a go? Woudn't be the first time. Just curious, maybe there would have been a spark. Maybe.
That headline picture of Mason is terrifying.
Facility is amazing. Been following it a bit during construction. Recruit magnet. It's not JUST about recruiting though, I really think it will be great for the boys quality of life. I really hope they soak it in and realize just how much they've been given (and of course they work very hard too, but so do many people....point made.) Go Gamecocks! #ForeverToThee
Facility looks amazing. It will help with recruiting, and maybe make our boys just that much more excited to play football where a day like the Belk Bowl never happens again. I can handle a loss, but that was worse than our loss to UGA this season in several ways.
Muschamp likely has one more season before the hot seat. So, not this season. It's South Carolina, and he's building eh?
or* instead of of, 6th sentence. Hey SDS Front-End Devs, how about an edit button!
Makes sense. Still, nobody puts "of" on a hat. They're just going to focus on SC, the C, Carolina, etc. I don't think the USC baseball hat is going anywhere, as you said, I think it is just an administrative thing for the University. ESPN had switched from SCAR to USC then back to SCAR, and finally just put SC. SC is the right call. When folks ask where I went to school, if I'm not in Columbia or Charleston, I say SC, of University of South Carolina, or South Carolina. And yes, during games folks are going to constantly refer to SC as Carolina during games, etc, because the subject is obvious, we also understand that because of UNC's prolific basketball history that most folks think of Carolina as UNC, but that fact is there are two Carolina's, and it is perfectly normal to refer to SC as Carolina in context. In closing: It's all about context. US Court just wants to know what to write on their documents the next time they need to go after Southern California.
lol, maybe he thinks he's giving a sermon.
Thanks OldArmy, and fellow Gamecock Esec, Cmon Man! Enjoy the win! This isn't the NCST of 8 years ago, they're a legit team, barely outside of the top 25. Before someone says it, yes I have seen a poll or two with NC at 23, but not the AP. Anyway, in closing, Esec it was a big win for our program, enjoy it. Also, thanks again OldArmy, I enjoyed it as well. Hope you guys have a great season, knock UF off their block if you would, and get Sumlin off the hot seat, well of course except for our game this year.
False, he's doing a good job. Let's see where next year takes us. I have a feeling over .500