Retired from SCE&G,have pulled for all the USC teams for 55+ years.

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Unlike you we ain't cock lovers,we are gamecock lovers and whatever the out- come we will still be fans.
If Carolina plays up to their potential,they will beat Kentucky like a drum. Seems like there is a lot of kids involved. Go Gamecocks
If he's not happy,thats good, it wasn't much to be happy about on defense and that is his main area, just have to recruit better. Spurs up! Go Gamecocks!
Such a crazy pently,I under stand the reason, but some times when theres not much to celebrate on a team, you have to break loose
Every body seems to forget the Tennessee player was just as guilty,look at the replay,he started it,still not an excuse for that action by Lammons,glad to see some enthusiasm on the team for achange.Spurs up!
Well so much for him learning a lesson at Florida,he's starting out with the same poor excuse for a OC. Maybe the third time isn't the charm,or all those articles were trying to fool us fans.
Kanell is not only biased,he's an iodiot,just listen to him talk,always goes against the grain.
Never was offered,lies all lies.We chose the reject from Aubarn
Of course they missed the call,wouldn't have expected any less,gotta make sure Clemmy gets in the playoffs, way to go Dabo,cry cry cry. Make sure you bring these refs with you,or you might get accused of Clemsoning!
Sad fans just got sadder,another Florida recycle,Carolina is a first class university and they should have a first class coach. This is another example of good ole boy politics,let's hire Boom so we can keep these other rejects of a staff. This will be a good hire if he cleans house and finds an excellent OC. Bring back Ellis J and Brad L.,anyway Go Gamecocks! 4Ever
The so called smoke screen has lifted,SI is reporting that Herman has signed a contract to stay at Houston! Need to choose Lincoln before he's gone. Maybe it's all a smoke screen so RT can say all candidates taken,we choose Elliot,sure hope not!
It's all a smoke screen,we're waiting on Lane ( I'm great ) Kiffin.(lol ) Talk about an egoistic ass!
Not another washed up coach,he's done,just look at Dallas! Hire Richt and be finished with all this bs, then we can start to build the program again.
The HBC didn't want Mushy as a DC,why would RT want him? If thats the best we can do,why not hire Tanner hill or Shaw?
The list should start and end with Richt,he needs a job and we need a proven coach.What more is there to discuss.If RT keeps dragging his feet we will end up with nobody.
They did all they could, but like every week it wasn't enough! We'll coach em up and get ready for next year with a new coach.Proud of the way they hung in there with the #1team. Carolina will be back
There's nothing more to say,he might have inherited a bad situation,but he's been there during the decline. I wish him luck,but him and the rest of the coaches need to go.
That's like the pot calling the kettle black,Clemson fans are the rudest of any fans.
Why do they keep playing games, just name the coach and move on and don't tell me they can't, it's been done many times before.
It was a pathetic game, maybe we can just forfeit the game next week. No need to risk getting anybody hurt. It's just a shame things have gotten this bad. Name the new coach and move on. Please! RT,its obvious there is nothing left for these players or coaches.
Sounds like USC'S m.o.,look back at all the talent they have let leave for other schools,not just QB's. Maybe a new staff will recruit the state better?
It started going down hill when Ellis Johnson and BradLawing left. If I was the new coach l'd send all the coaches packing. Can't happen fast enough!
Who is Shawn Nettles? We need to hire a new staff regardless of outcome of the last 3 games!