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Seems as though south Carolina was left out of this article. He has them in the top 4. And there is a very good chance he might very well be a Gamecock
Write it down south Carolina will finish 2nd. And give a great shot towards first.. I'm the one to say it.. watch and see....
South Carolina so down.. I don't think so..
Don't listen to the hype.. come to SC and beat GA..
Just beat the gay tigers.. please dont let them grope any of your players.. they like to.
Lane is what he is.. look at the record.
He will do all he can to help him..he is a joke.. he once told alson Jeffery he would be pumping. Gas at a service station if he didn't come to play at Tennessee when he was the coach there. So go figure
Please warn Bama bout the butt and ball grabber..