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I like South Carolina's lmao. But to answer Florida's question. YES HE DID!
Dude stfu. You will lose plenty this year trust me! Alabama will beat y'all. Ole miss will beat y'all. Texas A&M will beat y'all! Florida might even beat y'all. So sit down somewhere. Besides, it's not like we play LSU. Even one plays "Leonard Fournette"!
I swear. They recruit Leonard Fournette and think they can do anything! Lmao
I know right? Your the University of FLORIDA!!!!! He should have Multiple 5 star recruits..
I kinda think bama is 1. Every single year they have a back in the Heisman running! Even if he was a first year starter. Then is goes Georgia, and LSU. (Which LSU had one very underrated back in college in my opinion. Jeremy Hill. That dude was a beast in college)
Agreed. SC's defense better be mf stacked! And I also hope Carolina could at least average 24+ points a game.. That might be asking for alot in his first year. But i mean what's the difference from his coaching the first year, too his second year? Recruits? That's it. It's not like he is playing teams he's never coached against?
Actually they didnt, Tennessee barely beat Georgia, and that's with out Nick Chubb!
So your all saying that Kentucky should do what Ole Miss does? Pay players and cheat? Everyone is saying that "Most big programs in the country pay their players too". That's not true. You all just need to stfu. Kentucky is a cleaner program than Ole Miss. Besides, who know's how long Ole Miss has been paying players! They have JUST decided to get good.
1st year. Not even a full year! Dumbass!
It was very relevant .. Look at you getting roasted by your own team .
Them puppy dawgs are gonna get spured this year! Fym?
I kinda think A&M has a chance to beat BAMA, LSU, and anyone else in the west. They are going to be stacked this year.
Thank you !!!!! I feel we should be in the traffic jam.
Stfu, look what your coach did w the talent lsu had last year. Not a damnnn thing!
I wish when Muschamp finishes here, the NCAA would let Marcus Lattimore come back and Coach at USC!
Well payed Spurrier. Get it? Payed? Lmaooo Ole Miss fans get it!
How much are y'all paying this one ?
Cant be worse than raping somebody. @Tennessee
Look here queer. Dont be mad i said something something about your boyfriend! And besides, we will make the best of what we got. And kick UGA's ass! :)
Yeah, 3-9 is pretty unnecessary.. So is Alabama letting Clemson score 40 points on them. Not even SC let them score that much. AND YOU'RE BAMA!
When he was still on the board when Carolina's pick came (30), i was so pissed when they didn't draft him! We dont really need him, but we could sure use him.. (He's way better than Jon Stewart)