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I highly doubt he was calling those last two games. At least not with a lot of help. There’s no reason to be so conservative for two years, then suddenly go wild. He also wouldn’t want to go to another rebuild unless he had to.
I’m sorry, is a Kentucky Fan questioning the morals of a coach???
I think part of the issue is that our two biggest rivals are finally now as good as they claimed they were after generations of running their mouths. The situation is almost comical, and it not only makes the goal harder to achieve. It also affects everyone’s patience and rational.
They were down five starters on defense. What did anyone think was realistically going to happen? If the offense doesn’t improve quickly however, Satterfeild and Adkins need to be let go mid season, either after the after Kentucky, or A&M. If they don’t improve those will be blowouts anyway.
Phil Kornblut Is an infamous Clemson homer. He just wanted to twist the knife.
He left this program in much better shape than many others did when he left. It’s unfortunate that he could never get the injuries, or offense under control here. Best of luck coach, and since it didn’t work out here at least he’s back at his alma mater.
I’ve been thinking for awhile that someone, or several people allowed around the program influence guys to leave early. What makes it a harder pill to swallow is the insane number of guys Pickens Tech hangs on to.
He’s also secretly a mayo freak. Often seen leaving the Sam’s Club in Carry NC with massive jars of Duke’s for mayo baths.
People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and people that hosted U Nite shouldn’t share their opinions.
They’re trying to stop the transfer portal fall out, and most of the current OU locker room loves him, but I’d be shocked if he doesn’t shoot this down soon like he did VT.
Lol, I was about to post the same thing. This is going about like the coaching search in 2015 did for us when we hired him.
Oh I doubt it too, but if they were going to make a splash hire there aren’t many high profile coaches left. The only way that MIGHT happen is if Venables finally left for a HC job and he felt the Clemson fans were being spoiled and ungrateful this season. But you’re right, he won’t leave.
So do they try to get an even bigger but more unlikely name like Dabo, or bring Saban back, or go for someone like Stoops that’s not a splash, but will likely work out well? There’s just not that many slam dunk hires out there anymore. I’m not even sure if Dabo works all that well outside of Clemson.
Amen, give me a young man that’s faced adversity and battled through it vs a teenager that’s been told he hung the moon and stars.
Satterfield did say their main goal at practice this week was getting their communication down during this week’s press conference. I interpreted that as they were going to try to out confuse Venables with his over complicated offense. Maybe I misread that, but it seems like that’s what they were attempting to do.
No, the issue is Clemson was playing well below their potential for most of the year. I think they were in shock from not being the best team money could buy after so many years, but the last few weeks they have found their footing again, unfortunately. Satterfield said he wanted to get complicated again to try to confuse Venables, but that was what was wrong with the offense the majority of the season. People got overhyped because the game went from being completely impossible to win, to pretty unlikely, and misinterpreted that as they should win.
You aren’t getting a thank you, because you’re a troll. You’re almost definitely either a Florida fan, or a Kentucky fan and lying about it , or just a Clemson troll.
I see what your logo is, but it has nothing to do with SEC athletics. Your game is next week. It must sting like a son of a gun to know that terrible team whipped your team so badly. Good luck with Billy Napier.
Let’s just say? It’s the comment section of a sports website, not the CIA. My guess is that you’re not telling because it’s a team with a similar history in football. My guess is that your a Kentucky fan. If I’m wrong then oh well. Hopefully your team will play Clemson in a bowl and show the world how it’s done.
First off, the ACC teams you just listed are much worse than Clemson and you know it, and secondly, who is we? You don’t have a logo that I recognize, which is odd given all of your trolling.
Agreed. I think he’s gone, and probably wants to go back to the NFL. I’m sure why there’s this narrative out there that he won’t let him go comes from. Dabo went through both a coordinators, including golden boy Billy Napier. It’s early, it happens. Satterfeild was clearly not the first choice but Bobo’s little stunt set them in a bad spot. Not sure why no one seems to notice that the two coaches that Auburn poached are the areas where the offense has struggled.
I’m not happy at all about this, but this comes down to a lack of talent. Talent didn’t want to come here and play for Muschamp, and the few that did were worn down by practicing too hard too often. The team is still feeling these effects because the damage has been done. There may be some scheme issues, but the biggest issues are this…. Two good running backs, one tore his acl before last season, the other needed offseason back surgery last summer. The quarterbacks, one was chased off by an offensive coordinator that had one foot out the door himself on his way to Auburn, who took the new o line coach with him. The other suffered a freak injury early in preseason, and was never able to get on track. Now this can’t all be placed at Muschamp and Bobo’s feet, but this offense was particularly set up for failure by the previous staff, and couldn’t afford any bad luck, and then the Harris and Dotty injuries happened. This isn’t going to get fixed over night, and people need to learn that, and understand why the team didn’t magically fix itself.
Glad to see he’s ok enough to maybe play this week. That injury looked extremely serious last week. He didn’t seem to be able to put any weight on the leg.
Wow… Yeah, no thanks, we’re already up to our eyeballs in arrogant, underhanded snakes that wear orange over here…
I remembered something about Texas basically being the reason that four schools left the big 12. Can any any Aggie, or Mizzou fans elaborate on what they did? I’m more than a little worried that whatever they did to ruin the Big 12, they’ll do here. Also did Oklahoma do anything in this situation too that made those schools want to leave as well.
It was almost like he waited for him to hit the transfer portal to leave.
More like an obnoxious troll. They were obnoxious trolls before Dabo, and before Spurrier. They will always be obnoxious trolls. The only thing that changes is how obnoxious, and arrogant they are.
Well here’s the thing, that’s not really their tradition, it’s some Bobby Bowden crap that Tommy brought with him. We used to do it when Brad Scott was the coach. I might be completely wrong about this but I think Georgia used to do it when Richt was there.