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Who TF are you, why are all of your posts pro Clemson and anti Carolina; and why do you end every post with Roll Tide?
You and all the other POS's, GTFO of here. With that schedule Starting 8-0 is more than possible, not likely but possible. I don't see ANY way that less than 6-2 is the start here. mUSChamp is our guy and will be our guy. He is going to be the greatest coach we have ever had when it is all said and done. Signing Burch, Picking up Bobo, and a healthy RH3 is just the beginning. We are building a foundation to last. F off VolTards, and KYJelly fans.
Brock Vandagriff's coach is Connor Shaw's older brother and he's developing a great relationship with Bobo. Don't be surprised to see him land to the Gamecocks.