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Y'all reaching bro, I'm sorry. Even the media people who aren't gamecock fans that were there said they didn't see or hear nun of the things your AD said happened. Your coach just after the game said we had a great fan base and etc and after some crazy fan of yalls started some BS or twitter about this it took off in the mizzou fan base... FoH
You must be a Mizzou fan who wrote this article. The AD there is lying. No one did none of those things. Y'all didn't post a article when mizzou players played dirty at there place. Our AD even out out a letter saying none of this happened and even went to video evidence of it not happening... Y'all reaching.
TBH what other game is worthy besides Bama-Auburn.... I dont see a issue with us being unranked going into this game. Every broadcast game we have played in has had high Ratings so i understand why SEC Nation would be there. Yall cant always get the spotlight, my goodness lol
They cant even fill the stadium they are at now...