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Bryan: The holding comes from his pushing down on the dude as he fell. That's considered illegally impeding the rusher; I know because I played OL in HS and college and I've had that exact thing called on me before.
If I may offer some perspective on this as someone who played OL all through HS and college, what he did to get the call was how he kind of pushed down on the guy as he fell. Granted, this particular call is really ticky tacky, but pushing on a dude's back as he falls is considered "illegally impeding or obstructing" the defensive player. I've seen it called and had it called on me.
Often, great players cast shadows their brothers can never escape, now matter what the younger player does. Just ask Eli Manning.
Man, would this ever be a huge get for us. I can see it happening too, if he's the kind to want to blaze his own path. At Bama he'd always be Calvin without the 'L'; the younger tag-along always in his star older brother's shadow, no matter what he achieves.
Stoby: Couldn't agree more. No one bats an eye anymore when Bill Belichick drafts a guy no one else thought was worth a pick, and there's a damn good reason for that. Muschamp is the same way.
There were idiots just like you a few years ago saying the exact same BS when Barry Alvarez was excited about getting a two-star TE with 8 career catches to transfer to Wisconsin to play DE. Does the name JJ Watt ring a bell?? Johnny Manziel and Marcus Mariota were both three-stars who won a Heisman, declared early, and became first round picks. Just goes to show stars are given out by self-declared experts and rarely predict how players' turn out.
Stephen F. Austin has long been a really good program and had made deep runs into the FCS playoffs several year in a row. People around there really don't care at all about them? I don't doubt ya, just seems strange.
Gotta call BS on this. So Bruce Feldman tweets something no one else is saying, and cites an anonymous source; just reeks of just making up nonsense for click bait. Just for the record though, last thing we need is a proven failure as a HC.
Vehemon: I hope you're not a Georgia fan, because it'd be the height of hypocrisy for a Georgia fan to say that to anyone else, since they're the ones who swear they're elite and perennial NC contenders because they almost beating Bama that time years ago and have won the SEC twice in the last 30 years.
Setting my own fan loyalty aside for a second, I'd absolutely love to see CMR tell the whole Georgia fan base to kiss his ass and go to hell. No matter what this guy does for these obnoxious, arrogant people, nothing is ever good enough. These Georgia idiots think that just because Hershel Walker won them a NC 35 years ago they're still elite now. Face the facts Georgia fan boys, no matter who you are, 2 conference titles in the past 30 years doesn't make a team elite. Go ahead though, tell us all about how almost beating Bama that time years ago means y'all are still relevant now.
I'd take Kirby Smart over Venables any day. Just think of which recruiting pitch top players would respond better to: Smart: "I'm the architect of the defense that's won 3 national titles since 2009", or Venables: "I'm the architect of the statistically #1 defense once, and we won the ACC once".
Sluva: I truly hope you're right, but this sounds very similar to the injury that ended Latti's career.
I hope he gets banned from all sports for this crap. I bet as soon as he gets in trouble he'll start swearing the dude called him something racial.
That BS should be a penalty. As bad as this is though, I don't think it out-sucks the BS the Wisconsin punter pulled against Mich St in the first B1G Championship Game. The Mich St dude came in diving under the punter's kicking leg, and after the punt, he dropped his leg onto the defender's back, and then flopped backwards. Got the penalty and that complete BS really affected the outcome.
Finally maybe some of these sports writers will stop riding his jock a bit.
That's complete BS and you know it. I was living in Lexington when rumors were going on that Petrino was going to replace Joker. All the UK hypocrites swore they'd disavow UK football if he was hired because he's not a stand up guy and blah blah blah. I told them every chance I got that if he did come to UK you'd blabber all that BS, then, after one win in Gainesville, you'd contribute to Petrino's life-size statue outside Commonwealth. Same is true now, after Stoops gets fired after a few more 5-win (at best) seasons.
I'm definitely adding this page to the list of those I save until the end of the season, then laugh hysterically at how wrong the vast majority of these predictions are. As with all predictions, these are just a combination of what the writers want to happen, and that the writers think will make them look ahead of the curve to predict. An example of that is Georgia; they're the preseason SECE/SEC champs every season because writers want to be seen as ahead of each other in predicting the year UGA and CMR finally live up to the hype.