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The Ravens got Deshon Elliot in the 6th. As a Ravens fan, he's more of a steal at that pick.
Getting the guy's name wrong is a classic power move. Well played sir.
Are NFL teams under some sort of obligation to hire you if you're a good player?
i could be completely wrong on this, but as a Ravens fan, I think I heard Oz is staying with the franchise, he just won't be the GM any more.
So the 5th "Best" game winning play was a TD in which a WR was completely alone due to inept Defense? that's really what we're saying here?
Y'all have no chance. Replacing Heupel(sp) with Dooley? please.
Schedule wise, I think Bama has the upper hand. We had 5 teams in the SEC get new coaches. 3 in the west, 2 in the east. State and aTm have a chance to be better in the west, UF and UT have a chance to be better in the East. The issue is: even with Arky and aTm having improvement, they will still stand no chance vs. Bama. UT and UF, while still unlikely to beat UGA, will pose a more significant threat than aTm and Arkansas will to Bama.
So the black coach that they had to interview but never had any interest in was Tee Martin?
He coached Bo Wallace who has the following top 10 Career stats in the conference:Completion % Passing Yards Total YardsSame criteria for Swag Kelly:Completion% Pass yards per attempt Total yards per playNot to mention the stats of his QBs at Miami: Ken Dorsey, Gino Torretta and Craig Erickson
I'm all for UGA hiring Byron McClendon.I'm also cool with us keeping Bryan McClendon
Yeah UTk is "built to win" 10 games every year. They just never do.
I got to the part where they deemed Lock a "Very likely first round pick". Truth be told I was just skimming until then anyway.
Yeah I think that's what they're getting at. "he won't be an early round guy this year but he won't be that next year either."
So the argument is, "Go to the NFL this year, because you may not be able to next year?"Yeah that's probably true.
the guys got 20 offers and will participate in the Offense/defense all american game. Get real.
Go look at Pruitts HC record on any level including HS. Oh wait. He doesn't have one. Literally never coached as a HC ever. Good luck.
Yall can run the guy down all you'd like, his offense turned Clemson into who they are today.
I would say "neither will land him" is correct
Since you had a HC that went "Owen" vs Will Muschamp.
He's just saying what everyone is thinking. Fulmer in the Illuminati confirmed.
This is exactly what I was thinking. Sure Bama and Auburn aren't playing great teams, but the only team in the CFP top 10 playing anyone with a pulse this week is Wisconsin.
exactly what I was hinting at Tom. Sure, Hayden is 99% likely to go to the draft. However, to state that "muschamp say he gone" is a bit of a stretch.Poetic license I guess.
Mizzou's games vs Teams with winning records: UGA, USC, UK, Auburn,Mizzous Record Vs those teams: 0-4Lock's avg Completion % vs those teams: 53.8%Lock's avg passing yds vs those teams: 267Lock's avg passing TDs vs those teams: 2.5Lock's avg interceptions vs those teams: 1Sure there are a lot of facts being talked about here, but the one that is just as relevant is that Mizzou runs the score up on inferior teams to pad the ol' numbers.
What a crock. In reality it's, "Entire SEC lags behind Bama and UGA." LSU, Auburn, and Mississippi State are beneficiaries of the West having been better for the past several years. The only teams worth a crap that they have beaten is each other.
I think you're getting confused as to what that stat is actually saying. It isn't saying he has more passing TDs in comparison to 125 other teams passing TDs. It is saying he has more passing TDs than 125 other teams have Total TDs. For instance SC is 6-3 but only has 26 Total TDs.However... I, like you, see that this is being taken out of context when 1/2 of those 31 TDs were thrown against non power 5 schools and when you take a look at the stats against teams with actual winning records they become even more average.