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Bennett plays down to the competition too much. Worst games come in what should be the easiest (see Mizzou, UK, GT, Kent St this yr) Same story last year
UGA doesnt worry about 'style' points. Just win... course it helps if your team isnt 130th in pass D.
UT runs a BIG12 scheme, wonder how much longer that conference lasts....
So UT can drop a game and get in but no one else...right?
a few words... 85th in the country in total defense, and 125th in the country in passing yards allowed per game
UGA is much more likely 'in' than UT (everyone other than you seems to realize that). No way UT gets in over a 1 loss UGA (were that to happen)
UT's best win - a 2 loss LSU team that barely beat a 5 loss Ark team? Man, UT is good... i think Hooker just got sacked again. And wait the improved D gave up another score....LOL
Im convinced...maybe we can petition the league to change the score? Lets see UT 100, UGA 0? I mean sure UT got torched over and over but who counting that right? Their improved D couldnt stop gettin scored on but...sacks given up that determines the winner right?
a one loss UGA team gets in over a one loss UT team they beat easily
Outscored...Lol. i'll call that 'Biden logic' Dawgs shut it down @ half to keep from embarrasing UT so they 'appear' to be the best 'one loss' team. Could come back to bite em...we'll see
You said - UT wasnt #3 then, only ranked teams play well? The UF game was never in doubt for UGA.. UT, eh not so much. In any event we'll see how next wk goes
Not a SB4 fan, hes limited but in his last 3 'big' games hes 3-0, no picks. Becks the better passer but Kirby likes SB4 (i dont buy the dual thought as we dont really use him that way)
UGA up by 1 score due to turnovers, won by 3 TDs. UT beat UF by???
Saban knows Burtons career'd be over if he got benched or booted.
Saban is a clown. Clearly beating MSU was more important than Burton acting like a thug 2d time this season (see A&M gm). Odd cuz it's not like he's lighting it up...bad look, poor excuse. He'd had been better off simply saying 'no comment'
Complete more than 50%. Two bad gms back-back one against a D2 school the other v Kent St. Bennett got by last yr thanks to the D
Like your boy Harvey. Of course that he was a member of Alabama Law Enforcement before destroying public property is just the icing on the moronic BAMA fan cake. LOL = ).. BAMA fans are the last who should be talking about behavior.
Bennett exposed. Fewer dumb plays but he still cant stretch the field. Last 3 passes all behind the line relying on skill players to generate O. Bama, UT and maybe UK gonna force it better than Kent St. Couple of Ls coming unless they fix it
Agree. McInstry relies on PI as his best coverage tool. I think its taught - "foul and we'll take our chances on if its called". Horrible officiating all gm that once again slanted towards Bama.
Turners a thug. He had similar plays v. UGA in NC but Bennett got thru. Ewers plays all 4 - UT destroys BAMA.
UT's played lesser competition and Hookers produced worse stat, but no issue keep believin (hopefully phat phil2 thinks they've caught & passed UGA too). Will make it easier to drop 40+ on em again this year while UT struggles to get into the teens. LOL
As stated previously Bennett has more yards on fewer attempts, better QBR that H. Hooker. Its really too bad UTs offense blows like it does and cant pass enough v. SEC talent. Maybe one day they'll be good enough...perhaps when Phat Phil2 is gone?