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Another AU commit that only plays in 3 games as a junior before a season ending injury. I expect him to sign with AU because he is part of an AU family and Trussville players tend to sign with AU.
Auburn has not done well in recruiting oline players for quite some time. When they do land a good prospect the player gets injured in his senior season and injured again during practice for his freshman year. Auburn has the skill players to do well but without a decent oline, they don't get a chance to showcase their skills.
It must be terrible to get almost my entire household annual income every month and not have to do anything. I feel bad about getting $2500/month for SSDI, he must really be feeling bad about all of that free money.
I wasn't defending anything. I was just correcting the SEC excuse for the bad call.
He didn't miss it since he never kicked it. The holder didn't get the ball down in time to be kicked.
On intentional grounding the ball is placed at the spot that it occured. There is no 10 yard penalty.
Not legally. It will be called intentional grounding just as it was against Auburn.
There was also a backwards pass, ie a lateral, one a throw to Schwartz that was ruled an incomplete pass. There were players around the ball but nobody tried to recover it because the whistle was blown early.
There were only 2 rules mentioned. One of them was mentioned twice.
I think the UK at AU game should be interesting. Get to see if Gus really lets Morris call the plays.
I don't think the SEC, ACC OR B12 should be playing this fall. The PAC-12 and BIG-10 are doing what should be done by the other 3 power 5 conferences.
Nothing surprising about his pick. He would pick uat to win a natty in anything.
I lived in Houston County for almost 8 years as a civilian working for the AF at Robins AFB. Houston, pronounced like Howston instead of Huston, now has 3 high schools and auburn has had players from all 3.
2 years left according to another article here. "Caylin Newton, the younger brother of Tigers great Cam Newton, committed to AU on Friday as a graduate transfer from Howard. He will have two seasons of immediate eligibility."
He has 2 years of eligibility left according to a previous article on SDS.
It hurt Nix. He did much better in high school where the talent level is not nearly as good as a D1 power 5 team. The starters in D1 P5 are usually the best high school players so the overall talent level is much higher than in high school. Nix improved with each game so if they play college football this year, he should continue to improve, especially since Gus lets his QBs work with outside QB coaches.
He is a graduate transfer which means he already has a degree. He also has 2 years of eligibility remaining so shouldn't be a GA next year.
It said in 2018 he rushed for 504 yards but later says in 25 games at Howard he rushed for 380 yards. He must have been sacked a lot in his other year. Speaking of sacks, college football should handle sacks the same way as the NFL. Have sacks count against team passing yards instead of against the QB's rushing yards. If they want it to be against the QB, it should be against his passing yards but since most sacks are due to poor blocking, it should be against team passing yards. It shouldn't count as anything against the QB.
Nobody can afford him. He wants a 5 year 100 million dollar contract.
I hate to say this but SEC coaches need to learn from Dabo. They haven't had a flip since 2014 because he has a rule that once you commit, you don't visit other schools unless you decommit. It seems to be working well for him along with the nattys and championship game appearances.
But does he see a path to the NFL through UT? uat has a lot of defensive line players in the league.
6-5 220? He is one skinny kid. As an Auburn fan I hate to say this but he will probably end up signing with the uat.
In his first season as HC at AU, they made it to the FBS Championship game.
Nowhere to go but up especially with recruiting.
They has a 5* sign OT who left after 2 years because he couldn't become a starter against those lower ranked players. There are 2 4* OL who should be able to play this year after recovering from a torn ACL in one case and cancer in the other one.
Maybe Auburn can get some players from Central to sign with them now.
It is amazing how many 3* OL players have committed to Power 5 universities.