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Baylor granted Kam Martin from his LOI because of the Art Briles issues. TN needs to release anybody from their LOI for same reason.
All of those were defensive players under Smart. It remains to be seen what he can do on the offensive side. If you go by good kickers, Malzahn did a great job.
Until Nix has a chance to play behind an offensive line that is more than a look out line, I don't think any accurate assessment can be made about his talent.
He is not draft ready. He may get drafted in the last round but will probably have to go the undrafted free agent route.
I have heard that he will stay as long as Cadillac is RB coach.
He may lose the starting job next year if the QB who signed during early signing period doesn't transfer.
Recruiting is great but if you don't have a coaching staff to develop them, it doesn't matter so much.
Chizik came to Auburn from Iowa State. 'nuff said.
I think Mark Stoops should be interviewed. He has SEC HC experience and has done well with the athletes that UK signs. I want Steele since the assistant coaches will stay.
Baylor was really bad before Steele was hired and was still bad after he left. Art Briles eventually made Baylor relevant by showcasing his offense.
I hope Steele gets the job so that Williams, Gardner and Crime Dog would stay. T-Will and Gardner as Co-DCs while still keeping their position coaching jobs. This would allow another assistant on the offensive side. Let Bicknell take the TE and H-backs from Porter say he can concentrate on improving the special teams and hire an oline coach who can recruit.
I want Kevin Steele for one reason. The assistant coaches will stay. I would make Gardner and T-Will co-DCs and remain their position. Gardner and T-Will are both great recruiters and position coaches. That would allow another offensive position coach. The current oline coach could take TEs and H-backs away from Porter and Auburn could add an oline coach that can recruit. Hopefully, Porter could make Auburn's special teams better since it would be his only job.
Auburn gave LSU more trouble than uat or Clemson. Does that mean AU should be #1? Of course not because you can't base this year's rankings based on last year's results.
I would add Auburn to shelf 2 or maybe even shelf 1. They were one injured player from the NCAA basketball championship last year.
Is Cord still on the team? He had experience as the backup QB last year but didn't play today.
Hilarious. A uat fan saying refs favored Auburn. They have favored uat every year since little nik arrived.
It wasn't a fumble since he never had possession of the ball. The correct term is a muff.
Another AU commit that only plays in 3 games as a junior before a season ending injury. I expect him to sign with AU because he is part of an AU family and Trussville players tend to sign with AU.
Auburn has not done well in recruiting oline players for quite some time. When they do land a good prospect the player gets injured in his senior season and injured again during practice for his freshman year. Auburn has the skill players to do well but without a decent oline, they don't get a chance to showcase their skills.
It must be terrible to get almost my entire household annual income every month and not have to do anything. I feel bad about getting $2500/month for SSDI, he must really be feeling bad about all of that free money.
I wasn't defending anything. I was just correcting the SEC excuse for the bad call.
He didn't miss it since he never kicked it. The holder didn't get the ball down in time to be kicked.
On intentional grounding the ball is placed at the spot that it occured. There is no 10 yard penalty.
Not legally. It will be called intentional grounding just as it was against Auburn.
There was also a backwards pass, ie a lateral, one a throw to Schwartz that was ruled an incomplete pass. There were players around the ball but nobody tried to recover it because the whistle was blown early.