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Who said anything about Kirby? Though I'm sure he will make his mark. Gus is no 5 star coach, if he was his name wouldn't always be used in the same sentence as "hot seat" . Had he not beat UGA in regular season he would been top news as to when he would have been fired. That's not a five star coach. Snarky enough for ya?
Mayfield is playing Heisman quality ball. Definitely gotta get pressure on him to have a chance to win.
#11. Can't recruit a five star coach, but they can pay them like one.
Face it UT fans, your living in the past. You haven't had much success since you fired a successful Phil Fulmer.Pruitt is a solid hire but you've got to recover from the last few years of miserable recruiting. Saban himself would have to overcome that. Except it, you'll probably get back on top eventually, but talking down to UK looks your out of touch considering your were 0-8 and UK has a solid program. Bet no UK fan would swap places with you.
Some fans don't think. This guy doesn't need any extra motivation.
I doubt anybody in Athens is taking the Heisman winner lightly.
notdelusional, what is or isn't happening at UGA has nothing to do with the trainwreck that is UT right now. If you can't admit your program is in disarray then you "aredelusional". As far as hiring Fulmer...is it a light at the end of the tunnel or a train coming.
These post are spot on.If Gus loses to UGA in reg season he's unemployed. Which would have been a shame,cause Gus is a good as anybody coaching in the sec,BUT till Auburn gets over "not being bama"they will be discussing his buyout next year.