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This is devastating news. Ed and Chris Low ran the SEC blog on ESPN which was essentially SDS before SDS. Fans from all teams were constantly interacting and debating. And Ed would constantly pop in and interact with people in the comments. You could tell he was a great person that was passionate about what he did. This one hurts.
Same problem we face with Clemson. We beat them in basketball, they can only bring up the last football score. They brought their 2 football national championship trophies to our basketball and baseball games. At least in baseball we trumped it with our 2 national championship trophies.
Some teams improve over the course of the season. Some get worse....
The SC defense in game 1 vs UNC compared to the defense against UK and Georgia is night and day different. 1 reason is the players are starting to gel as the season goes on. But the big reason is that Muschamp started taking a much more active roll in calling the defense starting with the UK game. That’s why he started wearing the glasses on the sideline, so he could read the play sheets.
Florida is not out recruiting the Gamecocks. Yes, they’re class finished higher than the Gamecocks did in 2019 by a few spots, but that class included Chris Steele, a QB kicked off the team, and some academic non-qualifiers.
Eric Wolford (OL Coach) has been bringing in some very talented talent the past couple of years. Very athletic group. We also have some veterans that will help. Overall the feel is that the OL will continue to improve this year.
Stoops should definitely be higher. What he’s been able to do at Kentucky has been very impressive.
McClendon already turned down a couple of head coaching jobs to smaller schools this year.
This isn’t the same UCF that South Carolina beat at UCF in 2013? You mean the UCF that went undefeated (with the exception to a South Carolina team that finished No. 4 in the country)? A Blake Bortles led UCF team that beat No. 6 Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl? A UCF team that finished top 10 in the country? Yeah, South Carolina has no idea what it’s like to play a good UCF team, and win....
He has a family situation that makes the situation unique. Entire family is planning to move with him to Columbia and have been house hunting. Coaches helped facilitate meeting with med school for his older brother. Entire family is essentially committed.
Also think there are a couple on this list that were told to look at some other options. You get guys that commit in junior year and then don’t continue to develop, bound to happen.
Where you been Esec? You’re probably my all time favorite troll. Everyone obviously knows you’re a troll, and you know everyone knows, and yet you still keep at it. A+ for effort!
Exactly. There are limitations being at S.C. as someone who is familiar with those limitations, Muschamp overachieved.
I don’t know. If I was a Georgia fan, I’d be worried about facing that Jake Fromm character. No wait, I mean Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake the Snake?
Glad Shaw made the top 10. I remember hearing from other fan bases that he was not good. He was a gamer and knew how to win. Fun fact: Connor Shaw never lost a home game. Let that sink in.
Chill dude. SC has one of the toughest OOC schedules in the country. We play #2 Clemson and played #19 NC State on a neutral site. And Wofford has a very good program and should win their conference. They also run the triple option which scares the crap out of most SC fans.
Yes, NC State is sitting at the top of the ACC standings at 4-0 in conference.
In before the Kentucky fans complain about S.C. being ranked ahead of them. And I understand the complaint because head to head wins definitely matter. But so does your schedule and Kentuckt’s Schedule has been pretty mediocre while SC’s has been one of the toughest. SC is the only Power 5 team in the country to have played only bowl teams through the first 7 weeks (and also beat the top team in the ACC in neutral site game). I think that’s why the Gamecocks are ahead of Kentucky despite the head to head.
Rashad Fenton at CB for the Gamecocks. He may be the sneakiest great player in the SEC. Hasn’t allowed a TD in 2 seasons. QBs rarely throw to the WR he’s covering because he has them locked down. SC has had some great DBs come through the program, but Rashad may be one of the best. And many Gamecock fans don’t realize how good he is just because QBs hate throwing his way.
Most likely because we beat N.C. State n a neutral field. NC State is now in sole possession of first place in the Atlantic Division of the ACC, which is viewed nationally as one of the top divisions in the country. We are not very good on offense since we lost Deebo and our top OLineman in the Kentucky game. May get two starting OL back after bye week but our top WR and starting RB are done for the season now. However, our defense has been pretty impressive.
Not saying Muschamp will turn our offense around. But I thought the bug knock on him was that he couldn't get a great QB. Well he has a great QB. Our OL is very thin on talent and 3 of our starters are out injured. OL is the position it takes longest to flip (typically redshirt guys). The issues on OL relate to who the last staff hired. OL Muschamp recruited are still redshirting. Just think it's too soon to cast judgement.
The assistant coach that took bribes from agencies started taking them the last couple of months he was at SC. I think because of the overlap and the fact that SC's name has been thrown into headlines with the likes of Louisville and Arizona, I think it was a good move to show there are no corruption issues at SC.
Gamecock kicker that kicked for the 50 Hardee's was different kicker than the one that missed the PAT.
Everybody knows who you are. a TN fan trolling Gamecocks. You try so hard so you get a participation award!
I'm not a fan of flopping, but Bentley goes down when another player makes contact with him after the play is dead. From what I've seen, it's a little shove from a defender that definitely shouldn't knock him down but also isn't done with good intent from the defender. So Bentley milks it. Not sure how this is considered outright cheating but when a defender is bumping with a WR and the WR overreacts for a pass interference penalty. Pretty much the same thing. Reacting to something the defender did, and overselling on the reaction to draw refs attention.
I like it! I still think the Gamecocks are another year away from being a legitimate contender in the East unless some other teams lose some head scratchers this year. Expectations last year were generally 3 wins and this year 6 wins heading into the season. Our schedule is much tougher than last year so getting 6 wins would actually show improvement. I think 7 wins would be great and 8 wins would be a major accomplishment considering the rebuild the Gamecocks are going through.
So special teams and forcing turnovers are considered "smoke and mirrors"? I guess that makes Deebo really good at smoke and BAW is really good at mirrors. Always enjoy how excelling at those aspects of the game are considered "the other team beating itself." Good thing Muschamp has our team practice making the other team beat itself I guess.