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Love seeing offensive versatility. Can't understand why coaches these days are so afraid to line up shotgun spread one play then under center with 2 backs the next. Show em how it's done coach Bobo.
How can I get a job wasting time like the writer of this article? Lotta football to be played here. The writers should be politicians. At least then I'll know not to read their articles.
Does anybody know what the percentage is of converting 3rd and 12? The field goal is the right call in that situation. C'mon people.
C'mon man. We really gonna make this a big deal? Get the f... outta here.
Refreshing though to finally have a "Playcaller" behind the offense. Overall saw alot of good things on both sides of the ball. Anybody who knows football should have no problem with the field goal on 3rd and 12 with 3 and a half minutes left. The field goal puts you in position to win with a TD at the end. Just gotta communicate on the punt. PETER, PETER, PETER!