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Nah, I think if JG follows through with the play the FB would have cleaned our LB, and it would have been an easy TD. And I would have been SO nervous.
My concern is will he be able to plant, and will he have the pocket mobility. You know LSU is going to pin their ears back and blitz like crazy now.
You're a troll. Jalen is still close to our players. He's still a fan of the team. Why is that creepy?
I love how UT gets one decent win in the past 5 years and now their fans are coming out of the woodwork. "We're back!" Lmao. Go home, you're drunk. UGA laid an egg. They win that game 9 out of every 10. They're stronger, faster, and more talented. UT is .500 in the SEC.
VFL has a point. It is super risky to bring in a first-time head coach during an obvious rebuild. Who knows how Pruitt will perform? I think Fulmer made a mistake that could cost UT 3-5 more years of mediocrity.
This is much more than a Currie problem. The UT fan base is more to blame imo. Protesting on campus and their little #emptyneyland campaign has made the task of getting a great head coach impossible. Who would want to go to a program that is in shambles, and the fan base looks like a mob of rabid idiots? The fans need to shut up and let the university do its job.
I initially felt bad for the fan base, but then I read their delusional comments here and I decide this may be the medicine they need to return to reality. No one wants the job. They're going to have to hire a first time head coach and hope that it works out.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wait, you were joking when you said Saban would take the UT job right? You can't get David Cutcliffe... From DUKE. Hahahahahahahaha!!!
I think this is the right move, for right now. Ole Miss can pay this guy pennies and shop around after the NCAA fiasco is finished. I highly doubt that any great coaches are interested with the sanctions looming. The guy has good relationships with the players. The next few seasons are a bust anyway. Smart move imo.
You're spot on Tim. Saban's success absolutely had an effect on other programs. I also agree that Kirby is going to be the first to challenge Saban for complete dominance. He's a hell of a recruiter/coach. I can see a lot of Bama vs UGA SEC championship games in the years to come.
You're really missing the point. You don't think Saban's abundant success at Bama doesn't have an effect on the other SEC programs? You don't think ADs are much more trigger happy than days of old because they see the juggernaut that is Bama sitting in the West and they want, nay NEED their schools to challenge for supremacy? If you don't see the correlation between Saban's dominance and the current coaching carousel you're blind.
HUGE difference between Mayfield and Cam. Did Cam resist arrest or attempt to flee the scene? Did he yell profanities at the officer? Also, the changes were dropped. Mayfield's will not be. Stop trying to sling mud at other programs. This is about Mayfield, not anyone else.
I absolutely love it when writers answer smart*ss comments. Its why I keep coming back. Well done John.
Finally... Someone using common sense. All of these "just a college kid being a college kid" replies are ridiculous. Drunk & Disorderly, sure. I'll buy that. But fleeing and resisting arrest? Nah, that's not minor. This kid needs to sit several games and complete some serious community service.
How is fleeing and resisting arrest minor? Drunk and disorderly conduct, sure. But resisting arrest isn't minor. I'm sure OU will somehow explain it away and give him a half-game suspension (against UTEP). He deserves at least 3 games and a LOT of community service.
I'm a Bama fan but I've always had tremendous respect for LSU. I think LSU made a big mistake with this hire and here's why: LSU had an opportunity to go for the homerun here. A vast majority of coaches would have been very interested in this gig but it feels like LSU "settled." The hire is so underwhelming. Orgeron is NOT a great X's and O's coach, is NOT offensive minded, and while he IS a decent enough recruiter he is NOT one of the best. Add to that the fact that he is unproven as a program administrator. You can say that he's learned so much during his interim stints all you want, but the fact is that LSU just hired a to-this-point unsuccessful/unproven head coach. Of course the players want him, he's been on the team and has built chemistry with them. But, there were a lot of better candidates that probably could have been persuaded to join the Tigers.
You think Ole Piss should be first on every list every year... No clue how OM fans have gotten so ridiculously cocky when they've actually never won anything. You just keep hanging your hat on those 2 Bama victories, because that's really all the program has!
And the award for comment of the year goes to... *drum roll* Jaye Bass!!!
Congrats Mizzou! As a Bama fan, I understand being hated for success. You guys handled business when it mattered. Enjoy these years! Hopefully we'll see you guys next week! RTR!