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We will never know the answer. I think Burrow is the better QB, but DeVonta Smith is the better WR. Both star running backs were outstanding.
The lack of fans in the stadiums take a lot of fun out of the game. No bands, cheerleaders, no dancing elephant. There is a lot of "color" that was missing this year. I am sick of the same teams, but expanding the playoffs mean more blowout games. I don't like Monday night games. Some of us still have to work the next day. College games go on for nearly 4 hours, which is too long.
I know we are just having fun today, but Alabama should be ranked ahead of Clemson. They sucked against OSU, which sucked against Bama. They are losing their 2 biggest offensive weapons. Nick is still Nick. I hope that a new team or two sneaks into the playoffs. It is getting a little boring. Best bests would be Texas A&M or Iowa State.
I hope his knee is ok. Glad he got to have a little fun tonight. Still has a long road of rehab.
Congrats Bama. This was a complete beat down of a good OSU team. Smith was simply unbelievable in the first half. I hope his hand is ok. Fun to watch. This Alabama team is one of the greatest college teams of all time. Tomorrow we can argue that point, but tonight let's just celebrate another SEC national championship.
Funny how the players at Alabama, a large state university, have managed to stay so much healthier with regards to Covid, than Ohio State which is also a large state university.
When the school fires their coach after winning 4 straight bowl games and losing 4 games this year, that is not a good sign. It looks like the Big 12 may be the nation's best conference this year top to bottom. Or at least a close second to the SEC. Good luck Sark, but don't say we did not warn you. Hope you got a lot of guaranteed money.
The ACC has been exposed as a conference of weaklings. Sad that they took up half the top 4 slots. Texas A&M has to be crying tonight. The SEC ( except Florida) has played about as expected. The Big 10 and Big 12 has outperformed. Should be a great game on the Natty.
It really was not that close. ND got a late touchdown during garbage time and then recovered an onside kick. When you are up 24 points much of the game, it can be hard to finish the blowout. ND was not in Bama's league, but if you give them an inch, they will make you pay.
Congrats to the Dawgs. Cincy is a good team. I like GA next year already for the SEC east.
Based on what I saw from Florida last night, I will take Northwestern by 4 touchdowns. They will miss their head coach and Schwarz a lot. This is a strange year, but outside of Alabama, the SEC is not very special.
The lack of discipline, poor tackling, dropped passes by open receivers. This reflects on the coaches, players, and team culture. This was bad and I am a Gator fan from way back. I don't blame Trask, because they pretty much got back in it until they stopped playing in the 2nd Quarter.
The lack of effort really bothered me. Oklahoma receivers made catches. Florida receivers dropped numerous passes. The Oklahoma defense made tackles and the Gators did not. I don't want to read another word about SEC superiority for a good long time. This was really bad and I like the Gators.
The Oklahoma receivers are catching the ball and the Gators are dropping the ball. The Oklahoma defenders are tackling and the Gator defenders are not. We can blame the QB and the coaches, but simple execution is vital.
At halftime, Kyle Trask and the Gators look like crap. This clown will not be winning any more awards. I pray to God that the Chicago Bears do not draft this guy. Very slow, telegraphs all his throws.
Boise State has consistently over performed. He has taken a mid major school with average facilities and recruiting and elevated it to the next level. He may very well give the SEC fits. Good luck coach.
No disrespect to Ole Miss, but Indiana really got screwed. They should have been in a New Years Six Bowl. They got pushed out by the Big 10 honchos in favor of Northwestern.
I am a Gator, but I really enjoyed this game. The Gators had their chances. Please contrast this dynamite, exciting game with fantastic players and coaches to the dull, plodding, Big 10 Championship where OSU beat NU 22-10. Basically, NU is like Vanderbilt without the cute girls. Great job Bama, bring home another natty.
This is a great year for a lot of the minor bowls to take a break. There only purpose is to make tv revenue. Nobody wants to watch the number 9 Big 10 team play the number 4 MAC team. Let's play the New Years bowls and the Championship bowls and get everything back to normal next year.
The best thing for a young QB out of high school is a couple of years as backup learning the system and the players and learning to read defenses. Very few times is there a guy like Trevor Lawrence starting straight out of high school.
I find Danielson a little annoying. He states some really obvious things when he should just be quiet. Since I live in Big 10 country, I don't sit around and worry about which announcer is favoring which team. ESPN will be far worse, so enjoy CBS while you can.
Auburn reverts to the familiar role of wannabe little brother. They are and always will be an inconsistent, slightly above average program. They knock off Alabama every 4 years and they gain international respect. The great teams ( Bama , Clemson, Ohio State) are there nearly every year. Auburn and their LSU buddies strike gold once a decade, but are not the real deal.
One of the best SFAS ever. Always love Tennessee sad fans. Thanks for the shout out to FSU folks. Always love seeing Michigan lose.
I thought last year that Mac Jones was the real deal. I will jump on the Trask train when he beats Georgia.