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Then stop recruiting "one and done" players. You bemoan your lack of experience and the morons that run the NBA are going to draft 4 or 5 of your starters. Get some kids in there with character that want an education. Keep your kids in the gym until they can shoot free throws. Build some junior and senior leadership. You can still have 3 or 4 freshman pheonms. But have some core of a team and some leaders. Talent and "potential" are what the fat drunks in the NBA want to pay for. When you get deep into the tournament, you need something more. Go ask Loyola.
Does everything on SDS have to be about Alabama and Auburn? Kentucky and Texas A&M are in the Sweet 16 and still every other article is about football schools.
Wize move GA. Crean is good and will get you back in a year or two.
Crean cleaned up an IU program that was a mess. Fought to the top of a pretty tough Big 10. Good recruiter. Some of us think he should have gone farther in the tourney his last couple of years, given the talent that he had. That's why he is no longer there. But he will get Georgia back in the game.
Great coach, great program. Hope ya'll get it done next year. Give the old Gators a chance one of these days ok?
They need to find a place kicker as well. I know everybody thinks Bama will win every game 65-0, but having a clutch kicker/holder/long snapper crew will go a long way or hurt very much. Mark My Words
Saban is the boss and I am sure that will always be clear. Saban wants strong people around him ( Kirby Smart). He makes them better. They make him better. Maybe Jones helps out for a couple of years and moves on to a bigger job. That's how America works.
The only way for Florida to come back is to commit to the run. That's how you win the SEC. Even during the Tebow years, this was a pounding, running team and you could count on Tebow to hit some open guys several times per game. It seems that the past several coaches will commit to the run for a quarter or a half and then give up. The SEC has too much talent to rely on gimmicks. Please recall the last three times they beat GA ( ancient history 2014, 2015, and 2016), they basically just pounded the crap out of Georgia up front.
BamaTime, Florida, UK, South Carolina, half of the Big 10. You know, all the state schools that win in basketball. And none of them are from your state. Kind of sick of SDS being so fixated on a small, poor state that never wins in basketball. This site should stick to football, but if they insist on talking basketball, leave Alabama out of any intelligent conversation.
It's great that the good folks in the state of Alabama think that winning the state championship is the goal line. Meanwhile Florida and Kentucky have won multiple national championships. Florida and Kentucky have been to the Final 4 multiple times. Usually at least one SEC team goes to the Final Four. South Carolina had a great run last year. Neither team from this state has been to the Final Four. Even when Charles Barkley played for Auburn. Hello, set your sights higher.
Florida always needs a QB. If you want to stay close, there has to be a mid major school somewhere that the guy could go to and likely play. Does he want to play somewhere or just go for a ring and the learning experience?I think the Alabama QB situation is more complicated, which is not all bad. Hurts is an excellent game manager, he can run, and he can make throws. We have only seen one half of one game from Tua. He made huge plays. He has the confidence of his coaches and team. He made some bad decisions, which were quickly overlooked by the great finish. Not completely sure he is the guy for all 15 games. Nick will need all his coaching skills to manage this transition correctly.
I wish the NCAA would revisit this one and done rule. It has turned college basketball into a complete farm system for the NBA. No one has ever heard of these kids and by the time you know who they are, they are declaring for the draft. The kids don't care about the school, the team,or getting an education. That's why you have all this "potential" that does not pan out. Have not watched a single college game all year. I usually can't get excited until the conference games and the NCAA tourney. By the way, the NBA is boring as well. When LeBron retires, they will be in a world of hurt.
They will not beat GA or FSU next year. They must win their 3 non conference games ( Charleston State, Idaho, and Colorado State). The SEC east is still a dumpster fire. So if they beat everybody in the East beside GA and SC, thats 4 more wins and they are in a minor bowl game. If they go two out of three with LSU, Miss St, and SC, that would be a real good start. Anything else is gravy and will help recruiting. They have Kentucky, LSU, Mizzou, and SC games in Gainesville. Hopefully Gator Nation will be out loud and proud. The team played far below their talent level last year and absolutely gave up. I am assuming Dan can get the morale and discipline on and off the field straightened out. Finding a serviceable QB and getting him in a scheme that fits his talents would go a long way.
I seem to remember another Ole Ball Coach at Florida that liked to have a little fun tweaking his neighboring schools. I just hope he gets the same results.
I think UCF has a clever marketing department. Shame on Auburn for not taking care of business. If AU had shown up and beaten UCF, they could rightly say they beat the best 3 teams in the country!
I can only find fault with two things. First, he should not have gloated during the home win over Georgia, knowing he could very well be seeing the Bulldogs again in a few weeks on a neutral site. That was dumb and really motivated Georgia. They whipped GA and Alabama real good. Whippings for the ages. Against GA in the SEC title game, they were a depleted team without their best player. The team was on Conway's back the last half of the season and he just did not have it.The terrible coaching job and national disgrace was against Central Florida. They were pushed around by very good mid major team, but a mid major team nontheless. The game was not close. One team wanted to be there and Auburn did not. Auburn was just not deep enough to beat Georgia, Alabama, and Georgia again in a span of a few weeks. Few teams are that good. That is forgivable. The lack of effort and game plan against Central Florida is not.
NCAA football is not NFL football. Different rules, strategies, and skill sets. Guys that were so so in college ( Tom Brady) become superstars in the NFL. Superstars in the NCAA ( Tim Tebow, to name one) don't always translate to pro football stars. NCAA is not a feeder network for the NFL the way college basketball is for the NBA. The SEC in particular is so much more focused on pounding the football and defense that it just does not always develop pro style QBs. Peyton Manning is the only guy that comes to mind that absolutely owned success at the elite college level and the pros. We will see where Cam Newton ends up. Dak never even won the SEC west.
Teams want a coach on the way up, not on the way down. Kudos to Miles. He had a great career. His programs were clean. His personal life seems to be clean. Maybe his agent wanted too much money for a guy not destined any longer for a big time program. I am surprised some mid major school did not want him to bring in a big name and some recruiting help.
Tua seems like he has a high standard of deviation. Clearly he was the reason Alabama beat Georgia. But I could see the guy throwing a couple of pick sixes in a big game. Hurts is your game manager guy that Nick loves. At least Saban has two QBs. Most schools don't even have one. The big challenge for next year is keeping both guys happy and on the roster. This is going to be trickier than anybody thinks. Tua has exactly one half of one game's experience.
I do admire their cheeky attitude. They smacked Auburn pretty good. They should be trying to get Florida, Florida State and Miami on their schedule. Pretty sure they are State Champions of Florida. And that ain't beanbag!
Why do we care what ESPN says? They only think college football exists as a feeder for the NFL. Then they complain when schools send outstanding players to the league. Something tells me Coach Saban has a depth chart 5 guys deep to replace the folks that left.
I know these are scheduled years in advance, but these games seem kind of lame. The best one I hope will be LSU and Miami in Miami. Please recall LSU traveling to Green Bay to play Wisconsin 2 years ago. Living in the Midwest currently, I would love to see more SEC Big 10 or SEC Big 12 matchups. To answer someone's question, the games are always played first or early in Sept. It helps give the team a real target of fall practice. It is tough to get psyched up for Austin Pea. You are forgiven GA, since you went to ND and won last year.
I think McElwain is terrible. The Florida offense was awful. He never found or developed a QB. No breakout wide receivers. Florida has been known over the years for great running backs. Nada. Like Kiffin, the guys seems to have poor judgement and say stupid things. This is why the good lord invented mid-major schools. To give mediocre coaches a way to make a living.
How does it help your career to be trashing the guy that got you back in the game? This kind of immaturity is why he will never be a big time coach again in college or the NFL.
Whoa Nellie! Keith Jackson was the best. He really loved the college game and it showed up in his broadcasts.RIP
We live in the Central Time Zone so the game started at 7:15. It was still really late when it finished. When will the NCAA and ESPN figure out that most college football fans work for a living? Most college football fans live in the East and Central time zones. Sorry Cali, just a fact. Tuesday January 9th was a work day for most of the nation. Come on guys. Everything cannot always be about money.
Between classes and practices, Division 1 football players work like dogs. My sense is they work even harder at Alabama. Having a convenient place to get your hair cut seems to make sense.
The hat does not even fit and looks goofy. Bear always wore the hat lower in front, I guess to keep the sun out of his eyes. Just lost even more respect for Sports Illustrated. When do the Swimsuits come out? Just make sure they fit the girls!