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Les Miles, you go buddy. Lot's of grass in Kansas for you to nibble on.
UGA has Notre Dame, Florida, Auburn, and likely the SEC west winner. This is literally the most difficult schedule of any team in the nation.
He's pretty good in this; I think acting is his true calling.
Alabama, LSU, Georgia and UCF in the playoffs. I would be fine with that. Big 10 nothing, Big 12 nothing, Pac 12 nothing, so why not UCF?
Florida must play clean football to win. Establish the power run game. Franks can hit open guys, but Franks cannot carry the team. Defense must play lights out.
Hard to believe Florida is in the top 10. Looks like the Miami game has already been forgotten.
I have always liked this guy. I don't recall his name being called much against Miami. The Gators need to establish the bruising run game and mix it up with deep, accurate throws. I would much rather put the game in Perine's hands than Felipe Franks.
Auburn salvaged a pretty rough day for the SEC. Those guys are tough. Should be a terrific SEC West battle. The East, not so much. Mizzou, TN, SC all lost and Florida is well, Florida. I guess it will be the Dawgs vs somebody in Atlanta. Glad football is back! War Eagle!
Kirby Smart and Dabo Sweeney had to be the happiest guys in America last night. Kirby has a free ride to Atlanta and Dabo has a free ride all the way to the CFP playoffs.
Possibly the worst 4 hours of my life and that includes a heart attack and stent surgery. I assume they can clean up the defensive lack of discipline. I applaud Mullen's gutsy play calling. Felipe Franks is simply not a big time QB. He made one throw the entire night. Sorry to be so negative, but this is a young and green Miami team that almost won. How can they possibly compete in the SEC?
When the Gators don't play well, the Swamp is not such a great place. It is hot and folks clear out. I am not sure I would put The Swamp in this elite group. Between the Hedges and Jordan Hare are on another level because it seems the fans are right on top of the field. When UT gets rolling Neyland can be a lot of fun. My issue with Bryant-Denny is that the Bama fans are very spoiled and unless they are up 55 to zip at the half, they are complaining.
Can Kirby win the biggest games on the biggest stages. His talent is fine. He has to be able to make really good in-game decisions at several key points this season.
I was going to say the same thing about HBCU marching bands. Don't forget FAMU!
If that is your worst fear, you have a good life, my friend.
Felipe Franks of Florida scares me the most. He defines mediocrity. Can't believe they have not found a 5 star guy with good judgement to replace him or at least have a shot at starting. I think GA is safe in the East for at least another year. I would love to see somebody in the West really challenge Bama. Kind of sick of Clemson and Alabama in the title game.
I know this is not usually a political site, but Tommy would be so much better than Roy Moore. This is a seat the GOP has to flip back.
Coaches can leave whenever they want. Why not the student athletes?
This story is why Al Gore invented the internet! I still find it hilarious and it probably flushed away McElwain a year sooner than the boosters would have. Can you imagine Saban or Spurrier humping a shark?
I like that Mullen has a fun sense of humor. Spurrier of course is the all time master at trolling opponents. GA is probably still on another level for a year or so, but progress usually comes much faster than expected or not at all. Regarding the schedule, GA played Notre Dame non conference and I believe they are scheduled for more games down the road. GA Tech used to be decent; you can't blame Kirby because they have really declined. Glad the Gators have added Miami to the schedule. The state of Florida is the best in the nation for football and the big powers should be playing each other.
The SEC is usually the nation's best football conference. Every SEC fan wants SEC teams to go undefeated during bowl season ( unless they happen to play each other). It makes the conference look better when they are out smacking around Big 10 or Big 12 teams. I feel the same way about basketball. I was super excited when Florida won their national championships in basketball. I love underdogs. So I would love to see Auburn win the Tournament next week.
Doesn't Clemson have a pretty good QB? That 6 foot 5 white guy with long hair?? The guy with the hot girlfriend? The guy that destroyed Alabama? I thought he would be on this list.
What a terrible boring game. Can't wait for next year's Alabama/Clemson game.
Clemson and Alabama are the best two programs in the country, by far. My guess is Saban will have his secondary and linebackers with more experience and a rematch will be a much tougher win for Clemson. As far as coaching turnover goes, Saban gets the best guys because they will have the best career opportunities down the road. Stability has worked for Clemson, but eventually power 5 head coaching jobs come along and you have to respect guys that want to move up the ladder. Clemson was the underdog and had a legitimate chip on their shoulder all year. Nick was fighting to keep his guys from getting complacent. That's all changed. I think Saban needs to beef up the run game and beef up the secondary. Don't worry about Tua.
Clemson is still the biggest threat, but Hurts add another dimension to OU. Something tells me Saban will have a much improved secondary and linebacker core than he had available for the NC game. Way to early to bury Alabama. I hope we have some upsets along the way, but the playoffs should be really fun.
Cautiously optimistic. Gators have Miami in Orlando, which is basically a home game. Auburn at home, TN at home. October 12 at LSU will be huge. I suddenly am not as worried about GA. They cannot have let downs against the likes of Mizzou and South Carolina. I can see 11 wins, maybe 12. Maybe more.
I wish this classy young man all the best. I have a strange feeling this guy could cause some trouble for Bama in the playoffs next year. OU should be plenty fun to watch. OU has a very manageable schedule next year and could easily go undefeated until the playoff. If Riley can get some defensive players, those guys could do some damage. Lordy!
Having guys go to the NFL is a talking point for web sites, it is not an accomplishment. Winning the SEC is an accomplishment. Winning the Natty is an accomplishment. Where the guys go is not Saban's problem. Getting guys to replace them is Saban's problem. Do not turn NCAA football into NCAA basketball. This is not a feeder league. Since college basketball has been turned into a feeder league for the NBA, it is completely worthless except for the last two weeks of the tournament. 5 months of playing basketball is worthless. Every game in NCAA football is important. If guys make it to the next level, that's great. I watch TV on Saturdays. I don't care what happens in the pros.
LSUMC, happy wife, happy life. That's a great idea to take her out to breakfast and then you can go to your mancave for 12 consecutive hours!
I love the Gators, but they should not be ranked ahead of Georgia. Georgia clearly beat them J Ville. Georgia fought Alabama tough in the SEC Championship game ( ok, that is not quite as impressive today). Georgia had one more total win than the Gators. They stunk in their bowl, but so did a bunch of SEC teams.
I agree with most of this. I don't know how anybody beats Clemson as long as this Lawrence kid stays healthy. Clemson plays Notre Dame early next year and then the rest of the ACC. FSU and Miami are several years away from relevance. So they really only have to peak in late December. Place kicker has been a rare weak spot for Alabama for years now. Shocked this has not been fixed. It is hard to run fake field goals when your kicker is not credible. Saban has been very good to his staff and that will come back to haunt the tide. They said last night how some recruits are turned off by the high turnover of coordinators and want more "stability". I think Nick truly believes in helping guys improve their situation for their families. Maybe this is when Saban says he had a great run and it is time for the next generation. He has proven all he needs to prove.