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Same argument we have every year. There is a little bit of "reputation effect" with these things. But if Nebraska or Mizzou runs the table, they will get into the championship game. So would any team in a power 5 conference. The issue becomes when a team loses once or twice, or does not win their conference championship. I think the committee has gotten it right every year. Remember, half the fun of college football is the arguing that goes along with it.
Sorry to dredge up a sore subject GA fans. How did Georgia lose this game? I saw the game live and have watched highlight reels several times. As I watch GA go up 20-7 with 6:52 left in the 3rd, I still cannot believe it. I think Fromm is pretty good. Going out on a limb, but I think he beats Saban's committee system in the SEC Championship game. If you have two Quarterbacks, you don't have A Quarterback. Not yet sold on Tua.
If you have time and can find it on cable, watch the college world series. It is very fast and fun and so much more entertaining than pro baseball. The women's world series is even better. Faster and funner. 13 SEC teams this year.
I hope all this hype is true. Florida still does not have a proven QB. Their running game never really showed up last year. I know they have talent. They have had talent before. The talent has to be coached and disciplined. Coach Mullen should take a page out of Bear Bryant's playbook and talk down the team to minimize expectations. I love the Gators and Gainesville, but this is a very fickle fan base. You want to give them pleasant surprises, not hype and disappointment.
Jimbo is a good coach and good recruiter. The SEC West just got more difficult.
Unless something crazy happens, and it usually does, I see 10-2 with a New Year's Day Bowl game. Not sure they can beat GA and Alabama on the road. But that's why we wait and play the games.
Wow, way to be bold with your predictions! Alabama in the CFP again. Who would ever see that coming!
I have a problem with one win against a strong Power 5 conference team gettin a team in the playoffs. Let's see in the SEC, someone has to beat LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia or some combination of those. It has to survive Florida, Tennesse, both Mississippi schools, Texas A&M. The Big 10 winner has Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. And off weeks against Nebraska, Iowa, Purdue and the rest. The ACC has Clemson, Florida State, Miami, and cannot have a let down against Georgia Tech, NC, NC State and the rest. Ditto for the Big 12 and the PAC 12. There are 2 to 4 power schools in each conference, plus pretty tough "off weeks" against teams that can and will pull off upsets each and every week. That is very different from playing one legitimate power team and a bunch of lesser schools the rest of the year. Don't get me wrong, I love mid majors. I went to a mid major school. I think the Power 5 should have more matchups with mid majors and less matchups with the Mercers and Charleston Southerns of the world. I love to watch the best mid majors play in bowl games against good teams in power 5 conferences. But I do not think a mid major will ever be in the top 4 of the nation. Their strength of schedule is just not there.
Be sure to get Tebow in there. That would be a lot of fun and a way to draw some crowds.
I hope I am wrong, but I still think Florida and Auburn seem over rated. Florida has a lot of holes to fill from a 4 win season. We don't know if they will have a QB or not. Auburn just seemed super depleted at the end of last year and they lost their main offensive weapon. They have Miss St, Georgia, and Alabama on the road. Just for fun, I hope TN and SC do better than expected.
Ohio State plays Tulane, and TCU for non conference games. The TCU game should be fun. They also play Rutgers, Maryland, Indiana, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Purdue. They don't play Wisconsin of the Big 10, arguably the best Big team not from Ohio. When you play in a conference with 4 or 5 legit football teams, it is tough to argue how tough the schedule is. When the Alabama/FSU game was scheduled several years back, FSU was a yearly contender for the big time. Louisville and their QB were the toast of the NCAA just 2 years ago. It is difficult to project how good a matchup will be when they are scheduled years in advance. I don't have a problem with 8 conference games, although I would love to see 9. I have a problem with putting Mercer and Charleston Southern on the schedule, when there are much better games available. What is being left unsaid is the number of games we are asking these kids to practice for and play. I am strongly against adding more games. Not that long ago, a team played 11 games and a bowl game. Alabama and GA played 15 games last year. When we add conference games, and power non conference matchups, something has to drop off.
I don't think it is wise having just one guy around that can play big time football. A team is one injury away from disaster. Remember when Ohio State just kept plugging in QBs the year so many guys got hurt? As talented as the defenses in the SEC are, a one dimensional team cannot win. Jake Coker and Blake Barnett could light it up deep once in a while to keep the defenses off balance. So could Hurts. What only the very elite guys can do is put a team on their back and come from 2 or 3 scores behind. Nick needs to find a way to keep Hurts around this season. He can graduate and transfer over the winter to his next program and have a spring season and a full year left to start and perhaps get NFL attention. Florida has about 8 QBs on the roster, but we don't know if any of them can play.
At least play a mid major program instead of a complete cupcake. A mid major has beaten an SEC or Big team every year now for a number of years. If you are playing a MAC or American Athletic Conference Team, you had better show up ( remember Central Florida is the national champion! LOL). It is great for the mid major schools to play against the big boys. But I agree with Saban, I would love to see more quality non conference games.
Raisedinswamp, I get that the Gators play FSU and Georgia every year. Those are great games. But the article seemed to say they wanted to play USF to help recruiting in Tampa. There a lot of players in South Florida to be had. I would like to see all Power 5 teams stop playing the Mercers and Charleston Southerns of the world.
I would like to see an annual home and home with Miami. If the Gators want to recruit in Tampa, why are they abandoning South Florida? Charleston Southern, Colorado State, and Idaho in 2018? Come on guys. If you want to be national champions, you have to play some real teams.
Good, I enjoy seeing good non conference games. Hopefully, USC and Alabama will have strong teams. This is a big plus for the PAC 12. Those of us in the East don't see their teams play that much. If USC is good, they will get some good exposure.
Another day, another fawning Alabama story. Tua has played exactly one half of one game of college football and you guys already have him in the pros. Slow News Day!
I would love to see Florida rebound this year. It would be great for the school, the state, and the SEC. Mullen should tamp down expectations. ( Maybe too late for that). This ranking is too high based on pretty much nothing. Florida looked terrible last year. This is a very demanding fan base. Better to surprise a few teams and build some momentum than have a disappointing start. I think the guy can turn the program around, but he does not want to stumble and dig the team into a hole.
Florida is a large state with a lot of big time high school sports programs. Academically, it is a Top 50 school nationally ( that includes the Ivy League and other private schools). It has ideal weather conditions, although it is a little too hot and humid for my taste. It has great facilities overall. The big question is when is the football team going to catch up with the rest of the school?
Nick will not coach pro again. He knows better. I hope the Gators have a great year. Doubt they will win the NC, but 10 wins and a nice bowl game would help out a lot. I hope they don't expand the playoffs to 8 teams. We have never had 8 worthy teams. Last year, you can argue there were 5 worthy teams. And only 4 get in. The fussing is what makes college football great.
I fell in love with SEC football and Alabama way back in the 1970s when Bear roamed the sidelines. He was a great recruiter and motivator. His team perfected the stiff defense, pounding running game, and occasional whoop de doo trick and big plays. He was not a great game coach. More than once, I saw Alabama fall behind early to inferior teams and just struggle to get it going. When the Bear's teams dictated the tempo of play, the Tide dominated. If not, they struggled. Not sure he could have beat Kirby Smart and GA this past January. It is fun to debate, but we will never really know. Having seen many games coached by both guys, I think Saban is better against better teams.
There are too many games in college football. Depending on the overall schedule and results, a strong Power 5 conference team gets one freebie and can still make the playoffs with one loss. Losing at Auburn was Alabama's and Georgia's mulligan game last year. Ohio State lost a tough one at home, which could have been overcome. Losing to Iowa was two losses and too much. Clemson lost at Syracuse and still got in. Because of the new playoff format, the conference championship does not mean what it once did. Sad!
Florida and Notre Dame make the most sense in your hypothetical scenario. I see him staying at Alabama, graduating and then playing somewhere else in 2019. I see Nick using him as a game manager and using Tua for explosive plays. He can really help Tua become the full time starter. If you really go back and look at NC second half, I see Tua making some great plays and some bad plays. I see GA defenders out of position. I don't see the next coming of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. Just yet. If Nick can manage this right, he gets a real steady QB and a real explosive QB to complement his running game and his defense. I think Hurts just wants to play somewhere and help his team compete. I don't think anyone expects to see him play QB in the NFL.
Wow, slow news day. Harbaugh has nothing to do with Saban. Neither does Jimbo or Urban Meyer. Malzahn is his competitor. The only real connection is with Kirby Smart. If you tried hard enough, I am sure you could find out that the coach from Central Michigan once ate lunch at the same diner where Nick Saban had eaten two years earlier.
Best of luck to Cadillac Williams. Having said that, I do not like IMG or what they stand for. They are basically a football factory for 15 and 16 year old kids. I question what kind of parent sends their son to a football factory for high school. These kids have enough pressure and enough hard hits in college. Let a kid have some fun in high school. Then they can go to a big time SEC school and face the pressure. Florida high school football is some of the best in the country. They don't need to be competing against what is basically a professional program.
I hope Auburn has a great year, but I have doubts. When you lose the last two games the way they did. Their big wins were keyed by a running back that is gone. I did not see any big, strong, fast backs that were able to pick up the load in either the SEC championship or the bowl game. Alabama and Georgia each of 3 or 4 guys ( and probably more) ready to go.
Good for him. He is young enough to have a really good run at Georgia.
Tua played one half of one game and he made some good plays but also made some bad plays. I am still not even sure he should be the starter next fall. I see a very hyped sophomore with very little game experience. He may lead Bama to 3 undefeated seasons and 3 national titles. More likely, he will make sophomore mistakes like turnovers and bad reads. Of the other guys on the list, the real deal is Jake Fromm.
Good analysis. I grew up near Gainesville, FL in a football crazy county and now live in the suburbs of Chicago. Like night and day sports culture wise. Also, many parents near the major metro areas are afraid of concussions. I am in the minority, especially during NFL draft week. I firmly believe big time football in the SEC, ACC, and Big especially is a different game with a vastly different ( and superior ) culture. There are traditions in Gainesville, Knoxville, Tuscaloosa, South Bend, Columbus and other mid sized cities in the Southeast and Midwest that rise above the corporate crap that has pervaded the NFL. Florida and Georgia Week, Alabama v Auburn, Ohio State V Michigan. These rivalries go back decades and are fought ALL YEAR. The restaurants, the traditions, the parades, the bands, the chants. Guys with no hope of going to the NFL beating their brains out for 5 years. Keith Jackson understood it. Frank Broyles ( Arkansas and then ABC) got it. I think the guys today from CBS pretty much get it. ESPN does not get it. School pride, state pride, conference pride. This simply does not exist in the NFL, with the possible exception of Green Bay ( the smallest city in the league does the best job of supporting their team, rain or shine). Yes, I know the pro athletes are better. Just like the NBA. But you don't see me watching the NBA for another 3 weeks, at least. I love that the elite of the SEC go on to do well. But don't make college football and especially the SEC a feeder league for the NFL. That's what has almost ruined college basketball ( why do you think we love Loyola so much?)