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Joe wants to go there and the Bengals want him. Hope it works out great for everybody. Go Chiefs!
Let's just see what next year brings before we name any stadiums after the guy. He had a great year. His QB had a great year. Cannot take that away. But LSU has not consistently been elite year in and year out for multiple years the way Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State have. They have Florida and Auburn on the road ( although Auburn only cares about beating Alabama LOL) and I think Alabama will want big time revenge on LSU. I see them with one loss and maybe two in the regular season next year.
The Titans lost because they could not control Mahonnes. Once they got a lead, they were able to focus only on Henry.
Can't blame a guy for wanting to get with a better program. 3 or 4 years at Alabama, and he will be in line for even bigger jobs. That's how it works in college football.
Can't blame a guy for wanting a better life for his family. This is what Nick Saban deals with every year. Get great staff and watch them leave.
Shocked the guy would hand out cash to college athletes with very strict requirements for eligibility. Not on the players, but on Odell. Not a good look with the players smoking cigars in the locker room. In this day and age, with the massive amount of conditioning required, who would want to smoke? Sorry to see Burrow involved.
As bad as Oklahoma played in the playoff, it is pretty clear that UGA belonged. I think they might have beat Ohio State and played tough against Clemson or LSU.
Still cannot believe Alabama cannot find a kicker. I saw good kicking in the natty and through the playoffs. Very important position. LSU's guy even drilled almost every kickoff out of the end zone.
I was also looking to see running back listed. LSU and Clemson had great QBs and defenses, but also a big, fast monster running back who could also catch passes out of the backfield. Alabama cannot have enough running backs.
Good article. I have been a SEC fan since the early 1970s, and this is the best team I have ever seen.
Great game! I am sorry a team had to lose. SEC toughness won the day; no disrespect to Clemson.
I think LSU wins and wins big. I am surprised at some of the coverage predicting a Clemson win. LSU does need to keep the gas pedal on. They do not want to let Clemson get on a roll or keep it close. If it is close, Dabo may find a way to pull it out.
They have never had a placekicker! LOL. I think there should have been room for Jalen Hurts on this list. The guy was a winner.
Hopefully, the final rankings will reflect where Bama is. Oklahoma should clearly be behind a lot of SEC teams.
It was a fun game for the most part. Glad Bama poured it on at the end. After a lot of lop sided games during the regular season, I have really enjoyed the bowls. I can't believe we have to wait another 10 days for LSU and Clemson. That is wrong.
I grew up in SEC country, but now live in Big 10 country. My daughter is a graduate of IU. She has a good job and is happy. This game represents the Big 10 in all the dysfunction. They can make big plays. They can play smash mouth football. The Big has no imagination, no anticipation, they cannot win the big games. The entire stadium saw that onside kick coming. Except for the IU team and coaches. I am hoping LSU gets it done, because we all hate the ACC.
I don't see Georgia getting past Alabama and perhaps not Florida next year. They had a free ride in the SEC East for the past 4 years, and I am afraid that window has closed. Not too worried about UVA.
I don't know how much longer the Michigan fan base will give Harbaugh. Minnesota really showed that the Big can play big time football and that development cannot help the guy. Ohio State and Wisconsin played very tough despite the outcome, but Michigan looked lost in the 2nd half.
I thought Bama did a really nice job in the second half. I believe they are the 6th or 7th best team in the country. Certainly better than Oklahoma. Probably Georgia and Oregon move up, but I think Bama should be right there. They lost to perhaps the best college team we have seen in a few years ( LSU) and a tough road loss to Auburn. I don't think they should be ranked behind many other two loss teams.
This year, there were only 3 worthy playoff teams. Most years there are two or 3 that are truly on top. I cannot imagine expanding the group. I actually enjoyed today's bowl games. Not every game has to be for a natty to be fun to watch.
It's called tackling, Michigan. Maybe look into it for next year.
Florida's schedule next year looks pretty favorable. They have LSU at home. Who knows what LSU will have next year without Burrow. The big test will be Georgia. I think Florida is on the way up still and GA has reached it's peak. Time will tell, and I may change my mind after watching the GA bowl game.
No offense to Texas A&M, but 6-6 teams do not belong in bowls. Illinois proved the same point today. The Aggies were in the bottom third of the conference, and it is difficult to draw grand conclusions from the play of the conference weaklings. p.s. The ACC might be a little better than everybody thought!
The entire elite SEC group is WRU. Never seen so many great receivers.
Memo to next year's playoff committee: Leave Oklahoma at home. This game sucks. I planned my Saturday around this, and now LSU leads 35-7. Alabama blew out OU a few years ago. The Big 12 is not any better than the MAC. They should have picked Georgia or Auburn or anybody else other than OU. Crap, even Penn St looked decent today. I am happy for the outcome, but I have watched so many blowouts this year, I was really hopeful for a high quality well played game.
Alabama has laid eggs in bowl games before that is was "disappointed" to be in. I think Saban needs to win this game. LSU will not be nearly as good next year. They have Auburn and Texas A&M at home. They open with USC in Jerry Jones stadium. They do have Georgia at home early in the season, but they can drop that game and still win the SEC west. Things look good for 2020, but that starts next week. Harbaugh is done. He is not the guy. He can turn a program around, but he has never taken a program to the next level in a major way.
Agree, Florida needs to find a speedy running back to bust things open and a bruiser type of guy to get short yardage up the middle to really have a terrific offense. They have enough talent in that state. Now that they have some credibility, it should be easier to land the right guys.
Agree, I actually forgot about McElwain until I reread the piece! That's how bad it was. Go Gators!