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Are the player driving records at GA worse than other large state schools? Ohio State, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma for example? Between the active roster, red shirts, walk ons and incoming recruits, there are roughly 120 and 150 kids to worry about. I said the same thing when Alabama kids got in trouble. The head coach sets the tone and the culture, but he cannot babysit folks that are legal adults.
We need some sort of SEC sport in the summer. The biggest weekend of the summer and we are stuck with hot dog contests. What about Rugby or something?
Every summer, SDS trots out a story about a west coast powerhouse team that will kill the rest of college football. After the bowl games are over, they are nowhere to be found.
Dabo has been great for college football. Even though he has beat some of my favorite SEC teams over the years, I am not sure he still has it. Maybe he should negotiate some sort of package to grab some dough, but leave gracefully.
I think it will be a fun game. USC used to be a national brand, a national powerhouse. They need to start thinking beyond UCLA if they are going to survive in this new era where Big TV controls everything.
Six win teams make bowl games. It hardly represents a major accomplishment any more. They are playing Colorado State, North Dakota State, Nebraska, UCF, Texas Tech, Cincinnati. Half of their schedule is against mid majors and weaklings. They can probably sneak one more win in there. Yes, they also could lose 9 games. Chaos is usually not good when you are trying to rebuild a program.
I don't like Urban Meyer, but he belongs in the HOF along with Saban. I also fondly remember Mark Ingram as being a monster running back. Interesting to see what happens with Manti Teo. I never thought he was that good at ND.
Good for Calipari for knowing when to leave and not getting greedy with the buyout.
FSU, Clemson, and Miami have up and down seasons, but they have held their own the past 10 years or so. NC and NC State are not terrible.
You really can't compare teams a couple of decades apart. That Florida team was very fun to watch. This UConn Team is very dominant.
Staley has an outstanding program. They will likely be very tough for years. We need to compare her to Pat Sumlin or Gene Auriemma at UConn.
It feels like his best days are in the past. Arkansas needs a guy on the way up.
I am pretty happy with the tourney this year. It is nice to see a new SEC face in the final four. I wished the Vols could have pulled it off, but Purdue is really good. Alabama could beat UConn, but probably not. That's why they play the games. I look for a UConn and Purdue final, but that is ok.
Oregon has been back more times than Tennessee and Texas combined. Not gonna happen.
I watched a number of Bama games last year. They got beat at home by Texas, they were very lucky to beat Auburn, they had a solid game against GA and won. They were evenly matched against Michigan, and held on until OT despite Michigan making some big mistakes in the first half. It seemed like Michigan wanted it more and made the plays when it counted. Bama could have won, but did not. I am a big SEC guy, but this was Michigan's year.
I am afraid of where NCAA football is going. I think the game and strategy will change more than people expect. A coach basically cannot manage his roster because kids can leave for the highest bidder. The new playoff will add multiple games to an already long season. How will this affect the NFL? You are going to have 22 year olds with a lot more miles on their knees and bodies than ever before. A 26 year old running back will be basically worthless.
I think he is being very wise. He will have more credibility with students and team mates if he waits for the bucks after he has actually produced something on the field.
I live in the Chicago metro area. I am petrified the Bears will draft Caleb Williams and he will screw up and the Bears will screw up. This is a team with bad ownership, bad management, a bad stadium, bad everything. And the fans have unrealistic expectations. Kind of like my Gators.
Good for her. I think the women's NCAA tournament is going to be great this year. South Carolina looks very good and LSU will also likely make a run. Are the fellas playing basketball this year?
Bowers is possibly the best college tight end I have ever seen. He is big strong and fast and can block and catch. I put him up there with Gronk and Travis Kelce ( sorry Taylor).
All coaches ( and players ) have a right to get the best situation they can for themselves and their families. Nothing wrong with that. But if the guy was considering two other coaching positions, Deboer should have known that.
Good for him. He always has thoughtful things to say at his press conferences.
The Chicago Bears have a 100 year history of screwing up everybody and everything. Kevin Warren makes perfect sense.
Kevin Warren is now screwing up the Chicago Bears, so you are welcome everyone for taking this moron out of college football. I don't mind if the kids get paid. We all need to get paid. I love the SEC, but the BIG has some entertaining teams as well. Don't let NCAA football go the way of NCAA basketball and just be a farm league for the pros. I am worried about Clemson and FSU. Although I hate those schools, they bring a lot to the table for college football.
College is a different game and there is nothing wrong with that. I prefer watching college football. That may change going forward. If you look at half of NFL coaches, they could not make it in the SEC. Take the Chicago Bears. Poorly coached, bone headed clock moves, stupid penalties, poor tackling, etc. No imagination with play calling. They are a long way from the KC and San Francisco coaching staffs. Just like Tennessee and SC coaches are miles away from Georgia coaching.
Take the money and run Jimmy. Ryan Day has to be feeling pretty good right now. I think Kirby and GA win the whole thing next year.
McMahon had a good team around him ( Walter Payton, Singletary, etc) Bears teams are usually not good and the QB suffers. Chicago needs new ownership and management.