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Alabama has put so many receivers in the NFL over the past few years, something must be going right in the receivers room. Trust the process and work harder.
I like Franklin. I also think Urban Meyer needs a change of coasts. He is a college coach, not a pro coach.
Fun story, but my boss cannot believe I have just wasted 10 minutes reading the story and the comments!
Sorry to repeat the obvious, but Alabama really did not look good the entire game. When at their best, Alabama plays loose and explosive. Think about the first quarter against Florida. When challenged and behind, the team tightens up. The play calling gets more conservative. Passes get dropped, tackles get missed. I would be concerned about playing Auburn at The Plains. I know AL has the talent to win by 30 points, but if Nix gets hot and AL gets behind, that venue is not kind to visitors.
Great Game. Great fun to watch. I love college football. But man, I don't want Iowa and Cincinnati to push Bama out of the playoffs.
They are the top 2 teams in the nation and will likely play in the SEC Championship. If it is a good game, as I expect, they should both be in the playoff. Saban is really good at not letting his team experience a let down or an upset. Kirby needs to really keep an eye out for Auburn and then Florida. I believe GA is better than both of those teams, but the ball bounces a lot in the SEc.
I was more impressed with Auburn and Nix than I thought I would be. Hopefully, the new coach will increase their consistency. They are playing Alabama at Jordan Hare, so that might be a lot of fun to watch. Auburn is famous for winning games they are not supposed to and then losing the next week, so who knows.
If I was on that soccer team, I would not appreciate the head football coach calling the uniforms sissy blue. Just sayin'
I was real impressed with Mullen last week, and I am hoping the Gators come out strong and put the Vols away.
Those two kids are the children of the head coach. Not Good!
Kudos to the Gators for coming back and hanging tough. Man, you cannot spot Alabama a 21-3 lead in the first quarter and get away with it. I thought the 2 point conversion attempt at the end was a very disorganized play. They should have a solid 2 point conversion play drawn up in advance. I can't wait for the Georgia game.
This should be a good game. Kudos to Auburn for scheduling a a good Big 10 team on the road.
Oregon might win out given their weak Pac 12 schedule. Iowa will probably lose 2 or 3 at least and be in the top 15 when the season is done.
When you are behind 56-7, you have nothing to celebrate. Coaches should tell the kids to knock this stuff off.
This is fine for football and basketball teams that travel using airplanes. This is not so good for the cross country and tennis teams. It used to be that conferences were relatively geographically aligned, but I guess the big TV money blew that up years ago.
I don't know, those Dr. Pepper Fansville commercials are already driving me nuts.
It would be nice for Florida State to have a 10 or 11 win season. Don't know if Notre Dame just played bad or if FSU is really any good. That might help the ACC perception a little bit. They are not playoff quality, but it would be fun if they would become relevant again.
Great to see all the fans in the stands. The only good game was Notre Dame and FSU. The college game is way too slow. Too many time outs, too many commercials. The game length is pushing 4 hours. In can take 20 minutes to finish out a half. The geniuses that run the NCAA need to figure this out or folks are going to stop watching.
ACC had a rough day. Bama whipped Miami, Georgia beat Clemson, and my beloved NIU Huskies beat Georgia Tech.
Congrats Dawgs! Very good defense, good game. I am sure they will win the SEC East, but Bama might have a good team as well! SEC, SEC.
Camback did not and does not bother me that much. The 2010 Alabama Team was not elite national caliber yet. Auburn was favored going into the game and basically slept the first half. Once they got going, it was very clear which team was superior and it was not Alabama.
As an SEC transplant living in BIG country, I appreciate the coverage of college football in my area. I will still watch an SEC matchup instead of Iowa and Purdue, but I enjoy the writing and the analysis.
Nice article. I guess this website is also transitioning into covering college sports on a national basis. I have lived in SEC, ACC, Big 10 and Big 12 geography during my lifetime and I don't mind more college football. Please save us from the Oregon and Washington State deep dive analyses!
KU brings something on the basketball side, but nothing for football. The KC media market is not that large and the loyalty is split with Kansas State and Mizzou. Welcome to the Big.
The wagon roll is the best thing I have seen in a month. You would think that folks from OK would understand how to drive a team. The value of the OK engineering degree just dropped 20%!
What about all the women's basketball titles won by Tennessee? I believe South Carolina also picked up one or two.
Low mileage on a college running back is very key. Since he got suspended for a year, that is a year that he did not get hurt or get a lot of wear and tear. Glad he ended up doing ok. I always thought he was a beast for GA!
Harbaugh terrorizes the Mid American Conference, not the SEC! MAC teams are paid a million bucks to go to Ann Arbor for a Saturday afternoon. Some of those teams will end up in better bowl games than Michigan. Dollars to donuts, Michigan will drop at least two of those games listed above.
I don't think it is healthy for a kid with two more years to play in high school to get this kind of national hype. I remember Tua and Trevor got a lot of hype their senior years, but this is crazy. It is not good for the kid. Everything he ever does will seem like a letdown.