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Congrats to LSU for a great game and a great season. But contrast Ed's behavior with the classy demeanor of Saban after the loss. Saban and other great coaches never gloat over a win. They are humble in defeat and gracious in winning. There is a reason why everybody hated the Miami Hurricanes. You don't want your program turning into that mess.
The SEC is the best conference, and I would like to see us in the best bowl games. LSU will probably win the SEC championship over GA. That means GA will already have two losses. I hate to see weak Big 10 and Big 12 teams take over the better bowl slots. I would like to see Auburn beat Alabama. I don't think they looked that sharp against LSU and I think people are underestimating Auburn at Jordan-Hare.
Happy for Indiana, since my daughter is a graduate. Regarding the top 10, agree with the top group. Alabama looks better than GA, Oregon ( don't forget the Auburn Loss. ) Minnesota is a great story, and I love PJ Fleck, but I don't see them as an elite team to threaten Ohio State. I think the top 4 will win out. Let's play the games and see what happens.
LSU was clearly the best team. Burrow clearly the best QB. Great Win. Saban showed a lot of class in his post game comments. Eddie, not so much. Act like you belong, LSU. You are the number one team in the country, show some class.
I don't see a one loss Big 10 team getting in over an undefeated Clemson. I know the ACC is crap this year. But they are defending national champs. The Big 10 usually gets exposed during Bowl season, so beating Minnesota may not seem so great in a couple of months.
I can't believe we have to watch a 30 minute TV show to find the rankings. It's all about the Benjamins. None of this makes a whole lot difference until the final week.
Any of the top 4 teams now could be the other 3 on a given day. My worry with LSU/Alabama is the pounding those teams take given the brutal SEC schedule and they still have to get by GA. Clemson has a really weak schedule( not their fault, FSU and Miami used to be good) and one has to wonder how they will react when they see an elite team for the first time in 12 months. Ohio State still has to get out of the Big 10. Penn State may take their place and Michigan looks like they might have something.
I am not even worried about Tua. I thought Mac Jones played real well last week and showed us something. Bama wins at home either way. I was very pleasantly surprised at his ability.
Good Game Dawgs. I am a Gator fan. We need to win out and finish 11-2 and go to a New Year's Bowl Game. A nice year of progression, but the Gators cannot have a let down. Every remaining game is winnable. Not sure GA can handle LSU/Bama, but I will be rooting for them.
It's War Eagle, not Eagles. Singular Case. Or the Plainsmen. Which I guess is plural case. Auburn is a confusing place.
I think Florida is doing a much better job strategically working the number 2 guy ( Emory Jones) in the lineup in certain situations. It keeps the defense on guard and gives a guy a chance to contribute even when it is 4 or 5 snaps a game. You don't want it to happen, but guys get hurt all the time and the next man up gets a chance. Look at Florida, look at Alabama. Auburn needs to continue to build Nix' confidence, but that does not mean you cannot get a guy in there in certain wildcat situations. Agree with everyone else, that Gatewood should stick around until December.
Agree with you Nashville. I grew up near Gainesville, and Florida Field was built larger over time, like many college stadiums. Because the track facility is next door, the stands are very close to the field, which gives the fans the feeling of being right on top of the players. Part of the field is actually below ground level, which is why noise and heat gets trapped there. (That creates the Swamp) It is incredibly steep and once they closed the field in, the sound just exploded. Fun place to watch a game. Try to get seats on the shady side!
Funny, I feel so much better about the Gators with Franks out. They have to get Perine going to win the game. It should be really good. No predictions but I am a long time Gator fan.
Clemson is just about in. They don't really have any decent team left. The Alabama/LSU winner is likely in. The loser is also likely in. A one loss LSU team with quality wins over Auburn and Florida would have a much stronger case than a one loss OU team. I think it will be the Ohio State or Penn State winner. The Big 10 West is on par with the MAC or Conference USA for toughness. Clemson, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State. Not real exciting, but there it is.
Tua's younger brother looked like a 12 year old kid. How tall is he? Not sure he is the answer in a couple of years. Keep recruiting Nick!
LSU's defense is really special. I did not like some play calling. Nix did the best with what he had. He will get better, but it was LSU's day.
Really good game. LSU is a complete team. I don't see any weaknesses. Proud of Auburn for keeping it a fight.
He has been asked that question many times, and it always ticks him off. It's actually fun to watch.
Don't overlook the Hogs. I know Saban is preaching that this week. On paper, it should be a blow out, but our friends in Athens and Madison ( Wisconsin) will tell you it does not always work out that way.
Nothing with the Alabama kicking game is ever settled. From Bear Bryant to Nick Saban, it has always been an "opportunity for improvement". Good Luck Young Man. Any relation to the Perine kid from Florida?
FSU, even with talent not at the level of the good old days, should be a much better team. Aside from Clemson, the ACC is an extremely weak conference from top to bottom. The Florida game and the Clemson games are going to always be big difficult games. FSU should not be struggling against the rest of the schedule. I don't know if it is talent or coaching, but something needs fixing. p.s. Urban is the problem, not the solution.
IN other news, the Chicago Bears have joined the "Tanking for Tua" brigade. With the Wisco loss, the Big is left with only Ohio State. Jeez. Bama, LSU, Auburn, GA, and even FL could win the Big. Hoping Tua is healthy for the LSU game. Very surprised Nick has not groomed a quality backup or developed a solid running game.
I am surprised in two things with Alabama. 1) They don't have a power running game. I know they have not really needed it, but that has always been a big part of their championship identity. Remember when they wiped the field with Michigan State? 2) That they don't have a quality number 2 QB. Remember when Ohio State used their 3rd string guy to get some big wins? Florida is now relying on their 2nd and 3rd string guys to win. Georgia had two quality guys last year. Etc,etc. Jalen Hurts leaving for Oklahoma was telegraphed for close to a year. This guy Mack Jones is a game manager, not a game winner. Real surprising that Saban has himself in this position.
Glad the Gators got the win on the road. I think SC is just a few players and plays away from being a decent team.
Great Game! One of the most exciting I have seen this season. As a Gator fan, I will say that LSU looks scary good. Watch out SEC West. I believe the Gators can get by Georgia for the East.
Florida has to clean up the mistakes and sloppy execution to win. They have the talent. They almost beat themselves against Miami ( a lifetime ago) and they were sloppy at times against a good Auburn team. They have to get Perrine going and take the pressure of the QBs. Go Gators!
At minimum, FL should go 11-2 and to a nice bowl game. They keep progressing under Mullen. Hoping they can catch LSU or UGA off guard. I was impressed with this win. Especially after the Miami game.
Great game for the Gators. After the Miami game, I was a big time doubter. I am liking Trask and even Jones, the back up. I have always loved Perrine and the Gator D. Let's see what LSU got!
Does a tough schedule toughen a team up or wear them down? It seemed like Bama was tired in the natty against Clemson. They still have LSU, Auburn and likely GA to beat before the playoffs. Clemson seriously has no competition. Miami is crap. FSU is crap. Maybe NC is the best team they will face until January. OSU will probably face a decent Wisconsin team in the Big 10 playoff game. I don't think OU has anyone left. So does a Clemson or OU team that has coasted all year have an advantage in the playoffs against a battle tested Bama, GA, or LSU? Injuries are probably the biggest wild card.