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At least things are getting interesting this year. I am really looking forward to LSU/Alabama and Florida/Georgia. The Gators must clean up the sloppy play and penalties. I think they can win the East, but they have to play flawless ball. They did some really stupid things against Vandy. Including the coaching staff.
Congrats to UT on a big road win. The East is definitely back, the GA loss notwithstanding.
This is Georgia's toughest game this year. Florida will be a handful, but that game will be in a "neutral" location. LSU will be hungry after letting Florida slip away in the swamp.
Coozie your predictions make a lot of sense. Hope you are wrong on the Gators and Kentucky. A Florida win and a Kentucky loss would be huge. Keep us posted. Your record is better than most!
Class of 94, your dawgs need some work on offense. The second half of their schedule gets a lot tougher.
The more I have seen Auburn this year, the less impressive LSU victory looks. The Gators have to a have a great game to knock them off, but it is very possible. Gators will need Great defense, special teams, forcing turnovers, hold the line on penalties, turnovers, and dumb mistakes. Mostly coaching. Don't make Franks do to much, but he has to make enough throws to keep LSU off guard. So far this year has been a little boring for me, but this one should be great. Go Gators.
Tebow clearly deserves this honor. He was not part of the Urban Meyer sleaze. He tried to help Aaron Hernandez stay out of trouble during their years together. Go Gators, after the last two weeks, I am a believer. p.s. Georgia does not look that sharp. With 7 games left, the Gators have to be favored in 5 of them. If they split LSU/GA and win the rest, this is one of the biggest turnarounds ever. It is not inconceivable to see them in Atlanta. You heard it here first. Yes, I am biased, but crazier things have happened in the best conference in college football.
Get over it, Miss State. Florida has been an elite, national program and it will be again. You can't blame a guy for wanting to take a step up for himself and his family. Because of the good work he did at your school he put himself in line for a move up. The ceiling for Miss State is New Year's Day bowl games. The ceiling for Florida is National Championships.
Loved the game Saturday. Not sure they can beat MS State, LSU, or GA, but the rest of their games look winnable. FSU looks terrible this year. So, I can see an 8 win season and a decent bowl. Could be even better with a few good breaks. Certainly seems to be trending in the right direction. Still need a first class QB, but Franks may be serviceable. Let the defense and special teams win games and don't let Franks lose games for you.
Nice, since we are the best conference in the country, we owe it to ourselves to have a little fun. My beloved NIU Huskies are at Florida State tomorrow. Wish them luck! NIU is not having a great year, but FSU could be worse!
I was super impressed with Tua during the Ole Miss game. Nick has enough class that he is not going to run up 100 points a half. I think it is a little early to call him generational talent or best ever or GOAT. Let him face the 15 game grind and see how he does. I will be prepared to agree with this column in mid January if it all pans out.
Alabama being favored by 4 touchdowns seems really excessive. These guys gave Clemson a whale of a ball game. I see Bama by 10 to 14. Hopefully, Jimbo will keep it competitive for 3 quarters.
Not a lot of quality out of conference games with the exception of Texas A&M ( Clemson) Georgia (Notre Dame) and Florida ( Miami). Who knows, maybe Duke, Texas, and Oregon will be decent. Glad to see all the ACC matchups, but would have loved to see the SEC whip the Big 10. I guess that is what the Bowls are for!
Connor, you have inspired me to get going on my bucket list. The Grove, College Station, Baton Rouge for a Saturday night game and The Plains for a big SEC rivalry game. I loved the baby blue shirts and outfits on TV. Wish Ole Miss would have kept it a game for more than 8 minutes. Could have been fun, even if the outcome was never in doubt. I have been to the Swamp and it is ok when the Gators are rocking. Been to South Bend and the tailgating is first rate, but fans are jaded. Most of the Big 10 kids do not care about football. Don't care to go to the PAC 12 or even most of the Big 12. Nice article.
I was disappointed in their lack of a running game and Gus' super conservative play calling. When they opened it up and went fast, they really moved the ball and controlled the tempo. Just like the first quarter and last half of the 4th quarter against Washington. It felt like Auburn was trying to sit on the lead and you just can't do that against a quality opponent.
King, I think we are on the same page. Who ever the SEC Champion is (likely UGA, AL, or LSU) gets into the playoff. The great debate to me is should a one or even two loss SEC team stay home and Ohio State get in playing playing in a conference that is filled with cupcakes. I guess we will all see soon enough. I would love to see AL and GA in the SEC game and even again in the NC game! I am actually a Gator and I am hoping for the Peach Bowl!
The Big 10 has nothing, absolutely nothing. Half of their conference was beaten by mid majors this weekend. Penn State is the only other competition and they needed OT to beat Appalachian State. So it is a cakewalk to the Big 10 Game for this guy. Assuming Alabama, Clemson and Oklahoma win out, is it fair for Ohio State playing in the Big Cupcake conference to grab a playoff spot in ahead of a one loss LSU or Georgia team?
It is hard to believe that Saban still does not have a first rate kicker on the team. Ditto for a long snapper and a holder. This is the guy that sweats every detail. They may not need a kicker this week. But at some point during a season they hope goes 15 games, you are going to need a kicker. Against Auburn, against LSU, against the SEC east champion or in the post season. Also, missing extra points changes the strategy and complexion of the game. Extra points should be close to automatic and a field goals up to 40 or 45 yards ought to be close to 90%. If a guy can get you 50 yards and up, that is a bonus. This is probably the biggest surprise of the year for Alabama.
I am not quite as sold on Jimbo Fisher and Texas A&M as everyone else seems to be. They lost the game. At home. We don't know yet how good Clemson will be. There is no such thing as moral victories. Let's stop worrying about which New Year's Day Bowl that A&M will get invited to and make sure they take care of business. They have a brutal schedule in a brutal division. They have road games at Alabama, Auburn and Miss St. They end up with LSU at home. They could easily lose 5 games this year and be playing in the Citrus Bowl.
Hope the kid does well. Glad to see an athlete who knows when it is time to hang up the cleats and get a real job.
Finally a bold prediction on SDS. I don't agree, but that's why they play the games!
The only stretch game for GA is the SEC championship. It is very difficult to win every game. I think the game at LSU may be too much. If they win out and win the SEC Title game, they are in the playoff picture for sure. A 13-0 team with wins over SC, Florida, Auburn, LSU, and probably Alabama in the SEC game is more impressive than anything Ohio State, Oklahoma, or USC will have. Still a Gator fan, but I wish GA well.
Let's go Gators. This should be a powerhouse program. Florida is the best public school in the SEC and is in the top 25 academically in most surveys. They are a big school with top notch facilities. They are smack in the middle of a high school football crazy state. Good Luck to Coach Mullen. This school deserves more SEC and National Championships. Give the new guy a fair chance, but do not accept mediocrity.
This story is happening because there is nothing left to write about before the season starts. I find it to be an enjoyable break from the soap opera that is the Alabama QB situation.
Thanks for the reminder of this great season. I know the world has changed in 20 years, but strong defense, strong running game, a QB that takes care of the ball, special teams, good coaching and a few breaks along the way is how to win a national championship. Way too much ink has been spilled this off season about Tua and Hurts and whoever the Gators can find to play QB.
I don't think so. Not in this me too environment. He might have done the correct thing, but this is about public relations, donors, screaming liberal college professors ( yes, even at OSU). Facts don't matter. Perception does. And no, Notre Dame won't touch him. He destroyed Florida. Ohio State was his second and last chance.
I fail to understand the logic in this continued chain of "SEC Playoff threats". The SEC will likely get one team in this year. Likely Alabama or Georgia, but hey it could be Auburn and it could be another team. The other 3 teams will probably be from the ACC, the Big 12, or either the Big 10 or PAC 12. Maybe Notre Dame, but I don't think so. As we have seen the past few years, to win the National Championship, you need to be in good shape injury wise, well coached, have a great defense and a balanced offense. Probably an undefeated Power 5 conference champion makes the playoff. If Washington wins out, including Auburn and USC, they are probably in. Not really a threat, just math.
I grew up in the southeast and now live in the Chicago metro. The very loyal Bear fan base is not pleased about a player with an $18 million contract holding out for all the training camp downstate. He really needs to hit the ground running right away and pray to God that he doesn't get hurt with a hammy or a sprain or something that training camp in August could have worked out. Linebackers achieve legendary status in Chicago ( QBs and WRs not so much). We were initially very excited when he was drafted, but a lot of that has worn off. If he has a great year, all is forgotten, but the local press and fans will not be forgiving if he stumbles out of the gate.
Alabama showed us multiple backs last year that could tote the football. When Kerryone Johnson got hurt late in the season, Auburn lost the ability to run the ball, and thus control the game. I like Auburn's QB situation better, but they need to find a couple or three powerhouse backs to have a BCS kind of season.
The QB situation would be much improved if Florida could establish a power running game like Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia. They had no offensive flow last year and that puts all the pressure on an untested QB. The QB job should be to distribute the ball, hit the short pass in stride and be able to launch one deep to keep the defense honest. Hurts was able to manage the game for Alabama for most of the year. Jarrett Stidham and Jake Fromm are being heralded as brilliant QBs when they had a great running game to establish tempo. When they continue to put all the offensive burden on a QB, it makes a bad situation worse. I have not followed Florida this off season. I am surprised to find that they still don't have a guy.