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The wagon roll is the best thing I have seen in a month. You would think that folks from OK would understand how to drive a team. The value of the OK engineering degree just dropped 20%!
What about all the women's basketball titles won by Tennessee? I believe South Carolina also picked up one or two.
Low mileage on a college running back is very key. Since he got suspended for a year, that is a year that he did not get hurt or get a lot of wear and tear. Glad he ended up doing ok. I always thought he was a beast for GA!
Harbaugh terrorizes the Mid American Conference, not the SEC! MAC teams are paid a million bucks to go to Ann Arbor for a Saturday afternoon. Some of those teams will end up in better bowl games than Michigan. Dollars to donuts, Michigan will drop at least two of those games listed above.
I don't think it is healthy for a kid with two more years to play in high school to get this kind of national hype. I remember Tua and Trevor got a lot of hype their senior years, but this is crazy. It is not good for the kid. Everything he ever does will seem like a letdown.
We still have not had a 4 team playoff tournament yet with 4 national championship quality teams. There have been blowouts in one of the two playoff games since 2015. Sometimes both games have been decided by multiple touchdowns. Expanding beyond 4 teams will make matters worse. It opens up players to injuries, cheapens the regular season and cheapens the other bowl games. To be honest, outside of the New Years 6 games, I don't much care.
I just hope he does not hold on too long like Bowden or Joe Paterno. Those guys were clearly too old and out of touch. Nick seems to be much more self aware. I would like him to have one more undefeated season and then go on to enjoy his fame and fortune.
It looks like half of the SEC schedules one decent Power 5 Team ( Miami, Penn State, Texas,Clemson, etc. ) and 3 cupcakes. The other half of the SEC schedules 4 cupcakes.
Even with 4 teams, one of the four is much weaker than the other 3. Usually that means Oklahoma or Notre Dame. Expanding the playoff just means they will have another round of blowout games. I don't think college football players should be playing 16 games. No one wants to eliminate conference championship games, because they make so much money. No team wants to give up a home game again because of money. Leave it alone.
Every year OU gets hyped by the media. Every year OU gets whipped in a big bowl game.
This is a good schedule. Opening against The U and then traveling to Gainesville. On the road at Texas A&M and Auburn. The rookies had better be ready!
I think Mac Jones and the Patriots are going to be brilliant together.
Who sexually harasses a 74 year old woman? I hope she was hot.
It's all about television ratings and the heck with the fans that actually have jobs.
Saban is probably why you see fewer Alabama players involved with off field issues ( drinking, drugs, abusing women) than some of the other schools with elite talent. It still happens, but does not seem to happen as much. He recruits good kids and scares the hell out of them to produce on the field and stay out of trouble off the field.
That was tough to watch. I was hoping to see Bama win the entire thing. A great team has to make free throws down the stretch. It feels like UCLA should not have been a 11 seed, but to get to the Elite 8, you have to win your games.
All the games are being played in Indianapolis, which is in the heart of the Big 10 country. No weather issues to be sure.
I always enjoy the Big 10 losing in Bowl games and in the NCAA tourney. Loyola has tried to schedule Illinois for many years and Illinois won't play them. The schools are 3 hours apart and Illinois has a huge Chicago area fan base. That is low class.
I always thought Auburn should have had him involved on offense on just about every snap. Dude is fast and can catch.
He was only in college for 3 years, playing for two different universities. Not exactly ideal. Unless you are lights out athletically like Tua or Jalen or Justin, you should stay at least 4 years( with the Red Shirt many QBs have 5 years experience on a team). Mitch Trubisky with the Bears has/had the same problem. Limited college experience playing against elite defenses. A difficult adjustment to the NFL.
My daughter graduated Indiana years later, so I hope the record stands. It is difficult to win this tournament. It is difficult to win tough games when you have an off day. We will just have to wait and see.
The only people I feel sorry for are the KU fans. The school will have to fire Les Miles, go find another coach after all the good prospects have found jobs. Another couple of years wandering in the Big 12 wasteland.
I pity the team that takes Zach Wilson over Trevor Lawrence.
Wow, there are some great games set for next year. Really excited about some of the cross conference games. Hope everybody can play and the stadiums will be full of rocking fans.
This season will highlight Mullen's ability to coach. Teams replace talent all the time. The way the Gators ended last season had me questioning their heart and the leadership from the coaches. Hope this is a good year, but it could also be pretty bad. Their out of conference schedule is total cupcake and they have Alabama and TN at home. Too early for bold predictions.
Good for Gus. I think he will do well. UCF really only has one major competitor. ( Cincinnati) . He has to get the Florida recruits that the ACC and SEC don't want and turn them into winners.
I don't know about all of that Doctor, but I gut you guys pegged to beat Florida this year.
I live in the Chicago suburbs and you would be shocked at how many rich suburban kids pay full freight to go to Alabama just to be part of something fun and big. The football team has really helped academic recruiting as well. Another legacy no one talks about.
I have watched Fleck for years and I think he is a good coach. The Big 10 really screwed over their schools this year. Very little fall prep. Cancelled games left and right. Hard to objectively evaluate a Big 10 school given the weak leadership at the conference level. At a place like Minnesota, a winning season and a bowl game every year is about all they expect. If you go big every 3 years, they are even happier. At Tennessee, they want you to win the SEC east every year and beat Bama every other year. Very unrealistic expectations, given the state of the program. If Fleck manages to win a Rose bowl in the next few years and something really great comes along, he will jump then.