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Lane looks kind of gay in this pic. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
It will be nice to have some patsies for the SEC to play in Bowl Games.
I'm a Gator fan all the way, and I support Trask being given the honor of becoming a finalist. But unless something crazy happens, I don't know how Trevor Lawrence loses.
I think Trevor Lawrence will win the Heisman. Give it to him in December like they always do.
They are playing high school football in Ohio and Indiana. They are playing pro football all across the nation. The Big just stays home and hides.
For once, I will root for Notre Dame when they play Clemson. The only other time is when they play USC Trojans.
Strange when you only have 3 major conferences playing. I like that Auburn has dropped back a bit. They play best when they are underdogs. Gators way too high. Gainesville over hypes their team until the first rough game and they turn on them like hyenas. Clemson and Bama still the teams to beat. Clemson and Notre Dame could be a real fun game. Sad that we don't have Ohio State and Southern Cal to make fun of this year.
I had to go to the AP web site to find the actual poll. I think it is a good place to start in these crazy times. LSU fans, it is always good to be a little underrated. They should be getting more love after last year. Coach O will use this poll as motivation. Oklahoma and the Big 12 are always over rated! Auburn at number 11 seems high. They have to play an extremely difficult SEC schedule. Sorry SEC fans, but one of your teams will need to be ready to knock off Clemson for the Natty. That long haired QB is still pretty good!
I think Coach Saban wisely stays out of politics. I have not ever read or heard of him making any statement on any political party or figure.
I think there will be two teams from the SEC west. Undefeated Alabama and a one loss LSU. If Alabama bests GA twice, it has to be the SEC west runner-up. I think LSU will be better than folks think. I hope the Gators do something, but not going to bet on it. I agree with the Clemson pick and I don't care what happens in the Big 12.
The only contender from that sorry bunch is Ohio State. I would be content with another SEC/ACC rematch for the natty. We really don't need 40 bowl games. Since there won't be any powder puff games left, they have to figure out how to limit bowls to the top half dozen or so schools per conference. I have a funny feeling after election day, the crisis will be over, and we can still have some decent games with some screaming fans and marching bands. For me, the game atmosphere of Auburn/Alabama or even Florida/Florida State really magnifies the quality of the contest.
The only good football is in the SEC. The conference winner could play Clemson or OU in a bowl game. Hopefully, by New Year's we will have thing thing figured out. Might be a good time to weed out all the crappy bowl games.
Financially the MAC could not survive without the Out of Conference games against the Big 10, Big 12, and SEC. The home games and the MAC conference games basically break even. It was a money decision as much as a health decision. With the TV money the large conferences have, they have more freedom. I would love to see the kids play. I know Covid is bad, but for a lot of these kids, college football is a lifeline for them.
Finally Bold Predictions that are actually bold. I don't think any team beats Bama twice in the same season. I truly hope Trevor Lawrence wins the Heisman. I am sick of Clemson, but I like the kid.
Burrow has not signed his contract, so he is not a millionaire yet. They will probably lose to Florida at the Swamp. They get Alabama at home, and by then ( November) we will know what they have. They play Auburn at Jordan-Hare, so you never know. I am not too worried about Texas, but it is an early game and a lot can happen. Anywhere from one loss to 3 losses would not surprise me.
Auburn has a maddening history of over achieving or under achieving ( sort of like Florida). My BOLD prediction is that next year is and under year. They will lose to LSU, Georgia, and Alabama. Their non conference schedule is very weak, so who knows. Kentucky or Texas A&M may pull a mild upset.
Trevor's knee is not down! Also appear to be no witnesses! They both look too young to be married, but congrats anyway. Maybe his fiancee will distract him, but that is about the only thing that can keep Clemson out of the playoffs!
I know this is a slow news time, but previewing hypothetical matchups from 8 years ago seems silly. No wonder so many folks think Southerners are obsessed with the past. Let's talk about the Gators beating Georgia this year, or something good.
They will all play or none will play. This should be an NCAA decision. Hopefully schools will be open and they will all play.
Isn't Cam kind of a weird guy personally as well? The scarves and the makeup and what not. That does not really play in the NFL; especially in the smaller market cities.
Good for him. So many guys struggle to cope with fame, handle their newfound wealth, and find a productive career after football. I think more colleges should try to teach financial literacy to their athletes in addition to their overall student body.
Philadelphia boos Santa Claus! I hope Jalen wins them over big time.
Kiffin has a nice pad down there in Boca. Do they have pools that nice in Mississippi?
Hope Jalen does real well. I wished the Bears would have taken him.
For a guy that just blew the doors off the SEC and the nation, Burrow is not getting much respect. I have read a dozen articles about Tua in the past week, but almost nothing on Burrow. Sad
I am surprised nobody mentioned Jalen Hurts. If he gets with the right team, he could be something special. He could run and throw and he was durable. A proven winner.
It looks like he is buddies again with Maria Taylor from ESPN.
I know we are digging deep for topics 3 weeks into the shut down. Mizzou was a pleasant surprise for a couple of years in the SEC East. Florida was stuck in the wilderness, SC was being inconsistent as usual. I always liked Richt. I thought he was a class act, but I feel GA just could not win the big games with him. He always seemed to be one step behind. The other teams made the big plays and GA could not. Next week do a story on how Mizzou went from the Penthouse to the outhouse in the course of just a couple of seasons.
I think the Natty in football is the hardest thing to win. But Florida's 2 runs were incredible to watch. Since I like both schools, I can't get too upset either way. Brent Musberger's comments about Katherine Webb were just disgraceful. I am convinced the hype cost AJ some money in the draft. This was a couple of years after Tim Tebow and the NFL was petrified of any type of controversy. Glad they put that old coot out to pasture.