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I really hope there is a College Season this year. If not, the head coaches and the million dollar assistants need to donate 90% of their salaries back to their schools. That will save millions and could be the difference between survival or not. The SEC and the Power 5 conferences will ultimately be fine, but I think we might lose sports at some of the midmajor schools. Men's football and basketball pay a lot of bills and without that revenue and continued cuts in state resources, athletics might be another casualty at a lot of smaller schools.
On the positive side, this makes the season more unpredictable, which is terrific for college football. Maybe it won't be Bama, GA, Ohio State and somebody else that gets into the playoffs. Maybe we will see Texas A&M and Florida in the SEC title game. Maybe some team from the Mountain West or MAC will pull off some major upset of the big boys. Maybe the kids that have essentially been playing football non stop since 8th grade will really enjoy their time off and come back with a new spring in their step. Consider the possibilities.
The 40 is a very different race than the 100 meters. Bolt really gets going around the 25 meter point and then just tears it to shreds. The 40 is really a test of explosiveness as well as raw speed.
A team is going to get a relative deal on Tua given his injury history. Better for the QB to come in and surprise everybody with his upside. The world is full of high draft QBs that were talented but could not handle the expectations. Give him a year or two and get some talented WRs around him and he could be really good.
Any game that is 60 minutes long is going to have blown calls and missed calls on both sides. The winning team has to overcome them. As I vaguely recall, GA did not hold Bama on multiple drives in the second half. That one play was not the game breaker.
I can't really see Joe O from LSU spending hours fiddling with his phone all day either. Nick has assistants to reach out and text kids, and Saban can make a direct pitch to the athlete and the parents. I really agree with him about kids lost in their phones. I have been at ball games or hockey games and 90% of the crowd is looking at their phone and not at the contest. Sad!
I remember those uniforms back in the Spurrier days ( playing, not coaching). I liked them a lot.
A strong running back could really write his own ticket at Florida. Clearly a need. Once Trevor Lawrence leaves Clemson, I am not sure what they have. I think Florida is on the way up. Good job on this class. Hopefully, this is the year we pass up Georgia.
Grab all you can get, Mr. Henry. The shelf life for running backs is short. I think the Super Bowl demonstrated how important it is to have good running backs in addition to passing.
How about a couple of HBCU marching bands ( FAMU and Bethune Cookman for example) and majorettes on national TV showing how it's really done. Some people still want to have families, friends, and children over to the Super Bowl. Everything does not have to be garbage to be entertaining.
Wolfman, FSU or Miami or maybe Georgia Tech might make sense for SEC expansion. I really don't see any team in the other states you mentioned being worthy and a good addition. I think Mizzou was a big mistake.
I would like to see FCS cupcake games replaced with Division 1 schools in every case. The mid majors would love to go play in Tuscaloosa or Gainesville for a nice paycheck and a chance for national exposure. A lot of those teams are capable of hanging around for 2.5 or 3 quarters and some times longer. Usually once a year or more, a mid major knocks off a power conference team.
These are great stories! I am a Gator. My really good high school buddy decided ( or maybe the fiance decided) to get married the afternoon of the Florida/Georgia game. This was before smart phones and all that. We had little portable radios and were listening to the game. I forgot who won, but probably GA because the Gators sucked in the late 70s. Needless to say, the marriage did not last. But the rivalry lives on...
I think they can use Jones effectively in the wildcat or even a series or two in the first half calling prescribed plays. I like Trask better for the balance of the QB work, but if you make the defense prepare for two guys, it can be an advantage.
He will be nearly two years older than when he last played. Hopefully, there was a lot of mental growing up. The guy has a great arm and is very athletic. Sometimes a change of scenery helps. Arkansas does not have the distractions of Gainesville. He could get Arkansas to a bowl game and really help himself and his team.
Joe wants to go there and the Bengals want him. Hope it works out great for everybody. Go Chiefs!
Let's just see what next year brings before we name any stadiums after the guy. He had a great year. His QB had a great year. Cannot take that away. But LSU has not consistently been elite year in and year out for multiple years the way Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State have. They have Florida and Auburn on the road ( although Auburn only cares about beating Alabama LOL) and I think Alabama will want big time revenge on LSU. I see them with one loss and maybe two in the regular season next year.
The Titans lost because they could not control Mahonnes. Once they got a lead, they were able to focus only on Henry.
Can't blame a guy for wanting to get with a better program. 3 or 4 years at Alabama, and he will be in line for even bigger jobs. That's how it works in college football.
Can't blame a guy for wanting a better life for his family. This is what Nick Saban deals with every year. Get great staff and watch them leave.
Shocked the guy would hand out cash to college athletes with very strict requirements for eligibility. Not on the players, but on Odell. Not a good look with the players smoking cigars in the locker room. In this day and age, with the massive amount of conditioning required, who would want to smoke? Sorry to see Burrow involved.
As bad as Oklahoma played in the playoff, it is pretty clear that UGA belonged. I think they might have beat Ohio State and played tough against Clemson or LSU.
Still cannot believe Alabama cannot find a kicker. I saw good kicking in the natty and through the playoffs. Very important position. LSU's guy even drilled almost every kickoff out of the end zone.
I was also looking to see running back listed. LSU and Clemson had great QBs and defenses, but also a big, fast monster running back who could also catch passes out of the backfield. Alabama cannot have enough running backs.
Good article. I have been a SEC fan since the early 1970s, and this is the best team I have ever seen.
Great game! I am sorry a team had to lose. SEC toughness won the day; no disrespect to Clemson.
I think LSU wins and wins big. I am surprised at some of the coverage predicting a Clemson win. LSU does need to keep the gas pedal on. They do not want to let Clemson get on a roll or keep it close. If it is close, Dabo may find a way to pull it out.
They have never had a placekicker! LOL. I think there should have been room for Jalen Hurts on this list. The guy was a winner.
Hopefully, the final rankings will reflect where Bama is. Oklahoma should clearly be behind a lot of SEC teams.