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It is May and the Spring games are over and March Madness is over and the Kentucky Derby is over. A great time of year to fantasize about Arkansas and Kentucky until the real world hits us in August.
We have only had 3 worthy teams out of 4 for the past several years. The semi final games are rarely close. Usually the natty game itself is a lot of fun, but that it is. This is not NCAA basketball when a team like UNC can suddenly get hot and make it to the national title game. If the SEC gets two teams, the Big 10 Champion, either Notre Dame/ Clemson from the ACC and that is it. The PAC 12 is still years away. Maybe Oklahoma if they run the table. We just don't need more playoff expansion.
I think people enjoyed the game at Indianapolis. It will be cold outside, but hotels, bars, etc. are all within walking distance of the stadium. I love the SEC, but we need to give college football greater visibility in the rest of the USA.
Curious as to your take on geography. Do you really thing USC ( LA) or Rutgers( NY) or Northwestern ( Chicago) or Stanford ( SF) is going to win a natty? No, football is king at the large regional state universities in the Southeast and Midwest. Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Michigan, Georgia, etc. I love the Gators, but they have too many distractions. Ditto for UCLA and USC.
Any one else notice how a bunch of these games START at 9:39 pm. Which means they don't end until nearly 1 in the morning with all the goofy time outs and reviews. I guess since no one works any more, it is fine for most, but the NCAA should try to put these games on when more folks can watch them.
Thanks Hogs for being the only SEC team to make the sweet 16! There is a sentence I never dreamed I would write.
Maybe the Bears grab him for a year or two. He can probably help out Justin Fields.
I don't know if your St.Francis/St Mary's teams scored the most impressive win. IU was flat out dead in the second half. They played 5 games in 8 days and were up all night Tuesday trying to get to Portland. Similar to Texax A&M, they got really screwed by the committee.
I have always really respected Tim Tebow. I am glad he is living his best life.
Best of luck to the guy, but I don't know why he is sticking around. He is already 24 years old, he does not have NFL potential. He wants to go to law school and be a lawyer. Unless GA has a world class law school that I don't know about, I don't quite get it. Maybe he is getting a bunch of NIL money.
Hopefully, some of it will be recorded and broadcast on SEC Shorts. I like these guys, but not enough to take my vacation in Athens and go to a G Day game.
Saban has said many times that he is happy when a guy is able to land a bigger job at another school. He must be pretty good, because I only remember one botched FG this year. Usually it is one per quarter.
It was a good performance, but not great. Both defenses played well and we did not see that much offensive firepower. When the referees started deciding to call pass interference penalties, the jig was up for the Bengals.
I vaguely remember this guy. I have no idea why SDS is dragging up dirt from 20 years ago.
I saw the game and I agree with this analysis. Tank was pushing for more yards and trying to get the first down, which would have ended the game. Plus, if the Auburn defense gets one stop, the game would have been over. Plus 4 overtimes. Many squandered chances and it is not right to blame Bigsby.
It looks like he lost weight since he left Detroit. Guess he stopped eating pizza and burgers and is going for Kale Salad.
Winning a natty also requires great coaching, conditioning, play calling, discipline, game management, and some luck. I have been reading about "Florida's potential" for the past 10 years.
Don't forget about Matthew Stafford, that had a terrific college career at Georgia. Stafford got sent to purgatory in Detroit for way too long. Two SEC QBs starting in the Super Bowl is pretty nice. But I do like Joe Burrow as an underdog.
Vanilla Ice called and he wants his necklace back.
Having USC as a national power again is good for college football, which is good for the SEC. The big gripe about the playoff is that it seems to be the same small group of teams just about every year. I thoroughly enjoyed the Georgia and Alabama natty, but I know a lot of folks tuned it out. Having a big west coast media market school in the mix would be a good thing.
He has said he wants to go to law school. He has probably graduated by now and maybe he is going to start law school at UGA. I think he is a guy that is not worried about the NFL and just enjoys the college game. a very rare mind set these days.
Dude, I am a Gator fan also, but I don't see them getting back on top that quickly. They need players and they need a major cultural overhaul. I don't think that happens in one year. I hope I am wrong. I was very impressed with Tennessee in their bowl game, but I think GA stays on top at least another year.
You can't blame the assistant coaches for wanting to move up the ladder after a really good run. Best of Luck to him.
I put him up there with Saban, Bobby Bowden and others at the very top. Multiple Nattys with different QBs. He has reloaded talent with every class. He competes in a weak conference and yet his teams are always ready for bowl games and playoff games. He seems to run a clean program without much drama.
I don't know why Stetson comes back. He is 23 years old. He has no more upside and a lot of downside with an injury or losing to Alabama again. His draft stock is what it is. He is not going to grow 3 inches over the year. This is a weak year for QBs in the draft, and he should try his luck now.
It looks like everybody was having a good time. Next Monday night, all the fine diners can enjoy their steaks in peace and quiet with an empty restaurant.