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I am sorry y'all. Michigan, FSU, Washington, and Texas. I love the SEC, I know we are the best conference. But this is not our year.
Great win by Bama, but I am sorry. The top 4 are Michigan, Washington, FSU, and Texas.
I have really enjoyed the SEC on CBS. Keith Jackson and friends also used to do a terrific job on ABC. My fear is that ESPN does not understand the culture of CFP in general or the SEC in particular. As conferences expand and traditions fall away, I fear we lose something special.
Based on the Bama penalties and sloppiness, I don't see them beating GA this weekend. GA is in. Michigan is in. FSU is in. And I guess an inferior PAC Champ is in.
You neglected the most glaring Alabama issue that has been around all year. Stupid, needless, careless penalties. They deserved to beat Auburn, but they got away with a lot of penalties. You can't give GA a free 15 yards multiple times a game. You cannot start Milroe out with first and 15. I see two teams with comparable talent. I think Georgia wins because they are better disciplined.
I am surprised Texas A&M did not make a big time hire. This feels like the Gators hiring Will Muschamp. Ecko is only 16-9 as a head coach and he plays in the ACC. I think Ryan Day could have been a good hire or find someone that has a long track record of winning. I think they will be repeating this process in 3 or 4 years.
Why are Texas and Alabama behind Ohio State and Oregon? I am predicting some major blowouts in the bowl games and the CFP semifinals if something does not change.
Dude, just enjoy the 10 win season. Mizzou might draw some overrated PAC 12 team or Big 12 team and get a nice bowl win.
I think the PAC 12 will be exposed this upcoming bowl season. Their signature out of conference win was Utah beating the Florida Gators in the second week. They look real good beating each other while not playing defense. I think the SEC is going to get robbed this year.
I have always loved the CBS coverage of SEC games. They really understand the rivalries, the teams, and the culture. They really bring the viewer into the stadium for the game. Other networks view college football as a feeder league for the NFL, similar to NCAA basketball. I will be sad to see the SEC on CBS end.
Saban is too smart to overlook Auburn, but some of the younger players might not be. Auburn has ruined many Bama seasons.
I was very impressed with the Gators last week. This team had no quit in them. I have this crazy fantasy about them beating FSU this weekend!
Proud of the Gators, they never quit. Beating FSU next week would be so great on so many levels.
Jordan is pronounced Jurdan. The coach's name was Shug Jordan, but he pronounced it Jurdan. It is his name and his family's name and they can pronounce it however they please. The stadium is properly pronounced as "Jurdan Hare stadium"
Jerry Kill wins everywhere he goes. I remember him fondly from NIU and then Minnesota. He left the Big 10 due to health concerns, which are hopefully resolved. Maybe the Aggies or another Power 5 program could use this guy.
These hypotheticals will go on for weeks. I don't think the loser gets in. FSU, GA, Michigan and Washington is my best guess right now. Beating a 3 loss Notre Dame team is not looking all that impressive now.
But if Mississippi State was winning 10 games a year, the coach would be fine. Look at Ole Miss. The Alabama game is one loss. If Jimbo would be taking the Aggies to a New Year 6 bowl game every year, he might still be around. These teams were losing games they should have won and not competitive when they needed to be.
This is the first positive piece about the Gators I have seen in a while. I like the "glass half full" concept. The culture change is very important. I think that also needs to include resilience and finding a way to win. Florida really should be a consistent top 10 program.
I don't watch enough football coast to coast to get too excited about the Heisman. Jaden Milroe was clearly the better QB a few weeks back. Daniles is better than Graham Mertz, but we knew that already.
I think firing the guy with 2 games left is a low class move that does not reflect well on Mississippi State. Arnett was thrust into the job under really difficult circumstances and gave it his best shot. He will have other chances, but I don't know MS State gained by firing him this weekend.
It is hard to evaluate Big 10 defenses because they mostly play against anemic Big 10 offenses.
I thought Milroe did a great job against LSU. He outplayed Jayden Daniels by a lot. I hope Daniels is ok, but he is way too overhyped. I have given up on the Gators this year, so I am looking for another SEC team!
FSU is almost a lock to be undefeated and get in. If Washington wins out, they are in. Either Michigan or Ohio State will get in. The only complication is if Michigan beats OSU and then gets slapped with sanctions. I think GA will win out and get in, but Ole Miss and Alabama is not a cakewalk. A lot can happen, so let's just enjoy. I think the Big 12 gets skunked this year, the way the PAC 12 has been stiffed the past couple of years.
I am looking forward to this game, but I don't see Ole Miss winning. I thought GA looked solid against Mizzou.
Why is a 1 loss Oregon team ranked ahead of Texas and Alabama, particularly Texas? The PAC 12 is very weak.
The PAC 12 is the weakest major conference. The Oregon quality wins were all against teams in their own weak conference. Texas Tech is the only other major conference team they have played. Running up the score against weak teams that don't play defense hardly qualifies. This is why there are so many blowouts in bowl games and even Playoff games. The only PAC 12 quality win was Utah beating Florida and that hardly qualifies.
I think we all agree that the PAC 12 is the weakest major conference in
I guess Spencer Rattler should have gone pro this spring. Usually, I advocate waiting and maturing, but this is not a great look for him.
What makes you think that Georgia is going to lose in the SEC Championship game. They looked pretty good against Florida and the SEC west has been inconsistent.