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Ex- Gator. Meaning he was encouraged to leave when he messed up like many others also were. At least they are disciplined rather than ignored and enabled,
Ironically they have the exact same amount of credibility to claim a national championship after this loss as they did a few years ago when they started painting it everywhere people could read.
As much as I would love an SEC guy to win it, I have thought this all year. I love the fact that Henry is class, but there are honestly 2 deserving guys this year and I would say mcCaffrey is more valuable to his team right now...
I just don't understand why he would go anywhere that he's not a head coach. Georgia is a lateral move. Isn't he already one of the highest paid coordinators in the whole country? Doesn't he have complete control over the defense? I just don't get why he would leave...
QB's are NOT OVERRATED. Have you watched the Gators since Grier went down? Sheesh.
Agree fully. Franks is a great potential QB for someone. He is not as polished and ready as Eason, but he has a great upside. Florida needs a QB now, though, so if Eason commits- he will have a huge edge on Franks and Franks should go elsewhere. But... If Eason does not go there, Franks will have a chance to play next year at UF and not at LSU.
I really like Henry. great back... But honestly, quite a few backs could have 1500 yards with his line and the way they are killing clock towards end of games. He's the perfect fit there. Tebow had 3 great years at Florida, though. Henry only has 1 great one.
He lost honor by reinstating a cocaine dealer to the team. That was the joke, he should have never been reinstated.
"Cool hand Jim"'s early season tirade is part of what has propelled them to where they are now! Since that situation, the Gatora have been much more disciplined and focused. I'm glad he went off to set the tone on Taylor. He did the right thing... Loved on him after that encounter... And has seen the fruit of that public reaming ever since. He's "cool" now because they learned.
Remind me what college penalty "face guarding" is? Oh yeah, it's not one...
Read about this. Ridiculous to kill a kids future based on this. Rule needs to be examined and modified. Illegal stuff? That's one thing. Caffeine, alcohol, OTC stuff should have a different category.
Agree with this. He should be punished harshly... But did you know alcohol is on this same list? So is caffeine. The NCAA needs to look into modifying this punishment and rule. I'm sure he took a calculated risk and got caught. He will also justifiably get punished. But 365 days? For a legal substance? Wow... Maybe take caffeine and alcohol off the list or change the punishment. Let's be honest, BYU would be the only team in the nation who could field a team. Maybe change the punishment for the legal substances to 4 games and illegal steroids and drugs to a year? It seems obvious this rule needs modification
I'm gonna go with VooDoo in Cajun country... And Treon had to miss last year's game as well because of an accusation that was by a jealous ex-GF! Something fishy going on down there...
Charlie Strong and Dan Mullen? I get it if CS is fired, but why would they leave their current gigs? And back to the original article... Same could be said for Kelly and D'Antonio. No reason at all for them to leave and go to SCeast. I love the wishful thinking, but... Why not out Saban on the list?
We learned the gators freshman tailback Taylor is pretty good? Agree that the JUNIOR is playing better than expected, but we learned that the Florida defense is possibly the best in the nation right now and will make them competitive in every game.
Classy lady and great post. My prayers have gone out to the family multiple times and will continue to. Can't stand the Bulldogs, but is transcends rivalries. Godspeed, nick and God bless the Chubb family.
The funny part is that you listed 3 fights and a public school hours in the busiest building on campus sorta fight... And you think these are the only fights this fine upstanding citizen ever got in. He got in MANY others, including the one that caused Sammie coats to hurt his knee last year, that were not made as public. He fought with coaches... Rather publically. He was a cancer in the locker room. Just because he got caught in 3 fights you listed and one more semi-fight you also listed, hardly means he only got in those fights. He is a pugnacious trouble maker who loves to fight. If you can't see that, I'm sorry your love for auburn has blinded you so. The 6 day practice suspension before the season was a joke. And so is anyone excusing/ justifying/ minimizing his behavior.
Two young QB's; two great defenses. Two great coaches. It was a slow suffocation resulting in an ugly but dominating Gators win. Mizzou has a good team and I think they are a similar team to Florida.... They're just a few weeks behind in development. Good luck the rest of the way.
I'm not sure I fully agree with the 21 points off turnovers on a short field stat. Did you see the game? The second touchdown fit that category. The other 3 first half TD's were all long drives. Add in Miss had a long drive in the 3rd netting zero points, and the game was effectively over when it was 28-3 with less than 10 minutes left in the game. Sure, Baylor might have had a chance at that point... But the way Florida decimated them, those extra points late in the fourth were well after the game was decided. Shoot, the Mississippi TD was also garbage time, if you want to be honest. I respect the heck out of Mizzou, dang it, and I don't expect an easy game... But your script on last week is hardly accurate. I'm worried about the unknown in Lock and the home field great Mizzou crowd. But I doubt the team is overconfident, that revenge is a poor motivator in football, and that we only won because of TO's last week. I'll stick with my post above.
Either that or he will get picked up by the Seminoles... Oh wait, he only hit guys. Never mind.
This is for deacon- I'll bite... He was suspended for the bowl game. Check. Great job with discipline... Gets in a fight in spring, swept under the rug. Gets in a fight this summer, 6 day suspension. Reinstated before Louisville to make sure he didn't miss any game time. Plays every game. Gets caught in a fourth fight... Kicked off. Does this help you make sense of things? It's the no missing game time for caught fights 2 &3 that is a huge issue. And at least one of the two he didn't miss game time with left an Auburn basketball player injured pretty good. I actually know people who work at Skybar, b.t.w.
We're you referring to Cam Newton with this comment? Oh, two coaches ago. Never mind.
And you also know he got in two more fights since then with nothing other than missed practices, right? No one in the plains in the know is surprised... And I know the AD and many others down there.
Anyone surprised by this obviously doesn't follow Auburn football too much. This was his fourth fight that he has gotten in trouble for dating back to last season and the offseason! The joke of a suspension in the offseason showed him it was ok. Idiot cost himself tens of millions with this.
Anyone who calls himself "the man" is obviously not "the man."
Good athlete, good kid. Florida has better players at every position he would contribute at. It's mutual and I hope the best for him.
I think Mizzou is over MM and starting over with Lock. They are still figuring out their identity but it's a better identity than they had with MM. That said, Florida is a step ahead in figuring out who they are. They've had three consecutively tougher challenges and the OL is coming around (which means the offense is finally coming around). And their D is just getting better every game now that the injuries and suspensions in the secondary are done and Morrison is getting healthier. I think it's a game too early with Lock and a game (2) too late to rattle Grier. Florida wins.
Looks pretty accurate to me. But it's a little early in the season to compare stats... Quality of competition and matchups define stats a whole lot. Add to that the fact that floridas oline is improving rapidly but have three true freshmen in the rotation, Morrison's injured knee is getting healthier, Florida's secondary is getting healthy for the first time this season, and Grier is getting comfortable for the first time. And on the other side, Mizzou Dline is growing up, the qb situation is tenuous but seemingly better than MM, and they have a nice home field advantage on Homecoming weekend. It should be a good game, but I think the Gators defense is the difference in this game and they win by 11.