Gator in Louisville

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I’ll probably get chapped for this but being objective mine would be 1) Oklahoma 2) Georgia 3) Alabama 4) North Carolina 5) Iowa State 6) Clemson 7) Cincinnati 8) Texas A&M 9) Ohio St 10) Indiana. Oklahoma and Georgia are bringing back majority of their teams and are going to be really good. Iowa St and UNC are returning great starting QBs. Texas A&M, Notre Dame, and Ohio St all have to replace QBs. Same for Bama but they’re always great at replacing players with depth chart and Clemson QB isn’t proven but played some last year, so that is why I dropped those two down some
Agreed! I was slightly more devastated losing to Alabama in 2009 SEC championship
2009 Gators football. We go #1 all season long and lose a close game against an strong Alabama team. I probably cried along with Tebow, haha. Little did I know those tears were shed because we haven’t been back to that level since that day. Florida getting THRASHED by Nebraska in 1995 championship was a close 2nd
That 1995 Nebraska team was the most dominant I’ve seen. As much as I hate to say it Ohio St 2014 was impressive. 3rd string QB dominating the Big 10 championship and playoffs. Showed Urban Meyer’s ability to recruit major talent & depth at all positions
I actually agree with you. It was done based on financial incentives. But I’m down for a one & one. It’s about time a Florida team goes in there stadium and spanks that ass!
None of our players should leave. They haven’t shown the talent for NBA but have great potential if developed properly
Article said it would be between Georgia & Tennessee. While it’s a rivalry, it won’t be relevant because UT will be out of the race by then
I like your thought on doing away with divisions if we expand. Having the 3 permanent rivals and rotating the remaining 6 games to play every team every other year.
I’d take Clemson. They’d improve the East but I don’t think they give up their power over the ACC in football and strong in baseball. If we take an ACC team I want Florida St or Louisville
If we’re expanding then Kansas would be a great addition. I like the idea but hate losing our tradition of strong Southern schools. So Kansas should go to Big 10. We can increase all sports by adding Louisville & Florida St. The only team outside of the states we already represent would be Oklahoma
Thank you! My point too! We are the South for a reason. There’s plenty of talented schools to make rivalries and competition in the states we represent
I love these hypotheticals. I’m going to start with pure talent scenario. As a Gator fan I’m actually all for adding Florida State to the SEC. They have a successful football history, baseball too. Their basketball is on the up & up, great past two seasons. Plus they share a geographical/culture that’s a cross of north Florida & Alabama. I don’t understand why Florida would want them out, we play them every year anyways and fight over same recruits regardless. I’m with adding Louisville as the second team. Recently they’ve struggled with football but have a huge fan base. They’re top notch basketball and baseball schools. They also have premier women’s sports. They fit the South model/culture. So in this scenario move Missouri to the west and the league is divided evenly with improvements to competition in the East. Now for tv markets/expansion. I’d love to have Oklahoma, top notch football and solid baseball & basketball school. Heck bring Kansas and Les Miles back into the fold. At least we’d improve in basketball. I like the West Virginia and VT ideas too. But I’m not interested in expanding to other areas. WE ARE the Southeastern conference, let’s keep it that way. Our conference is already top notch football and baseball. The South from top to bottom dominates college sports, period. I don’t see a problem adding great teams from states we already represent for stronger competition. Auburn and Alabama is one of the best rivalries around and it means more because they’re in the same conference.