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UF still gets no respect.Ranked ahead of UGA and still the underdog.UF is playing better than UGA too.Geuss it's better their the dog,should motivate UF if they were favored they might lay an egg.
Taggart is not a good coach. His FSU team Has athletes.
Urban, would actually coach the Noles? He normally wouldn't take a team that would take a few years to turn in to a contender.That is why he left UF. The team had lost a lot of players and UF was on the decline. He left saying he had health issues and took the Ohio State job the following year. UF was 8-5 his last year. He doesn't like to lose.
Kanell is an acc homer and is upset FSU stinks.To have ND ahead of UGA after UGA's Victory and Oregon over Auburn.He doesn't even have UGA,AU or UF in top 10.How does this guy have a job with whoever hired him.Has to be an ACC or Big 10 affiliate.
Not sure how the Uga fan base narrative has changed in a few weeks.Let me rephrase that. The Uga trolls. The five or six who said Kirby and the Dawgs would score a hundred on the Gators. Not saying the Gators will win in Jax .but am feeling much better about our chances seeing we have a bye week and two weeks to prepare for the Dawgs.Gators playing the best in east last few weeks too.
Wow!! SI has lost faith in UGA.Went from the CFP to the Outback Bowl.
BamaTime and Bamatimeparrot must be the same person,like how no one is getting into it with Bamatime's parrot friend,
They are allowed to play in SEC Championship while they are going thru appeal process,but if they deny the appeal before Sec Championship Game and Mizzou win the East the second place team would take their place.
Let them heal until Uga game. Won't need them this game.
I get it.We all have to eat a little crow every now and then, but there is that saying. He who laughs first doesn't always laugh last. Karma
Where all the annoying Uga trolls? The trash talking ones,they know who they are.Time for all of you to eat a little crow. Don't care how you like it.It is a well deserved dose of it.King Negan,Corch,Dawgs of war,Usmc Dawg,Coach Irvin Meyers.Im sure there's a few more i am leaving out.
What a difference a day makes. Yesterday everyone was getting along and being civil.You can tell its getting close to game time.If Fla wants respect then they have to win this game.Win this game.Make a statement and they should get the respect they deserve.
13 point dogs after last week? What does it take for the Gators to get some respect? Gators come to play after being disrespected again! Will they get the respect they deserve if they walk out of Death Valley with the win? or will they say Tigers were overrated like they did last week after Gators knocked off AU.
Leghumperu,Don't accuse me of having anything to do with corch's acct.Im a Gatorfan.I would never act like that idiot.I may give certain UGA Trolls a hard time about the circle jerk thing,but your pal usmcdawg started all that and i finished it by saying he was the pivot man in the circle jerk. I have replied back at corch using his upper case lowercase every other letter, but no not my acct,but nice try. I've heard it was a combined acct between 3 obnoxious Uga trolls and was told by another gator fan that claimed to know the guy and went to school with him ,said he had his teeth knocked out because he didn't know when to shut his big mouth and that he also took his sister to the prom.
corch,you don't have the sense god gave a goat.You said AU would dominate Fl.You were wrong again.Now you make an idiotic statement that AU gave Fla the game.Eat your crow,All your five stars your always barking about has won you the east twice and one SEC Championship.After this year it will be Forty years without a National Championship. The drought continues.Deserving for UGA fans like youself.
Its funny how pups fans are so cocky. There last time winning a NC was thirty nine years ago. They have won the east twice and an SEC Championship once and act like they've won 5 National championships.
PAWWWWWWWWWWWl,0-2 in his picks against Gators. Sports media guys are like the weatherman at predicting the weather when it comes to there picks. a lot of them were way off on this one.Pawwwwwwwwl will come out tomorrow and say how he's unimpressed with AU like he did about UGA after the ND game.
Oh ,but its ok UT was up on UGA before the half.A UT all these moronic dawg fans have said have been awful. Wnen Michigan goes to ND it will determine if it's a good win for UGA. Michigan goes there and beats ND Uga's overrated because Michigan is bad.
Where is wareagle342,He needs to Show up on SDS and eat his crow,He predicted a 39-19 Wareagle victory.
Good ole Mullet is doing it without all the four and five stars too.Let him get a few more of his own recruiting classes and Fla will be able to compete with UGA for the East.
There's to much crow to eat on SDS,Guess they don't like crow,the usual five or six Uga trolls that always predict Fla to lose sure have a lot of feathers coming out of there mouths.
All We heard all week long was how good AU's offense was.Where was it? Where are all these AU and the four or five arrogant UGA trolls who predicted a blowout AU win? You guys should just learn to keep big mouths shut.
@t irvin meyers ,Don't you have a circle jerk to attend with your pal usmcdawg. You and your four to five troll pals are the only Sideshow Clowns on SDS .
Where is wareagle342 and queen neagan? Wareagle342 predicted a 39-19 Wareagle victory.Queen Neagan said we would get blownout.Isn't it odd how before every game queen says Fla's crap.I geuss we won't have to hear from them until a day or two before the Lsu game.
That from a Buff fan who hasn't won anything since Kordell Stewart and a usmcdawg fan who's the pivot man in the circle jerk.Yes you started the thing about the circle jerk against fellow gators.I'll give you that,but i believe my punchline of you being the pivot man in the circle jerk was spot on you gay dog.
All You over confident AU fans can keep running your mouths.Im quite sure if your AU team loses in the Swamp Saturday you guys will be nowhere to be found.
Why are Dawg Fans so down on Mullen? Calling Him mullet.You guys say he's a clown.Fla was 4-7 the year before Mullen took over . All he has done is gone 15-3 . Yeah,he lost to UGA,but that was his first year against Dawgs at Fla.He'll be competing with Uga for the Eastern Division sooner than later.
Gators have been getting trashed all year by certain fans.Which is understandable.Its time Fla steps up and makes a statement.Needs that signature win.If playing in the Swamp and being a three point dog isn't enough to motivate Fla Then maybe they're another year away.I believe they are going to play well.Don't know if they get the W,but hope if they do that these fans try and give the Gators a little respect.
@CoRcH,tHaT rEAl TeAm IsN't UgA,nIcK AnD bAmA OwN uGa.UgA cAn't BeAt BaMa.NoT gOiNg To HaPpEn.CrOw At Us AbOuT AlL tHeSe 5 StArS WhEn YoU aCtUaLlY wIn SoMeThInG bEsIdEs ThE eAsT.yOu ShOuLd JuSt LeArN To InSeRt ThE @0Ck BaCk In YoUr MoUtH aNd ShUt ThE fvCk Up AnD cRaWl Back In YoUr TroLl HoLe
DaWgSoFwAr KnOws AlL tO wElL aBoUt BuTtHuRt.He LoVeS It Up ThE BuNgHoLe. He alWaYs UsEs BuTtHuRt In HiS pOsTs.ObViOuSlY yOu BeInG a BuTt DaRt ChAmPiOn , ThAt'S gOt To SuCk ThE bIg OnE.oH yEa! I fOrGoT yOu Do ThAt ToO.