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FLA is 7- 5 in SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES. DAWGS ARE 3-4.FLA HAS 3 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. DAWGS HAVE 1 39 YEARS Ago. That is really the only stats that matter.
Is that the best you can do douche 78.I expected you to come up with something a bit better than a spelling error.Maybe your dawgs can win the National championship for the spelling b this year. They sure won"t in football. Go get you some tit milk crybaby.
Can't listen to anything UGADAWG78 says , 1. he's a methhead tweaker. 2.he's the perv hanging around Walmart #when there is a sale on little boys pants half off. Let me explain it for you because i am quite sure its way above your thinking process, because you don't have the sense god gave a goat.Here's the punchline douche bag,Pants half off.
I am sure they would have him back,but as soon as he was offered a better job he'd be gone.He did not even last the whole season last time he was at UT if i remember correctly.It also looks like he needs to lay off whatever he's eating.Sure has put on the weight.
Im shocked,A Dawg fan did not have any negativity in his comment.I have no problem with smack talk,but there is Six or seven Dawgs that constantly troll Fla articles beating them down.When Fla fans talk back their Called hypocrites,crackheads ,and many other things.They predict Fla's going to lose every game.The reverse psychology thing does not work very well for you guys.I know Mullen made a comment about Georgia before the season, for whatever reason i don't know.He's not a bad coach. 13-3 at Fla. reverse psychology phys doesn't work very well for you guys
Kentucky fans,tough loss Saturday night.My opinion. The worst thing that could have happened for UK was Franks injury.There's no way we win that game if Franks finished the game.UK will have a good season and can compete with Georgia.Great teams can be beat with the exception of Bama and Clemson.Especially when that teams fan base is always chirping how good they are and no one in the east can beat them.We'll see
@UGADAWG78 , You have no right to call anyone a hypocrite.All you five or six arrogant dawg fans do is constantly bash Fla on all fla articles.What comes around goes around.Don't get your pantie's in a wad just because i make a comment about you and your three pals. Sounds like to me you have the fragile ego or either your five foot tall and have little man syndrome and your mad at the world.Go back to your single wide and hit your meth pipe. You'll be ok. Oh! I almost forgot.Go ahead, have a little whine with that cheese.Your pitiful.
@ USMCDawg ,Not much of a comeback. I expected a lttle better than that.
@USMCDawg,Maybe your dawgs can win a National Championship at being creative.Sure can't do it in football.If you take you takeing it up the @ss as a compliment your most welcome.
1.Best Spurrier DAWG Quotes.I used to like playing Georgia the second game of the year.You could always count on their three best players being suspended.2.We went to Athens and hung a half a hundred on the Dawgs.3.They always recruit the best players,but when we play we have the best players on the field
UgaDawg78, Dawgsofwar and leghumperu are having a circle jerk and USMCDawg is the pivot man. Let the trailer park gangbang begin. You +AGS need to put your meth pipes down.
@ USMCDAWG. Go and lick deez nuts. You Dawgs are really good at doing that. Georgia's the teebag capital of the world. YOU forgot to point out that you were the pivot man in your little jerk session.
ROFLMAO,Gromit according to them they're perfect.I see now what the five or six moron's problem is. There tweakers.Geuss you should'nt expect anything less from a bunch of trailer park trash.
To all you sword swallowing Dawg fans.Yes the arrogant ones!You know who you are.The five or six constantly trolling fla articles. I know you saw that BCS National Championship Trophy.Something you have'nt had your hands on in thirtynine years.LMFAO! It also would'nt hurt my feelings to see you without one thirtynine years from now.
Kash Danials is dirty, He predicted before the game that UK would beat UF.Which Franks getting hurt was the worst thing to happen to UK.He was Trying to get Trask out of the game.He sure did'nt like whatever Trask said to him.
Yes, you dawgs are especially first when it comes to running your SouthCarolina GameCock Suckers.Where do you rank at winning a National Championship? Lol
I like it! Kirby is 0-2 against Nick and Bama. got blownout by Lsu.Kirby cant beat Nick, Nicks in his head.His record against his assistants speaks for itself.What good does it do the dawgs to have all the 4 and 5 stars if you don't win a championship.Recruiting will fall off in a few years.Kirby's selling all these kids on Natys right now.Fact is if dawgs cant get one in next year or two is what 4 or 5 star is going to sign up just to win the East.
Kash should get suspended pulling that type 0f @rap.
Dawg Fans predict Fla will lose every game.Isn't Neagen a character off the Walking Dead?
Where's Missouri? i geuss they either have them in one of the lower tier bowl games or expecting them not to have six wins. SC 31 Missouri 28
Or the fans of Missouri when they lost to Wyo?
A Missouri fan who's team lost to Wyo.UT fans, If FLa is not very good How bad is UT? And another Dawg troll who is obsessed with the Gators.
It's possible boxter, that u dogs may win a NC in grammer.You sure have'nt been able to do it in football in 39 years.
I agree with you on the tee shirt deal Atl Gator.MOST OF THESE ARROGANT DAWG FANS ARE BITTER.I would be too.Biteing on a pillow, takeing it up the WAZZU.It's such a glamorous life they live.
@ Negan,until u have at least three Natys and seven SEC Championships.Be quiet.Another arrogant Georgia fan that since Kirby got to Athens two years ago acts like they have a championship ring on each finger.Kirby can't beat Nick and Bama.Oh! I forgot,can't beat Lsu either.We all no what that means.anorher year without a Naty.
It's also nice the Dawgs not in the playoffs.They'll have alot to say about this article.
antidullivan, Mizzo has no NC's and 15 conference championships.
Oh no!Dawgsofwar ,isn't he the fourteen year old that still lives with his parents in a trailer? He's picked against Fla every game since i came on here last year and has a terrible record last i counted he was 3-9.such a pillow biteing @ss clown.
Never fails,Ga trolls trolling Fla articles.Not all UGA fans are arrogant.Dawgs of war is brutal.he must be the 14 yr old whose parents forgot to put the child lock on the keyboard.