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Knox is just stealing money from the University at this point
Well Jones and Brennan were top 10 QBs in their class. But I guess not having #19 ranked QB Beck transfer before his first off season is something to gloat about.
They should have definitely opened up comments for that one. It's not even politically related. Just good ole fashion Georgia bashing, that should be fair game, particularly after allowing comments on the Bleich article.
Fixed this for you, Mountain. Updated for Otis Reese. Nothing is verified, but after the previous Justin Fields fiasco it certainly deserves some scrutiny. Could be a case of blame-game, but it’s also not the first time Kirby and staff have been accused of a lax attitude towards a player’s concern for racial harassment and their well-being. Potential recruits have a built-in BS filter for complaints stemming from playing time or depth chart status. They know the score. This allegation (and Field's prior) though, are on a different level. Kirby needs to get out in front of this before it becomes too much of a thing with recruits and parents.
It seems like there's more troll accounts than normal accounts nowadays. Sad state of affairs.
Is that true? Emory Jones, Mac Jones, Myles Brennan
I'm surprised Kirby allowed this information to come out.
Jamie Newman fell out of the first round? Even an off-season at Georgia drops your stock.
I don't watch much NFL but the Bengal's uniform is the ugliest I can remember.
That block by the center though...
How many drinks does it take to blow a 0.1+ for a 350 lb guy? 8-10, 10+?
Dameon Pierce is being slept on. Top 5 in production by the end of the year.
Who knows, but I wouldn't consider it a joke if it's regarding his competitiveness. That's more of a complement.
I think the joke is that he uses another ball if he can't find his ball.
Is he implying Kirby Smart cheats? Get out of here, that seems so out of character for him.
From what I understand, all players/personnel that were in contact with the player would also be quarantined, meaning whole position groups may be quarantined.
I don’t know what the worries are about, I have full confidence in Kirby to choose and play the right QB at the right time. Mathis on a special teams trick play would be genius.
But he has one of the strongest arms in college football. Source: Negan.
I would say all 3 are tbd. Unless greatness is now measured in high school.
TDOW is so sensitive it blocks his comprehension.
Question is, when will Beck transfer? Mid-season, after Brock gets more reps in the spring?
Another key target for Jamie Newman.
Why would they ruin a good name like that.
Dude, Ryan Leaf didn't have it between his ears. It goes all ways.