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If every CB gets downgraded for getting beat by Devonta, there'd be no first round CBs on Alabama's schedule. With that said, 5-star CBs from Florida should come to UF, we'll get you drafted in the first round. I'm looking at you Jaheim.
Kirby better double up on the those bags. What else can he offer him, hair cuts are taken care of, maybe he can offer Arik to shave his face and arm pits?
Is this based on your own research or you got a source for that? It’s funny how Democrats have had the presidency for a total of 96 years and America has never been a socialist society. But maybe one day in the next 250 years your fears will come true. Till then, keep fighting the fight.
So essentially you just want fox news as your source. First article on google searching "fox news college educated voters" comes up with an article citing "College graduates went for Biden (+17 points), noncollege voters went for Trump (+2 points)." Any further research, you can do on your own.
Crazy rants on the internet, that's the mark of a busy, sane, well-rounded person.
Aren't college educated voters more likely to vote dem? But I guess your honest assessment of intelligence is probably more fair.
There's been qualifying questions around him for a while now.
Hasn't FSU won 3 NC since Georgia lasts one. Comparing ourselves to FSU is more appropriate than comparing us to UGA.
I like Brian Johnson but I'm also not sure he's ready to run a program. And the smart thing would be to not keep the staff intact.
Really? I never knew that. When was this reported? You must be such a historian of football.
He’s a bit goofy, there’s been reports of relating well with recruits. Not poorly, but not as well as some of the other elite recruiting coaches.
He’s probably actually more an NFL type. Can scheme based on talent, doesn’t like recruiting, not the best at relating to kids... Whether he has the talent to coach in the NFL remains to be seen.
I agree here, if he wants to go to the NFL, I rather him leave now. Next year would be a good rebuilding year.
There is zero chance this coaching staff would start a true freshman Marshall over a returning Wilson. Thank goodness Wilson has decided to opt out on his own, I just hope he’s already contacted an agent, no turn backs.
Surprised the Harris didn't make it, I thought he was the front runner. Lawrence shouldn't have been in it, missed 2 or 11 games this year. Good luck Trask!
I don't think anyone believes that Mullen actually recruits. Just run into violations via ignorance.
Oklahoma vs Florida is the only game worth watching here.
They should have just opted out of playing Alabama and they would have been in, that's their fault.
"We’ve got to score to keep up with these guys, I’m not sitting here trying to make it a one-play deal to score because they have an excellent defense." 100% guarantee that Saban would have had better clock management. How much did we lose by.
Skyrocketing an extra $15/month for 5 months?
Yea, definitely prefer Bennett's grasp of the offense and Mathis's mental make-up over JT Daniel's arm talent.
You're looking for complete, clear articles on this site? lol