gator out west

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I think the win is solid. At no point (after the first TD) was I worried that we may lose the game.
The conversation won’t end until Georgia wins an NC with Fromm. Because that is what is at stake.
Putting auburn in front of Florida is inexplicable.
It’s funny, use to cheer on USC because of Spurrier. Not so much anymore...
How does this make sense? The only questionable elections (Gore and Trump where popular votes went Dem) were with republicans winning?
You know what they say, the fewer passes Fromm throws, the more likely Georgia wins.
Well, if Missouri beats Florida and Georgia and runs the rest of the SEC table, and don’t go on probation, they can still make Atlanta. Still got a shot!!
Wasn’t embarrassed in the bayou at night, no reason to think we would be at a neutral site.
To reclaim the greatest Georgia team ever crown after a win over Kentucky.
Only 1 play for backup QBs this game. That has got to be one of the most unexpected outcomes. I would have taken the over on 20.
Need to throw the vault at Joe Brady, everybody in SC should be pitching in.
Safe to assume all Georgia, Missouri, and Tennessee fans watched the game. Everybody loves watching Florida football!!!!
Yea, can’t have him in coverage. Decent on the blitz, wonder how he would do at LB or FS.
Would like to see more blitzes with Zuniga and Greenard out. Zero pass rush without a blitz.
Franks has a hard time hitting those consistently. Good teams will hit them, like LSU and Alabama almost every time. Concerning that WR were getting behind our defense that regularly.
Hard to think that SC was going to win even without missed calls, Muschamp is so incredibly conservative. With a lead, 3 runs and punt every series.
Freddie has gotten so good over his 4 years. Even with all our studs, him and Hammond are our two most dynamic and reliable.
Can we learn to defend a draw please? For 8 years, Muschamp offenses will run a draw on 3rd and long every time. How are we not expecting it?
Muschamp has been teaching CB to hold for dear life since his UF days. Challenging refs to make calls every play.
The missed calls withstanding, Florida was the better team. Muschamp is just so conservative with the play calling. After that first drive, it was so predictably run. Cocks need a QB that can hit those 2-3 long passes they will throw.
Mizzou also has the added benefit of playing ole miss and Arkansas from the west.