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I like announcing before the early signing period, clear up the depth chart a little for the recruits.
Man, this article was so hidden, looking for it for days. Wanted to check where Greenard finished. Second place, that seems about right to me.
In my lifetime, FSU is the biggest rival to me.
Yup, he immediately transferred after two years.
Please paste the Mullen quote on lying to players and transferring. I know you have it tattooed on your leg.
Such a great NFL career that scouts want him to start for a 4th year in college...
I would love to see Toney running this UK offense. But I also want him at UF.
Confused at your point. Fromm belongs above Trask because he lost 5 receivers and has a better career?
I'm sure he'd learn how to make a back shoulder throw. How hard is it to underthrow an outside 1 on 1?
This list has been trash from day one. If I wrote crap like this at work, I'd be fired.
I would say Felipe would do better at a smaller school, why does he need to join a major program. Driskel transferred to La Tech and Brissett transferred to NC State where they both were able to excel and get drafted. Joining a major program means you're going to playing against major defenses (unless you go big12/pac10 of course), go middle program and put up huge numbers. Franks is better at seeing the field than either of those two when they left for Florida.
There's plenty of doubt that McElwain is a good coach. The fact that his players at Florida had to get outside training shows how incapable he is at running a program. With that said, I really hope he ends up in the SEC. We all need a villain to rally behind.
They are definitely good and have a chance to win it all, but in no way do they deserve to be ranked higher and no one is suggesting they should not be in the playoffs and have been in the top 4 for all CFB rankings.
The ridiculous part of putting OSU above LSU would mean that LSU would need to beat OSU, Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Auburn, and Texas if they are going to win a NC. That's got to be the greatest season of all time.
My dream is for your to understand that stupid can be used as a superlative. But we all know that's not going to happen.
Nope not happening, even with a blow out. Maybe if Fromm/Swift gets injured or enters the transfer portal after the game.
Still would prefer to see Oklahoma (If they win) over Utah. Just a better chance at winning a game than Utah and bigger stars.
From Alabama to Texas to Florida to Georgia to South Carolina, it’s been a Smart/Muschamp trademark. Challenge the refs to throw 40 flags. Just look at PI rates.
#1 advantage is refs letting Georgia DBs hold for the first 15 yds.
I think it’s a size thing, NFL is obsessed with measurables.
You only have to pay Will 3 mill per year to coach, but if you fire him, you have to pay him 18 mill. Tanner: DEAL!!