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LOL, if LSU doesn't have Burrow and UF doesn't get him, Georgia (or Alabama) is in the playoff for 2019. Get out of here with Oklahoma and Oregon in the playoffs. Clemson probably still wins.
There's zero chance Ken Dorsey would beat Joe Burrow.
Well, it's hard to find positive Georgia postseason moments. I guess they did win a Rose Bowl.
COVID kills at about 1.5%. So if there are 60 million cases in the US, that's 900k deaths. That's kind of a lot.
Sans coaches: Tim Tebow, Danny Wuerffel, Joakim Noah, Brodie Smith.
Yea, cool take by school. For Florida: Tim Tebow, Steve Spurrier, Billy Donovan, Brodie Smith
Cool, way to objectify a teenager. Your parents must be so proud.
Florida has a football, basketball, and baseball player (I think the only school to have 3 different sports). I guess that's the Foley effect.
Y'all should watch Tiger King on Netflix. Joe Exotic would have made a good LSU fan.
I didn't read his comment, but this is quite a breakthrough. Glad COVID can bring us together.
Thoughts... SDS overrated the TAMU duo. Bruce Pearl would have jumped to the #3 basketball coach if I included his TN record.
If using a ranking system From SDS coaches power rankings 14- Nick Saban AL 13- Ed Orgeron LSU 12- Kirby Smart UG 11- Dan Mullen UF 10- Jimbo Fisher TAMU 9- Mike Leach MSU 8- Mark Stoops UK 7- Gus Malzahn AU 6- Lane Kiffin MISS … Basketball, rank based on winning % at current school, because I don’t know enough about them and couldn't find a power ranking article 14- John Calipari 0.810 UK 13- Will Wade 0.681 LSU 12- Mike White 0.624 UF 11- Rick Barnes 0.623 UT 10- Bruce Pearl 0.622 UA 9- Ben Howland 0.594 MSU 8- Frank Martin 0.555 USC 7- Buzz Williams 0.519 TAMU 6- Nate Oates 0.516 AL … Totals: LSU – 26 UF – 23 UK – 22 AL – 20 MSU – 18
Re: 3. At least it hasn't been 40 years yet, amirite?
I can’t believe free content websites that rely on ad revenue publish articles and titles to generate clicks. Them bastards!
None of these overreaction comments are aging well. And lol kody, China regularly releases viruses for population control. Can’t help stupid, I guess.
It picked up towards the end. You should finish it out. I liked the ending.
Do you think Spring Football will get moved to the summer? There will have to be extra practice sessions and recruiting periods over the summer, right?
The Americans is probably one of my favorite shows. It's over and there's 8 seasons, so tons of watching. Can be found on Amazon Prime.
I think it's clear that Auburn wins the most self-centered fan base award. Quite impressive on these boards.
I’m saying you can give it to an elderly person next time you’re shopping wal-mart. And there’s not a 99.8% chance that elderly person won’t die from it.
And elderly people never talk to or come into contact with non-elderly folks.
It's a shame Gator baseball loss to FSU the other day, they could have ended the season undefeated.