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This has to be one of darrell's accounts. As to why he's at ole miss, there were questions about him qualifying which limited his options.
Not to spoil it, but Michael Scott did leave a few seasons before the end. The show was a bit less funny but still good. James Spader’s character was good. Without Dwight, Jim’s character is useless, no one to prank. I could of done without Andy.
Florida's going to need an OLB and S next year. Sounds like a good fit. And it looks like we're going to miss on our OLB recruits, so it'll be a perfect fit.
Isn’t this an issue of re-opening too early? I think not taking it serious enough is absolutely correlated with the government responses. FML if there’s no football.
Even Kirby Smart could win it with that roster.
For the money, I would take Oregon over Florida. It's got to be almost a push between Oregon and Oklahoma for the 4th playoff spot. No chance a big ten team wins the conf besides OSU.
Shouldn't you two be getting ahead of the curve with Carroll, how he's processed out of the class.
Nice get with good tape. Seems to be popular among other recruits, let's hope he can bring some to Gainesville.
Khanomil, you do know nottrudawg is a troll account that trolls Georgia posters. The only one that is backing you up is a troll, congrats for being correct.
That's a shame, I felt that Spears was one of the more knowledgeable folks in regards to college football/SEC.
Are you asking and answering your own conspiracy theories? Sounds like another person I know with dementia.
Not sure what your top 25 QBs means, who will put up the best stats or which one you'll want on your team or your heisman order, but I would imagine trey lance should be in there. I would have Sam Howell third.
How would you ever know what’s going on with the President without social media? Are you saying your more old fashioned than a 74 year old?
Feel free to leave anytime. I doubt anyone will notice you’re gone.
Are you trying to say he’s not as much of an elite black person as Fromm is an elite white person?
Maria Taylor had a good response to the Jake Fromm situation. I would recommend checking it out.
Wow, that's crazy, they only have 2 players from the state of Tennessee in their class.
I'm a PhD scientist. What are you? Is it so hard to believe someone lies for the sole purpose of making that person look better? This explains so much.
Seeing how the coach has already apologized for lying, it's safe to say the coach is lying and the player is accurate.
Oh, us making civilized comments flew out the window years ago. Where have you been?
Probably best to get and spread the infection now than later in the year, especially if they are group-isolating among themselves.
Weird to see FSU articles appear on these boards. Does the ACC not have their own website network?
All I know is that I'm not one of them, haha. I assume elite means rich from the prior line of making the suppressors expensive. The more concerning word is white especially given the profession he has chosen, his surroundings and that he's around a lot of rich black men.