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He was probably 1B after McGee was hired, the other being Klubnik.
I was a fan of him as well, but he was a bit undersized. Too many big WR these days.
It depends how they normally handle it. If a stealing a boot is normally a felony, then they shouldn't go to Smart and they should follow standard procedure, regardless if he's a football player. With that said, booting should be a last resort, it costs hundreds to remove the boot and if he just parked in the wrong place, they should have just issued a ticket or something, even if it's multiple times, booting is excessive. Maybe 5+ tickets then it's reasonable. And I doubt there's much discipline in regards to game time.
I would take a Saban-less Alabama winning a NC sooner than UGA.
Put Fields or Lawrence on UGA, I would roll the dice that they could win 1 out of 2019 LSU, 2x 2020 Alabama. I mean, Florida was within 2 and 1 score of them.
They got past Clemson, lets not pretend they weren't a good team.
Oh my bad, you're right, OSU is a juggernaut and Stetson Bennett would have led them to the playoffs as well.
I guess a National Championship, Heisman, and 1st overall pick has to be a his consolation, tough break.
Maybe 2 of the 5 then? I guess the point was his two 5 star Georgia misses speak louder than his 5 star hits, at least for now.
The fact that he led OSU to the playoffs the past couple years. That's kind of a big deal. You know, as opposed to not being in the playoffs.
As this is the first UGA article I've commented on since Georgia's self reporting recruiting violations article, I find that unlikely. But don't let facts and statistics get in the way of your rebuttals.
It is unacceptable to be excusing groping and harassment, but lets be clear, it's not being a pedophile, she was not a child. Perversion and pedophilia are not the same.
Lets be real, anything with Georgia or Florida or Alabama in the title gets a click from you and your brethren.
There are 3 people that have dictated college football over the past 2-3 years, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Nick Saban. Two are from Georgia and they didn't play for them the past 2 years. That's a miss.
You do know Pitts is going to the NFL right? Hard to take you serious.
You should chat with Brad Stewart.... we don't often announce why the player is sitting out, just mysteriously unavailable.
And Kirby has never pulled an offer... I think most of us are constantly clamoring for Mullen to pull more offers, it's going to end up costing us Arnold. I've been good-ish, obviously bummed with the way the season ended. I see you've been keeping busy.
They are actually at the yearly counters limit, the 85 scholarship will probably be amended for this year.
You have to understand, Georgia fans don't understand that coaches can make players better. They're use to seeing their players peak as 5* HS recruits and slowly tread down to 3, 4, 5 rd to undrafted NFL picks. Like JT Daniels at USC is UGA's best version of him, whereas we know Jones will be better next year than the previous year.
It's like Neil stopped following Florida news a couple weeks ago. Or he wrote it back then and it's just getting published now.
Instead of doing any of that, they end up firing Pruitt. Makes you wonder what they know. But you know, all media information is wrong so...
Lol at all the Georgia fans afraid of reporters/talk show host reporting information they’ve heard. Afraid you’re next? Better shut them up first before the truth comes out.
They are down by their own cheating. Why should we sympathize with them? They’re cheaters and deserve everyone taking shots at them.
Presumably Chase was the number 1 receiver on the draft boards before opting out. How much money does he lose for falling behind Smith?
If every CB gets downgraded for getting beat by Devonta, there'd be no first round CBs on Alabama's schedule. With that said, 5-star CBs from Florida should come to UF, we'll get you drafted in the first round. I'm looking at you Jaheim.
Kirby better double up on the those bags. What else can he offer him, hair cuts are taken care of, maybe he can offer Arik to shave his face and arm pits?