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Just to change the subject a little bit, I understand why Kirby Smart is trying to eliminate the cocktail party. I have nothing but respect for Kirby Smart. But if you want to change something then change the recruiting policy. I mean if we can pay players then I’m sure with no doubt we can change that policy without eliminating another college tradition! There’s too much of that going on right now and a lot more to follow, let’s all try to think a little bit deeper. Anyway that’s my two cents
I’m thinking the first half will be a little conservative. Utah is the Pac 12 Champion, yes I know it’s only the pac 12 against The mighty SEC! But something tells me in the second half we are going to see the real Florida gators for 2022.
52% against Utah!? I hope so. This will be the very first game for this team! and our boys and coaches need time to gel. If they can do that by halftime and the heat & humidity is taking its toll on Utah we have a good chance Then we go undefeated and win the NC, I guess the humidity is getting to me now!
Not trying to drink the Kool-Aid, but I think we got the right coach this time around
Oops I left out South Carolina and Mazzu, I’m sure one of them is going to break my cherry over that
I don’t think there will be too many sober duck fans at Mercedes stadium by the end of the game. That should be a very good old fashion spanking and a nice way to start the year. This year is very intriguing, I mean look at where Kentucky is and Tennessee and hopefully Florida. Maybe just maybe One of us will give you a run for your money.
Thank you, I was unsure about your new coach last year. But by the end of the year He’s turned things around pretty good. I miss those awesome UT/ UF games in the 90s. Look forward to the return of that.
Be nice to me this is my first time on this site. I’m pulling for all SEC teams! Can’t wait for the season to start. I wish the Florida game was at noon so Utah could really feel the heat and humidity in the swamp! This is the only game that worries me, but I think the Gators will not let the SEC down.