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Thanks KS, agreed can’t wait to be done with this COVID crap, here’s wishing no other teams have any positive cases going forward.
I agree with gator out west, how are we 0 positive cases before the A&M game then and 19 players are positive for Covid 4 days after the game. I'm confused why Florida is the only program with Covid issues. Just one article on SDS for Ole Miss about Covid. Other teams are not even reporting negative test results. Don't tell me this is a HIPAA issue, no names are being released except Mullen and Saban.
Florida has to play Georgia sometime before the SEC championship, not sure how decide otherwise.
Be interesting to see how MSST fares with Covid after they play A&M this week, good luck.
If the Defense can get more than one 3rd down stop the fumble is irrelevant. Reality is, until the defense can get off the field, gonna be a long season. I have faith Florida will fix the Defense just probably won’t happen until after the GA game, 2020 wasted offense. Florida should be averaging 50-60 points a game.
Also helps when there is no pass rush and the DB’s are out of position 100% of the time.
Georgia is the only team in the SEC with a Defense.
Oh I think changes were made but defense looks lost after 3 games, Florida is missing leadership and the run stuffer. The defense isn’t responding. They are probably gassed every series cause they can’t get off the field.
Florida’s defense is worse than high school level, I wouldn’t put any stock in this win literally my son’s high school team could of put up 40 on Florida today.
Everyone can make their own decisions, I don’t let the government run my life or depend on the government to have a life.
Nobody knows how Covid affects all of us, if you don’t want to be a part of the full stadium proposal, stay home it your decision. Stop politicizing these decisions. I think DeSantis wants normalcy, like most of the rest of the world.
Let's revisit this in week 9, these rankings have little value now.
Doesn’t matter Florida is loaded at the skill position, Trask can make the reads and put the ball where it needs to go. All our receivers can run routes and catch the ball, can’t stop everyone, will be a good matchup against GA.
I take Florida by 14, those routes by all the receivers today were sick, have fun covering anyone, plus the Defense will be even more pissed coming into the A&M game.
Agree NashvilleGator, I don't put any merit in PFF, that fact was for Mr. Corch as this is his stat bible, just wanted to make him aware.
That's not all true we had John Brantley and Jeff Driskel both highly rated recruits just no one to coach them to their potential and they were afterthoughts. Trask was a low 3 star, and looks all the part after one season with Mullen. I do agree before Mullen arrived Florida's QB play was always suspect. As long as Mullen is coaching at Florida the QB spot is set for years to come. So looking forward to how Emory Jones and Anthony Richardson develop.
Got this stat from PFF: Trask had never come close to producing at the level he did in his 2020 debut. In his 10 starts last year, just once did he earn a single-game passing grade of 71.0 or higher. Against Ole Miss, Trask produced a career-high passing grade that was just shy of an elite 90.0. I would venture to guess this means Trask is improving in his limited time as a QB. Florida's offense put up 51 points on Ole Miss, and GA 37 on Arkansas and 14pts were gifts from good old FF. I like Florida's chances this year on 11/7.
@Return of the G, Alabama has more than 1 proven receiver the QB can throw to. Pickens is elite, but not enough to carry the team. Enjoy the rest of the season.
Maybe, but he's bigger stronger and better than last year, I guess your can hope he is coverable, hope is all you have.
Yeah, some GA fan is saying Bennett to Winnet. It's gonna be fun watching Florida dominate and Georgia struggle, oh how the tables have turned. Florida trending up and GA trending down, GO GATORS!
Switch Auburn for Georgia but will only have to wait a week to play itself out.
Worry about Georgia’s QB and offense, they could have 4 losses before 11/7, if the offense stays the same. Reminded me of Florida a few years back, great D but crappie offense, hard to watch.
You didn't reference anything about the most important position on offense. How's the QB situation? GA's defense will be stout, but the offense has too many??'s. No way White compares to Swift two RB's on different levels. Picken's is great but who is proven after him at WR or TE. 11 days a counting, time will tell.
I wouldn't knock FF, Georgia's first game, lets hope GA can hang with Felipe. I would worry about who's starting QB for GA, still undecided and 11 more days till the season begins. I'm sure Monken can figure it by then.