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You can talk your trash when you put FSU on your annual schedule. Florida leads all time series 36-26-2. FSU has been down the past 5 years but don’t forget they were relevant for the past 30 years prior. Both teams have played since 1958, why stop now.
Right, and then you woke up. I agree defense will be light out. The rest, when GA plays Bama will know what the team really is.
If he transfers to Florida he will be coached to best of his ability. We all know Wilson was starting this year for GA.
I'll take it, kid is a beast, look like he is having fun trucking the opponents.
I don't agree with the East, but leave the Gators in the 2 spot, always play better with a chip on the shoulder. GO GATORS!
Pump your brakes Corcho, all of Georgia’s starting QB’s have 0 experience in Georgia’s new a Monken offense, no practice, no games, no time with the receivers, but hey Newman and Monken will take Georgia to a NC, not gonna happen. GA defense is elite, but too many?? on offense. Your 10 yard stat for Trask is lame. Trask hadn’t started QB since sophomore year high school and he impressed last yr in the SEC, played LSU more competitive then GA 11-2 record. Newman not so well vs a decent defense. Florida is just getting started, the team has improved every year since Mullen has been there.
Whatever Dummy, go back to your Georgia articles and post, oh wait I understand now it's all sh$# news for you. Enjoy your season of ??'s.
Monken has coached on the NFL and college, how proven he is we'll have to wait and see. 2018 Record 5–11 with OC at Tampa Bay, 2019 Record 6–10 OC at Clevland and 13-25 as a head coach. He has plenty of coaching experience results not so much. But hey this could be the year.
Maybe this year no sports, however a vaccine should be available in the near future. Sports will not end for the long term, I still think the 2020 season will happen, time will tell.