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@puwaha Biden's First 100 Days Accomplishments: - Kill Keystone XL Pipeline - Gas Lines - $3 Gas (National Avg) - Inflation - Crumbling Dollar - Rising Unemployment - Open Border Crisis - Antifa Terror Squads - Skyrocketing Homicides - Israel Burning - China Rising - Vaccinated Masking
He killed it at college, pros are waste of time. Too many rules not enough action.
Hip hip hooray on moving up Mullen will still beat Georgia with 3 and 4 stars, proven this year 44-28. Trask a 2 star on rivals. As long as Mullen is HC, Florida will never have issues at the QB position.
So will Trask, I agree with youngbammer all comes down to the SECG. Last possession wins.
Trask has been at Florida for 3 yrs, but started only 15 times. Through 6 games He has thrown more TD’s than Tua and Burrow. Trask is setting SEC records each week. The Bama game will be much better with Trask at the helm instead of Treon Harris. We have a chance this time.
These polls don’t mean jack.
I would like to see us put up 70pts like the Spurrier days, have to stay sharp.
Not so fast dgs0506, Mullen is still working to get his players in place as well.
Too bad Aggies will be at home watching Florida and Alabama compete for the SEC Championship.
@Rick34 Let's put your a$$ in place of Pitts and see if you change your thoughts, course you might not make it out alive.
GA is red too has been since1992, will be interesting to see how the next 2 weeks plays out.
Joe Theismann was pretty nasty. I can still see the leg flopping back and forth.
They showed one replay, get over it, turn the channel if you don’t want to see it.
Well last weeks embarrassment, brought the team together stronger, gonna ride the embarrassment wave to the end. Mullen was the better coach today, Florida will be fine as long as he’s coaching.
Emory Jones and Anthony Richardson will be better in Mullen’s offense and most of the returning WR and Tight ends are over 6 foot and can catch run routes and block. Offense will be just fine for 5 more yrs easy.
Florida has put up as many points as Alabama. Looks like 50-60 will be possible.
Dealt with it by putting a beat down against Missouri in the 2nd half onto to GA now this is old news.
Why Yes you did fix it, Florida came out in the 2nd half firing on all cylinders and will take that energy all the way to the end. Have fun at the toilet bowl this year.
No one is being soft, I saw a whole team have the QB's back. Florida will only become stronger. Proud to have Mullen as Florida's coach.
Lets not forget Missouri put up 20pts on KY as well. This game will be fun if you are a Florida fan. The brawl will be the turning point of the season. Will motivate the players all the way to the National Championship.
Lets GO, Florida played better without Carter and Powell in the 2nd half of the Missouri game. Florida gonna be fired up for the rest of the schedule. Florida by 3 TD's.
Guess Mullen should have done nothing, why not ask the question why the wasn't a flag thrown? That happens the fight doesn't exist. More Missouri players throwing blows than Florida. The late hit was di$% move that started it all, the ref could of solved it with a flag. Everyone quick to judge the actions of Mullen, if they can eject players after the fight, why wasn't the player handing out the late hit ejected as well. No-one ever wants to go to the source, always the last one to throw a punch that gets punished. the ref should be apologizing and paying the fine. All this does is the fire the team up more to punish whoever is left on Florida's 2020 schedule.
@Negan, "So 9 starters injured and now the best safety in the country might not play. And a Midget at QB. KNOWING WE HAVE 2 5 STAR QBS ON THE BENCH THAT ARE BETTER. BUT HAVE NO EXPERIENCE NOW. AND WE DON’T HAVE AN EXCUSE???" Welcome to Florida's world for the past decade. Enjoy the game.
Sankey should go to the source, suspend the ref for not doing his job. The refs need to be fined for once maybe they’ll start doing their job.
Rewatch the hit he had time to pull-up, he also lowered the shoulder for extra measure. He had choice could of put up his hands and tried to stop, but he follows through with the late hit. Seemed to fire up Trask more, cause he smoked Missouri’s Defense in the 2nd half.
Fine the refs. Turn the tables would u call it a late hit if it was your QB?
Watch again moron, your player made a choice to provide a late hit, that doesn’t happen no brawl. Ever action has a reaction guess u didn’t learn that in grade school.
Sure, if that happens to Burrow last year I’m sure LSU would have done nothing, GTFOH, Mullen was yelling at ref, and no hit no fight or the ref calls the late hit no fight. Ref should be relieved of their duty.
Try again moron, last time I checked, Florida is the only SEC team reporting Covid results. If everyone else is Covid free how come no one is reporting their negative Covid results? Who in their right mind wants to take off 3 weeks of football and risk the season. LS who, come on the just had their a$$ handed to them by Auburn today.
ball was gone he could held up just as much as he could of hit him, he made a choice to not only hit but lower his shoulder so some extra hurt. The refs have to do better. Florida doesn’t have to fill the swamp to win games. Tonight is just the start of what’s to come. I guess the time off helped because I saw progress on both sides of the ball today. Florida didn’t even need Pitts to win and they also have 2 good kickers. I like Florida’s chances in the Georgia game.