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The last time the Gators played UCF the score was 42-0. It could have been much worse if the Gators hadn't put in the 4th string. The two teams were scheduled to play again the next year, but UCF paid $100,000 to get out of the game. UCF is like the guy that talks mad trash while letting his friends hold him back. UCF doesn't actually want to play good teams. That's why they buy out of the game if they can or make demands they know no one will agree to. Then they crow about how everyone is scared of them.
How many arrests have the Dawgs had this offseason? Is it 7? I never understand fans trying to use this against a rival. No team is immune.
I love this site, but it does require some interpretation. Any headline that includes the word hilarious means that some readers may find the content to be mildly amusing. Any headline that contains a word similar to rip means that the content is pointing out a communication that shows a slight degree of unhappiness. Basically, whatever the headline declares is about 10X what the content actually portrays.
As usual, your comment is nonsensical. Shea Patterson is 6'2" and 205 and has few designed running plays.
Winning one game against a four loss SEC team and 24 games against peewee teams is not that impressive. There are at least 20 other teams out there that could go undefeated against UCF's schedule. This is who UCF played this season: @UConn 1-11 South Carolina St 5-6 Florida Atlantic 5-7 Pittsburgh 7-6 SMU 5-7 @ Memphis 8-6 @ East Carolina 3-9 Temple 8-5 Navy 3-10 Cincinnati 10-2 @ South Florida 7-6 Memphis 8-6 Wisconsin? Yep, they would be undefeated against that schedule. Mississippi State? They would look like world beaters against that schedule. Syracuse? They would destroy that schedule. Kentucky? Absolutely they would be undefeated against that schedule. Purdue? The Boilermakers would massacre that schedule. Going undefeated doesn't mean anything against a schedule like that.
UCF fans keep whining about Milton's injury. What they don't realize is Milton's injury is exactly why they couldn't compete in the big leagues. Milton is a running QB at 5'11" and 185 pounds. He got his knee blown out by a cupcake team and according to UCF they can't win big games without that one player. If USC had to play Georgia, LSU, Florida and Alabama week after week after week with undersized players then there are going to be a lot of injuries. Milton as a runner wouldn't last half a season in SEC play. If you want to play with the big boys then you have to have size and depth. Every time UCF fans lean on the Milton excuse they are pointing out exactly why they belong at the kids table.
There are at least 40 teams in the country that go undefeated against UCF's schedule. The last time the Gators played UCF they won 42-0. The last time UCF was supposed to play the Gators the Knights paid money rather than take the loss. UCF has become the most hated school in the country because they whine incessantly like a small child.
Let me start this by saying that I don't want anyone to get hurt. Especially a young man enjoying a magical season and an almost certain Heisman win. Having said that, Jalen hurts just had surgery and will not be available against LSU. In addition, Tua has had some minor issues with his knee lately. Bama is one hit away from being without a QB. If that were to happen, it would be awful tough for Bama to overcome that in Death Valley.
It definitely wasn't the players. They were champions of life with 5 star hearts. Butch? Yeah, it was Butch. It was definitely Butch.
Coming out of high school in 2015 247Sports had Vosean Joseph ranked #643 overall in the nation, the 42nd ranked outside linebacker and the 92nd best player in the state of Florida. He was a consensus 3 star. Either the ranking services whiffed or he has been getting some great coaching.
I really don't understand his entire schtick. It only takes around 5 minutes on this site to understand it's all made up. It's so obvious that it defeats it's own purpose of getting people riled up. If an individual is going to waste his time trying desperately and repeatedly to troll the board then why make it so obvious that everyone just ignores it? The racist writing is yet another attempt to get people upset and yet as you pointed out it's so poorly done that it's immediately apparent what he is doing. Is it possible to be too dumb to troll?
In 2017 Nick Saban's base salary was $245,000. That was the amount actually paid for by the University of Alabama. In addition to his base salary he was paid a "Talent Fee" of $6.48 million. I have no idea who pays the so called talent fee. Saban also receives compensation from all the other usual sources - media deals, equipment contracts, etc.
None of these salaries are what the Universities officially pay the coaches. For instance, Dan Mullen's actual UF contract pays him $3,000,000 a year. The other $3,070,000 comes from other sources. Mullen will make $1,750,000 from a contract for TV, radio and PR appearances (Web, TV, Radio), $700,000 per year from an equipment contract, $200,000 per year expense account, $350,000 per year from Nike, $70,000 per year in free use of University airplanes and $33,000 per year in pension. I am certain that Moorhead is paid under $1,000,000 in base salary from the University. The rest of the money comes from other sources.
I've been to a game at every SEC school except A&M. My experience has been that people that act like jerks generally find jerks on the other side and people that act civilized generally find civilized fans on the other side. Then there are the anomalies. My wife once got punched in the back of the head by a mentally disabled female LSU fan when the Gators scored a TD in Baton Rouge. I'm not calling the Tiger names, she was genuinely disabled. I watched Auburn fans try to tip over an occupied vehicle with Gator logos at a red light. The one time we went to Athens I had a little kid jump out at me barking and his dad had to literally drag him off us. My brand new convertible was even vandalized in Nashville once. I think the worst one was when I almost had to fight a fellow Gator who was going off on a female Seminole fan in our group in Tallahassee. Every school has that fringe element that does not reflect the values of the vast majority of fans that are decent human beings. There will always be a small percentage of people who just don't understand that football is not a valid excuse to treat people poorly. It doesn't matter where you go. Even Gainesville and Tuscaloosa.
As a Gator I would like to see Emmitt on the list, but you certainly can't argue against Herschel. Emmitt had the misfortune of playing just before Spurrier arrived. It would have been fun to see him in the Fun n Gun. On a side note, the 1982 Gators had 4 first round NFL draft picks at RB on the same team. I don't think any team has ever done that before or since.
As state grad said, every official communication and record of any state agency is by law a public record. In other words, the public has a right to review them upon request. Any member of the public can for any reason file a request for records. Freeze was dumb enough to use his university cell phone and make the calls public. There comes a time when you have to stop blaming others and realize Freeze is the one to blame. He threw you and every other Ole Miss fan under the bus. He is the one that betrayed you.
Well, apparently Freeze disagrees with that quote. He sold his family for the price of an escort. It seems that they weren't worth much to him. Then there's the angle of Ole Miss buying family members by paying players. Seriously, you don't see the big deal here?
I was astounded when Ole Miss fans refused to believe that Freeze was paying players, but there is no way anyone can be naïve enough to believe that Freeze wasn't paying women for sex. It's just not possible at this point for Ole Miss not to finally wake up and realize the truth, right? Unreal.
Here's some fun facts. The last time Tennessee won a football SEC championship: Bill Clinton was president Titanic won 11 Oscars The iPhone did not exist Barry Switzer was head coach of the Dallas Cowboys Will Smith was at the top of the charts with Gettin' Jiggy Wit It Top internet provider AOL was the 52nd largest company in the S&P 500 Google had just opened for business that September Mark McGwire hit 70 home runs Current Vols QB Jarrett Guarantano had not yet been born The Vols were not Life Champions because they had not yet begun to recruit 5 star hearts
If your coach gets fired for cheating you want the next coach to be Chip Kelly who skipped town as the NCAA put Oregon on probation for cheating under Kelly. You are a glutton for punishment. Is it possible to go on probation while still on probation?
LOL...that didn't take long. In June the Vols were the preseason champs of everything. Then the season happened. Now they are champs of everything in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 already.
In 2013 the Fiesta Bowl gift suite included choices like a remote control plane, a guitar, a diesel watch, an electric guitar and a surround sound system. The most popular choice was a an electric recliner. In addition to the $550 in gifts the bowl game is allowed to give out, the University is allowed to give each of it's players up to $400 in gifts and the conference can give each player an additional $400 in gifts. The potential $1,350 worth of gift cards and other goodies are a big incentive to get to a better bowl game. If they gave more to the winners and less to the losers I bet it would improve bowl game performances.
Gift suites are set up as private events in which game participants are given an order form and allowed to select a gift, or gifts, up to a value that is predetermined by each specific bowl, not to exceed the NCAA limit of $550 per person. The gifts that the players can choose from vary depending on the sponsors for that particular bowl game.
The OSU fan should have never been on the field to begin with. Ohio State is disregarding the safety of the opposing team when they let fans on the field. Michigan players have no idea what the crazy, drunk fans are going to do when they run up to them. I'm surprised this type of thing doesn't happen more often.
The fans don't get on the field at the Swamp. Florida takes it very seriously. The police ring the field a few yards from each other and have dogs and horses. The few fans I have ever seen try to rush the field were taken down, hog tied and left laying there while the cops kept guarding the field.
The Vols have a preseason National Championship and a Life Championship and they still get to play for a Bowl Championship? Man all of those participation ribbons are gonna look good on mom's fridge. LOL
donBigote....there are two types of teams, those that achieve and those that have really good reasons why they don't. You guys keep playing with your bricks and thinking up really good reasons why you don't actually ever achieve anything. We'll check back in when we get home from Atlanta.
The Gators beat LSU in Baton Rouge using 2nd and 3rd string players. Our 2nd string QB scored on the longest pass play ever given up in Death Valley. Our 3rd string true freshman center was blowing LSU players off the ball on the 70 yard drive. The offensive line had 3 backups that were all underclassmen as starters. They opened holes for Scarlett who was the leading rusher in the game. Our defense was without it's top 3 tacklers and started two 2nd string 3 star freshmen linebackers. Thank our lucky stars? We can just thank our 2nd stringers and 3rd stringers that out muscled LSU. I think Etling's mouth piece is still laying on the 2 yard line where it flew after 2nd string true freshman linebacker Vosean Joseph smacked him out of bounds preventing a TD.
preflight99...sounds like you didn't actually attend Tennessee. If you had then certainly you would know it's national reputation and rankings. Forbes 2016 America's Top Colleges (private and public).....#78 Florida, #266 Tennessee US News Best Colleges (private and public).....#50 Florida, #103 Tennessee a college team, any team. I can guarantee that team has seniors on the bench and younger athletes playing on senior day. Managing to stick around the longest doesn't make you the best.