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Not sure what your comment means, care to clarify?
I'm all for taking shots at UGA but this was a weird article to take a shot. Seems all you did was prove your infatuation with the puppies. We beat them last year, our focus is on winning the SEC, not UGA.
What has Young done to be above such comparisons?
Give the kid a chance before you dismiss him as a failure, he's not you.
Gotta disagree on the campus part, I remember the first time I visited UT's campus, absolutely atrocious. And the downtown area was very underwhelming. I also believe Princeton Review ranked UTK in the Top 20 for Ugliest Campuses in America (over 5,300 colleges in the US so that is impressive & at least y'all are top 20 in something!)
Tua was listed at 6'0", not exactly a giant.
Iowa State finished 2-22 and isn't in the B10.
CDM said that the Oklahoma game was a preview for this coming season. If that is the case I'd say we have a LOOOOOONG way to go just to compete in the East again.
Better than Pruitt's winning percentage.
You are definitely a troll dude. You post more dumb stuff than those two UGA trolls on here you so frequently like to call out.
Grantham has proven time and again that he can't make the adjustments necessary to right the ship.
I don't see Ole Miss scoring 30+ and gaining over 600 yards against everyone they face though.
You seriously think our defense looked championship worthy? If so, you are the troll here.
Our defense is what will cause us to lose 3-4 games this year. We couldn't slow down a terrible Ole Miss team, how will we slow down any team with even decent talent.
Our cockiness will come back to bite us. You don't see Bama players running their mouths off against a team their favored to beat by two TDs. We need to focus on improving because with our defense we'll make Georgia's Offense look like the Kansas City Chiefs.
Try reading my post again fuzzy. You are not only getting off topic but missing the point. I never said you WOULD lose to those teams, just that last year proved that those aren't automatic wins. There is a difference there and if you are too dense to see that then no point in arguing with you further. Have a great day.
I didn't say it will impact this year (didn't even mention GA St or BYU). I just said those games are not automatic wins like everyone else seems to think they are.
We probably will lose to UGA this year, but that wasn't the point I was making and that wasn't what this article was about. I'm sorry if my opinion hurt you but try to stay on topic next time.
It's the under and it's pretty easy. OU, UF, UGA & Bama are all losses, and I'm not sure why everyone is writing in a W against Charlotte, Troy & Furman. UT literally proved last year that those types of games aren't automatic. Throw in the rest of the SEC East and UT is bound to drop two or more of those games as well giving them 6 losses on the season.
Didn't know that, must've been all those years in Hawaii. I'd be relaxed too.
She seemed so casual about receiving an Escalade, like she wasn't that impressed or something. Weird.
doubledeuce, No I didn't. Typically you put a comma before the "too" if it is in the middle of a sentence. When the too is at the end of a sentence you typically leave out the comma. For example: I, too, like bananas. I like bananas too. Hope this clear it up for you!
Saban, Smart, nor Jimbo made Pruitt the HC and face of the program either.
Who said Pruitt isn’t a bozo too? Amazing how Tennessee hypes this guy up, yet the forget he was their 37th choice after the first 36 turned them down to coach peewee football instead.
You're right Connor. Ricky Pruitt is doing a great job recruiting over there right now.
Timmy Smith & Doug William won that game. George Rogers was an afterthought.
I cant wait for Connor's next article about Harold "Cougar" Bryant, Legendary coach of The Alabama University.
Glossing over the whole getting kicked out of Georgia thing for Tray, aren't you?
Why do you care if they consider 2017 a success or not?