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I'm going to assume that this was done for entertainment purposes in front of the cameras. Having said that, this still wasn't a good look and I'm sure LSU will talk to their players and alumni about what is and isn't appropriate.
Still not man enough to just admit it, huh? As the great Lloyd Christmas once said "Man, you are one pathetic loser"
Agreed, I enjoy taking a swipe at UGA when I can and I usually enjoy the ribbing other team's fans give UF, but to take shots at another program and pretend that your speaking nothing but facts is lame.
Roll Tide Colorado is definitely trolling... not that I have a problem with people trolling UGA fans... ;)
As a Steelers fan I know Ryan Clark is a classy guy and would never do it, but, having said that, I do wish he'd clock Stephen A one of these times.
I think UGA did pretty well with this. Newman is a top 5 QB in 2020 and lightyears more talented than Mac Jones. I don't understand the hate. Is it because he went to Wake? OK. Ben Roethlisberger went to Miami of Ohio, Joe Flacco went to Delaware, Wentz went to NDSU. I mean even Russell Wilson got his start at NC State before transferring.
According to all the LSU comments on here LSU stopped pursuing this kid because he was too much trouble. Why would they be interested in him now that another school is dropping him because he's too much trouble.
Pretty convenient that he was suspended right up until the National Championship game though.
WTH is your problem man? I've never insulted you or your team. Why do you have to come on here and say these kinds of things? SDS can we do something about all the trolls living in Grandma's basement that invade your comments section all the time. It's making it impossible to have a rational discussion about football.
I'm confused. If he left the team for personal reasons then why was he practicing with the team the whole time he was "gone". Something seems off here...
Calm down War, all I said was I thought UF would be more competitive in 2021 as opposed to next year. Never took a shot at UGA or said you guys would be bad over the next few years. Sometimes it isn't about you and your team.
If this is real then Dylan Moses needs a new attorney and his father needs a new career. Pathetic.
I hope so but I have a feeling UF will take a step back next year before really competing in two years.
Sadly I wasn't surprised when I saw they got the score wrong. I mean it did take place over 12 hrs ago, difficult to remember those sorts of things.
Yea if you've accomplished all of that it is despite having an Auburn degree, not because of it.
Christian McCaffrey was the biggest snub of the last decade and it wasn't even close.
Wow, this might be the biggest surprise of the day.
These kids don't owe you anything. If they want to wait until the last minute to decide, they can.
Never said it bothers me, just found it amusing after everyone on here was bashing UGA fans for saying the same thing.
LSU fans are starting to sound like Georgia fans, "We didn't really want him", "We've got a bunch of better recruits coming in", "5 Stars Only!"
LSUMC you've commented like 20 times on this article and every single time you are whining, let it go and get back to work you fool.
You can agree or disagree on if he should've won the award (personally I think he had a better argument last year to win it), but to take shots at a young man working hard at something he loves speaks more about you as a person than it does about him or the voters.
C'mon Tua, listen to this paunchy old man and risk your entire future so that David's feeling don't get hurt.