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I agree. A one loss Georiga that is SEC champs with wins over Florida, Auburn, and Bama/LSU (assuming one of them is the West champ) would definitely get into the playoffs.
Probably ESPN. They have Burrow, Hurts, Tua as their top 3.
Hot Rod is actually a great kicker for UGA, maybe the Bama kickers should try reviewing fim sometime.
Not sure what Florida's performance has to do with Mizzou not being competitive in the SEC. Maybe because I'm a Florida fan you decided to bring that up since you couldn't dispute what I said. Also the author of this article brought up Mizzou being competitive every year except 2 which I called him out for. I never said Florida were world beaters during that same time.
Yea I considered 4-4 to be average, not competitive. I guess it depends on one's definition of competitive. Mine is you win more than you lose, that simple.
"even though the Tigers have been competitive in football for all but 2 seasons so far." 2 seasons out of 7 with a winning record in conference is not what I would consider competitive.
Eh the QB looked decent early in that game but still finished completing just 50% of his passes. Also when JG came in he went just 1/5. I mean it's Tennessee so I wouldn't expect a world class performance from their QB but if opposing QBs are only completing 50% of their passes I don't think it would be cause for concern to a defense.
"He is in Ohio where he is looked at as a person not his race" HAHAHAHAHAHA! As someone who grew up in Western PA not too far from Ohio I know that you couldn't write that with a straight face. In fact many studies have been done on what areas of the country are most racist and you know what they found? The most racist areas are Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the spine of the appalachian mountains extending all the way up through New York and into Vermont, and "a large portion of Ohio". So please stop with this "The South is so much more racist than the North BS" especially when you are referring to Ohio, scientifically proven to be one of the most racist places in the US.
You guys seriously need to proofread more. The Georgia-LSU SEC Championship prediction says that Georgia will lose to Auburn but in the VERY NEXT sentence you say that Georgia and LSU will be the only teams undefeated in Conference play. You do know that Auburn is in the SEC and if Georgia loses to them then Georgia can't be undefeated in the Conference.
I'm not sure that they are the two best teams at the moment. Both have looked underwhelming on defense and only LSU has played someone with a pulse so far. It will be interesting to see how they handle playing some better schools down the stretch. OSU, UGA, Oklahoma, Clemson & Auburn all can make a claim that they are among the top 2 this year.
It's gotta be Smith and no one else, not trying to take anything away from the other guys on this list as they all played pretty well but he deserves that recognition all on his own after what he did this past weekend.
Good lord this may be the saddest post I've seen on here ever.
LoL-You're new here. You'll learn who the trolls are on here quickly. You just met the biggest troll on this site (BamaTime), you'll soon meet the other Bama trolls, the UGA trolls & others as well.
You shouldn’t be calling out other people’s intelligence when you don’t even know what an exaggeration is, because clearly that’s what gman was doing.
BamaTime-You troll every article, does this make you an idiot too?
And I believe Deion Sanders could out-football Anthony Schwartz in his prime.
LSUMC, I agree they are making too much of this. Kinda like how LSU fans have been making too much of the fact that they get Bama during the day this year... I mean how much could that help yall? You only lose by 15-20 points this year?
Every single one of you that has commented on this so far are children. Let it go and move on, jeez.
Clearly these two aren't very good at their jobs. I would have thought Rod Bramblett's death would have come up in at least once in the week before the game. I mean it was pretty well documented that Auburn was going to do a tribute for their first home game of the season.
Correct, it just makes him a hypocrite for getting upset over other coaches trying to advance their careers.
I'm going to call you out on this CO. I've seen you rip UGA players, coaches & fans numerous times on this site. I'm not saying its a bad thing as I've done a little trolling from time to time but for you to say you don't call UGA names is simply inaccurate.
haha nice one! Although I will say that the play of some of our Florida players was downright criminal!
Kirby just complemented the swamp, are you trying to find something to be upset about today Salty?
What is this nonsense? My head hurts trying to understand.
I know this isn't what he meant but it sounds like he expects UT to continue losing, only that he's determined that this time it won't be the O-lines fault.
Yea I thought that was weird to mention and not unique to Georgia. Does anybody really think that Bama would win a NC with Mac Jones or Clemson with Chase Brice at QB?
Fitzpatrick is no Polamalu. That guys was an absolute beast on the field.
Justin Watkins, Jalon Jones & John Huggins all committed to Florida after Mullen got there. Otis Yelverton was hired by Florida after Mullen became coach. Hopefully this is just a bad run and not indicative of who Mullen recruits, though he had some of these issues at MSU too.
My brother went to UGA & was in the same fraternity that Charley Trippi was in. Trippi never won the Heisman, that was Frank Sinkwich.