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Glossing over the whole getting kicked out of Georgia thing for Tray, aren't you?
Why do you care if they consider 2017 a success or not?
When you paraphrase you don't lose the context of the original message. You just reword it to make it easier for the intended audience to understand. It's literally the definition of paraphrasing.
The word paraphrase doesn't mean or even insinuate "made up". So I'm not sure why you are question the validity of the quote. Saban said he won't recruit these types of kids. If he continues to then he's lying.
BamaTime, You may want to re-read the article. Farrell isn't saying that the paraphrased quote is false. He's saying that Saban not recruiting these kids anymore is false. Essentially he is saying that Saban is lying and will continue to recruit these kids if they are good enough.
I like the idea of finishing a certain amount of coursework before being allowed to transfer, but it needs to be more than 30 hours. That's only one year of classes so they could still transfer out after Freshman year.
What about: -Dre Kirkpatick -Ronnie Harrison -Jarren Reed -Ha Ha Clinton-Dix -Altee Tenpenny -Trent Richardson -DJ Fluker -Trey Depriest -DaShawn Hand -Rashaan Evans -Eddie Jackson -Nigel Knott -Bo Scarbrough -Mack Wilson -Anthony Averett Jr -Jonathan Allen -Shyheim Carter -Deionte Thompson -Dallas Warmack -Calvin Ridley -Da'Ron Payne ?
I literally just said you weren't trolling RT-CO. Are you really this dumb?
But you don't go every year... that's the point.
I'll clear it up since a few Bama fans seem to be confused. I mentioned trolling in relation to all the UGA trolls on so many articles. I did not say that the OP (RollTide-CO) was trolling, just taking an unprovoked shot at UGA and LSU which I questioned him on. Hope this clears it up since so many of you can't understand that.
Man I hope your fellow fans didn't take your advice last year!
Didn't take a shot at UGA, the team, I took a shot at the idiot "fans" that spend all day trolling this site. For that I will never apologize.
I don't see Mac passing for close to 4K yards because I don't see Mac making it past week 4 as the starter with Bryce Young breathing down his neck. Also not sure why the shots at UGA and LSU were necessary? Although I find it pretty funny that Bama fans are now so worried about the other teams that they are starting to take unprovoked shots like the UGA fans on here do.
I'd personally rather him not say anything and just work to show it on the field, but I understand that these are young men fired up for the season ahead and these things get said all the time in a locker room.
Wrong again, BamaTime. No one gave a legit answer to my question. Other than "Never heard it so its fake!" Not the response I was looking for but I guess I should've know some overly sensitive Bama fans would get their panties all in a wad for even mentioning anything negative about their lover, Nicky Saban.
Never said it was swept under the rug, did I? Just that things like this can be kept quiet so just because ESPN hasn't reported on it doesn't mean it didn't happen. It also doesn't mean it did happen. Which, if you remember, was the whole point of my original post; to gather more information on a rumor that I came across to determine if it was true or false. Also most of my negative posts towards Bama is actually towards idiot fan comments (like yours usually are) or toward that super creep, David Wasson, and his disturbing articles.
You'd be surprised what can be swept under the rug. I heard from a pretty reliable source that UGA paid for Deandre Swift's dad's new gym in Philly to get him to sign.
SECRants, some supposed LSU insider posted about it first but several Bama fans commented on it saying that they heard the rumors as well. Was just curious if anyone on here knew anything else about it as info is pretty scarce now.
Also I don't think the issue was that he talked to recruits, it seems something was said on the recording that would not be a good look for Bama, but like I said, this is all rumors and I was just trying to get more info on it. Thanks for showing your insecurities though, cmahan.
Not trying to take a shot at Bama, just curious if anyone had more info as I've only seen rumors. The message board was SECRants and it was an LSU insider that posted it.
Anyone else hearing rumors about a potential major NCAA violation coming down on Saban and Bama? I've only seen it mentioned on message boards and facebook currently but its starting to pop up more and more as the day goes on. The rumor is that there is a recording of Bama staffers (unsure if its Saban) talking to a recruit. Not sure what is on the recording and I'm not going to speculate. Just curious if anyone else heard this and if there's any truth to it.
Just wanted to say that I couldn't care less that this writer said Mond is the best returning QB. This article will have no bearing on how well or poorly a player performs next year, though I do have to say I find it pretty funny to see all these fans on here complaining about an opinion.
Just seeing the name Jarvis Jones gives me nightmares.
BamaTime-You just had the opportunity to do the same to another Bama fan claiming that injuries is the reason you lost and you failed to call him out.
Let me help you out since you still aren't getting it. The reason I asked you to back up your "facts" with the data is because what you said CANNOT BE FACT. Let me explain, when you said "Bama had the most injuries at key positions with starters than any other team". This statement can't be proven as fact because what constitutes a "key position" to one person may not be a "key position" to another. Also how does one weigh losing a linebacker compared to another team losing a tackle, or one team losing a safety and another team losing their TE. You see all of that is subjective and therefore cannot be argued as fact. Your welcome.
Not looking for a journalist's opinion in an article, but thanks. I'm looking for you to point me to the numbers that show Alabama had more players at key positions out than anyone else in CFB this year. Facts and opinions are not the same thing...
"But it is a fact that Bama had the most injuries at Key positions with starters than any other team." Since that is a "fact" according to you, would you mind pointing me to the data that backs up said "fact"
You're right, LSU is not Bama and Coach O is not Saban or Dabo. But he did just beat them both this year. Also I love how you're acting like Bama is the only team that dealt with injuries this year. Clown.