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I was thinking this was a done deal to LSU but now that he's postponing the announcement who knows which way he will go. Obviously someone convinced him to postpone the announcement so they can have one more shot at him.
Yea I know Brady is running the show on offense now, but if LSU doesn't make him sole OC someone else will. I know a bitter rival of mine who may be looking for someone new to run their offense...
Is LSU going to fire Ensminger to allow Brady to be the OC there? I can't imagine he'd stay if they weren't willing to let him be in charge of that offense.
Just stating my opinion GeauxLSU, no need to start crying over it.
Mediocre Offense with a great defense vs mediocre defense with a great offense, should be a good game.
I was also at the game and witnessed UT fans booing directly at Chubb. You can ignore the facts if you want but it doesn't change what happened. Also I can't speak for all UF fans but Hernandez is not OK with me at all. I understand you small-minded UT fans just equate playing at UF to unwavering support from all UF fans forever but that isn't true.
I agree, rolling your own trees isn't a tradition, it's lame.
Incorrect footballgirl. I remember seeing Chubb sitting on the trainers table with a towel over his head. He was shown on the jumbotron and the Vol fans went crazy.
I remember quite a few UT fans cheering loudly after Chubb went down with that knee injury in Knoxville.
Is everyone associated with Bama a snowflake or just the most vocal ones?
Utah or Oregon would not beat Alabama on a neutral field. Utah and Oregon haven't beaten anybody either and bama's loss is to a better team than Utah or Oregon's losses.
I don't think its a given that Bama would finish #4 if UGA loses. If Oregon or Baylor win out, they might make it in over Bama. Also if Minnesota beats OSU in the B1G championship game the B1G may get 2 teams in this year. Not saying any of those scenarios are more likely than UGA losing and Bama moving up but it's definitely not a given that Bama will get in with only one quality win and losing the conference/division.
Do you really think Tua was the reason you guys lost?
Trudy, you aren't upset at what Coach O said. You are upset that Alabama lost. If Coach O said and did all of the things mentioned in the article after they lost to Alabama you wouldn't be on here whining about it.
Yea the writer did a terrible job with that last paragraph coming out of nowhere. I think he is referring to his first year at MSU when they went 5-7 though I don't believe they went to a bowl game then so I'm not sure exactly. Keith Farner, care to let us all know what the hell you were trying to write here?
Please fire Keith Farner immediately. The fact that he put Kirby as Cousin Eddie instead of Mullen proves he knows nothing about SEC football.
You’re assuming he left because of playing time. There are many reasons that he could have left the program besides that. Could’ve been a family issue or something else that we don’t know about. Give the kid a break.
Just curious as to why you are trying to undermine their entire program/fan base's legitimacy as a whole?
Pitre, you missed the point completely. He's saying that the QB, no matter how good he is, is typically the face of the program and the most popular player. I guarantee Florida fans would pay more for a Trask autograph than LSU fan's would for Stingley's. Doesn't mean Trask is better than Stingley, just that Trask is a QB in a sport where the QB is the star.
So because Coley is bad that means Chaney isn't? Chaney chose to start JG going into this season, that says everything you need to know about him and his knowledge of football.
I agree. A one loss Georiga that is SEC champs with wins over Florida, Auburn, and Bama/LSU (assuming one of them is the West champ) would definitely get into the playoffs.
Probably ESPN. They have Burrow, Hurts, Tua as their top 3.
Hot Rod is actually a great kicker for UGA, maybe the Bama kickers should try reviewing fim sometime.