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Kirby just complemented the swamp, are you trying to find something to be upset about today Salty?
What is this nonsense? My head hurts trying to understand.
I know this isn't what he meant but it sounds like he expects UT to continue losing, only that he's determined that this time it won't be the O-lines fault.
Yea I thought that was weird to mention and not unique to Georgia. Does anybody really think that Bama would win a NC with Mac Jones or Clemson with Chase Brice at QB?
Fitzpatrick is no Polamalu. That guys was an absolute beast on the field.
Justin Watkins, Jalon Jones & John Huggins all committed to Florida after Mullen got there. Otis Yelverton was hired by Florida after Mullen became coach. Hopefully this is just a bad run and not indicative of who Mullen recruits, though he had some of these issues at MSU too.
My brother went to UGA & was in the same fraternity that Charley Trippi was in. Trippi never won the Heisman, that was Frank Sinkwich.
I agree that the complaints from UGA fans are getting old but so is the constant whining about all things UGA from you BamaTime. Just ignore them, the petty back and forth has become almost unbearable.
I agree, there are plenty of schools Saban could go to and win another championship if his goal was to win at as many schools as possible. The fact that he has remained as Alabama for so long shows that was never really his goal.
I guess if you keep predicting the end every single year then eventually you'll get it right. That's the old blind squirrel strategy in play here.
Please stop CO Jones. Leave the trolling to the idiots. UGA is still a better team than ours until we beat them on the field. No need to run our mouths to a team we haven't beaten in a few years.
Actually Mizzou is the only team projected to be worse so far (east and west)
This is pretty funny watching two fans of irrelevant teams arguing like a couple of little girls over a barbie doll.
Missed the point Bill. He's saying since Mizzou joined the SEC they have never had a worse season than SC's 2015 season.
I was just about to say the same thing. Mizzou is the only team they see taking a step back on offense this year. I wonder if they think the defense's will all be improved too. They'll need it going against all these lethal offenses in the SEC.
I'm really high on Albert O this year. I think he's going to be the best TE in the nation and potentially a first round pick next year.
He didn't even make the list. He's an honorable mention. I don't understand why you constantly go after Florida. It's like your hatred of Florida is stronger than your love of UGA. Pretty weird and definitely not something a true fan would do. And in reference to this article, I think Swift can be the best back in the country this year.
This is actually a Bama fan who comments a lot on Facebook too. I don't want to say his name to protect his privacy but he works with my wife and is absolutely insane. He has been written up for writing comments on here before while at work but appears to still be at it. Crazy.