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Time Traveler you have way to much time on your hands do you even have a job? The Bible says pride comes before a great fall. As quick as Mullen fell Kirby can too. All those 5 stars and top recruiting classes and no natty. No one has done less with more than Kirby. How fast will fans turn on Kirby when he blows it again? Will it be a fake punt, on sides kick, going for it on 4th down or some other bone head call this time. We don’t need Napier to be Saban just be Napier. You are living in a dream world here why don’t you travel back to 1980 and stay there.
Hey time traveler If aunt Lucy had balls she would be Uncle Bob why don’t you travel back to 1980 to see what it feels like.
Hey leghumper you should get our facts straight. UF HAS 41 all sports. UGA has 33. UF has 21 in men’s sports UGA has 12 in men’s. Those dawg girls have 22 that’s two thirds of the 33.
Makes perfect since that UGA won a NATTY in equestrian because their fans are horses asses.
Hey Tdow. Do you really want to go there? We can and we can start with this year.
SOS is as competitive a personas you can find. He did not quit on the team for him. He had been dealing with other schools that were using it in recruiting that he wasn’t going to be there very long so you don’t want to go there. If he was planning on retiring after the season it would also hurt recruiting and would not be fair to players for him to leave after they signed. By leaving when he did it allowed the interim coach to audition for the job and whoever got the job could recruit for themselves and have time before the then National Signing Day in February. He did it for the sake of the players and the University. The last thing SOS is would be a quitter.
Not sure he helped get Billy but he helped there to be an opening. He is on the inside and saw what was going on. He knew Mullen had lost the team. SOS lives across the street from Stricklin.
He knows how to hang 50 on the puppies between the hedges!!
UGA can get all the 5 stars they want they just can’t coach them up. Has anyone done less with more than KIRBY? Should be worrying about Michigan.
I guess Nick wasn’t as impressed with his meeting with Napier as Stricklin was.
UGA is lucky to be in the playoffs. A case could be made for Notre Dame. They lost 1 game to a playoff team by 11 points. UGA lost 1 game to a playoff team by 17. Notre Dames strength of schedule is 24th UGA is 49th. You decide. If OK state had won they would have 1 loss and won a conference championship. What is UGA’s signature win. They lost to the highest ranked team they played. Michigan beat Ohio State and won conference championship. What will be your excuse when you lose to Michigan. It took Auburn 57 years to win another Naty you still have 16 years.
I agree that he bring in some coaches from UL that knows the system. But I do not think we need to bring in that many. There are plenty of coaches from the top programs in the country that are available because of all he coaching changes. Brewster was a good recruiter and the tight end position has been good for a couple of years.
Yea everybody wants to I’ve in a state with the high cost of living, high taxes, mandates, rolling blackouts and top two worst state governments.
I hope he is the greatest coach we ever had but I would feel better if Stricklin had met with more than one candidate.
Anyone besides Dan Mullen that doesn’t see that AR15 is bigger, stronger, faster, better runner, better passer and more accurate than Jones?
Napier might be a good coach down the road but I would like to see head coaching experience at bigger school. We had a Saban protege from Colorado State didn’t work out. We need a name to keep players out of the portal and retain those committed. Think about this if it is Napier what players that he is currently recruiting would we want to follow him to UF? Also what current players at UL would we want to hit the portal and follow him to UF? Now ask the same question of Kiffin. Kiffin can save AR15 with what has done with Corral and attract big recruits.
Yea he talked about other sports, he is the AD. I know you don’t want to talk about other sports because you can’t compare. Yes football is the driver and we have won 3 NC. Were you even alive the last time UGA won a NC in football? It won’t be this year either, Kirby will find a way to choke.
Yea. You probably weren’t even born to see the last time UGA won a national Championship. No I don’t want him as coach. You might be in the same boat when Kirby aka Larry Culpepper continues to not win the big game, melting under the pressure. Ohio State beats UGA for Nagy and Kirby/ Larry will be selling drinks in the stands.
Thanks Dan now I have to watch AR15 win the Heisman somewhere else.
Point of clarification. Foley was not the reason Spurrier did not come back, it was the UF President. Foley told him Spurrier was interested. The president told Foley to tell Steve to send in a resume. Spurrier told Foley to tell The president to go look at the trophy case. The president knew Meyer from Utah.
Stoops out of retirement should not be a problem, he came out last year for the spring league and you can talk to him right now. Name him ASAP and save some recruits. Bring in young assistants that can recruit and relate to them. I have been a Gator fan for over 60 years and if they bring back Meyer I will not watch another game.
Yes Spurrier lost Mizzou in 66. They were losing 20 to 0 in the 4th qtr he started drawing up plays on the ground and.he threw 3 TD passes in the quarter. They went for 2 and missed the first time. Had to go for 2 the second time to get back on schedule where 7 would win it. Had to go the the third time and lost 20-18. If Barfield had kicked the extra points they win. Spurrier did his part.
You got the wrong Stoops. We need Bob to replace Mullen. Bring in young coordinators. Bob was out of football long enough to miss it. He coached last year in the new league. You don’t have to get permission can talk to him now. Let Spurrier serve in whatever capacity he wants on offense. He coached last year to and was awarded the championship.
How about we get Bob Stoops and use Spurrier in some way on the offense, get the band back together.