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Finebaum is a Gator Hater. Look at his school, didn't seem to have the same standard for Butch Jones and Jeremy Pruitt. Kentucky won 7 games last year but they are several steps ahead. Texas A&M won 5. Why aren’t Stoops and Jimbo on the hot seat? They have been there 11 years and 5 years what have they produced? When a new coach takes over a program it takes 3 years to get his players, coaches and system in place. Stoops and Jimbo are past due. Napier has 2 more years.
hey dawg fans dont look over your shoulder objects in the mirror are closer than they look.
Mullen couldnt stay any longer he lost the team and theres no coming back from that.
Muschamp had more than a fair chance. He is not a head coach he is a coordinator. How did he do at SC?
The good old days in Tampa, I once went to a University of Tampa game on Friday night, a Gator game on Saturday and and an NFL preseason game on Sunday at the Old Sombrero. The Gators played a season opener several times in Tampa because students weren’t back on campus yet. This was the late sixties and there was no Buccaneers yet. The NFL played games there prior to awarding a franchise. Tom McEwen was the best with his Morning After. Over your 3 farm fresh eggs, cured ham wheat toast with guava jelly and Cuban coffee you could get the latest on the Gators.
TDow you really don’t want to go there do you? I don’t have time to post a response with a list of UGA players in trouble with the law. So just do a search of Georgia players in trouble with the law and read the many articles and names. It includes rape and murder.
Can’t believe all the negativity toward AR. No he is not ready for the NFL next year. I for one will be happy if he comes back next year. He is still in the single digits for starts and is only 6 months into a new offense. He has only lost us one game, Kentucky. The fact the defense can’t get off the field is the problem. Those of you who think Kitna is the answer based on a couple of plays against EW are idiots. You guys talk like you are experts, how many practices have you seen, have you sat in the QB room? When a play goes bad like the interception against Kentucky you have all the inside info that blames AR and not the receiver right. AR has made mistakes but not any more than any QB with the same amount of starts. There is enough blame to go around like defense and play calling. Most experts had us winning 6 games with the players left and a new staff. If we win 6-7 games and have a top 8 recruiting class then it will be a good year that most Gator fans would have taken before the season. I believe AR has a big game against Georgia. As far as next year I think there is a better chance AR is a heisman candidate than a bust.
TDow the idiot, the sunbelt transfers are doing great. Kirby is recruiting off of a national championship and your class is number 4. We are recruiting off hope and are number 8. Which is a better job? I admit our defense can’t stop a bloody nose. Mullen was an offensive coach that didn’t recruit well but he left more on offense than defense, nobody wanted to play for Grantham. Of the 11 starters on defense 7 are sophomores or less. Of the number 2s 10 out of 11 are sophomores or less 5 freshmen and 5 sophomores. We are thin and young. We are good enough to beat anybody on the schedule and bad enough to lose to anybody on the schedule. No one I know thought we were going to compete for the east this year. As far as you being great and Kirby being King just remember pride comes before a great fall.
This deal didn’t take any time away from football other than how long it took to sign his name. The attorney handled everything else. Give the kid a break.
You can look at all the numbers you want but this is UF vs UT anything can happen and usually does. How many times has UT been in this same can’t lose position and then lose. Anyone remember Cleveland’s catch, Griers pass andPeyton’s turnovers to name a few. I only wish they would bring back Peyton to QB that would insure a Gator victory. The Vols have s habit of finding a way to lose to the Gators. Nobody can snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory like the Vols.
You can look at all the numbers you want but this is UF vs Ut anything can happen. How many times has UT been in this same position where they can’t loose and do. UT has a habit of finding a way to lose against the Gators. Anyone remember Cleveland’s catch in the end zone, Griers pass or Peyton’s turnovers.I just wish they would bring Manning back to QB then victory for UF would be assured. When it comes to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory nobody does it like the Vols.
Utah is a better team than Kentucky on both sides of the ball. With Uk running attack hampered I think we get one more score than last Saturday and they get one less than Utah make it 35-17.
If Kentucky does have a plan to stop him he will just throw over them. Pick your poison.
Franks should never have been in front of Trask to begin with.
Pretty good start for Sunbelt Billy wouldn’t you say leghumper.
Who says AR will be gone. Under current rules he could make more if he stays than a rookie contract. Get him 10 million to stay a year and a 100 million dollar insurance policy. He could leave the following year and get his NFL money.He is a quality young man and may feel he owes it to his team mates to stay and win a championship. He will have more weapons next year.
Time Traveler you have way to much time on your hands do you even have a job? The Bible says pride comes before a great fall. As quick as Mullen fell Kirby can too. All those 5 stars and top recruiting classes and no natty. No one has done less with more than Kirby. How fast will fans turn on Kirby when he blows it again? Will it be a fake punt, on sides kick, going for it on 4th down or some other bone head call this time. We don’t need Napier to be Saban just be Napier. You are living in a dream world here why don’t you travel back to 1980 and stay there.
Hey time traveler If aunt Lucy had balls she would be Uncle Bob why don’t you travel back to 1980 to see what it feels like.
Hey leghumper you should get our facts straight. UF HAS 41 all sports. UGA has 33. UF has 21 in men’s sports UGA has 12 in men’s. Those dawg girls have 22 that’s two thirds of the 33.
Makes perfect since that UGA won a NATTY in equestrian because their fans are horses asses.
Hey Tdow. Do you really want to go there? We can and we can start with this year.
SOS is as competitive a personas you can find. He did not quit on the team for him. He had been dealing with other schools that were using it in recruiting that he wasn’t going to be there very long so you don’t want to go there. If he was planning on retiring after the season it would also hurt recruiting and would not be fair to players for him to leave after they signed. By leaving when he did it allowed the interim coach to audition for the job and whoever got the job could recruit for themselves and have time before the then National Signing Day in February. He did it for the sake of the players and the University. The last thing SOS is would be a quitter.
Not sure he helped get Billy but he helped there to be an opening. He is on the inside and saw what was going on. He knew Mullen had lost the team. SOS lives across the street from Stricklin.
He knows how to hang 50 on the puppies between the hedges!!
UGA can get all the 5 stars they want they just can’t coach them up. Has anyone done less with more than KIRBY? Should be worrying about Michigan.
I guess Nick wasn’t as impressed with his meeting with Napier as Stricklin was.
UGA is lucky to be in the playoffs. A case could be made for Notre Dame. They lost 1 game to a playoff team by 11 points. UGA lost 1 game to a playoff team by 17. Notre Dames strength of schedule is 24th UGA is 49th. You decide. If OK state had won they would have 1 loss and won a conference championship. What is UGA’s signature win. They lost to the highest ranked team they played. Michigan beat Ohio State and won conference championship. What will be your excuse when you lose to Michigan. It took Auburn 57 years to win another Naty you still have 16 years.