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I used to think the referee review was a joke-until I saw the process first hand. I don’t know any other job that is so highly scrutinized and graded out. While there is some bad calls and non calls it all shows up on the individual grade. The review room is massive in Birmingham. Every game has its own assigned reviewers - plural - as the game progresses. They all get their grade by I think Tuesday at the latest. There are those you will never see again on the field of play. Look at the list of how many actually get to come back and how many are let go by the SEC. Now they may go to another league and often do but if the grade isn’t met - gone. Grade high you get the big games. Grade low you get the #122 ranked teams until you are gone. It’s no joke but not many in the media actually none will do an in depth story on the process.
I don’t know who was in charge of it but I was shocked they didn’t call upstairs several times to fix it. Two plays late it never moved. Probably had at least a full two minutes extension in the second half. Horrible.
As a person who lives just a stone’s throw away from UCF and has had children go to school there I have enjoyed watching UCF start playing football in Orlando. I used to pull for them all these years even though I’m a Gator fan at heart. Now I just can’t pull for them at all. Football is sacred to many of us. Sometimes we don’t like where our teams falls in the polls. Sometimes we feel disrespected. But then there is the integrity of the game. Unfortunately UCF has shown they have no integrity with their shadow NC claims. They are the best of the minors in polling since minors have no championship game. They play in a conference, understanding you aren’t responsible for how sorry your opponents are, but you are responsible for your non-conference opponents. The AD is a sham there. Disrespectful mutt trying to play off and yell sauirrel when someone asks why he won’t schedule a tough non conference game. I will give him no one in the power five is going to give him home and home. They haven’t earned it yet. Many up and comings have through the history of the sport. FSU did. Even to the point that some up and comings played one home game less to pick up a Big. Do I think UCF can waltz into the ACC and win four? No. Do I think they can walttz into the SEC and win four? No. Pac12? Nope. I just don’t see them marching into any power five and winning four. That’s the reality of where they are seen by a nation who knows how to get there from here. Of course we have the snowflakes - the wouldn’t it be nice if- that just don’t get it. That’s unfortunately where the UCF admin has taken their campus - down. But..... but they beat Auburn...... tell that to Charley Pell and see what his answer is. I know it I’ve heard it from him often back in time. Fact is unfortunately for UCF playing in a lesser conference, one that has an overall winning record of barely over .500 doesn’t gain respect. It didn’t for OSU and they are in a power five. Even with the one loss to Purdue they still would have grabbed a spot in the playoff system had their strength of schedule been better. It wasn’t, hanging right there with UCFs. Now both are outside looking in. Like I say I get it that a team doesn’t control how many games their opponents win but the committee and those who love the sport do. They don’t want some powder puff conference fluffing their way to a championship playoff with cupcake wins. The committee got it right. UCF gets to continue to be outside looking in until it really gets what fans expect that really analyze the game. That seventh place ranking was a message. The message is even in a six game playoff UCF is out. It’s very clear. It’s on your AD so when the season ends go ride him hard to pick up the pace. Until then you’ve lost my respect with all this whining and crying about what you think you’ve earned when clearly you haven’t.
To all the Dawg fans throwing smack up - do you have 31 consecutive wins against anyone ever? Didn’t think so.
It seems Arkansas has the coach mindset when it comes to fans relative to the way LSU perceived their coach. LSU never cared for les miles because he was never thought of as one of the boys. Same thing with th same thing with BB. LSU has their home boy now so we get to see how the fans support him. I think BB could take Arkansas to the championship and still be in the same position is this year as far as the Fanbase is concerned
I think muschamp at Florida was a coach's nightmare. He came into a program with the wheel so far off the bus offensively that he had no prayer of having any tenure at Florida. I the programs he has been associated with really were known for lighting the scoreboard up but were known for a good solid defense and I think offense of players look at that when trying to decide where the best show their skills off. Must champ never could get that nod from the wide receivers, tight ends up and running backs. Combine that with Florida having no offensive line and you could have had Dan Marino as a quarterback and not been able to move the ball. It seems Kirby Smart has a decent start Book came in to an offense needing some tweaks that still needs the same tweaks although I will say it seems right now inconsistent execution on offense is biting him harder than anything. it's always seemed as if when South Carolina has an eight win season including a win over Clemson life is good in everyone is smiling on the other hand if Georgia has an eight win season with losses to Florida or Tennessee and anyone else in the SEC eight Georgia Tech when is not going to cool down the hot seat
I'm going with you on this one. I think must champ is the right fit at this point in South Carolina. A good solid defense of coach but one who needs an offense of Cordinator who can go out and get players that understand the OC is going to try to light it up. Personally I think he needs to bring in Shane Matthews is an offense of coordinator if he would have it. Shane will stretch the field and designing it against a must champ defense in practices can only make it better. Look for muschamp to make some changes. If he can get a quarterback that can stay out of five points he will get a 10 win season fairly quickly. As far as the Georgia situation Richt just had some bad luck here and there when he didn't need it but I would take him hands-down over Kirby Smart every single day. I actually think muschamp walked into more talent in South Carolina then he did at Florida
UT is still payment paying the price for the dismissal of Fulmer. It's like the bear Bryant curse UK fans feel. Fulmer would be smoking through the East in my opinion. Of course, UT is not known for coach loyalty. Look at the Majors dismissal. Fans rabid for a contender type team need to understand for most programs they aren't close in the talent needed so a new coach is going to take at least four years to get there - at least. That is unless they walk into great talent. Cant use player star rankings to smoke a coach that didn't recruit them. That said, Jones isn't the right fit for UT but we all knew that going in. I'd be surprised if he starts 2018 even with a very good season.
Much better article than the last lost soul. I too think Sumlin is wearing thin on the A&M faithful. Still, I think he has to show good solid progress next year and keep it close in losses also without looking flat. He does that and he's around certainly two or three more
Land shark? Maybe a sucker fish
Over the school that kicked yours???? Lol
Garbage like this makes you just want to delete it and find something Substantial to read. Is Saturday down south trying to become the liberal football media news of the south? Why does everything have to be that it offended this team or the team or this player or the player why can't we just play ball ?
TV dictates the time
well........since you dont play the ACC team, your team's strength of schedule depends upon those you have played whether you won or lost. If UF wins then UT looks better, but it UF loses it makes things a little worse for UT.
The Ole Head Ball Coach knows he would be a distraction here for any coach at UF and knows that would not be the case in SC. They still love him there so why not hang around a bit - just not in coaching.
Oh they could do it at announced signings on campus held by the University (for a small transaction fee) where the person pays the University for each autograph. Problem is that other players who are not in that realm typically build a resentment to the player, much like the rich kid on the team eating steak and going on dates and others scraping together date money for a pizza.
You are right about cyclical, some teams that are perennial cellar dwellers have stepped up and paid for better staff and are doing better. You are also spot on about Dubose and Shula eras there as well as a ride in the NCAA penalty box.
Different scenarios got each team where they are today.........For LSU I dont see how they are considered sub par from their normal ventures in the SEC. Maybe its because over the last few years they have been able to be at or near the top and pull out a victory last minute. A quick glance would rack up all those wins to Win - Loss and nothing more but the fans there know better. Yearly they talk of their team struggles, especially at QB, suspensions and early outs, nothing new. The fan base there is in the same boat this year. However, for UF and UT its different. Its time to pay the piper. University of Tennessee days of Majors has caught up with them. The quick push out while on medical leave for a heart condition brought a win to the program with Fulmer that the program responded to by firing Majors. Majors was a great alum and came back from Pitt to coach his alma mater at a time when all was well where he was. Majors didnt need UT, they needed him. So Fulmer takes over and yeah there were some good winning seasons with a program best QB by the name of Manning. So Fulmer, a guy who brought another NC to UT was pushed out in short time thereafter for who???? the wages of what is what??? Kiffin killed that program better than any Emperor of Rome could have only to try to revive it by hiring the son of a coaching legend from Georgia. Its not all Dooley's fault, what he inherited was a train with a name and no tracks to run on - basically got a decal on a helmet and couldnt recruit anyone to put it on properly. Lastly, UF - a program that didnt back Spurrier when they really needed to - a president that didnt like being second fiddle on campus. Spurrier had it made under Lombardi ( one of UFs best), a president who could drive around campus in an old pickup and didnt need to be the boss - which made him the best one. With the wheels having brakes applied by the new pres (actually resembling a tire theft in broad daylight) Spurrier opted out to the NFL (not for long) and the wheels at UF were given to Zook (who wasnt a bad guy but its like following The Bear - no one will be happy with ya) and again the piper starts to play louder. As the Pres pushes Zooker out for his boy Meyer. Meyer won out with Zook's guys and picked up a Tebow along the way (and a little known guy named Mullen) but UF still needed to pay the piper as the class of recruit was bordering on a team from "The Longest Yard" and with no Tebow, Meyer exits and leaves the prison without a Warden. Not to mention a mirror of UT - helmets that dont fit. Much like the kid in the Coke commercial putting on Mean Joe's jersey and running out to play. So now its Muschamp's hot seat and if UF writes him off next year as a Dooley they will not recover in this decade or maybe the first part of the next. Somewhere between a bare cupboard and a prison riot is what Muschamp took over. I say he needs at least two more years to clean that mess up regardless of record before any new coach is considered to be brought in. I wasnt a Muschamp guy to start with but after witnessing a couple of drawn from the heart outbursts by him in a venue where it wasnt show I really think his heart is in his team.
Its still a popularity contest from preseason on until the fifth or sixth game at least - sometimes a little further
cant believe that Zook is on the list at the 1 would seem a bunch of gators are still pissed. With all the chatter from Tennessee even to this day with Kiffin one would think he would be public enemy #1. He double dipped sleeze at two high profile schools. He is better than a least 15 others that come to mind.